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Denny Kemp Salon & Spa

605 Central Ave Se
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 676-0300
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Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN
Denny Kemp Salon & Spa - Minneapolis, MN


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Denny Kemp Salon is lucky to have Judy as a colorist. She is hands down the best colorist around. I have been seeing her for 6 years now and would highly recommend her, she is gen...


Every single time I go here they cut my hair like I'm a middle aged woman. When I went in I gave my stylist creative choice with the exception of straight across bangs and to take...

""I'm Just Gonna Add Some Layers To Create Some Movement"" 5/22/2012

What this really means: I'm gonna hack off your long hair and make you look like a suburban mom. And then I'm gonna foil it a really weird shade of blonde so your roots look worse then when you came in. I made the mistake of cheating on my hairdresser because he was booked up and I really wanted to get my hair done last minute before a big trip. I got a Groupon - and I should have known better. I told the stylist that I just wanted my roots to match my hair and all I needed was a trim- half an inch tops. I get that perhaps that's not exciting, or the color is not the color the stylist would have chosen, but it's my hair and I have to live with it. I'm paying, so why not just give me what I want? I really wish there was a way to publish before and after photos because I honestly looked better with 4 inches of grow out and raggedy ends. Oh well, at least there's baseball caps . . . more

Not handled professionally 5/2/2011

I was given a choice of a stylist to finish my blow dry after my color service and so I chose a stylist I was familiar with.\r \r Upon arrival of my appointment, I was told there was a front desk ""mis booking"" and that they put me with another stylist. \r \r I would have been flexible with this change, however when the color specialist was complete with my service I expected a seamless transition to see the stylist that was going to blow dry my hair, and this was not the case.\r I sat in the waiting area for 30 minutes until the stylist came to get me for my blow dry. \r \r The stylist that colored my hair never came back after my hair was dry to check on the color to see if it was colored correctly and to my satisfaction. Since I was a first time client to the color stylist, I find this would have been appropriate. I was neither satisfied with the color nor the way in which my hair was styled. \r \r Not only did waiting 30 minutes with wet hair frustrate me, but I was also late to work, which I didin't appreciate.\r \r 1. lack of front desk training as to how to properly book appointments and as a result the client (me) paid the consequences. \r 2. Color techs. that don't check their work upon completion of the service.\r 3. Lack of management to step in and see a front desk mis booking error as a salon error, learn their lesson, have front desk training, and not interrupt the client's day and move on. \r \r Too many other salons that offer client service to return. more

Scammed 10/27/2010

I was so excited to see a Groupon for this salon and purchased it immediately! I scheduled a consult to see if I could even get the color/highlight package, since my hair was growing out of another highlighting job..the stylist said I couldn't, which I expected, so I was going to use the $100 dollar groupon for the other option which was a 60 min massage (I think). The stylist called me later and said he could actually do a color with the groupon (his colors cost $75) so I was like- sweet- maybe I can use the rest for a (very generous) $25 tip. Well the minute I sat down before I even got half of what I wanted out (dark brown-really simple) he started pushing deep conditioning on me (I obliged..I can't say no) which was $50, but he was so generous and took $10! I am still thinking I can use the rest of the groupon for that since he charges $75 for color, and my groupon was $100..NOT the case..charged me for a highlight (they kept calling my ALL OVER COLOR..foils!) So they basically scammed me out of 25 dollars AND charged me 40 for a two minute deep conditioning crap treatment (and I tipped huge because I always do-even with crap service) This guy said two words to me the whole appointment and pushed every product/treatment under the sun when he did open his mouth. I am so disappointed; and not to mention my color (two weeks later) is completely can see my highlights again. Still so upset about this experience more

Judy at Denny Kemp - Best Colorist ever! 4/28/2010

Denny Kemp Salon is lucky to have Judy as a colorist. She is hands down the best colorist around. I have been seeing her for 6 years now and would highly recommend her, she is genius with color! She is amazing with matching color to each person's unique and specific features. She takes into consideration eye color and skin tone when mixing her colors - she is very talented. highly highly recommend! Aside from Judy, the salon is cool and trendy. Fun and modern with good taste of art. more

First time at Denny Kemp salon .... was awesome! 12/8/2009

I was recommended to Theo by a coworker and he was straight up awesome. Totally friendly and warm and did my hair SO well. Did an amazing job on the color and by far the best haircut I've ever had. Ever!!! And I have very long thick wavy hair that is just insane. And now it's pretty. As for the salon itself, it's definitely the best looking salon(and staff) in the twincities. And for an upscale salon it didn't feel pretentious either Pros: Clean, friendly, free parking more

Inconsistent. 11/16/2009

Every single time I go here they cut my hair like I'm a middle aged woman. When I went in I gave my stylist creative choice with the exception of straight across bangs and to take some off the top of my head (I have extremely long, thick hair); neither of these things were done. I watched in horror as this moron proceeded to straighten my curly hair (as I told him I always wear it), part my bangs down the center and cut them to my cowlick!!!! Worst of all I had to pay fifty bucks for this idiot to at the end tell me that he felt like I should just come in in the future to get my bangs done, when he barely even cut them in the first place. I will never go back to Denny Kemp after giving them several chances and eventually delivering me with my worst haircut in years. I've never been so disappointed in a place that claims to be innovative and trendy. I do not want huge hair of the top with sparse ass texturized ends, I'm not a middle aged football mother, thanks Denny Kemp. Pros: Awesome employees Cons: Inconsistency. more

best experience in the twin cities. 3/3/2009

I have been to the denny kemp salon before. I have experience denny, tyler, justin, and ragina. But they didnt compare to the experience I had with one of there newest stylist Jahina Johnson. She took her time and actually educated me on products and stying. She cared about my hair and she was not trying to just sell a service or product. The hair cut was amazing for $65. Some stylists hair cut price is over charged and not worth the price. Jahinas service was worth every dime. She also gave me a Conditioning ritual from the Shu umera line wich is an exclusive Japanese line. My hair was 75% healthier than when I came in and she actually put me on a schedual of hair care. I just love her sweet and caring personality. Oh she also doesnt talk too much. I could just go on and on .Everyone should experience Jahina. Love Her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: the salon atmosphere. Jahina Cons: receptionst. Need more. more

Not consistant 2/18/2009

The first time I went to Denny Kemp, I saw Denny. Good haircut, but was not blown away for the $120. Keep in mind I have spend upwards of $400 in NYC for a haircut. I think part of the problem was that my hair is long and he is passionate abour short haircuts. I bet on short hair, and men he is amazing.\r \r I met someone who had long hair like mine and I the cut was exceptional. She told me she had seen Tyler. So off I went. The first cut I had with him was amazing( he took longer than I would have liked) but it was perfect and the style lasted two or three days as well. The detail of it was amazing, and it grew out well. \r \r My second trip to Tyler was awful. I arrived early knowing that I would be one of his last appointments for the evening and that he probably had a show to play. Even though I had tipped him $40 on his $45 haircuts on my previous visit he couldnt rememebr what he did for me when I told him I wanted the same cut as my previous visit. He then rushed through my cut, was very sloppy, and gave me a joke of a blowout. All he seemed to care about was his show. I tipped him $20, but I dont think I will go back to him. I was really upset! The girl who orginally sent me to him also had a bad haircut on her last visit as well as her friend so none of us are going back. It is a shame because when he puts his mind to it, he does a great job. He was telling me that he has been slow with the would like it would be that more important to bring his customers back? Two weeks later I got my hair colored and my colorisst commented on my hair. I didnt have the heart to tell him, I had just had it cut....\r \r I may go back to this salon, but I will try someone else. Pros: Decor and Talent Cons: Occasionally bad talent more

I love Ivo! 7/17/2008

I've been in Minneapolis for about a year, and after trying a bunch of places, I was bracing myself to start flying back to Chicago to my old salon, because I really couldn't find anyone here. (And I tried! Jon English, Juut, you name it!). I made a last ditch effort and called Denny Kemp for a recommendation for someone to cut long hair and got an appointment with Ivo. I seriously love him. He is hands down the best stylist I've ever gone to. This is the best haircut I've ever had anywhere, and I've lived in Philly, Chicago, Nashville and Dallas, so I kind of get around. Even my mom agrees, and most of us know how hard it is to get mom approval for haircuts. If you have long hair, go to Ivo. He is great. And the salon is nice too, with easy parking and super-friendly people at the desk. Pros: Ivo, Friendly Service, Pretty Space, Kerastase, Parking more

Heard great things! 7/7/2008

I was checking the reviews to see if Denny Kemp is a place I should go for my next haircut! However, I was distracted by the first review, which was actually a little disappointing to me, as a soon to be stylist. To say that New York is the only place decent stylists live is completely false. There are a number of awesome instructors here, and I believe it is a lack of drive, and or, ambition on the part of the stylists, NOT the caliber of teachers, that is to blame. On a side note, I have heard awesome things about Denny Kemp, so I think I will get my next haircut there! I also hope that people give stylists in the cities a chance! more

JENNA....Great men's cut...going back to see how she does with women's hair 5/15/2008

JENNA recently cut my 21 yr-old-son's hair and it was EXCELLENT. I am very picky, having lived in NYC, where great hairstylists are as easy to find as walk-in nail studios. It's the mecca for all aspiring hair stylists, so I literally NEVER got a poor haircut there. I have also lived in Boston, S.F., Wash.DC, L.A. and even a small town in NJ. I have always been able to find several well-trained stylists who do great work.\r \r This has NOT been the case in MN, sadly. I don't know who is teaching these kids, but it's time for the instructors to go back to school. I think another problem might be is once these kids have finished school, they don't apprentice under really good stylists -- how can they? There are only a few competent stylists who could be mentors here. It's a problem and it shows on most MN women everywhere. \r \r For any hairstylists reading these reviews, here is some advice: MN needs to do better by it's women. Do us and yourselves a favor: Go find a great stylist you can train under in one of the major cities. Then come back and become the superstar hairstylist in MN. Seriously... you will be blown away when you see haircutting technique as its meant to be done. Then go on to pass your knowlege on to your own young apprentices here. We can break the cycle of mediocrity teaching mediocrity...they just need to get a fresh perspective and proper training. \r \r's the good news: JENNA at DENNY KEMP did an OUTSTANDING job on my son's hair. I know enough about hair to see that it looks great now and will look great in 6 weeks. Good haircutting grows out very nicely. I'm very happy and it was well worth the price. In fact, I was so pleased what Jenna did for my son that I am willing to let her have a go at my own hair - even the color! If I'm allowed to give 2 reports on Citisearch I will let you all know how it turns out....\r \r Pros: Great people; great hair care products; stylish atmosphere Cons: Little more out of the way for the western Minn. suburbs, but worth the drive in. Just take advantage of the great shopping while you're here :) more

Justin is Great 5/15/2008

I have had good and bad experiences at Denny Kemp, depending on who the hair stylists was.\r \r For a stylish young men's cut (21 yr old client), JUSTIN has done great work. He definitely knows how to wield the scissors - there were no flaws in his technique and he is able to create a look that is conservative or as ""out there"" as you want. \r \r One suggestion I have for him, however, is to please listen to what the Mom tells you on your younger clientele, Justin. My younger son always comes out with a flawless cut....BUT it's just a little to funky for his personality. That being said, I may not have been communicating clearly. Communication with a hairstylist is key. If you tend to consistently have problems with getting what you ask for, maybe you would benefit from reading some of the on-line websites about terminology. Google Haircut Terminology -- it's really helpful.\r \r So I give a strong THUMBS UP for Justin. Consistently good technique and execution. \r \r Pros: Nice salon; really nice staff - great hair products you won't find elsewhere Cons: Not every stylist is good here...go with a specific stylist in mind more

Regina's the Best! 4/30/2008

I agree with the first review about Regina, she's great. My hair has looked great in her capable hands for about 6 years now. She was able to give me an updated look that's easy for me to style on my own. No more ""mom hair""! I get compliments all the time. The atmosphere at Denny Kemp is hip and welcoming, everyone is very nice. Their new space looks amazing and was a great move for them. www(dot)accentdraperyinc(dot)com Pros: Regina, location, decor, style more

coolest salon in the state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/24/2008

I loved my hair cut!!!!!!!! I moved here from the west coast And a friend told me to go to Denny kemp where she go's.. So I booked a haircut with the guy she see's..My stylist was 10 minutes behind.. A young tattooed man walked me back where we talked about my hair....To make a long story short i loved my cut!!! And plan to go back for color!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Forward thinking stylist Cons: No cons really more

HORRIBLE! The worst hair experience I have ever had 10/18/2007

I read a few of the rave reviews that denny kemp received and thus decided to try it out...what a horrific mistake! I went in with long hair for a trim and to get it layered a tad to take off some of the weight and I left with the most horrible bob ever. The stylist complete ignored my request and gave me a horrible cut. Then she gave me bangs for no reason! Now that my hair is growing out the layers she cut look awful! I wish I could give this place negative stars. I just wanted a slight touch up but instead got a horrific do over. This place is just awful! I have never felt so uncomfortable with a hairstyle. Pros: NONE! Even the free coffee was stale! Cons: EVERYTHING! more

Best haircut ever! 5/15/2007

I have been getting haircuts and highlights with Regina at D.Kemps for about 2 years now. She is FANTASTIC! I made the mistake of getting haircuts by 2 other people there and I was NOT happy. Regina is very talented and light-hearted. She works hard and does her best to understand what you want and how to make you happy. The salon is very hip, with modern decor and with very stylish, stylists. I can see why some may become intimidated, because you get a sense that it is a top quality salon. And it is. Prices with Regina are about $45 dollars, but they go up into the hundreds. Overall, I would highly recommend the salon because they do make an effort to accomodate you and make you feel good with their service. Pros: Modern decor, warm welcome, fast appointments, open til 8pm weekdays. Cons: Talented and confident stylists may appear to be divas at first, but warm up later. more

Best manicure around 9/27/2004

Best manicure in the Twin Cities. Skilled, attentive staff. Pricey, though... Pros: Quality staff, Relaxing atmosphere Cons: , Pricey more

You're Simply The Best! 7/14/2002

Top to bottom, beginning to end, front to back, there's no way around it - I LOVE THIS SALON!!! I chanced upon this salon on a fluke but it's simply the best in town. The styles/stylists are modern & up to date, they know what they're doing. They make you feel comfortable & wanted from the second you step into the salon. Even the owner attempts to mingle with the customers, the receptionists are super friendly and courteous. The stylist takes his time doing his work & he does it so well. I've never looked or felt better then after visiting the Denney Kemp Salon. Make an attempt to visit this salon, I promise you won't be disappointed. Quite possibly the best kept secret in the Twin Cities. Pros: Stylists, Products, Knowledge Cons: Uncomfortable Chairs more
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