David's Bridal


3503 Gwinnett Place Dr
Duluth, GA 30096

(770) 418-1030
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David's Bridal - Duluth, GA
David's Bridal - Duluth, GA
David's Bridal - Duluth, GA
David's Bridal - Duluth, GA
David's Bridal - Duluth, GA
David's Bridal - Duluth, GA
David's Bridal - Duluth, GA
David's Bridal - Duluth, GA
David's Bridal - Duluth, GA
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We decided to give David's Bridal a try after visiting several other ""posh"" shops and being surprised by the pressure to sell and well the prices too.


Reviews are helpful and I generally follow them and since Davids Bridal is the largest bride store, we decided to make an appointment to try on some growns. The first thing I can...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/18/2012

I was very disappointed with the entire experience. On day one I should have known when our consultant told us we could not get one of the better dressing rooms because they only let the top dollar sales associates use those. So as the client I was dealt the bad card. The other clients in the better dressing rooms were spending as much as I did. So we found the right dress and decided to but it anyway. I did notice that the dress had some dirty places under the arms and bust due to people trying the dress on. I asked to order a new dress and was told by 3 sales associates that they would clean it and do a thorough bead check. My mom asked again because the dress was quite dingy. They assured me that they only sell off the floor and that they would have it like new. I trusted that they knew what they were doing. (WRONG!!!) more

Worst Experience 6/30/2011

I ordered my bridesmaid dress from David's Bridal for my sisters wedding. I got fitted for the dress and measured for sizes because the dress needed to be ordered. When the dress came in it was entirely too small. We went back to David's Bridal and they acted like it was my fault. Apparently, nobody told us that the sample dress had been tried on until it was worn and stretched out, so that size fit me. When I went back they made me put the exact dress on, almost like they thought I was lying to them. Of course it fit perfectly. They checked the sizes that they had measured for me and one of their salesgirls had put in the wrong sizes - (waist size for chest, etc.) Davids Bridal expected us to pay for the alterations that they messed up, until we complained. When we got the dress back it was still too small. They had let it out a little bit, but it looked crooked and ravely, clearly they did a poor job since is was a free alteration because of THEIR mistake. SO many problems with David's Bridal, I will never go back or reccomend it to ANYONE! BE CAREFUL! more

AWFUL 4/22/2011


HORRIBLE 3/4/2010

David's Bridal Gwinnett Place is not worth your time or money!! I was completely disapointed in this place. 1st of all you can find beautiful wedding dresses for less at other stores! The only thing your paying for at this place is the logo. 2nd of all the consultants are extremly unprofessional and do not enjoy their job that they have!!! I had to find my own dresses and I had zero help it was almost a fight to stay in a fitting room. I told another consultant who I was working with when she rudely asked me who I was with and I STILL never saw her!!!! We were left feeling horrible for taking up dressing room space. After that we decided to try giving another consultant a try by asking for another consultant to look for bridesmaid dresses. This girl could not wait to get other of there fast enough! Who ever hires these people should be ashamed of themselves! You work with people you need to have a helpful personality! I will NEVER go back to David's Bridal and I have told as many people as I could not to waste money. The lay away program is crazy you are responsible for paying for the dress within 2 months. What kindof layaway program is that? HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. Worst experience in retail ever!!! Cons: EVERYTHING more

Wow...just get the right salesgirl on the right day.... 12/15/2009

Reviews are helpful and I generally follow them and since Davids Bridal is the largest bride store, we decided to make an appointment to try on some growns. The first thing I can say is that everyone seemed to be in a bad mood and it wasn't even a busy day, I think there were 2 other customers in the store. There was a store manager named Patti who was annoyed that we had come in without an appointment, although, it says that we didn't need one. She pulled some dresses for us...but really didn't even bother to listen to what we were looking for. We were not even feeling welcomed in the store. Pros: Huge Selection of Dresses Cons: Pissy attitude of manager more

Thank you Lisa and Stephanie! 12/3/2009

We decided to give David's Bridal a try after visiting several other ""posh"" shops and being surprised by the pressure to sell and well the prices too. more

Very Professional, courteous & helpful 8/24/2009

My family and I drove from NC for an appt with David's Bridal. Our sales person, Patti, was a breath of fresh air after what we had 'dealt with' in prior wedding dress stores, including a David's Bridal in NC! Pros: Direct contact, very helpful and knowledgeable more

Great experience at David's Bridal in Duluth, GA 3/11/2009

After reading all the bad reviews on David's Bridal, I decided to go there anyway. I am so glad I did! I went there alone because I don't have many friends here yet. I am originaly from Long Island and that is where my wedding is going to be. more

Davids Bridal treated us great 1/28/2009

my daughter and I decided to just pop in and look around. We were greated with a smile and a welcome. Pros: reasonable prices, great selection, friendly employees more

""0"" Customer Service 1/28/2009

I had read that this Davids Bridal was known for terrible Customer Service, but against my better judgment, I decided to go anyways just out of convenience. The reviews you read about it being terrible are very true. When I first walked in, I was not greeted by the person at the front desk. I was in there for 30 minutes before anyone even said anything to me. It took forever to get into a fitting room. The wedding consultants are rude and impersonal. They truly are only concerned about getting the sale. The assistant manager, Beverly, is extremely rude including facial gestures, outward appearance (attitude), and people skills. She made my experience there miserable! I went to the Morrow location and was much happier there. The manager, Patti, is very sweet and helpful. So, go to Davids Bridal, just go to the Morrow location. more

Pretty good, I thought 6/12/2007

I was pretty worried about going to David's because of the horrible customer service reviews. In fact, it was the last place I went. However, after the mediocre service and rushed atmosphere at Bride Beautiful, which is way more expensive than David's (you would think the service would be on par with the prices!), I decided it couldn't be that bad. I was right! No, we didn't get a lot of one-on-one attention but by this point, I was glad to have the time to shop on my own without a saleswoman ""helping"" me. In fact, I didn't sign in or speak to anyone when I first arrived at David's. I just started looking and pulling dresses I was interested in. When I was ready to start a fitting room, I spoke to the saleswoman and she put two at a time back there for me. *Beware* they will try to push, once you find a dress you like, shoes, a tiara, a veil, and whatever else. I found the easiest thing to do is let them shove one in your hair and just leave it. They think you like it so they leave you alone about it and you don't get hasseled nymore. Anyway, the store is big and you don't have to squeeze through lines of bagged dresses. They even have a selection of sizes - not just one sample in each style! You should know that, if you don't find the dress you think you like in your size you have to buy it before they will ship it so you can try it. Ask them to check local stores for the dress in your size and don't let them tell you they can't...they can check every store in the nation. Overall, no, you won't get women fawning over you and waiting on you hand and foot. They probably won't even take the dresses out of the bags for you. But in all honesty, I'd much rather shop here than somewhere like Bride Beautiful. And as far as the quality, I'd say yes, it is a cheaper quality definately. But you're only going to wear it one day anyway and you don't really expect your future daughter to want to wear your old dress, do you? Pros: affordable, well laid-out, size selection Cons: mediocre quality more


In February, I took my 3 bridesmaids to David's Bridal in Duluth, GA to look for their dresses as well as mine.I ended up buying my dress somewhere else, but my girls bought 3 dresses and one bought a pair of shoes, which she left there to be dyed the same color as her skirt.A week later, I started receiving calls from David's Bridal trying to sell me a wedding dress, accessories, invitations, etc. - even after I told them to stop calling.Finally, a month goes by and my girls and I haven?t heard a thing about their orders.One of my girls called to check the status of her dress and shoes, but they tell her they won?t talk to her ? they can only talk to the bride.Note ? I didn?t buy anything from them, yet they insisted on talking to me.Weeks later, I got another phone call from David?s Bridal telling me my order was ready ? 3 dresses and a pair of shoes.I got off the phone and one of my girls told me she hadn?t even ordered her dress yet.My girl then attempted to order her dress over the next week, but they were either too busy to take her order over the phone or they just wouldn?t answer the phone at all.They also refused to return her phone messages.Ultimately, she had to make a special trip to the store to order it in person.More weeks go by and I got another call from David?s Bridal telling me that my order was ready ? 3 dresses and a pair of shoes.My girl went to pick up the dresses and shoes, but they told her that the shoes were taken home the day they were purchased.Another lie.We had a receipt showing that David?s Bridal held the shoes to dye them.The receipt also showed the wrong dye color.To make matters worse, one of the dresses was the wrong style.After numerous calls to both the store and corporate offices, there was still no response.This company is completely unprofessional and completely incapable of being in this type of business.Upon reading other reviews of this company, I know I am not an exception.They treat others this way. Pros: Decent prices. Cons: TERRIBLE customer services; fair selection of dresses. more

Good prices on gowns, decent selection 5/4/2007

My experience at David's was a pretty good one. It was my first dress shop to try on bridal gowns, and I chose David's as I knew that it was like the Target of dress stores. I thought it would be unpretentious and a good way to start learning about the process, dresses, etc. And I wasn't disappointed! I went on a Thursday afternoon, which was a good choice. The store was pretty quiet and I got a salesperson, Jennifer, assigned to me right away (I had made an appointment, but was about 15 min. late due to traffice). I showed her print outs of the dresses I liked and she pulled out the ones they had in the store. She then took me over to the dressing room, so I didn't actually get a chance to look around and pull out dresses that I wanted to try on. Jennifer was very sweet and friendly - my only complaint is that she didn't really listen to what I was looking for. I need a dress for a destination wedding, so I don't want a dress with lots of crinoline or layers. But she thought I looked good in the A-line styles, so she kept bringing me other dresses. It was probably partly my fautl for not thoroughly looking on their website before hand and printing out all of the dresses I like. I might go back again to try on other styles of dresses later on - it will depend on how my trips to the other dress stores in town turn out. Pros: Low key dress store, good prices Cons: Not a ton of informal wedding dresses more

Davids Bridal is the WORST!!!! 4/25/2007

Save yourself from a terrible experience and go somewhere else. Yes the gowns are well priced but the staff is very unprofessional!!! They lied to me and told me my dress was sent back because it was defective and I called corperate and she said it was never sent back and she apologized for the mix up. I got a discount which helped me deal with the situation. Don't bother making an appt. because it really doesn't make a difference if you do. There's no one on one attention, we had to track our sales girl Jennifer down because she was always disappearing and not showing up until we found her. These women seem like they're always PMSing or something. Even the manager's don't help if there's a problem...you have to call corperate to get things fixed for you. Just a little tip if you don't listen to me and go on your own. more

Horrible Customer Service for Mediocre Prices 3/8/2007

Ok, I've never bought a bridesmaid's dress before, so maybe all places are like this, but, my experiences with David's Bridal have been absolutely awful. Besides the general unfriendliness and lack of knowledge on the part of the staff (I'd like to note that I've worked retail for a number of years, so I'm not being unreasonable in my expectations - I don't even expect any clerk to be particularly outgoing or able to put their hands on any product immediately. Hell, I don't even expect the clerk to smile at me; my expectations are limited to tacit civility and passable service), here is a list of specific offenses: Pros: Good selection, nice lighting, ok parking Cons: Really really really bad service. more

great experience!!!!!!!!! 2/2/2007

David's Bridal is a great place to find a wedding dress on a budget!! I tried on 15 dresses. The sales person was helpful and friendly. The staff overall is very nice. I found 2 beautiful dresses (which the editorial review above calls marginal quality dresses) that completely had the WOW factor I was looking for. I also went to other more snotty shops that had rude, unfriendly employees. I had a ball at David's Bridal and was not limited by anyone as to what I could and couldn't try on (unlike some places that limit you to 5 dresses and then you have to come back for another appointment to try on more - they actually told me ""No"" when I asked to try on a 6th dress - hint - BRIDE BEAUTIFUL). I suggest shopping here first before trying other stores - you probably won't need to go to another store after this one anyway. Pros: Great everything! more

Impressed 3/12/2006

I was hesitant at first to go to David's Bridal but it ended up being a great experience. I worked with Lisa and she was great! Very helpful, gave me a lot of feedback and was honest in her opinions. I have visited several bridal shops and I must say that Lisa by far has been the best to work with. The selection is pretty good and prices are great. And if you are in a rush, this is the place to go because you can buy the dress of the rack if they have your size. Pros: Very friendly staff, Good Selection more

Terrible Customer Service 9/26/2005

The ladies are not genuine or friendly. It's almost like you, the BRIDE, should feel priviledged to be able to talk to these ladies. Most of the time they give you advice that gives you the impression that they don't really want to be there. They are unorganized and are rude sometimes. Pros: the name Cons: unprofessional, rude, no cust. service more
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    A chic, sleek boutique, it's not. But those willing to look carefully will likely find a big-time bargain. The staff is helpful and knows the merchandise but doesn't provide...

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