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DeKwa, elements of hair

132 Newbury St (at Dartmouth Street)
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 236-8081
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DeKwa, elements of hair - Boston, MA


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DeKwa is closed after 10 years of great business. I am Deneen the Co-Owner of DeKwa and I am excited to announce I am working with the James Patrick Salon in the Sea Port/Fort Poi...


I was so excited to go to DeKwa after all the reviews I has read, but it was so disappointing for me. I wanted a big change, nice and stylish, and all I got was shorter hair. Seri...

Deneen Co-Owner's new location 11/2/2010

DeKwa is closed after 10 years of great business. I am Deneen the Co-Owner of DeKwa and I am excited to announce I am working with the James Patrick Salon in the Sea Port/Fort Point Channel area of Boston. There is validated parking for all clients. Call 617-947-1914 or email me at Channeldeneen@gmail (dot com) for an appointment. I look forward to seeing you! Deneen more

Brazilian Keratin Treatment is AMAZING!! 5/6/2010

I have been going to Deneen for 13 years. I moved to Boston and by luck found her at another salon when I was looking for highlights. She does the best highlights bar none. She also styled my hair for my wedding a few years ago. It was gorgeous and I loved it even more than my dress! It made me feel beautiful on my special day. Finally, she convinced me to try the Brazilian Keratin Treatment which I have now done twice. Its the best thing I've ever done. No more flat ironing, spending hours with a blow dryer. It takes minutes and looks great! Try it- you won't regret it!! Pros: Great highlights, wedding hair, and brazilian keratin t Cons: wish there was a 2nd location in the burbs! more

Locks of Love! Do it! 2/19/2010

I got my hair cut here to donate to Locks of Love. I don't know why more people don't do it. The people are really nice, the service is fabulous, and it's free! Cherylann was a sweetheart. I was nervous because I hadn't gotten so much cut in a while, but she totally calmed my nerves and did exactly what I wanted. I was so so happy with my cut. I'd recommend it to anyone. more

Want a hair cut that means everyday is a good day? 11/26/2009

When you have a great haircut, you can wear rags or riches and always look terrific. When you have someone who knows hair, who can look at your face and complement it with a cut that looks as good on day 45 as it does on day 1, you're in real luck. I can't tell you how long I looked for someone who knew how to cut hair, and who made me look good. I found Deneen about four years ago, and haven't had one bad haircut in all that time. I love her! Pros: Deneen is an artist! more

No more bad hair days since Betty has ben my hairdresser! 11/13/2009

I am very particular about my personal appearance and have been to many salons in and out of Boston. Since I found Betty, my hair has been fabulous. Ever since I started going to Betty, even strangers compliment the color and cut. Betty's expert work has been further enhanced by Keratin treatments, which I started in the spring. I exercise a lot, and the Keratin has made taking care of my hair much easier. Additionally, Betty does eyelash extensions, which I cannot live without. No more wasted $$$ on the latest mascara and tedious efforts applying it. I can actually apply every day make-up in less than 10 minutes now that I do not have to labor over mascara. For me, the ambiance at Dekwa is perfect -- no Newbury St condescending attitude. Given the quality of workmanship, the personal attention, and the time I save because I do not have to fuss with hair and make-up, I feel the pricing is very reasonable. The results make dealing with the parking hassle worth the effort. Pros: Color & highlights, cuts, keratin treatments, false lashes Cons: parking more

Brazilian Keratin Treatment 10/31/2009

I just got the Brazilian Keratin treatment done for the second time at DeKwa. It was great, my hair came out so nice. And the great thing is that it didnt even damage my hair because it was a subsitute for flomohydrat. Which means the product was Great. Which means, that DeKwa uses products that are top of the line. This is a five star salon, my stylist Betty was awsomee! She kept me entertained, and when i was cold she even got me a blanket. i had a great expericance there. They have great service, great stylist, great products, and very good haircuts. By the way; i did get my hair cut . And it came out just the way i wanted. I give five big starts to this salon, and recomend it to anyone thats intrested in a great experience you wont forget or regret . Pros: Betty ! Cons: Wish i didnt have to take the train . more

Fabulous cut and color 9/28/2009

I recently had the pleasure of having my hair cut and highlighted by Deneen at Dekwa Elements of Hair. In the past at other salons I've had to give more description of the color I wanted, yet, never really quite got the color I was hoping for. Deneen just ""got it"" - and she also just knew what my hair needed in terms of the cut as well. I am amazed at how much better my hair falls, how much better my hair feels, and how much healthier it is since my visit to Dekwa. I love love love the Dekwa spray in straightener product - I almost never have to plug my flat iron in and can simply just dry it straight with the use of this stuff. Their shampoos and conditions rock too. I love this place! Pros: Awesome products more

Great Hair Cut!! Locks of Love 9/19/2009

f you are thinking about going to see KYLE, RUN DON'T WALK! I got a Locks of Love hair cut and I was very nervous as I have always had long hair. Kyle made it simple and easy, and made me laugh the whole time. Cut four pony tails...wash felt great with mint like tingles on my scalp! Kyle gave me the exact cut I was looking for. I walked out of the salon feeling like a million bucks. My cut was free because of a scheduling mix up, normally Kyle is $25 Locks of Love. Everyone seemed friendly and the salon had a nice clean feel to it. Locks of Love is a great thing to begin with, if you are thinking about donating your hair Kyle will make you feel at ease and you get pampered at a high end salon for a 'super cuts' price! Pros: Locks of Love involvment Cons: Parking COULD be a hassle more

Yuko and Keratin Straightning saved my hair!!! 7/27/2009

I was ready to cut off the long hair I have had all of my life. It is EXTREMELY nappy, frizzy and completely unruly. When I was younger, my hair was naturally curly but as I got older the curls turned to ugly frizz. I called Betty Hawes to ask her to cut it all off. Knowing that I am really attached to my long hair, she suggested we try the Yuko/Keratin process. I AM IN LOVE!!!! I can wash it and just go. No more hours with the blowdryer and flat iron getting it to look straight and shinny only to be a frizz ball as soon as I walk outside. No more worrying about getting caught in th rain and ending up with an afro! So I have to say thank you to Betty for giving me an alternative to the crew cut I was ready for! Pros: Stays straight in Humidity Cons: None that I can find more

Bad experience with Japanese straightening & Betty 7/11/2009

Back in October (9 months ago) I did the Japanese hair strightening with Betty. I did my research and thought about this for years.....and was extremely disappointed with the outcome. I hesitated to write anything before now because I didn't want to be responsible for ruining somebody' reputation. But when I saw the previous complaint I decided that I should let other people know that my hair was totally destroyed by this salon. My hair is still fried, takes just as long to style,& the salon never refunded any money even when I went back and showed them my hair. They did re-touch a few places which were just horrific but they made me feel badly about coming back in and pretended everything was fine....even though I could tell that they knew it wasn't. My intent is not to ruin their reputation but to let other people know not to use the salon for this service....I will show you my hair!! Cons: spent a lot of money to get damaged hair more

Yuko with Betty a NIGHTMARE 6/23/2009

My experience with Betty was horrible. First of all, the girl at the front desk quoted me one price but once I got in the salon on the day of the appointment Betty quote a much higher price. She promised me I would just have to use my straightening iron for touch ups and that I could dry my hair faster using only my fingers(no brush, comb, etc). However, I found myself spending 30 minutes to dry my hair to find it wavy in spot and still frizzy/bushy. I then had to spend another 20 min with the straightener. In addition, while I was getting the process done the timer had 10 more minutes left on it until the product had to be washed out and Betty decided this was the time to run to the convenience store to get a snack. (As you all know if the product is left on too long it could damage hair) She had the ""assistant"" wash out my hair because she was gone when the timer went off. Frankly, when im spending $800 to have my hair done she should send the ""assistant"" to get her a bag of chips and soda while she stays and attends to my hair. UNBELIEVABLE! In addition, upon returning home and washing my hair my scalp began to feel very hard at the roots/base of the hair in different spots of my head. After numerous attempts to reach betty, and she called me back about 4 days later as I was terrified about if my hair was damaged she finally called me back and assured me that it was not damaged(of course). Couple months later I got my hair cut with my regular stylist who told me that Betty had damaged my hair as she could tell when it was wet that there was a line of breakage. So, I basically can never do this again because that line of breakage would be too vulnerable to the amount of heat needed during this process and would break. My stylist was positive that this was the Yuko Stylists error (Betty). Not only did Betty miss out on a customer coming back for the root retouch, but I will make sure that nobody I know in the surrounding Boston area never goes here to get this done. I have friends who were considering it and they definitely wont be going to Betty! Take my advice and research one of the other salons to go to on Newbury. more

Fantastic Curly Haircut 5/24/2009

I have had the same haircut/style for the last 8 years and was in desperate need of a change. I did lots of research b/c I have curly hair and didnt want to just go anywhere. I found DeKwa and Kyle on citysearch and decided this was the place to go. I am so happy with my decision and couldnt have asked for a better cut and stylist. I was very nervous and Kyle was able to put me at ease. He is super friendly and we had lots of laughs while he was working his magic. He actually had to spin me around in the chair so I couldnt see what he was doing and when he was finished and spun me around to see my new cut i was in shock but loved it!! I have gone from a girl who was wearing her hair in a bun or ponytail for years to a girl is rocking her curls in a new fun/flirty style!!!!!! Pros: Kyle!!! more

Kwan is ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! 5/3/2009

Kwan has been my stylist for quite a while now, probably about 5+ years. She is truly a great stylist and obviously very skilled and knowledgeable in her chosen profession. What makes me keep going back to Kwan is her opinion and sense of style. Let?s face it, if an outfit (or hairstyle) looks good on a fashion model, it doesn?t necessarily mean it will look good on us. DeKwa always makes me feel welcome, the staff and stylists are nice and friendly. DeKwa is a gem of a salon. Pros: Service, atmosphere, friendliness more

My best haircuts ever 4/26/2009

My hair has always been just ok. But since I have started coming to Deneen people are constantly complimenting me on my hair style -- even this past week 2 days before I was getting my haircut again after 3 months. That never happens. Dekwa and Deneen are terrific. more

Deneen is the Best in Boston 4/26/2009

I have been a client of Deneen's for close to 10 years and have never had a bad experience while at the salon. She always gives me a great haircut and engages me in fine conversation. I am always greeted with smiles from the time I enter to the time I leave. I highly recommend Deneen or any stylest at DeKwa. Pros: Cut , Service, Ownership, Location more

Disappointing experience all around 3/13/2009

I was so excited to go to DeKwa after all the reviews I has read, but it was so disappointing for me. I wanted a big change, nice and stylish, and all I got was shorter hair. Seriously. It just looked like my old hair but much shorter. In the end my haircut was not BAD or anything, but it was just so mediocre I feel like my sister could have done a better job. It was not worth the amount you pay for a haircut-- original price something like $70. But since I got 20% off for my first time, it was $50 some. I think it is also for that very reason, the 20% off, the stylist (who happened to be one of the owners!) was not very friendly to me when cutting my hair. She barely smiled or talked to me at all, and mostly just seemed to express a sort of suppressed disgust at my hair when she was telling another lady to wash my hair as thoroughly as possible. I felt like she thought I wasn't worth her time, and I don't need to pay this much money to go somewhere and feel worthless. I just felt bad the whole time I was there, but I masked it with a smile. It was just a thoroughly depressing experience. However, this is just my experience. I'm wondering if maybe I got Kyle or Ingrid (they seem very popular in these reviews), I think my experience would have been much better. It really depends on who you get I guess. Pros: nice atmosphere, good products Cons: expensive, unfriendly service, mediocre haircut more

Bad cut from Kwan. 1/10/2009

I got a terrible cut from Kwan... very disappointing. She did the opposite of what I asked for and it is just the worst cut I have ever had. I'd have someone fix it but it needs to grow before I can do that... fortunately my hair grows fast. more

Kyle serves Locks of Love with all the care it deserves! 12/16/2008

I am so late in posting this that I am embarassed. Anyway, Kyle gave me a great cut back in September after I gave up 10 inches of my hair. What did I end up with? Something I can style into business chic or Gwen Stefani Rave night cool. Both styles in less than fifteen minutes. A woman on the T who regularly sees me came up to me right after I had my hair cut. Although we had never introduced ourselves, we both know eachother from the commute. She noticed my hair and made a special trip across the car to tell me how my hair made my face look thinner and that my cheekbones popped. Can a girl feel any better? Thanks Kyle - see you on Thursday! Pros: staff, skills, cleanliness, friendliness Cons: ambience, indulgent experience more

Love it! 9/27/2008

I have been a client at Dekwa for two years and couldn't be happier! Annie is my colorist and Ingrid my stylist and both are truly artists! The staff are always fun and welcoming. If you're looking for a stylist that specializes in specific hair types or services this is the place for you! I would highly recommend all of the stylists at Dekwa! more

Best place to get a really great haircut 9/26/2008

I just had my first haircut at Dekwa. My cut was done by Deneen and it is without any doubt the best haircut I have ever gotten on this side of the Atlantic. I have fairly thick, semi-straight hair, and Deened did a wonderful job at cutting it in a way that it flatters my face (she seems to have a very good sense for that) and looks interesting and full of movement. I used their ""ecuts"" offer for first time customers, but I will be more than happy to pay the full price next time. A good haircut makes such a difference! Pros: Deneen is superb at cutting hair Cons: none more
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  • Newbury Street salon offers cuts, updos, wedding styles, Japanese straightening, conditioning treatments and more in a feng shui setting.

  • 10/5/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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