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Davis Peach Farm

561 Hulse Landing Rd
Wading River, NY 11792
(631) 929-1115
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I went here with my sisters and our three young kids, all toddler age, maybe they changed things but it looked like a normal farm, not a bootcamp or concentration camp as someone ...


Has anybody every been to this ladies house. A coworker of mine informed me that she lives on Pleasant Place in Farmingville NY.She told me to drive the block and look for the ugl...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/8/2012

Horrible service, rude owner, I actually had to pay a TWENTY dollar deposit - different then 10 everyone else paid - yet we could not stand to argue long enough to bring I wish I had read the reviews before going in. You will be ripped off if you go under the deposit you made and will not get a refund. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/5/2012

well, i just got back from davis peach farm 7/5/2012 and i liked it. we brought our own basket which they weighed when it was empty to account for the weight when it's full so we wouldn't pay extra. also, we picked peaches and sour cherries. they're 1.50 a pound. yes, you give them a $10 deposit that will go towards the purchase of the food you buy. if you buy only $8 worth, you won't get the $2 back. they have like 40 aisles of peaches but only let you pick from 1 or 2, and they only have 1 aisle of sour cherries and 1/2 of it's gone so g'luck! more

New info on the crazy peach lady 2/1/2012

Has anybody every been to this ladies house. A coworker of mine informed me that she lives on Pleasant Place in Farmingville NY.She told me to drive the block and look for the ugliest home. I did it and what a wreck it was. (corner house) Garbage, Cig butts and Dog crap everywhere.( could be human I couldn't tell) I feel sorry for the people who have to live with her filth.. I guess peaches don't pay all that well. Or maybe this woman is just a lazy pig.. more

Worst place ever. should be closed down b|c noone likes them 10/10/2011

i went here yesterday and the staff was completely nasty and racist. they dress like thugs and the manager doesnt talk, she yells. they suspected us of stealing apples. really? who steals apples? the apples were disgusting and rotten. the orchard smelled like crap and there . there was nothing good about this place. dont go there. whatever you do, DONT GO THERE, YOU WILL, WILL, WILLLLL get ripped off. we had to bring the cops into the situation because we didnt want to pay $2.00 a pound for crappy apples. they should have some sort of sign, handwritten or not, stating how much a pound is and the rules, but no, they expect you to know everything. we're tourists we dont live here. how are we supposed to know? she suspected us of stealing and starting screaming at us and trying to make people agree with her by YELLING ""WHO HERE THINKS THEY SHOULD PAY?"" and NO ONE raised their hand. shows how much they like it. worst experience there. DONT GO. more

What a nightmare 9/19/2011

I went to this peach farm last weekend and witnessed first hand what the reviews are saying. I never heard of leaving a deposit to pick apples. If you don't pick $10 worth of apples, they keep the remaining money, what kind of crap is that? The people working there look like thugs who just got out of jail, they don't let you bring in a pocketbook. Am I going to fill my pocketbook with apples, are you kidding me?. Thank goodness I passed on this experience and was on my way out when I witnessed the best part. This bully of a woman telling this man that he picked four bags of apples and had to pay for them. He said he only picked 2 and that is what he was paying for. She said you pay for 4 or you leave. But she refused to refund his $10 deposit. I heard there are people working in the orchards just watching you...totally creepy. Then she started cursing and swearing at him and called the cops. Many people walked out in disgust. This place is a joke. Yellow tape all over the place, this is not the apple picking experience I was looking for. This woman really needs to get out of the peach orchards once in while, I think it has gone to her head. They are peach and apples orchards, she acts like it is diamonds. more

Rude, expensive and RUDE 9/13/2011

I am a fan of being fair so I will give all sides of the story. My parents, their friends, my grandmother and I went this weekend. Their friend went in the peach area where the staff was not letting people in and picked a peach. She got caught and this agitated the staff- that was our bad. But they sent 3 staff to follow us and tell us to leave despite the fact that we hadn't maxed out the $20 deposit (the farm makes you pay $20 upfront so if you don't pick $20 worth of apples, it's your lost). Feeling extremely uncomfortable, we went to go pay. On the way my 87-year-old grandmother who is hearing impaired, has cancer and NO teeth or dentures left with her nurse to use the restroom. The staff wouldn't have it. Where was my grandmother and her nurse, they asked? Why were they spending so long in the bathroom? (My grams has cancer and moves slowly. Sorry...?) They had a big bag when they went in, the staff said. They MUST be eating stolen peaches in the bathroom. First off, that's a disgusting claim and secondly, did I mention that my grandmother has NO TEETH? Angered at this, my parent's friend started speaking in Chinese. The staff told us all to GO BACK WHERE WE CAME FROM AND TO LEARN ENGLISH. WOW. It's one thing to reprimand people for not following rules ( though picking a peach at a PEACH farm doesn't seem that crazy) but it's completely different to make accusations at the elderly and to rip on peoples' race and integrity. In my parents' 30 years of living on Long Island as hard-working, neighborly citizens, none of us had ever felt so utterly disrespected and degraded. Needless to say, we won't be going back there. But apparently other customers who witnessed the incident won't be either. People came up to us afterwards to lament about how disgusted they were and how poor the service was in general. Good luck to you, Davis Peach Farm. more

Miserable experience at Davis Peach Farm... 9/10/2011

I went to Davis Peach Farm today because it was on my way home from Wildwood and for the first time actually open. I grew up down the road from Davis' original location and have wanted to go peach picking since I was a little girl. I was also upset when they were bought off and moved out to Wading River. Last summer during my trips to Wildwood I finally learned where the new (or not so new now) location is and today I decided to check it out. I had an AWFUL experience that coincides with the rest of the reviews here. I am actually finding these reviews very helpful and wish I had been on here prior to stopping by today because I would have gone to Lewin's instead. I pulled in today and unlike the reviews here the only signs I saw said ""open"" and ""you pick"" (actually it was spelled incorrectly ""u pick""). Now in my previous experiences with ""you pick"" farms I walked on to the farm, picked vegetables, and then went to a cashier. Apparently, this is not the case at Davis. Funny that I am learning this through reviews on here as I saw no signs at Davis. I walked in-between where the farm stand is and the empty table with roasted corn and just about into the orchard (as I would have at any other farm) and a woman who I can only imagine must have been Christine Davis screamed at the top of her lungs and very nasty that I was not allowed in that area. She also referred to me as ma'am which I find extremely rude and presumptuous. I am not a fan of being labeled. My response to her was confusion because I honestly had no idea it was closed and asked if I had missed a sign somewhere. She responded with a nasty mimic. Then a man came over older, but I am pretty sure it was not Mr. Davis. This was the man who was ""working"" the roasted corn area and whom I had walked right past prior to being screamed at. He showed me the area that was open. At this point I was so upset from being yelled at in general, embarrassed by it being so public, feeling miserable, and upset about being called ma'am I told the man I was just coming to take photos. At first he said well you can do that down this way and then changed his mind and said I can take a photo of the peach tree that was right next to him. A peach tree that had caution tape wrapped around it. I also mentioned to him how I thought she was very rude calling me ma'am and his response was ""would you have preferred man?"" This just further got me upset. Now I did not know that cameras are not allowed. Again I did not see any signs. I am assuming they were there but not quite so obvious considering my previous experience with similar ""you pick"" farms. I would have gladly paid $10 to go into the orchard, even if just to look around. But I was not given that option and asked to leave. I do understand the fee being that people most likely do treat the orchard improperly and cause damage. They also do need to make a profit. I don't think having a minimum fee is a bad thing. Though it may be a tad high. I left feeling absolutely miserable, defeated, hurt, and crying. I will never go back to Davis Peach Farm again. I will go to Lewin's though since they have so many great mentions on here. I have also had great experiences with Windy Acre's Farm down 25A a bit. Another notch for Davis is that I happen to be a local food buyer and Davis made mention of Lewin's selling to what I assume is distributors. I might just have to find out which distributors and adjust my companies purchases accordingly. Davis makes is sound like being acquainted with distribution to more customers and profits is bad and it's not. More and more customers are asking about local crop purchases because they want us (me) to influence our distributors to buy locally and support our farms here. I am not sure how this could ever be considered a bad move and it doesn't make Davis one of a kind. It just makes them a snob. more

Always A Pleasure 8/6/2011

I've been going to Davis Peach Farm for the last thirty years. I have to tell you I've never had a problem. Mrs.Davis has always been nice and very helpful. She's explained about the different types of peaches they have and has let us sample them. Not only are the peaches delish, but there other produce is as well, especially the corn. If they have rules for there orchard they should be respected. Have you ever seen the destruction some people have caused? These people work hard for a living . I respect them and there farm and they respect me. more

Bad Place to Visit 8/2/2011

Sunday noon we desided to go to Davis Peach Farms.After an hours drive from queens reached to Farms.Go parking spot,got out of car.We felt we came to Prision House,not a Peach farm.Nasty Fat women and ugly old man(divorced)but still live togather along with non English speaking guards,bad hand written signs,were the first thing we had to face.Please take my friendly advice,go buy from super market,but never go to this Place,it is horrible,real Nasty owners.No good peaches.I wish some one should report to Authority and get theirs Acts be checked. more


Horrible place. Terrible environment. Rude employees. Many signs with absurd and ridiculous rules (Examples, and I quote: ""If you do not know the difference between white peaches and yellow peaches, you are not allowed to enter or pick fruit"" - ""You may not pick white peaches, plums, nectarines, pears, quince, figs, pomogranites"" - ""If you pick underripe fruit or fruit you are not allowed to pick, you will be charged $5.00 per pound"" ""If you pick less than $10.00 in fruit, you still owe us $10, and we'll call it even"" - ""If you do not read all of these rules thoroughly, you are not allowed in""). That's only a taste. Seems to be run by terrible and rude people. On top of that, their fruit was much more expensive than similar places AND supermarkets. I could write more, but this isn't even worth my time. There is a very nice berry picking place just down the road on Sound Ave. I would recommend that instead. I would NEVER ever ever go back here. Not recommended for anyone. This is not the way to run a business. more


I wish I could give this place a 0 star rating. This is a horrible place. It really feels like a concentration camp.I felt if I did something that the people working there wouldn't approve of I would be walking away wearing handcuffs and on my way to prison. First you come in and see hundreds of signs saying what you can't do. They should really give out handbooks with a list of all their rules. Then they make you pay a $10 deposit. Right away there is something wrong. The fact that they're making you pay before you get of sense of what they have to offer shows that they're desperate. This hints that the fruit they have to offer is vile. Right away the restrictions on peach picking were told. The guy that was working there first told us where we were allowed to pick the three different kinds of fruits.He even spread them out for us on a table. According to him we could only pick two kinds of peaches and one kind of nectarine in certain rows. After walking a long distance we finally reached the area where we could pick the peaches. All the other rows of peaches and whatever else they had were sealed off with yellow tape. In the end we could only pick peaches down two rows. Along the areas sealed with yellow tape, there are a bunch of guys that ""guard"" the trees. This is the moment as you are walking by them when you feel like you're walking down the plank. The only thing they were missing were guns. We start working our way down the row of peaches. The peaches were mushy and tasteless. Most of them were so small. So we decided to look for nectarines. Turns out, they didn't have any. So the guy who told us they had nectarines lied. We head back to the front with not even half of the bag full. When we got there we saw the guy who lied to us and told him that there were no nectarines. He started saying how he said there were only a few left. But i know what i heard. He told us as we're leaving ""Have a nice day."" in a mocking tone. We told him he shouldn't have lied. Then he yelled shut up and started cursing at us. There was another lady who started yelling at us to leave and started cursing and saying ""Get off my farm"" and told us to never come back. Trust me we aren't coming back. If you're looking to have a great time peach picking do not come here. The people who work there are beyond rude.You have to pay a $10 deposit before you see what the place is like. The peaches are horrible. And there are workers who watch your every move.And don't forget about the millions of rules you have to follow while being there. It's like signing yourself up for boot camp. THIS PLACE SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. If you're looking for a show to watch come to Davis' Peach Farm where you will be entertained. First a tornado blows you into the farm because the signs along the road reel you in. Instead of meeting little munchkins and Glinda you meet the Wicked Witch of the West and the flying monkeys at her assistance. Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion don't exist; they are replaced by the ""tree babysitters."" The Wizard of Oz is not helpful, instead he is disrespectful and rude. By the end of it you will start tapping you heels together and saying ""There's no place like home or at least there's no place worse than this peach farm.Get me out of here."" more

Novel concept, pay for what you pick 1/31/2011

Having gone to Davis Peach Farm in Wading River for the 1st time 11 years ago on 9/12/01, and several time a year every year after, I can assure everyone that those people who complain simply are griping about having to pay for the fruit they pick (and gorge on) in the orchard. And no I'm not an owner or employee. So in parting 2 novel concepts 1-treat the owner and staff with respect and I bet they do the same in return & 2) Pay for what you pick and stop complaining. more


So its a beautiful Sunday afternoon my family and I decide to take a ride out and do some apple picking.. we had no idea what we were in for at Davis.. dead and rotten apples and apple trees.. alot of restricted areas roped off.. people following you (lord knows why) we couldnt even fill more then one bag with apples and we paid a $20 deposit. we explained there was really nothing to pick they told us to get our moneys worth we had to go back and pick more instead of getting a refund for what we didnt use.. but theres nothing to be had here, and it is NOT family friendly, and they have terrible customer service. Terrible experience. DONT WATSE YOUR TIME! more


I had read the rewviews before going to this place and did not want to go..but my daughter really wanted to pick peaches. So I figured we would try it out for ourselves. Upon arriving I noticed the unprofessional handwritten signs all over, posting that there were no handbags, no strollers..then it said we will search your strollers?? confused . There is a Man at a table upon entering surrounding by a lrge crowd of non-english speaking people, could not figure out what they were doing there but it was odd. Then He told me I had to pay a ten dollar deposit, and b/f I knew it he slapped some sort of theme park bracelet on my wrist. I told him we only had 5 dollars left for the day could my daughter just pick a few peaches..he said no it's a 5 pound minimum anyway. (which he did not explain in the beginning) He said whatever the difference was on what you picked, you would be refunded. Then I said thanks anyway but my pocket book was in the car abd I did not feel like trekking all the way back to get my credit card. Then he says in a rude, nasty tone ""Give me my bracelet back"" oh yeah I was hoping to keep it for the next fashion statement buddy. In Addittion there are more signs all over that you are being minitored by closed circuit a Peach Orchard?? What are 4 year olds going to believe that ? Come on..don't insult our intelligence. This place is not even worth the gas to get to it. Do yourself a favor and go to Lewin Farms instead..they have apple picking and Veggie picking and the people who worked there were exceptionally nice. No rules, no nastiness. I mean how do you expect mothers with young children to not bring strollers? Do you know how hard it is to lug kids around? This place should be out of business! more

Dear Davis Peach Farm, 9/6/2010

In regards to your comment posted below - Gloating about other customer's unfortunate experience shows your level of professionalism. Whether it's arrogance or just pure ignorance, the amount of negative reviews speaks for itself. Perhaps its worth taking a second look and assess why people feel the need to even spend their time writing the negative reviews. Common sense would be to discern from these comments and amend what is neccessary. more

reading the reviews 6/22/2010

i was thinking about going to this farm. after reading the reviews i was still going to go. However seeing how the owner reacted on every review written and the name calling i doubt i will be going there. more

Great peaches 6/7/2010

I went here with my sisters and our three young kids, all toddler age, maybe they changed things but it looked like a normal farm, not a bootcamp or concentration camp as someone so light heartedly put it. The peaches were so juicy and big. There was no $10 surcharge at the time, and i didnt see any woman that was yelling and cursing. there were two very friendly guys. We were allowed to bring in strollers diaper bags and pocketbooks. We took pictures the entire time of the kids and my niece was eating a peach with no complaints of eating all the peaches. maybe they stepped up i don't know but this was last summer, and i had a great experience and there were no workers there that seemed like immigrants with knives...certainly not. Pros: Everything Cons: disturbed people leaving negative reviews obsessively more

Horrible Experience, Go to Lewins instead! 9/21/2009

We went here to try someplace different. First of all, you have to pay $10 upfront for each group of up to 5 people. Then you have to choose between peachs and apples, not both. Plus, the guy collecting the money was a bit obnoxious to everyone. So, we went in and tried to pick apples. We only found two kinds, and they were small. Most tress were bare. The good trees appeared to be roped off, and we were warned not to go in that area. Lots of rules! Basically, we were unsatisfied and wanted to get our money back and leave. This is where is gets obsurd. We told there were NO refunds. The rude guy told us to go see the manager/owner. She refused to refund our money too. Then she got angry and nasty and starting cursing at us. She threw us out with no refund and would not let my friend go get her daughter in the orchard Iwho was with a friend). Threats of police involvement flew around. I turned people away before we left, so they lost more then our $10. Pros: Lewins Farms is near by Cons: Nasty, Rude, Very few, small apples. Have to prepay! more

Best Fruit On The Island 9/8/2009

It's a shame that these people who have complained about us have such wild stories. It's also too bad that the thousands of customers who are satisfied with our produce, our service and the time that they have spent here haven't added any good reviews. I did read the review by Agust and I thank them. This is a true operating farm and everyone is welcome to come. Oh and by the way, Hamilton 123, beachpeach5, daxathon, bluemoon111, say226 and are sending me so much business because people are curious to see if everything they have read is true. So I would like to thank you all so much for the free advertising...IT'S GREAT! Pros: Picked Fresh Daily Cons: Some of the customers are ignorant more

DO NOT GO TO THIS ""FARM""!!!! 8/16/2009

This used to be a great farm. I remember going here as a young child. Im now 43 years old, and Im sad to have returned to see the farm turned into a third world prison farm. The manager, who claims to be the farmers wife(she claims to be Christine Davis) is a real piece of work. After taking $10, she sends you out to a litter pit, where you are supposed to pick fruit. Only problem is that there is no fruit. If you wander from the designated fruitless section, you are greeted by persons with knives yelling at you in spanish. If you ask the manager to open sections of the farm that may have fruit, you are yelled at, and threatened. You are then told to ""Get off my farm!"""" Dont ask for your money back, you will only be threatened with bodily harm by some undocumented workers. This should not be happening on Long Island.. I am sure that the real owner is not aware of this abusive manager. I remember how nice this place was. After comming here with my family, and seeing this display of uncivilized behavior, I am trully saddened, and just a bit angry. In short, go to LEVIN FARMS just up the road. They are still true AMERICANS, and dont have the low class attitude that seems to have taken over at the Davis farm. Thank you Chritine Davis for showning me just how low a good old farm can get. Your husband must be proud of the legacy you are creating for his formerly good name. Pros: Nothing good about this place any more. Cons: Concentration Camp atmosphere. more
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