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Dermatech INC

8020 Creedmoor Rd
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 876-2427
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Dermatech INC - Raleigh, NC



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For six years Dr. Sandra Fearrington, as recently as last week, has attended to my surgical needs both repairing old wounds and scars, and cosmetic enhancement. With each and ev...


I had fraxel here, and I don't believe the doctor is experienced bc the procedure was painful and yielded NO RESULTS! Zilch! Nada. Nothing. My dermatologist had recommended Dr...

Very nice, but not experienced 2/3/2012

I had fraxel here, and I don't believe the doctor is experienced bc the procedure was painful and yielded NO RESULTS! Zilch! Nada. Nothing. My dermatologist had recommended Dr. Cox in Chapel Hilll, but I thought it was too far. I paid 1800... for a facial! I really think the doctor isn't experienced enough. more

Scar revision and surgical enhancement at Dermatech/MD 12/15/2011

For six years Dr. Sandra Fearrington, as recently as last week, has attended to my surgical needs both repairing old wounds and scars, and cosmetic enhancement. With each and every experience Dr. Fearrington continues to display the highest level of professionalism. She offered me unlimited consults and went over in depth the details involved in pre and post care where, at the same time, both she and her surgical manager read over with me all the risks and conditions to which in their presence I signed my name. Dr. Fearrington emphasized if I required post surgical touch-ups she would be happy to work with me. Dr. Fearrington's skills are beyond blemish as well as her integrity. The most unique component of my relationship is her caring, sensitivity and access to her cell phone 24/7. Dr. Fearrington is a Master Surgeon and she has changed my life. Barbara F. more

Smart Lipo at Dermatech 12/7/2011

I had smart lip done with the plastic surgeon and she is very inexperienced. Let's just say she performed the procedure, but the result are as if nothing was done. If you need smart Lipo go to someone else, there are dozens of plastic surgeons in Raleigh. Don't waste your money on this Doctor and don't be fooled by their fake sweetness, they are only sweet until they have your money. more

Whitney Rocks!!!! 10/22/2011

I really love this office. I came in for a service that I was a little afraid to have. I had heard about it from a friend, I was so impressed at how her skin looked I had to make an appointment for myself. Their prices rival any in the area and the professionalism is untouchable. I had a lovely time with Whitney, she made me feel calm and relaxed as I was a little nervous of the procedure. I tried to do this on the hush hush from my husband. He noticed about a few days later how different my skin looked. To my surprise he now wants to go and do the same thing. I had a laser treatment that has changed my skin back to when I was a young women. They also have really great skin care products. I am looking forward to trying the make-up. You must try this place if you want to feel taken care of and you want a more youth-full look to your skin. (Or your body) I am going back this winter to see Sandra so she can make my belly look like I never had kids!!! I can't wait. p.s. They have the softest, most luxurious blankets ever! more

WOW!!!!! My skin so youthfull and GORGEOUS!!!!! 10/22/2011

Andrea, Whitney, and Sandra took amazing care of me. I had a service called Fraxel Laser that has changed my skin TREMENDOUSLY. I have large pores and sun spots and a couple of scars from acne in high school. I am 43 and feel as though my skin has never looked this good. My pores are way way smaller and my scares and spots are GONE. I must say that I used the Obagi skin care system that was recommended by Andrea. The two go together like MAGIC! I loved my experience at this office. The waiting room had a fair amount of people yet when I was in my consultation I felt as though I was their only concern. The level of professionalism is outstanding. I can't say enough good things. The makeup they sell their is also the best I have ever tried. I would recommend this Plastic Surgery office to anyone who wants REAL results. I can't wait to go back and try more treatments!!!! more

love love love <3 7/22/2011

What a great family! Aside from the loving fun atmosphere at dermatech... these ladies know their skin care! Whitney and Gina both have brought my skin to a place where Im finally satified to go out without any makeup on (although its a rare occasion)! Speaking of makeup they have this new product called "lycogel" that Im INLOVE with, it works perfectly with my Glo minerals and is healthy for my sensitive skin! LOVE Dermatech... cant say enough! more

Changed My Life!! 6/5/2011

I have been going to Dermatech for several years now. The staff at Dermatech has ALWAYS been very professional and friendly. I go to Andrea who gave me beautiful eyebrows. Andrea's God given talent has truly changed my life and I will always be grateful to her. I still get compliments on my eyebrows. They look so natural! I highly recommend Dermatech! Thank you, again, to Andrea and the Dermatech staff. more

Hello dresses and shorts! 3/9/2011

I hate shaving my legs everyday during the summer. My husband suggested I have laser hair removal done, so I started doing some research. I found Dermatech and called them with entirely too many questions to make sure it was worth my money. They had so much patience with me, and were able to answer all of my questions. I felt comfortable with their knowledge, so I committed! They did an excellent job! I really enjoyed everyone I spoke to in the office too. I am excited to go back, and wear my dresses and shorts now! more

EXCELLENT service & employees! 2/3/2011

I drive in from the Creedmoor/Butner area to regularly visit the highly skilled professionals at Dermatech. They are always kind & professional, and always willing to try and accommodate any wishes or times I may need. Like most businesses, I have had to leave messages before, but have NEVER failed to have a call returned within a few hours. Their employees are efficient and know their stuff! Upon talking with my esthetician, Whitney, I learned they have undergone significant growth and are now dermatechMD. If you are looking for botox or any type of injectables, permanent make-up or plastic surgery procedures (yes, I've had a bit of it all done!) give them a won't be sorry! Oh, and don't be afraid to leave a message, they WILL return your call... more

I'd like to raise a BIGGER flag on bitter negative people 2/2/2011

I've heard the rumors that groupon and such websites sometimes bring very negative people into your business but this has gone a little too far. I have been coming to Dermatech for some time now and I travel all the way from Charlotte for my appoinments. I look forward to seeing the ladies at Dermatech BECAUSE they are so friendly and treat me like family . People have a little too much tim on their hands to write a book of negative remarks that are QUITE hard to believe. Of the many times I have been to dermatech I have only had to leave a voicemail one time, of which a call was returned to me within 2-3 hrs. I had to stick up for my ladies there because I just think they're great humble people managing a wildly growing business and they need to know that any negative comments are just coming from generally unhappy people. more

Not buying into the reviews! 2/1/2011

I like most people also raise a BIG Flag on all the positive reviews about Dermatech. My experience is this.... I purchased a Groupon for the company in August. This is what I call a value voucher, not a specific service voucher. You paid a stated price and would received a dollar amount worth of services. They listed examples of what services you could receive for this amount. After receiving my Group I began calling this place... numerous times. Not quite sure why, but when I called I always got a voicemail...AND NO returned calls. So I'd wait a while... call again...same thing. Then the holidays came and just put using my Groupon on the back burner. So when January rolled around I called again... And again, voicemail....only this time I noticed that a good portion of their prices had gone up and now my Groupon wouldn't cover any service fully. (nice) I don't know when the prices change. So after not receiving a call back I contacted Groupon and they refunded my money. I wish Dermatech had the same customer service as Groupon, they are awesome. So here is the funny thing... The Groupon was canceled and I got my money back. The DAY the Groupon was set to expire... "ring ring"... guess who FINALLY returned my call.... Dermatech. Second funny, when I called back (remember this is expiration day) I actually had a person answer the phone for the first time EVER... seriously... So I told the lady, "I called over 2 weeks ago and left a message and you guys are just now calling me back...I then said, 'I won't be doing business with you' and she said, 'okay that's fine' and hung up"...... So... 2 things... They may be great at what they do, I have no idea... What I do know is they don't seem to respect or value customers that aren't paying full price out of pocket. Maybe my experience isn't common... All I know is that I will never purchase anything for this company. more

for those 40 somethings wanting to stay young, fresh looking 12/28/2010

I first became a customer of Dermatech when I won the Bid on Raleigh for permanent eye brows. I have those kind that are so blond, you can't see them. Fed up with stencils and drawing them on every morning, I met Andrea and her work is just so natural looking. What a time saver in the morning! I decided to get filler work done to soften my 40 something nasal folds and get those plump lips. Again, I wasn't disappointed. I absolutely love the work. I don't look like I'm frowning all the time when I'm not! We talked about skin care and she thought I would benefit from getting the Vi Peel done at a discount they were offering. So I did. It was like a bad sunburn with the peeling on the 5th day, but what a difference! I didn't notice it until a recent picture of my was taken. WOW! That's all I can say. I'm so happy with the professionalism, skills, and the outcomes. I am very happy with the work I've had done and highly recommend them! more

Love my permanent makeup 9/18/2010

For permanent makeup Dermatech is the place to go. Recently, I relocated from NY to NC and it is absolutely neccessary to have permanent make up for the summer, so that your makeup does not melt off. I had all three procedures done: Eyebrows, Eyeliner and lips. My makeup looks beautiful and I get compliments all of the time. Andrea Crane is a true professional who makes the process pain free. She also is a stickler for perfection and will not rest until the makeup is flawless. I am very happy with job done. I highly reccomend. more

In love with Andrea at Dermatech! 8/23/2010

My Mom and I had permanent makeup with Andrea at Dermatech (eyeliner and eyebrows) and we couldn't be more pleased! My Mom's eyebrows were such a light blonde that it was impossible to tell that she had them. After permanent makeup, her eyes are more beautiful than ever and her face is framed perfectly by her eyebrows. I love my permanent makeup and have received many compliments, but have one in particular that I love to share. As I was buying makeup, the sales girl tried to sell me the new fall eyeliner colors. I informed her that I didn't use eyeliner because I have permanent makeup. She stared at me for a few seconds and said "Wow" before she asked if she could take a look up close. After taking a very close look she said, "In all my years of working with cosmetics, I have never seen anything so perfect, yet so natural. I thought you were a makeup artist who knew how to correctly apply liquid eyeliner." Thank you, Andrea, for making us "perfect, yet so natural"! more

You'll never guess my age! 8/20/2010

As a personal trainer I understand the value of one on one care and excellent customer service. I have been going to Dermatech for five years and I have enjoyed a wide variety of services, from Botox to Microdermabrasion. I have dealt with all the staff at Dermatech and everyone is always very professional and excellent at taking caring care of me. I appreciate how they always take their time with every type of treatment. I always feel gorgeous and pampered when I leave there! Andrea really has a first class staff...becuase of them- You would never guess my age! more

We look so much younger! 8/20/2010

My Aunt flew from California to Atlanta and met me, then we flew to Raleigh for the express purpose of having our eyelids and lips done. Andrea Crane was wonderful. Her knowledge of color selection was so on target we knew before she started the proceedure that we would be satisfied. She was careful to explain everything to us and as it turned out there were no surprises and we both look fabulous. She came highly recommended and certainly lived up to her reputation. Anyone looking to have permanent make should talk to Andrea first. more

Was not at all satisfied with my service 8/18/2010

My sister and I went to Dermatech for a microdermabrasion treatment. I called and asked about the treatment and how long was the session. I was told the session was 30 min. My sister and I both were in and out of the room in 10 minutes flat. The treatment itself could not have taken more than 4 minutes, and then you add on a couple of creams and that came up to 10 minutes. I feel that I did not get what I came there for. I did have a groupon coupon that got us both the treatment for 25.00 each, but if I had to pay the full 75.00 plus a 15.00 tip that comes up to 90.00 for 10 minutes of work. And that is allot of money for the amount of time spent. By the way, we tipped both girls 20.00 each. My appt. was on a Friday, the last appt. of the day. I called on Monday with my concerns and was told the manager would call me on Tue. , today is Thur. and no one has ever called. Needless to say I nor my sister will ever return. Two dissatisfied customers. more

skeptical about who is writing the reviews 8/10/2010

I am skeptical about this place. I have been told most of the reviews are written by people who work there. If that is the case, I am concerned about the credibility. I would rather hear from customers. more

another great experience at Dermatech! 7/12/2010

I was very pleased with my service and sunless tan I received last Sat. I've been a patient/client of Dermatech's for a few years and have always been very satisfied with the results and customer service. The staff is extremely personable and always informative. After receiving an e-mail about the new sunless tan last week, I called to schedule an appt. Gabrile, was so kind to get me in at the only time that would fit my schedule, 9am Sat. When I arrived, Traci introduced herself. She was prompt and very friendly. This was my first sunless tan, so she was thorough with her instructions and told me in advance what I would expect. She was very professional and really made me feel comfortable. Then I went to make a follow up appt. for a week, but ran into some timing issues, as I was heading out of town. She was very eager/willing to work with my shedule. I could tell she was going to have to work some extended hours, but was willing to please me. I've always had a very positive experience with the entire staff at Dermatech and now I can add Traci to the bunch. I have already referred several patients to the office for various treatments. Thank you for helping to get this new service offered. It's safe and really adds a beautiful sun-kissed glow! more

I finally have eyebrows! 6/23/2010

Before visiting Dermatech, I had to draw on my eyebrows every day. Andrea did my permanent makeup two weeks ago and while out shopping yesterday, a saleswoman remarked that my eyebrows were "beautiful" and asked where did I have them done. I literally teared up while thanking her and told her what a great place Dermatech was. After the simple procedure, my brows were dark for only a couple of days before beginning to lighten up and match my natural hair color. I wish I had done this years ago! more
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  • Dermatech began serving the Triangle more than 8 years ago with a vision to offer the best, most natural looking permanent makeup. We are proud of the reputation we have earned as friendly, caring skin care professionals who provide personalized care and advice.

    Dermatech features permanent cosmetic enhancements designed to flatter your face; perfectly arched, natural looking eyebrows, soft and natural lash enhancement or more dramatic eyeliner as well as full lip color and lip liner. Our Fraxel Re:Fine skin resurfacing laser will help bring back the skin of your youth. Other professional skin care services include microdermabrasion, glycolic peels, scar camouflage, chemical peels, signature facials and waxing. Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and other injectable therapies are also available.

    Dermatech also features a world class lineup of professional skin care products and makeup.

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    Mon-Thu 9am-5pm; Fri 9am-12pm; Additional Hours By Appointment Only
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