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Deja Vu Of Nashville

1214 Demonbreun St
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 248-1911
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i would only like to know if you can touch their boobies while givin you a lap dance?i never been to any strip club around here i jus moved up here from cali and over der you can ...


My buds took 2 of our 18 yr. old sons for a night out, what a joke . Pros: nice women Cons: high price, not worth it

Not terrible 2/18/2011

Hubs & I got there about 12 (on the night that Kid Rock had been playing at Bridgestone Arena) and it was packed but one of the servers got us seats fairly quickly. Watched the girls perform and some were mediocre at best but there were a couple that knew what they were doing on that pole. Ended the night with a VIP dance from Scarlett and it was great -- had conversation along with her dancing and she made me feel comfortable. Overall - not bad -- most everyone is friendly and will make sure you're having a good time. more

what a joke 7/31/2010

My buds took 2 of our 18 yr. old sons for a night out, what a joke . Pros: nice women Cons: high price, not worth it more

Discrimination 4/5/2010

this is a respone to the comments on the dejavu website under the dejavu nashville club. Sure, I'll take away the "race card". Consider this, if anyone can wear a grill or have gold teeth whether it be, white, black, yellow purple....they are still able to spend "green"...which is universal and in this economy much needed. According to Wikipedia, "In certain regions of the world, especially in the former Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus, gold teeth are worn as a status symbol, a symbol of wealth." Also,Dentists have used gold for filling cavities (before mercury amalgam became available), for crowns, and for other purposes. Gold had been used before silver was available and continued to be used for specialized purposes. Needless to say, this attitude and marketing tactics will eventually cost you to loose money in several ways. You say that you are marketing to and prefer the patronage of an older gentleman with a 401 K plan and a family at home. Does, this mean that an entertainer or sports figure with millions...paying others "401K plans" (LMAO), and that also have a wife and kid(s) at home...but just so happen to have a gold tooth or grill would not be able to frequent your establishment? Or, (quoting you) "wouldn't be considered a desirable customer"? One thought that I can't get out of my mind is; How can a fixture in your mouth determine the type of behavior he/she would exemplify in a night club? Going back to your original statement...I'm taking away the race card.... seems as if you company is alienating those with dental work!!! the exotic dancing business in Nashville so profitable that you can X out a large percentage of individuals who would actually be remotely interested in attending your club.....Wow. Pros: none Cons: racial descrimination more

What stripping? 3/29/2010

this has to be the worst excuse for a strip club I have ever seen. The 15 dollar cover is ridiculous!!! If that wasn't bad enough, when u get inside u cant even sit around the stage. WTF? Why have a STRIP club if the girls are not gonna get naked? Oh, and then you have the little satellite tables where the girls "dance" out of three girls who came by when we were sitting there one took her top off!!! The girls are not that pretty, and they don't act like they want anything to do with you when they do dance. I was not enticed at all, and was so incredibly bored that we left after less then an hour-and thats after we walked several blocks to go to this club during our weekend getaway in Nashville. I seriously saw more skin at Coyote Ugly than at the Vu! Its was a horribly boring experience, and i would not recommend this place to anyone ever! Pros: all the coke products u can drink, if u call that a pro! Cons: the whole place sucks!!! more

Gabrielle's V.I.P!!!! It's now the place to be! 11/17/2009

I have a friend who is a dancer for this club......perhaps you have heard of her......Mika! Mika has been a longtime loyal employee to this company for many years. She brings in thousands of dollars to this club on a weekly basis. In fact she has amassed an entire legion of customers for the daytime shift. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, Mika is one of the sweetest, funniest, and most kind hearted individuals you will ever meet! Everyone absolutely adores her....and I of course am one of them. There's not a bad bone in this girl's red hot smokin' body! At this time I'd like to take a moment to point out the cruelty of the current club manager Hal..... Recently Mika started working part-time for her longtime friend Gabrielle's newly opened nightclub. A dancer who works for more than one club is not an unheard of thing in this field afterall. Anyways....after taking a week's vacation Mika found out that her locker at the Vu had been sabotaged by Hal, and all her belongings stuffed into a garbage bag. Would this be considered ethical treatment for one of the company's most vauled employees? Oh yeah Hal! You're a real classact buddy! You can kiss your f--king dayshift business goodbye! I urge everyone to speakout against this f--king @sshole for his intolerable acts of cruelty against Mika and several other members of Deja Vu's now "former" staff. If you wanna have a goodtime, go check out Gabrielle's V.I.P Club at 1711 Hayes Street off 18th Ave N.! This club is F--KING AWESOME! Be sure and checkout Mika on dayshift! Also be looking for several other of your favorite former Vu entertainers to be jumping ship soon as well. Gabrielle's is this place to be now! F--K DEJA VU!!!!! more

can you touch? 11/12/2008

i would only like to know if you can touch their boobies while givin you a lap dance?i never been to any strip club around here i jus moved up here from cali and over der you can touch.. more

Pretty good, but a little unreasonable 10/23/2008

So after all my friends bailed on me one night, I decided to check this place out. It was a saturday night around 9PM. Parking was ridiculous; I did manage to squeeze in a spot, but there weren't any to really speak of. The cover charge is a little steep, but you do get your money's worth. The (required) bottomless drink charge is a little misleading; they have girls come around and wait on you if you don't have your own stuff and they'll want tips every time (they say "pay what you want", or at least that's what I could make out through the noise). As far as the girls go, most of them are above decent; there are a few not worth the time, but most are. The $15 dance seems like a good deal, but they don't do any clothes-less stuff; even then, they'll only dance for one song. I tried asking them about clothes-less dances or specials, but they said the only deal they have is 2 for $25 and a random $10 dance time. But the dances are really great; they aren't afraid to stick their butt in your face, rub it all over you, bounce on your lap, and even do the motorboat (where they shove your head between their breasts). If you go, I recommend Tia, Jayla, Cookie or Brittany. Overall, the girls are good with good service too. Prices are reasonable, but you don't get a whole lot for a dance; but what you DO get is awesome. Pros: Hot girls, cheap prices, great music Cons: Parking is a nightmare, misleading/required charges more

Great service, Great girls, decent on the wallet... 9/6/2008

Now first off, this IS my first post, but NOT my first time at a strip joint, so trust me. I've been to several, the cheapest of which was $12 cover. Deja-Vu was, however, worth it's $16 cover. Unfortunately, ya can't get any beers when you're 5 months away from 21, but that's beside the point.... The girls were great, not a bad one in the place...even my server was quite a gorgeous cutie; a real sweetheart (hey, doin' it for tips or not, she knew how to earn my stream of singles, lol) Now, I will say, My buddies and I took my car only, and when we arrived, there were two parking spaces left...needless to say, we were lucky to have a spot without walking far. Being 20, there's not much outside of soda that I could drink, so I took advantage of the bottomless drinks, tipping my server each time (don't forget the tip, folks). However, I've never paid $5 for a Red Bovine(you can't say b***?!) before. For a real fun time, be prepared to drop up to $100 a visit for cover, private dances, tips, drinks, and beer. If you can't do it, I Higly Recommend Deja-Vu. Pros: Ambience, Service, Girls...they've got personality. Cons: Parking more

Even though couch dancing is now fully clothed, still a lot of fun 4/27/2008

Although the dancers now need to wear clothing when performing couch dances due to the new laws, the girls more than make up for it ensuring you have a good time. I had both three girls and two girls at once as well as single dances with each girl and it was fantastic. Even though the dancers cannot get nakid any more, tops get pulled down to expose 90% of their breasts, skirts get hiked up to expose their a$$ cheeks, and shoes come off. The girls have no reservations about sticking their a$$es and t!ts right in your face, and they even order you to kiss and lick them (which I happily obliged). The girls would rotate taking turns on my lap. They ride you really hard too, gyrating to whatever song is being played. I was on the verge of kreaming my jeans a few times, although the songs would cut off and I would never get there (I think the manager did some research of how long songs should be to avoid accidents and keep patrons staying/paying). The girls were also into doing other things that I haven't experienced in a club before. They reached under my shirt and tweaked my nipples (harder and harder each subsequent dance I got), I had my belt taken off and my a$$ and member spanked with it, I had tongue in both of my ears, and hands reaching up under my torn jeans (through the holes in the knees) going all the way up my thighs! A lot of sensations occurred simultaneously, which made the dances really hot. The girls worked well together as teams too. At one point, two asses were bouncing up and down on my lap and chest while the other was in my face. I was bouncing around so much my flip flops fell off! Totally awesome time - I can't wait to go again. The girls are really friendly and fun. The club has been renovated and the music is not ear piercing, plus the DJ plays some good selections. The girls are about a 7-8 on a scale of 10. I wish this club would have oil, lube, or pudding wrestling on weekends. It would be a blast to go to with a group of friends. more

Nice Club 2/19/2008

I've been to several strip clubs across the country, so this isn't info from a newbie. First, to those complaining about bringing their own drinks--Grow Up!! Do you know how many places are alcohol free and ban outside drinks? I'd rather bring my own any day than pay $5 for a $1 beer. Not too crowded, though the seats were--a weird movie theater-like set-up. Good sound system, excellent service, and everyone is extremely nice. I didn't see any 3 foot rule being enacted, so maybe they changed that. There were some bigger girls, but overall these girls had some of the best asses I've seen. No touching, high cover charge ($16 guys, $10 girls). I've been to some great joints that sell drinks, allow touching and licking--and to some joints that have rude waitresses, ear piercing audio, and chicks who can't take their clothes off. Overall, this ranks as one of the best. Room for improvement could be a different set-up with more than one stage, it would encourage more ppl to tip. More tips = more girls = higher quality strippers. As it is, people have to walk a ways and would probably rather sit where they are. more

Go late; bring money 1/3/2007

This was my second venture to a strip club. The first was in November 2006 to a club in Cornersville, also titled Deja Vu. The $6 cover charge at Nashville's Deja Vu impressed me. The $10 minimum drink fee did not. Out of the three of us girls that went, I think only one of us paid for that part and it wasn't me. I did have to pull money from the ATM though. WITH A TEN DOLLAR SERVICE FEE! The atmosphere is pretty comfortable and easy-going. Except when the girls, who will be chatting with you cordially, pressure you into private dances. The service is crappy though from the other workers. You couldn't understand the DJ, the "bouncer" (actually he was just some big guy that sat around) didn't pay attention to anything, and the other girl, who served drinks, was kind of passive. She did give us refills though. Awesome. There is a three foot rule though for being close to the dance stage. No chairs like at the Cornersville Deja Vu. You just get to step over it if you want to give them a few dollars. Which they do work for...but they save their moves for later. Which is what Serenity, the fine young lady who greeted us when we walked in, revealed about the dancers. We left at 8ish so I'm guessing the best was yet to come. My advice is this: if you go, bring cash (no damn service fee that way!), but don't necessarily bring ones. Just buy a private dance (which varied in price throughout the night from $15 to $25). And if you're a drinker, bring your own alcohol. They don't serve it, but allow you to bring your own. Also, go late and stay a couple hours. That's when it gets good apparently. Pros: $6 cover charge, hot girls (mostly), girls were also friendly, nice atmosphere Cons: minimum drink fee, service, going early haha, a few um non-attractive girls more

3 foot rule, don't waste your money! 8/30/2006

Just wonderin' casinos were located on water areas to avoid laws enacted by big brother to "protect the public" from alleged unlawful activity associated with gambling activity. With the Cumberland River passing through Nashville why couldn't those interested in owning - running "adult entertainment establishments" locate them on the water and get out from under Metro Codes and those at the local and state government level who wish to get into our bedrooms, motel rooms and other areas where they have no business!!!! While it is a "given", illegal ACTIVITIES are against the law, when consenting adults express their first amendment rights in a private setting outside of public view, it is not the business of the government, local, state or other!@!!! Hopefully an attorney who represented one of the now defunct establishments, like METRO NEWS THE WORLD'S LARGEST ADULT BOOKSTORE, put out of business since the 2002 crackdown will post a reply. Pros: mostly clean, personnel were cordial Cons: lingering tobacco smoke, product expected not delivered more

love the ladies!!!! 12/9/2005

Having been to every "club" in Nashville.... I would recommend this club way over any other. Not only are the girls sweet and attractive, but are NEVER pushy. Have made life long friends with over half of the girls.And have always been treated with excellent care by the management staff and the bouncers more

no alchol 1/3/2005

Deja Vu is a good club, but I don't like the fact of bringing in my own drinks. Pros: lovely women, inexpensive Cons: , seating not great more

femalepointofview 10/18/2003

i've been to a few clubs and this one is best so far. there's no reason to feel uncomfortable because the people are nice and the girls are more attractive than at platinum. I didn't get a lap dance this time, but next time i definitely will hopefully Chloe will be there, she's very hoooot. Destiny will do, too. Pros: friendly waitresses, cheap for females, seemingly safe Cons: no comfortable seats more

What a joint!!!! 10/25/2002

I have been to other strip clubs around the country, but this place rocks! The people there are very attentive and won't bug you too much. The lap dances are well worth the price, especially with Presley. Pros: Very friendly, Inexpensive Cons: No Alcohol (BYOB), Crowded parking more

young crowd 10/22/2002

what ever happened to adult clubs being for adults, young customers young entertainers, where are the adults in this town Pros: cheap Cons: crowded, too young more

DeJa Vu Not All That 8/28/2002

I have been to Deja Vu and can gladly agree the comments made on their homepage by Scott Stahr. The waitresses hound the customers even before the dancer has time to introduce herself to you, plus the dancers hound you for dances or get you kicked out of the club. If you are looking for a great time, go to Anthony's Showplace or Christie's Cabaret, those two are the two best clubs in Nashville period. Cons: Dancers hastling, Bouncer hastling, Waitresses hastling more
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  • Strip club chain on Demonbreun offers full-nude dancing. For an extra fee, patrons receive a couch and table dances.

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