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Delano Corporation - 11 Reviews - 700 Palisadium Dr, Cliffside Park, NJ - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (201) 886-8410

Delano Corporation

700 Palisadium Dr
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010
(201) 886-8410
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Everything that has been said on the reviews of this gym are completely ridiculous. They are just IGNORANT people! This place is absolutely amazing. I read many reviews and they a...


Don’t under estimate the power of the Internet Great location, overall nice spa with the worst management in the history of Palisadium, indeed the staff is very nice, however; ...

Nice gym, BAD managment 6/13/2011

if you ever get a membership in this place and then try to cancel, due to say, moving out of the area, get ready for an adventure. After being a member for over a year and fulfilling my contractual obligations with this place, they would not cancel my membership no matter how many times I have called. Even after being assured by the member of staff, Mark, that I will no longer see charges on the credit card I discovered that my card was charged yet again, this month. Finally, I got through to a manager Steve, that informed me they expect me to show up in person( even though I clearly indicated that I have moved out of the area) in order to cancel this membership. Interesting enough nobody made me aware of this "policy" during several cancellation attempt phone calls. Also, there seems to be a case of selective amnesia when it comes to discussing membership cancellation. Now that's an outstanding way to keep customers and stay in business, pretend it never happened and just keep collecting the payments!!!. BBB here I come! more

Ditto... 9/2/2010

The general manager doesn't havea clue. I think his name is Steve Lopez. Talking to him is like talking to a brick wall. It's true that the owner and this GM have absolutely no concern for members. It's really too bad because the place does have some potential, but I personally will not be renewing my membership until there is new ownership and mangement. TWO THUMBS DOWN. more

Extremely Bad Customer Service (or lack of) 8/14/2010

First of all, To "Happy Member" who left the "Best Gym in the area" review below - You are so transparent and obviously the General Manager or Owner of the place. Your review does not fool anyone, especially the disgruntled members who know better than to believe that failed attempt at Palisadium propoganda. To everyone else condsidering joining this so called "spa". Please take into account all of the TRUTHFUL reviews below. These are the ones that reveal how management really operates. I was also a once satisfied member of this facility - that is, until the latest new ownership and mamnagement took over. These people really do not have a clue how to operate an ethical and respectable business. Very shady practices and total disregard for member satisfaction. All they care about is profits. While it is understood that businesses are created to make money, there are different ways to go about it. The Palisadium choses not to care about their own members that are the prime source of their revenues. A couple of other issues to add to the others that were stated in other reviews: - classes are cancelled without notice - pool is closed early arbitrarily during normal hours without notice - locks on the lockers do not work and management does not let people know this. they just put up signs that read "management is not responsible for lost items"... very shady practice. - pool is closed for two weeks every August, because of some so called "maintenance". They actually shut it down so they can allow more swim lessons during this period, which they do literally without the lights on to hide it from members. This is because they make money off the swim lessons. It shouldn't take two weeks to run annual maintenance. Would you find it to be very shady that they shut the pool down for full paying members while still letting swim lessons happen as they try to hide it from members by giving lessons in the dark at night? Pathetic!!!! To be fair, there are always some issues at every gym or pool. However, it is the total blatant disregard of members' suggestions and lack of any action to correct some easily fixed problems that makes this management and ownership a complete farce. If you are service oriented and care about how you are treated as a full paying CLIENT of a facility, DO NOT JOIN THIS CLUB. These people do not know the meaning of "customer service", "client" or "honesty". A VERY SHADY OPERATION FOR CERTAIN. For swimmers out there, the Palisadium would like you to believe that they are the only club with a pool, but there are several other options in the area including 24 Hour Fitness Supersport in Hackensack. Just do an internet search of indoor pools in Bergen county... Hope this review helps! more


This is an extremely poorly run operation. The management is completely unresponsive and insensitive to reasonable member requests and suggestions. Lots of issues with the facility, especially for the pool where adults can't even swim because kiddie swim lessons are always getting in the way. Rude swim instructors, no water pressure in the showers, locks that do not work on the lockers, always running out of towels, filthy steam room never cleaned out, pool heater always breaking down, hours of operation are too limited, I can go on and on, but you get the point... save your money and go somewhere else. Many members are unhappy and will not renew. This is a mickey mouse operation. Pros: convenient location Cons: See list below more

Palisadium Spa 11/21/2009

Don’t under estimate the power of the Internet Great location, overall nice spa with the worst management in the history of Palisadium, indeed the staff is very nice, however; they are powerless ,underpaid kids. Management does not exist, the owners (husband & Wife) run the show, whom don't have any idea about customer service. So far they have gone through three managers, there is no need to hire another one since the managers have no autonomy and basically the owners are running the place, therefore; their puppets don't last long, apparently the owners don't realize this is AMERICA and business is not run in the same manner as other continents. The owners have face to face argument with members since day one, instead of listening to what the members are saying they argue ..the favorite line is "we have spent 4 Million and it is not appreciated", what they don't understand is that so far it's proven to be all facade. The renovation was also an opportunity to fix major problems i.e.: showers which are dripping, air conditioning etc. of course when members complaint they get bent out of shape and repeat the $ they have spent. WHO CARES , they chose to invest and are looking for quick return on their investment ,well, the outcome has been disaster, outside members are not renewing and new members are not entering. Any normal and smart business owner would attended to the complaints instead of countering with ridiculous excuse and carefree attitude, oh and I forgot to mention the cops were in and out of this facility for couple weeks because of how they were treating existing member and the new regulation that was being implemented without putting proper thought into it. They sure have damaged their brand, and need damage control strategy, I doubt if they have any clue what this statement means! Could be a Four star facility providing they get their act together. fix the (air conditioning, showers, put shades, and hire a professional and let them run the business without your involvement, take customer relation courses on how to interact with members). Pros: Location Cons: Ownership more

Best Gym in the Area 11/11/2009

Everything that has been said on the reviews of this gym are completely ridiculous. They are just IGNORANT people! This place is absolutely amazing. I read many reviews and they all complain about stupid things. The staff is courteous and polite. The management is great. Any thing i have suggested, they have listened to what i have said and was fixed immediately. 90% of the machines are brand new, and there are flat screens TV's on all the walls. That's if you rather watch TV than enjoy the beautiful New York Skyline. There were complaints about the shower pressure. what do they expect, a waterfall??? The water pressure is perfectly fine, i have taken showers before. The locker rooms are very clean, they have someone working in there constantly cleaning. The aerobic classes they have are great, which are offered 7 days a week. People complained about classes being an extra charge. they are complete idiots because out of all the classes they offer(over 50) only ONE of them is charged. If you go to any other gym, they charge for ALL of their classes and their classes aren't even good. the instructors they have at the Palisadium are absolutely amazing and the classes are effective and fun. Although some classes have been cancelled sometimes, almost every time everyone flips out on management, like management can prevent last minute emergencies or sick instructors. They also have great classes that are coming up such as a kickboxing class and self defense class. The membership fees have gone up, but they are not outrageous. They are even having holiday specials on membership and personal training. Some people do not understand that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and the Palisadium has more to offer than any other gym. You can pay a good price for good service at the Palisadium and enjoy a great staff, new machines, a variety of aerobic classes, and the pool or spend $20 a month membership at Bally's or thrive and deal with horrible customer service and a dirty facililty. Pros: clean facility, great staff, excellent hours, pool Cons: none more

Great gym!!! 9/8/2009

i was in this gym for at least 3 days a week this summer and not once was i let down by this gym, their workers are friendly and its a great place to get a day started. there are not any BIG problems with the gym, and if there ever was the problems get resolved(Ex:A/C is perfect now!!) and the new renovations are amazing!!! they are perfect and there are a couple of problems here and there but they get fixed so no need to listen to the ignorance of members that get offended by stupid little things and get over aggravated. this gym is top of the line and deserves all the good and i would just like to thank them for keeping me in shape and having such a great time here Pros: helpful, greta prices, friendly workers!! Cons: shorter track, no basketball court more

poor management 8/14/2009

Palisadium spa has not been the same since it was sold by it's original owner years ago. It's changed hand many time and each time kept getting worse. It was recently renovated and have done a good job, but it's all glitter , on surface every looks great and impressive, however, there are always issues & problems especially with the A/C, low water pressure in the showers and worst of all they did not upgrade the excercise/dance room. It was not expanded, equipments are old, terrible sounding,in addition to having shortage of equipment and to boot the room is being used as a storage room,which looks like a warehouse. Instead of fixing the A/C they have put commercial fans on the floor in both excercise rooms, in the dance room people are contantly fighting for space and as to which direction the fan or fans should face . Do you blame them? The management receives complaints on a daily basis and have not done anything positive in the past ten months to satisfy their members. The "I don't care" attitude is written all over this place. The goal is to make money from every inch of the spa at any cost without regards to existing clientel. Oh ,and on numerous occasions substitute was not provided in the absense of the instructor's ,whom informed them of their vacation plans in advance, as a matter of fact members have conducted classes . On the positive note the staff (instructors, trainers etc.)which they inherited are v.good but needless to say except for the owners everyone else regardless of their title are powerless. In which spa the above is acceptable?? which management ignores daily complaints? Customer service is a foreign term to the new owner of this spa. This spa has greate potential but under a much more suffisticated and customer services oriented ownership/management. Pros: great location, high potential Cons: care free management more

Good gym, nice staff 6/19/2008

I joined a couple months ago, and find most of the staff very friendly and helpful. The pool setup is great: there are only 5 narrow lanes, but for 30 minutes you get the whole lane to yourself, so no lane sharing and circle swimming. Brilliant. I wish the hours extended beyond 10 PM, and the building is slightly old, but I guess that's part of the charm. Pros: Nice staff, good pool set up Cons: Hours more


I don't know what gym this other person went to, but it's not the Palisadium Gym i joined in CliffsidePark!!! This is the BEST GYM EVER!!!! The faculity looks amazing!!! Brand New EQUIPMENT, EXCELLENT customer serves & SUPPORTIVE Staff & Management. THE POOL IS HUGE & CLEAN!!! you won't find a cleaner pool than the palisadium gym. The faculity has extended hrs. Mon thu Thursday 6-10:30, Fri 6:00-10:00 & Sat and Sun 7-6pm.i couldn't have picked a better gym to join. Always providing membership specials, discounts & taking the time out to make there members feel IMPORTANT!! That's amazing!!! The palisadium gym makes you feel, like your worth it. Palisadium Spa give the best massages and I never felt soo relaxed. This GYM IS GREAT!!! Pros: EVERYTHING GREAT, CUSTOMER SERVICE, MANAGEMENT IS DEDICATED TO STAFF!!!! I could go on forever... Cons: NONE more

Horrible, horrible, horrible place! Don't even think of going there! Too expensive! The pool is disgusting!! 10/17/2007

Avoid this place like the plague! It's too expensive, their facilities are horrible, and their hours pathetic! The pool is disgusting!! And the management are uncordial and very unprofessional!! They mistreat their employees and abuse their undocumented workers! I regret ever purchasing their overpriced membership! They refused the refund me my money! If you don't want to make one of the biggest mistakes of your life, don't even go near that place! Pros: none! Cons: Terrible manager! Only open Mon-thursday! Unprofessional Staff! Pool is disgusting!! more
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