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Death Row Sanitarium of Slaughter - 18 Reviews - 418 Harding Industrial Dr, Nashville, TN - Aquariums, Zoos & Botanical Gardens Reviews - Phone (615) 833-1433

Death Row Sanitarium of Slaughter

418 Harding Industrial Dr
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 833-1433
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this was an amazing haunted house. it really didn't scare me that much except for one scene that made me uncomfortable. the actors interact with you. i wore a nirvana shirt, and o...


Ok I have heard this on used to be better and there are not many recent reviews so maybe thats it. Now, this is a big waste of $, Not scary at all. props and scenes are great, b...

Dont get the good reviews 10/29/2011

Ok I have heard this on used to be better and there are not many recent reviews so maybe thats it. Now, this is a big waste of $, Not scary at all. props and scenes are great, but that is not my thing at all. there are not many actors at all, just scenes. I did give it two strars because the vary few actors that were there, dd a really good job.If they would add some actors, and i mean lot more, then this place would be great. as it is though it was about the worst one i have been to, i would not have even given it two star if i would not have been so impressed by the few and very few actors. more

Worst haunted house I have been to in a long time! 9/26/2010

It wasn't worth the $12. There was a long slow moving line and it seemed like there was only 4-6 actors through the whole thing. The rest was just props. There was also a small maze thing in the middle. I didn't get lost once and found my way through it in 5 minutes. The place was huge, but it only took us 20 minutes to get through it. I only got scared once and that was because a little girl had an outfit that blended in with the wall. My advice would be to go to Slaughter House which is maybe 10 minutes away, way scarier and two dollars cheaper. more

Death row was amazing! 10/19/2008

this was an amazing haunted house. it really didn't scare me that much except for one scene that made me uncomfortable. the actors interact with you. i wore a nirvana shirt, and one of them sang ""turn the lights out, this is dangerous!"" if you are obviously not scared, andthey can see that you won't be scared, they will joke around with you. that's a con, i guess if you don't want the actors to be nice. i have so many funny stories to tell about it, i wont even begin. for a normal person this will probably freak you out. i loved seeing the people in front of me scream! i highly recomend this! Pros: great actors, who can scare you and be funny at the same time. amazing scenes, and props. so many cons. Cons: very long lines, not as many chainsaws as i would like. more

Death Row Best Haunted House In Middle Tennessee! 2/22/2008

I found death row to be the best haunted house around I've been to a few so far. But this one takes the cake. I love the characters the make up and every thing. I do love the fact of how the characters put their best effort into it to scare you and you can tell that by looking at them. I love the scenes also in the haunted house they're very spooky and they fit perfectly. When I went to death row the had jig saw on a lil tricycle funny thing is that the guy playing hin is a grown man lol That's why I say this haunted house is better than the rest!!! Pros: Great Parking, There is always characters out side, Super big on the inside, Have WICKED CLOWNS SCARIN PPL!! Cons: The location more

Don't go ALONE! 10/29/2007

Well I am not bias but I can say that Death Row Haunted Prison is worth the 10 bucks. It takes over 1 hour at peak times to get thru line, pay ten dollars, wait 15 more to go to the Judges Chamber, and then here we go... hope you brought a change of clothes. You will laugh, cry, scream, and possibly *** your pants! Although it used to be in an actual prison back in the day, the building that it is in now has a connection to the prison. If you only knew the history. I have read other people's views and I can say that you can't beat 45 minutes of terror for 10 $. Alot of haunted houses in Nashville have not changed their scenes in over 10 years. Death Row changes them almost yearly. That's alot of hard work and dedication. If you think that it was lame, you should have came between the hours of 7 and 10 when the actors are in their prime. People do get tired from time to time. Geez. Anyways I think everyone should check it out this season. Tuesday and Wednesday are the last days of this season. BOOOOOO! Pros: There are over 40 scenes Cons: Long line when it's cold :( more


BIG WASTE OF MONEY!! there is nothing scary in there.. its all dolls in like torture chambers.. nothing interesting or even real looking.. they have maybe 10 people that walk through or try to jump out at you and they are not even scary!! and even though it comes up with searches on haunted prisons in nashville it is not a prison.. it is a building in an industrial park.. BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG LETDOWN.. Pros: it is very long Cons: it is boring. all the props are fake looking. nothing scary. not many real people even in there as actors more

Don't waste ur money 10/20/2006

I'm sorry but this haunted prison or whatever it's suppose to be sucked. I haven't been to a huanted house in 5 1/2 years. I had always heard goods things. Well I guess those people that I'v heard it from are scardy cats cuz I walked threw the whole things and didnt get scared once. Come on I'm sure ya'll could have done better. There was to many props and not enough actors. I believe I had read a sign at the entrence that the actors wouldnt touch us as long as we didnt touch them. Well plaese tell them they need to keep their hands to them selves. Pros: The parkin Cons: Everything else more

WHY BOTHER? 10/12/2006

Two words...DON'T GO!!!!! The actors did not EVEN attempt to scare you, but the clowns and their horns were cute! The actors just seemed to stand there and ignore every opportunity to scare you. Basically, don't go unless you're just seeking exercise...that I did get for my $10. No frights...plenty of walking! Cons: no frights, no surprises, not even worth the admission more

death row on friday night 10/1/2006

I went with some friends on Saturday 9/29/06. I have never had so much fun at a haunted house. The props and the actors are great. I was leading the way and I had my arm held out so that the girls could link on to it. Well, there was a guy standing in the corner in a long black robe and he actually took my arm and showed me where i was supposed to go. It was scary and exciting at the same time. Im usually not that brave. I was mad at myself the whole night because I didnt even ask him his name or anything. That was my second time going. I am going back again. It is one of the best ones i have been to. If anyone that works there reads this my e-mail is gjdb@aol Please contact me asap! more

This haunted house (at the old prison) was really haunted! 9/18/2006

I worked at Death Row: The Haunted Prison in the 1996 season. My name is Evan Adams. Here was the first and only time I've ever witnessed a ghost. There were many workers/actors at the old prison who also witnessed very strange, ghostly activity. A friend and I were working in a hallway, waiting for people to come down a stairwell so we could scare them (below the electrocution scene room). All of a sudden, we hear these chains rattling that were on one of the cell doors very loudly and pretty close to us where no one was. We freaked and ran. I have no doubt that what we heard was a ghost of some kind. I will never forget it. Many other workers/actors heard and possibly saw ghosts, as well. One woman (the loud cafeteria lady) was crying outside one night after seeing what she described as a floating ""person"" coming toward her with a pig-like face. She was absolutely terrified. I think I would have been equally as frightened. more


I was very disappointed! What happened to the old prison? That was always my favorite ""house"" to go to. The new one just isn't worth the time or money. No where near the effect of the real ""Prison"". more

the job was done 10/9/2004

My boyfriend and I went last Sunday at about 7:30 pm and let me tell ya we both got scared. Since we went at that time no one was really there and we walked alone instead of a group. Everytime that someone jumped out, we didn't expect someone to be there. I was really afraid during the chainsaw part, b/c I HATE chainsaws....Sound, Smell, Sight, and just the feeling of being around them period. I have to admit that he did a good job of scaring me but he took it TOOOOOOO far. I was crying like a baby and he still kept on. I was to the point that I couldn't breathe and he wouldn't stop. that was the only reason I will probably NEVER go back Pros: going on sunday , at 7:30 pm more

Not recomended! 10/2/2004

When hyped about this place I was under the impression i was going to a profession Haunted House, like the one down town, Slaughter House. Instead when I get there and pay my 10 dollars, I am reminded quickly of when my middle school try to make a haunted house in the gym. The actors where not only bad, but when I wasn't scared they called me vulgar names. Granted the clowns were funny but sadly not scary. Pros: Short lines, Easy to find Cons: , Waste of 10$, Rude Actors more

Death of A Legend 10/13/2003

This place has only gotten worse over the years. This year, it took a nosedive as the old prison was torn down and the haunted house had to be relocated. It now goes on in a ""factory"" which appears to be an old production line because you can easily see the tracks on the ceiling. Whoever said It was more like a museum was dead-on. The clowns were good, but that was about it. There was no maze, no freddy, or michael myers, and the 2nd (original) tunnel is missing. Truely a waste of $10 Pros: clowns, easy to find Cons: boring, bad location more

boooo! 10/10/2003

Boooo! The only boo, you'll hear in this haunted house is the booos from other unsatisfied customers walking through the endless, museum like haunted house. You walk for over an hour looking at scenes of fake dead bodies. For the most part, the people who were dressed up just walked around. The were not having anyfun trying to scare any body, with the exception of a few spooks. If you have little kids, they will enjoy it, its not too scary. Pros: good parking, the clowns, long Cons: boring, $10!?!?, not scary more

Unbiased first timer 11/2/2002

Went to Death Row and then to Slaughterhouse, both good. I rate Death Row at 8.5 and Slaughter House at 7. You will have fun at either, especially, from what I observed, if you have a date that screams easily. I doubt that any of these houses will be better than Death Row if for no other reason than you get a good solid hour of fun at Death Row Haunted Prison. It is huge and great atmosphere run by police. Slaughter House about half hour. Pros: Biggest house, Two rotating tunnels, Atmosphere great Cons: some steps more

Death Row 11/1/2002

Oh my goodness! This haunted house was one of the worst! It wasn't even scary..It didn't have many actors..and it was so crowded you could barely walk through it. I hope they improve! Cons: too crowded, not enough actors more

Crazy for the Insane 10/31/2002

Every year my friends and I make it a priority to check out haunted houses. This year our favorite was the Haunted Prison. It was great. It wasn't too crowded, the service was great, and it was definately a thrill! I wanted to go through a second time! Pros: scary, worth the money, would go back Cons: bad parking more
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