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David's Bridal - 18 Reviews - 840 W 78th St, Minneapolis, MN - Women's Clothing Reviews - Phone (612) 869-7777

David's Bridal

840 W 78th St
Minneapolis, MN 55423
(612) 869-7777
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David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN
David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN
David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN
David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN
David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN
David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN
David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN
David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN
David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN
David's Bridal - Minneapolis, MN


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We couldn't have had a better experience last week at this David's Bridal Location. After a small disaster of a wedding dress being ruined 2 days before the wedding, we went into...


I stopped by David's Bridal to shop for a veil and accessories. They had a fairly good selection of dresses, veils, and jewelry at competitive prices, so I was somewhat satisfied ...

Great Experience 12/21/2011

I decided to start my search for a wedding dress at Davids Bridal. I figured I would start there and then go to other smaller places. I went in on a Saturday to just look around. They had no problem at all that I just wanted to look, even though Brides to be were storming the doors. After looking I made an appointment for later that week. At the appointment the Bridal Consultant was great! She gave us her undivided attention, or if she had to help another party she made sure to let me know she would be back shortly. I was not expecting to find my dress, especially not on my first trip out, however I found the dress and purchased it that day. After purchasing the dress I read the reviews on Davids Bridal and started to get very nervous that I had made a poor decision. Especially because my dress had to be ordered. My fears were set aside when my dress came in much sooner than I was told. There was nothing wrong with my dress other than I noticed some pin holes which they took care of right away by steaming the dress. Overall my experience with the staff at Davids Bridal has been great. They are all super friendly and helpful! Based on all of the other reviews, I would recommend going during the week. There is no one in there and the consultant will spend as much time with you as needed. I think I was there for almost 3 hours. more


We couldn't have had a better experience last week at this David's Bridal Location. After a small disaster of a wedding dress being ruined 2 days before the wedding, we went into David's Bridal and was instantly greeted by Jenn. I explained the situation and within seconds, Mary & Marilyn were at the door. They helped find a beautiful replacement wedding gown for my best friend in less than an hour - - and the dress was AMAZING. Not only did it look great on my friend, it was affordable. They were so helpful in this ""all hands on deck"" situation, and really made a very bad situation alright. She was pleased with the dress, and looked amazing in it at her wedding. I have never seen such a find job of customer service. They really went ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty! A++++. Thank you ladies! more

Worst Bridal Shopping Experience 7/30/2011

I stopped by David's Bridal to shop for a veil and accessories. They had a fairly good selection of dresses, veils, and jewelry at competitive prices, so I was somewhat satisfied with that. Where they drop the ball is with their customer service. The gal that was sitting at the front of the shop, supposedly ""greeting"" customers barely acknowledged that I was even there. She hardly said a word to me. The consultant that worked with me was not any better. It was obvious that the staff didn't like their jobs, and didn't want to be there. They were not at ALL helpful, and failed to give any suggestions. When I go to a bridal shop, I expect to be greeted by enthusiastic staff who are genuinely excited and happy for me, and are quick to help and point me in the right direction. Needless to say, my experience at David's Bridal was a complete let down. If you are looking for someone to give you ideas on what looks great for your body type and budget; someone who is knowledgable to help you find the perfect fit in all ways, DO NOT shop here. If you know exactly what you want and need no help or pointers, David's Bridal might work for you. However, I love the whole experience, so I will NEVER be returning. If looking for a great selection, reasonable prices, AND bubbly, helpful staff then I would recommend the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul. more

Better than expected 1/1/2011

People know the name Davids Bridal and have their opinions. I have bought 2 bridesmaids dresses through them and never had a problem, so I decided to look here when I got engaged. I would say it is the Target of wedding dress stores. It is not an upscale botique, but it is reasonable and has lots of selection. more

It was SO-SO 7/17/2010

I stopped at Davids to purchase a party dress for my aunt's wedding. I just wanted an affordable ""fun"" dress. I headed to the dressing room to try them on and none of the sales staff would help (I think it's because I was not spending big bucks like the wedding shoppers) I found one I liked, but needed a diff size.... it took someone forever to help me. I eventually had to call around my self to find it at another store. Decided to go to Macys after all! Pros: Cute party dresses Cons: The sales staff was not very helpful. more

Dont waste your valuable time 10/21/2009

We had an appt for Saturday. We drove 2 1/2 hours to Richfield. We received a call and they told us they had to move our appt back 1/2 hour. When we arrived, the appt person told us she couldnt find our appt. -After 10 minutes she found it- it had been mis-filed in the ""alteration"" schedule (we didnt even have a dress yet!) We had to wait another 10 minutes (while the staff in their high heels stood around visiting with each other) When we finally got an assistant- she didnt seem to want to hear what we were looking for ( all we wanted was CHIFFON!!!) She grabbed a few dresses, then hurried off to wait on several others. - There were no chairs to sit on while my daughter tried dresses on. Pros: nice floor displays Cons: worst floor staff start to finish more

Excellent Customer Service 10/4/2009

I would go back there again, they were extremely friendly, and nice to work with. Amazing how you get great customer service when you are nice to those serving you! Pros: Very helpful more

The Worst! 7/23/2009

My future daughter-in-law got her dress as well as the bridesmaids here but hated to give them the business because the customer service was so bad. We were called that the bridesmaids dresses had arrived to we went to pick them up only to find out they only 2 out of 3 had come in, so we had to make another trip once they figured out where the 3rd dress was. I called to see if I could come up to try on dresses for myself. I was required to make an appt. I showed up on time & checked in but waited for 15 minutes. They paged the lady that was supposed to help me & she came up & started complaining right in front of me to the front person how she didn't have time. They called someone else up and 10 minutes later she came, stuck me in a room & never came back. I had to keep dressing & undressing to go get sizes/different styles. I assumed that if an appt was required I would be able to get some help. It was TERRIBLE. I complained on the way out to the front person who sits right at the entrance to the store only to get a rude reaction from her. It is SO unfortunate that a business like this is able to survive. We really wish we never would have gone there in the 1st place. Spread the word...this place treats people like they're doing you a huge favor by letting you buy something there instead of as a valued customer who is spending a lot of money and would like to have her wedding dress shopping experience be special. You should have the option of zero stars because I would guess that is what they would get by most customers who have had the misfortune of buying/shopping there. Pros: Price Cons: Customer Service more

JUST PLAIN BAD 7/21/2009

My experiance with DB was bad customer service. I would try on the dresses and she would put them back. She would not talk to me ask me what I like and didnt like. I had to have my friends and family escort her to dresses that needed to be pulled since she wasnt pulling any. My friend tied me up because the lady was no where to be found. Finally we found her drinking coffee sitting on a desk. Most of the time she was off talking to co-workers. I had a call into the manager and he called me back and appologized up and down and said he would have a word with her but I highly doubt anymore action will be taken. He said if Im interested I can come back and work with someone else. I said nope I found my dress even though there was one there I like I walked out because of my consultant. I didnt metion this because I feel bad but my lady had the worst BO. I mean you are working close to ladies and WOW she stunk. Pros: NON Cons: Bad customer service! more

NEVER AGAIN 7/6/2009

I am so happy that I read some of the previous reviews for this location, now I can stop taking the way I was treated so personal. I walked in with my 6 & 7 year old, I knew exactly what I was there to get, 2 flower girl dresses H1237, and a bridesmaid dress F12732 I was walked passed and ignored by 4 different sales associates without one of them even saying hello! After standing there and laughing to myself, I picked up the phone at the pretty front desk and called them from in the store! ""excuse is ANYONE going to help me""?! Now the girl who helped me was nice, so I calmed down. They said my dress would be in June 17, well it came in on June 1st, they claimed they sent emails, they did not! They claimed they called, THEY DID NOT. I go in on the 29th to pick them up. THE SAME crapola ALL OVER. Am I invisible?! I had to pinch myself to make sure I was there, because the 3 cashiers or whatever they like to be called wouldn't even make eye contact! Hey! I just want to pick up what I paid for! Long story LONGER ""RICHFIELD David's Bridal, your service is HORRIBLE! Pros: It was Davids Bridal Cons: TERRIBLE Customer service more

What a headache 6/17/2009

I knew from the moment I walked in and lady snipped at me when I started looking at flower girl dresses that it wasn't a good fit. She said "" do you have an appointment"" and I calmly said that I didn't after being snapped at. She said, well you can look but I don't have anyone who can help you. I ended up looking through the dresses and found a flower girl dress that I liked and was going to buy. I asked if they could remove a small stain on the skirt and they said that they would not. I finally was so frustrated that I left and found a flower girl dress elsewhere. I was so annoyed that I will never step foot in another Davids Bridal ever again. Terrible Customer Service... or should I say No Customer Service!! Pros: Trying to come up with one! Cons: Rude, Not Helpful more

No Service and Cheap Dresses 3/7/2009

I have to say that I am not a snob and like a good deal as much as the next person, but I have to say I thought the dresses at David's bridal were so cheap looking and not stylish. I was so dissapointed when I went in there. The dresses were ugly and the service was terrible. I did not see my sales lady for like 20 minutes after she put us in a room, she totally dissapeared and had a bad attitude toward helping me and my girls. I would never go back to a David's Bridal, it was aweful! Cons: Cheap Dresses, Lousy Service more

Bad Selection with No Help 2/9/2009

I started at David's first to see what styles would look good on my body type and was very dissapointed with my experience. I looked through the racks and was overwhelmed with the amount of dresses. I pulled three and tried them on and did not find anything I liked. When I was out of my last dress the sales lady said which one was your favorite after she dissapeared for 15 minutes. I told her that I did not have a favorite and left. I felt discouraged and do not think I would go back. I felt like the material looked cheap and I did not like how I did not get any help. Cons: No selection and No Help more

Terrible customer service....again. 12/15/2008

It had been years since I had been to a David's. I had used them as a bridesmaid 3 times before. All of them were bad experiences. I am actually disregarding those in this review since it was so long ago. This time, I am the bride. I'd seen some beautiful dresses online and thought I would go in with no judgement and try them. We made an appointment a week in advance. The woman on the phone was so friendly, so I was really looking forward to going in! We entered the store and spoke with the woman greeting those with appointments at the table. She paged the person who was going to help us. I will call her ""M"". After 10 minutes, M (who had been pacing the store) finally came up to the table, grabbed the book of appointments, and started lecturing the lady at the table about how she was writing the appointments in the book. Then, she walked away. So, the lady at the table paged two more ladies. Both came up and told her they were too busy. M was paged again. A woman that appeared to be a manager came up and started complaining with the woman at the table about M. I cannot tell you how uncomfortable we felt as we continued to sit there! 25 minutes after we checked in, no one had directly said anything to us. I asked if we could at least start looking. They then said ""Oh yeah...go ahead."" We began looking on our own and were joined by manager-looking woman again. After about 3 minutes, M came up and gave ""manager"" a nasty look and said to the manager ""you have my bride"", repeated again ""YOU HAVE MY BRIDE"" in nearly a shout, and gave me a snide smile. After that, she did assist us ....kind of. I really felt like I was the biggest inconvenience, and felt terrible. It completely ruined an experience that was suppossed to be memorable. I found a dress that really was my dream dress. But I do not want to deal with them for alterations or anything else for fear of being made to feel like that again. So, I went and bought my 2nd choice at another store, and am VERY happy. Pros: selection Cons: customer service more

Was Not Impressed 12/14/2008

I thought I would check out David'd Bridal because they have plus size bridal gowns. I found there dresses to look cheap and there sales help to be mediocre. It was not the experience I wanted for the purchase of my wedding dress. I did not find anything that I liked and left. I would not reccommend Davids. Cons: Cheap lookling dreses, no help more

A helpful starting point 2/1/2008

This is the first time I have ever stepped into a bridal shop. I'd looked on line and wasn't getting very far on style ideas. I made an appt for Sat. morning and showed up 5 min before the opened. Yes, there was an inital crowd that rushed in, but the salepeople directed us well and spread us out so we we're to cramped. I was told ahead of time that my consultant would be working with 2 brides at the same time, but her other appt cancelled. Katie was EXCELLENT! I gave her a few guidelines of what I wanted/hated, and she brought me a ton of various styles. She quickly caught on to what my taste was and brought me a good selection, I tried on 14 dresses in 1.5 hours. They let me take pictures. Pros: friendly salespeople, let you roam & browse Cons: push pkg deals more

David's Bridal - Okay if you go during the day on a weekday 12/14/2007

I went to David's Bridal in August this year ('07) as my first time shopping for my bridal gown. It was a horrible experience. I made an appointment on a Monday evening thinking it would be slow which it was but they only had 2 consultants! When I arrived I was told one of them would be with me shortly but after a half hour I came back up to ask and she was paged. Since she was still helping her previous client she paid not attention to me at all. Only asked if I need a bra and then came back with a horribly smelly thing which made me gag. She never helped me again until my MOH/BF who was with me finally asked her for some help with showing us how one dress I was trying on would bussle. Then she left us again until we were done and she wrote down the dresses I liked. The only reason David's Bridal gets 3 stars is that I complained to the manager and the next time I came in on a weekday during the day (took the day off) with my mother and tried on the dress I liked (after going to 5 other bridal stores and realizing the one at David's I like best) we had great service. I say the only reason that we did have good service the 2nd time is that one - I complained but two - I was the only one in the store besides one other lady. I did get an Oleg Cassini dress that fits me perfectly! I hope now that my alterations will be not as horrible as those I've read. Pros: Lots of selection Cons: Terrible service/Some dresses are a bit pricey more

Would Not Reccommend This Store 5/20/2007

I went in for an appointment and felt very pressured to buy a dress on the first stop. They were more worried about making the sale then listening to what I wanted. I would not reccommend this store to other brides. I had a bad experience. Cons: Pushy Sales People more
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