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Desert West Obgyn

5601 West Eugie Avenue ? Suite 100
Glendale, AZ 85304
(602) 457-6459
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Desert West Obgyn - Glendale, AZ
Desert West Obgyn - Glendale, AZ


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I have been a patient of Desert West for 16yrs and have had 2 children w/ them. The doctors and nurses are all WONDERFUL and the staff is friendly. Pros: null Cons: null


This place is way too overcrowded. You're treated like farm animals & the receptionist is extremely rude (at the 75th ave / deer valley location). They screw up appointments all t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/10/2014

This practice proved to be very unprofessional and gave off the feeling of a 'good ole boys club' amongst the staff. The individual who does the scheduling is rude and preemptive with her comments I.e. When I called to schedule (as a new client) she began lecturing me about the restriction of switching to a different gender doctor... I reminded her I was a new client and haven't seen a doctor yet. She then continued with her snarky attitude and proceeded to give me the wrong appt time causing me to show up and get told that I wouldn't be seen until the afternoon bc I failed to show up on time. Upon telling the front office of this mishap with said Lisa, they advised me they continuously have issues with her and scheduling and to inform my Dr. I blew it off dismissing it as a bad day on her behalf; I was wrong. \r I met with Dr. Desalvo and everything went seemingly fine until I left a message for the nurse to submit my prescription for prenatals ( per her instruction bc they only give you samples and want you to c/b to see which ones work better for you) and so I did, never heard back from her. I left a message with the FMLA desk to f/u on a mishap in my ppwk and then next correspondence I hear from the office is that I am withdrawn from further care bc 'my dr. Was made aware of the abusive language I was using towards staff.' This came as a complete shock as the only person who I had any words with that weren't kosher was said Lisa ( who apparently handles scheduling AND FMLA ppwk) and remember I had left a VM for her to c/b due to a misunderstanding in how my FMLA ppwk as to be submitted?\r So at the end of the day I voiced my concerns to Wendy( an administrative supervisor ) and Cindy; never heard back from either of them. I would not recommend this demeaning/ horrible experience on anyone. It caused me and my fiancé undue stress. I was able to get in with MoM Doc who has more locations/ guaranteed same day appts/ and friendly/competent staff. Best wishes and good luck! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/14/2013

Love dr tom and the staff. I've been going here for over 10 years. They are very busy but that's because they are the best. I've tried other places and they don't compare to Desert West. When I had my daughter they were fantastic. I've always been on the schedule asap if something was wrong. no complaints here. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/11/2013

By far the worst OB/GYN I have had. I am not one to write bad reviews but for the fear of other womens health is causing me to write this one!!! Originally i thought i was going to a good facility with good doctors however what i ended up with was the need to go to another facility. Desert West, more specifically a Dr. Koon, still practicing with desert west, did a routine pap smear after finding out I was pregnant and being told at approximately 5 weeks along, went in for a follow up and was informed my results were totally normal so i continued to go to my regular scheduled appointments for my pregnancy. As i was entering my 8th month of pregnancy i spoke with my doctor about concerns and general questions i had about the first time birthing experience i was to be enduring soon, well needless to say the doctor gave me inaccurate and false information to try a persuade my birth plan into something that fit his time schedule, which made me incredibly uncomfortable by the feeling that he would be rushing my birthing experience. I decided to go to another doctor very late in my pregnancy for another opinion and decided to make the switch immediately upon having that appointment with a different office. Ultimately my decision was swayed for multiple reasons however the biggest of those reasons was due to the fact that come to find out from information given to me by the new doctor and office based on my medical records FROM Desert West's, the pap smear i had gotten from Desert West actually came out positive for HPV. I do not understand why the doctor from Desert West lied to me and would keep this information from me but luckily my uneasy feelings causing me to go to a different office for a second opinion was right and now i have a follow ups with the new OB/GYN for more test and treatment options for the HPV. I find it completely unacceptable and a form of medical malpractice that this doctor would not only lie to me about my results but care so little in so many ways. I pray my results do not come back positive for the cervical cancer type but the fear alone is enough to make me post my experience with Desert West for the knowledge and protection of other women out there so they do not have the same experience i have had with them. Personally i believe my horrible treatment from Desert West stems from the type of insurance i have which happens to be the state funded insurance program AHCCCS. However when it comes to my life and the life of my unborn child should NOT matter in the least bit what type of insurance i have, especially when i am trusting my care with supposed professionals, a paycheck should not matter over a persons life. Also i cant forget to mention the additional practices i was unhappy about, one no matter how early or late for an appt i was i had a guarenteed wait time of at the least 30 minutes, which is ridiculous when the time i was in the office spending with the doctor was always less than 10 minutes. Two, the doctor i dealt with NEVER offered information of any sort or advice, seemed most concerned with time and how quickly he could move to the next appointment. Three, even when i would ask the doctor factual advice he would shrug me off as if my concerns were not important or ""stupid"" if you will. Four, the doctor i dealt with never even gave me proper supplement and medicine knowledge, this i had to research myself then made to feel dumb by the doctor when asking him about it. Five, this is more of a personal offense, but non the less the doctor called me fat on two seperate occasions, once at about 20 weeks and the other at about 28 weeks...even though i had only gained about 20 pounds. Last but certainly not least, the staff is not only incompetent but rude as all hell and generally for reasons resulting from themselves. If it is an option for you i would suggest going to a different doctors office!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/26/2012

Last year was the last time I will ever go to Desert West Obgyn. (The location near 51st & Tbird.) I went in for an issue I couldn't explain & first saw a nurse practitioner, who was efficient and conveyed a sense of urgency - even told me I was ""now in good hands."" So they ordered an ultrasound for abdominal pain...for two weeks later. By that time, the pain had gotten worse & the assistant to the NP I spoke with a few days before the ultrasound was very dismissive & acted like I was bothering her. Ultrasound showed fibroids & two weeks later, I met with Dr. Koon. After almost an hour (waiting room + exam room time) he briskly came in and after determining my husband & I did not want to have children, immediately recommended a hysterectomy. I was stunned & said I wanted to think about it. A few days later, I left a message with some questions. An assistant called me a couple days later saying I needed to make an appointment in order to get the questions answered & transferred me to scheduling. The scheduler with an attitude informed me it would be 2.5-3 weeks before he had an opening, so I hung up and called my primary doc for a referral on someone else I could see. A game of ""phone tag"" ensued (and in some of the messages, I left an email address, suggesting perhaps an email correspondence would be more convenient). In the last message he left me, I heard him tell someone ""yeah, well if she ever calls back"" in a very annoyed tone. I never went back or called them again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2012

The doctor I saw here ordered unnecessary tests, which I had to schedule 3 separate appointments at a lab to complete. The doctor did not explain why she was ordering these tests, how long they would take (one would require me sitting at the lab for 2 hours!), or where I needed to go to get the lab work done. Save yourself time and choose a doctor who completes labs in-house and takes the time to explain what is being ordered and why. more

I have been a patient of Desert West 3/20/2012

I have been a patient of Desert West for 16yrs and have had 2 children w/ them. The doctors and nurses are all WONDERFUL and the staff is friendly. Pros: null Cons: null more

The docs here are amazing! I would 3/2/2012

The docs here are amazing! I would recommend to any friend. They are very professional and willing to listen. I have been very happy with my care and will continue to go back. =) Pros: null Cons: null more

This place is way too overcrowded. 2/27/2012

This place is way too overcrowded. You're treated like farm animals & the receptionist is extremely rude (at the 75th ave / deer valley location). They screw up appointments all the time and have to reschedule. They have been around a while, but have become one of the worst medical offices over the years. They rush you in/out of the place and this isn't a one time thing, this has happened several times over the past year and even though I've been with them for about 7 years, I am finding a new doctor. Ask around this is not the place to go if you are ever planning on becoming pregnant. Pros: null Cons: null more

Awful. Absolutely horrible. The medical 1/31/2012

Awful. Absolutely horrible. The medical assistant I had to see was so rude ALL the time like she had some sort of stick up her ass. And Dr. Phillips prescribed me medicine that COULD HAVE HARMED MY BABY. I will NEVER go to this OB/GYN for prenatal care EVER again. And if I was having problems, they would never even see me. Always "too busy". They never listened to any problems I was experiencing. Terrible experience. Never go there. It might look like a really nice office, but terrible medical service. They always rush me out the door and never take the time to make sure I'm feeling okay. Pros: null Cons: null more

Excessive Wait Time 12/28/2011

My appointment was at 9am. I was told to come in 30 minutes early because this was my first visit. I arrived at 830am, filled out 5 minutes worth of paperwork. Was taken to an exam room at 0925, by 0945 I was still waiting...I walked out and told the nurses that I had a 9am appointment and it was 0945. They told me the doctor was going right in...I said I had other things I needed to do today as well. Pros: null Cons: null more

Very Upset with Desert West 5/8/2011

All I needed was a paper stating I was indeed pregnant and my due date faxed to my insurance company so I could KEEP my medical insurance. I was unable to pick up the paper because I had just recently moved to a different state and Dr. Koon's assistant, Michelle refused to fax me the paper. Not only had I spent my first 6 months with Dr. Koon but I paid them over $1000 for their services. I was almost denied my insurance because they refused to fax me a little peice of paper. I don't believe this facility cares about their patients at all. I also preferred Dr. Wilkey (I went to her one time when Dr. Koon called off) because she listened to what I had to say and answered all my questions. I always felt rushed out the door with Dr. Koon, my appointments with him would only last for 5 minutes and his assistant was very cold and not personable at all...Needless to say, I'm very disapppointed with Desert West and I'm glad I'm not delivering with them. more
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