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De Novo European Beauty Spa - 39 Reviews - 115 W 57th St, 2nd Fl, New York, NY - Pools, Spas & Saunas Reviews - Phone (212) 581-8595

De Novo European Beauty Spa

115 W 57th St, 2nd Fl (at nr. Sixth Ave.)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 581-8595
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A great place!!!\r I went to De novo spa because I was staying in the hotel near spa. I am very glad I did. I highly recommend the De novo packages. It is a scrub, massage, facia...


I had a lemon chiffon body scrub here during spa week. I thought that this would be great, the staff was nice (although the hallway was noisy) - until I looked and saw that the $5...

Worst Experience in New York City. 7/16/2010

When I called, they said they will have availability at the certain time. I requested specific time for appointment and I was able to make an appointment very quick. No customer at the salon when I got there. There are two old women there. I did not think this is a clean place to receive facial. The front door glass was broken. Toilet flash was broken. Facial room was dusty-- I had an allergy reaction to it. Facial robe smelled like an oil and I had to ask for a new one. A lot of lints on blanket. When I saw all this, I did not want to to do facial anymore. However, I said, I will give it try since I were there. The old woman treated me as if I have a disease when she saw my rash on my skin. (I have an eczema when the weather get hot, the rash come out on surface of skin) I saw her having grove on her hands. I asked her whether she does facial with rubber groove or not. She said YES. so I told her that I have an allegy to rubber. I did not want her to rub my skin with rubber. Then, next, she had to have plastic grove on her. I questioned her what type of chemical she needed to use for my face in order to have groves on. She finally told me she cannot touch my skin without having groves on. It was bizarre that she offer facial service with her groves on. She believe that she can do facial message with grove on without hurting my face with plastic groves on! I felt that she just wanted money! If she is an experienced esthetician, she would have seen or known what my skin condition really was! I left this place with awful feeling!! Don't go here! Pros: location Cons: quality, service, unprofessional, dishonest more

manhattan de novo spa 5/27/2010

A great place!!!\r I went to De novo spa because I was staying in the hotel near spa. I am very glad I did. I highly recommend the De novo packages. It is a scrub, massage, facial and manicure-perdicure. It was exactly what I needed. I will definitely return the next time we are in the city. Pros: has manicure,pedicurs,facials and more Cons: nothing more

Worst Spa Ever -- Scammers! 5/15/2010

Worst experience ever. bought two groupons and appt times were moved on both occassions twice without my authorization and then they have the nerve call me saying my groupon was null and void because I missed the new appt time. WTF?! The first time it happened, I figured... you know what... the deal was so good, I shouldn't complain. Second time it happened, I was furious. They are taking advantage of the situation. If you whole-heartedly want people to take advantage of the offer and spread the word about your business, treat them with respect and like all customers. I have had a spa experience this terrible! This really discourages me from exploring new spas and using groupon to do so. Cons: No Appt Reminders, Moved Appt without notification twice more

Worst Mani-Pedi Deal Ever! 5/10/2010

I called 3-4 times to make an appointment--each time they laughed when I asked for something that week. I finally broke down and made an appointment a month in advance. When I showed up, there were only 2 old women who work there--no customers! The women were probably in their 60s, and one did massage I guess, the other was at reception when I came in, but she also did my mani-pedi. There was nothing deluxe or worth $50 about it. There was no ""special"" exfoliating or massage... wasn't even a massage chair! The window was open even though it was a hot day, but no AC, and there were flies coming in the window! The woman could barely see and got nail polish all over my cuticles as well as my nails. She tried to scrape it off (painfully) with her own bare fingernails *yuck*. Their nail polish collection was severely lacking. When she was done, she left me in the manicure room by myself and went back to the front desk. I was left to remove the toe separators and gather my things myself. I left some cash on her manicure desk for a tip (although I didn't want to leave one). Then, on my way out, she had the gall to stop me and plop a brown envelope on the desk. She said, ""You forgot tip!"" I told her that I had not forgotten, and it was in the other room.... so rude! My local nail shop would have done a better job for $20. Don't go here! Pros: location Cons: price, quality, availability more

Least painful Brazilian!! 3/27/2008

Olga is fantastic!!! Best Brazilian bikini wax!!! It barely hurts and the results are great!!! The staff is always kind and not pushy. I purchased one of their discount packages and I'm completely satisfied with the service and price!! Pros: Excellent service!! more

Queen for a Day... 11/26/2007

I truly enjoyed every minute I spent at DeNovo spa. I only wish they had been opened longer by the time I had gotten there. Their queen for a day package was reasonable and the staff very attentive to me. I made sure to tip everyone well and was sad to have to waste my warm and fuzzy feeling with a ride on the subway. Pros: Good & attentive Staff makes it well worth the money Cons: Dermatologist was a bit pushy on their products more

I get better foot scrub from my local Chinese girl 11/11/2007

Looked at the good reviews and gave it a try. Spa manicure and pedicure plus ninety four dollars later I felt cheated. Although the lady was attentive and gentle, I get better pedicures from a small place on Carmine by my work. For thirty percent tip I get a twenty minute foot rub that puts this spa to shame. They didn't even bother to turn on the water jets in my chair. The scrub was two seconds and the deep moisture treatment was absent all together. Spa also has shortage of good polish driers, my girlfriend and I had to ""share"" one. Besides feeling like 100$ was too much to pay for this most basic treatments to my hands and feet, it took a total of 2+ hours to get us back on the streets only to find that our nails still had never fully dried and will all need to be redone. Take your money some place else. more

Body scrub with foot scrub? 10/5/2007

I had a lemon chiffon body scrub here during spa week. I thought that this would be great, the staff was nice (although the hallway was noisy) - until I looked and saw that the $50 ""lemon chiffon body scrub"" (normally $150) was just a tub of FOOT scrub. It was a waste of time & money - I'm just glad it was the spa week experience for $50! more

I have been going to this SPA for 4 years 8/31/2007

My husband and I went there for the Couple Massage for our anniversary 4 years ago, and we have been regulars since. I tried pretty much everyone of their facials and body treatments. Their cosmetologists are very thorough and careful. And prices are great value!\r \r I like that my face is thoroughly disinfected after extraction or any manipulation. I like that they are thoughtful about the season, so they keep in mind that it is summer, or more humid, or windy outside.\r \r My husband likes their Chocolate massage. He just has to have it! \r \r Pros: great facials Cons: could be booked at night, need to call in advance more

Best Spa for Service! I always know where to relax! 8/28/2007

Now, that's a place where they now how to take care of a customer! I got an amazing facial, and Lemon Chiffon Body Scrub and awesome massage. Now I have a baby face! And boy, was that scrub and massage are great! I have gone there a few times, and they do not dissapoint!\r \r I usually go with Luba, Elona, or Polina. They are great! Can't get enough of that place! Every time I go, it is well conditioned, clean, friendly.. I tried other SPAs in the city, and so many places are too pushy. They are oriented to tourists, and they don't care if customer comes back at all. But DeNovo is not like that at all. And that is why I like them best!\r \r I can find zen and relaxation here guaranteed! Certainly recommend it! Pros: great prices more

I had a facial and wax last week. And I will go back for more! 7/20/2007

I need wax all the time, and I have been doing that for years. This was the first time ever that BRAZILIAN bikini was done so quick and painless. \r \r And the facial was just what the doctor ordered. My face needed it in the summer heat. It took just an hour to make my face glow and make me look younger!\r \r This place is certainly clean, and I was happy to NOT feel any sales pressure. I purchased package, which is a 15% discount. So now I am going back for more. Pros: Best wax EVER! Cons: I arrived on time, and had to wait for 10 minutes. But I am happy I did. more

Love it! 7/20/2007

I had bio-dermology last week, and mani pedi. Loved it! They are very service-oriented and their location is awesome. After I was done window-shoping on 5th ave, I painted my nails fresh. \r \r My cellulite was completely gone the first 3 days, and starting to come back now. I am signing up for a 10-session. They are very frendly there and so are their prices. \r \r Oh, and also they place smells really good! Pros: Professional and Clean Cons: Can't think of anything more

Don't go there 5/1/2007

I went to Denovo today and tried the lemon body scrub and massage. The lady rubbed the scrub on me \r and it was very rough and hard because she was rubbing it into my skin. Then she takes it off with a warm towel. Secondly, she massages me with lotion which was nice at first but then she started to massage me very \r hard and it was painful! I am very skinny and then i had to tell her to massage me gently since i'm all skin and bones. The whole thing was 45 minutes and i don't think i'll ever go there again! Pros: nice place Cons: masseuse was rough and they try to sell you products more

Nice facial....Horrible Massage!!! 3/12/2007

For a friends birthday, 7 of us went to this spa for a relaxing day of facials and massages. I was really excited about getting a massage but was greatly disappointed with it. I normally get deep tissue massages and like a massage that really works your muscles. Most of the time it felt like someone was just rubbing lotion all over my back. They only had one private room with 2 tables up against the walls so most of us in the group were with another girl while getting the massage. The person giving the massage was always leaning on you while trying to rub the side that was up against the wall. Lastly, you could hear the phone ringing and the door buzzer so it was really hard to relax. \r \r The facial was really nice. The lady who did my facial was a really nice person and she was great at explaining what products you should use for your skin type. I really enjoyed the facial a lot!!! If I were to go back to this place again, it would only be for the facial. Otherwise, I really wouldn't recommend it. Pros: Great Facials Cons: Horrible massage, noisy place, & rooms are not setup correctly more

As a Couple's experience... 12/25/2006

We went there for a couples 1/2-day experience and thought the staff was nice. Manicures and pedicures were complete, done well, but the massages and facials came up a bit short. By this I mean the room where we were was very near the lobby/front desk and it was noisy, not romantic and the door kept being opened and closed and the staff kept going in and out and two different people did my facial... one started it and another finished it. We were supposed to get a 30 min. reflexology as a substitute for a lemon chiffon body scrub in addition to the one-hour whole body massage, and there was only a slight touch of reflexology done and it was just part of the one-hour massage. We were truly looking forward to the reflexology session because we had been walking around NYC for the past couple of days and were really in need of it. Needless to say, it was an experience and I just wish it had been more of what I had planned for my husband and I for our anniversary. The spa was clean/sanitary and we were not pushed too hard for any additional sales of any services or products, which I appreciated. Pros: Clean, Sanitary Cons: Incomplete Service, Over-all Atmosphere more

Worst Spa Ever!!!! 12/18/2006

I went to this spa during Spa Week and had one of the most unpleasant experiences I've ever had at a spa (I go about every 3 months). First of all, I was told to just undress and pile my clothes in a corner. Typically at spas I am used to having a locker, dressing room and robe. Secondly, the music playing during my service was very upbeat and was not relaxing one bit. Then it became worse. The therapist was very rough and the service I received was painful and not relaxing. The most disturbing part of my experience was that during my service the therapist left me to tend to other tasks and left the door open, which was upsetting since I had no clothes on and was unable to close the door myself. After coming back after 10 minutes she proceeded and ended the service at the scheduled time (basically I was cheated 10 minutes even though she said she would compensate for her departure). I will never go here again and I recommend that noone does either. Pros: Nothing Cons: Staff not gentle and unprofessional, loud music, unimpressive facilities more

Good service, but BAD extractions 11/1/2006

Went during spa week and got a facial. The people were very nice and friendly, but there was a good amount of pressure to purchase items or other services. I paid $25 more for the deep poor cleansing extractions. She was not gentle, it hurt more than it should have, and I was red and scabbed up for a week, when it usually takes me 1 day to heal. Wouldn't go back there. Pros: Nice staff Cons: Bad facial more

Great technique, relaxing atmosphere. Would love to go back but am looking forward to the sales pressure! 10/19/2006

I just went to De Novo for a microdermabrasion treatment during Spa Week. It was a good deal for $50 and I enjoyed the treatment. It was relaxing and my face feels smoother and softer!! Paulina had gentle hands and was very friendly and helpful. I made an appointment for a facial because I want to go back but did not appreciate the pressure put on me by the staff. The owner (I think) was REALLY pushy, Paulina wasn't that bad, but I felt like they were both ganging up on me to buy products or a facial/microdermabrasion package. So although I may enjoy their services and feel relaxed afterward, I don't want to be stressed out while paying. Still, I think I'll go back for the facial to see if it is any good and if it is, I may very well buy that package!! more

Wonderful Experience! 6/22/2006

I have to say my facial by Glina was wonderful! She is extremely knowledgable and has a very good technique. I get a facial every month and I intend to go back next month to see Glina. Also I noticed that the other customers seemed to be very happy and satisfied when they were checking out before I had my facial done; I knew I was in for something good. more

Annoyingly agressive sales pitches 5/16/2006

Terrible experience. All the women working at this spa kept trying to sell me packages for facials and massage, and then pushed products on me aggressively even after I said I wasn't interested. My facialist actually attempted THREE times to force me to buy microdermabrasion. Their aggressive and relentless sales pitches ruined my experience. Also, the salon was noisy. Then the facial steamer apparently needed to be wheeled out and replaced, so while I was wrapped in a lavender mask, they disrupted my time noisily and bumped my table AND MY HEAD trying to get the steamer moved out of the tiny room. Pros: Good products, Good techniques Cons: Aggressive sales, No massage headrest, Noisy more
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  • Midtown spa provides individuals or couples with facials, body treatments to moisturize or tone, full-body waxing and massages.

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