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David's Bridal

9125 SW Cascade Ave Ste 100
Beaverton, OR 97008
(503) 646-3751
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I went to davids Bridal in Beaverton last week to try on Bridal dresses, Goldy was the young lady that helped me, I just have to say that she is an awesome person with lots of pat...


(This review pertains to the Clackamas store- NOT the Beaverton store.)\r FIRST EXPERIENCE:\r The service I received at David's Bridal was horrible. Not only did I make my appt ...

wonderful experience 3/22/2011

I went to davids Bridal in Beaverton last week to try on Bridal dresses, Goldy was the young lady that helped me, I just have to say that she is an awesome person with lots of patience. She not only help me but also helped my daughter pick out her prom dress. I went back yesterday and Goldy again made my day wonderful and we ordered my dress plus my daughter prom dress. Thnak you Goldy for the wonderful experience!! more

It was great! 1/16/2011

I had read several Citysearch reviews about David's Bridal that were less than flattering, but I read one that said if you go with a specific consultant it can make a big difference. One review suggested a girl named Crystal that works at the Beaverton location, so I made my appointment with her. I know very little about fashion or what styles would look good on me, but after I showed her some pictures, she picked out several flattering dresses for me. One of them was perfect, and I was also very happy with the fact that it was on clearance for $98! Crystal didn't try to up sell or pressure me, and I am so grateful that she found something for me that will make me feel comfortable and pretty on my big day. I highly recommend requesting this sales girl! Good luck ladies :) more

A surpsisingly good experience 1/2/2011

I was not expecting to buy a dress from David's Bridal. I was only planning on trying on a few different styles to get a sense of what I wanted in a wedding gown.\r \r The store itself is nothing fancy, and most of the dresses are traditional fare-- poofy, strapless, sparkly numbers. However, after explaining my ideal style to the saleswoman, she pulled a few dresses that I actually liked. And, believe it or not, I found a great, unique dress that fit me great. And it was about half the price of similar dresses at other stores. What do you know?\r \r I noticed that a lot of people posted poor reviews of the service at David's Bridal, but I was treated very well. The salespeople were attentive, informative, and seemed to listen to my opinions about style and fitting. I suspect that (like most stores) you'll probably have the best experience if you go during a time of day that isn't busy. more

They Treat you like a 2nd class citizen! 5/7/2010

\r I am getting married this year and bought my wedding dress from David’s Bridal. When I scheduled by appointment the girl ignored me and every time I needed something she was never around when I was at the store trying on dresses. My mother and sister were pissed too. A few weeks later I went back to David’s Bridal to look at bridesmaid dresses and I specifically called and made an appointment with a different girl and told her to pull 3 dresses for me to look at. Just 3 dresses!!!! Well when I arrived they forgot to pull them and the girl could not give me the time of day because she was helping some younger girl picking out a wedding dress…and since I already had my wedding dress she did not care to help me with the 7 bridesmaid dresses I was about to buy! Gosh I really hate this place and some of the employees at the front desk do not speak English very well…so it is sometimes hard to communicate…whether you are in the store or on the phone with them.\r Pros: nothing! Cons: Rude, will not listen to you, will not spend time with you more

horrible 2/25/2010

my wedding was originally out of the country but due to some family issues i had to make it in Chicago and plan it in 3mths. I went into David's bridal in schaumburg IL, and worked with Judy, she was fabulous and she helped me find the perfect dress cost $1150 she also helped me find the brides maid dresses $150. Every thing was going great the dresses had arrived way b4 they said it would (2 weeks after i ordered it). I went into get my dress altered and tried it on for the first time (the one that I had already tried on in the store, and they ordered for me) the dress didn't fit it was 3inches to little. I was so aggravated stressed there was no way that I had gained any weight i weighed the same and it had only been 2 weeks. The manager was making me feel like it was my fault and then after they said they'll measure me and compare the measurements that they had wrote down 2 weeks ago.... surprise surprise my measurements didn't change. they where then offering to order me another size but they couldn't tell me if it would come in on time, and then the alterations department said they could let it out and that if i order the other size they would have to take in around different areas and then it would cost me more so after i heard it could be fixed i felt a little relieved i made an appointment for 3 days later when the head of alterations would be there. When i went back and put on the dress Anna (head of alterations) said that it was impossible that they should have ordered the dress they cant let the dress out... she got the manager and finally said oh yes we can and alterations on my dress are being done i paid $280 for alterations they didn't discount a penny and they where the ones that messed up. \r \r I go in with my bridesmaid the dress is to small again omg this is a nightmare again they're not giving solutions i am 6 weeks from my wedding. Her measurements once again haven't changed they don't know if they can order the dress it takes 6 weeks and it wouldn't be in on time they have to see if customer service can ship the dress in the right size from another store we are responsible for any alterations and the maid of honors dress doesn't fit either what a horror story. \r \r Do your self a favor don't get a dress from David's bridal it will cost you so much just to fix their errors. It will be so stress full to you and it definitely doesn't make you feel like it's the most wonderful day of your life. more

My experience was fine! 10/15/2009

I went in here one day to try to narrow down what sort of dress I wanted for my July wedding. (Let me interrupt myself) I have been to multiple David's locations (Clackamas, Olympia WA, Tacoma WA) for friends & family members weddings. The first few times weren't very good experiences with customer service, selection, quality. Anyway... This store is close to us, they have everything on site, and I wanted to try on dresses. When I walked in (no appointment) I only waited a few seconds before I was greeted. The girl told me to browse some dresses and then a sales woman would be there to help me try some on. I pulled 7 dresses. The first two were totally wrong for my body, and I quickly dismissed them. The next 5 needed special bras & slips, and she had no problems grabbing me a different size when the first didn't fit right. I fell in love with dress 4, but decided to try the others on too. I should mention that dress #4 has a full corset back and it takes forever to lace up. (I believe her name was Crystal?) She never seemed the slightest bit annoyed at having to lace them up twice. The dress I tried on turned out to be a size bigger than I needed, although I was convinced I should just get it & have it tailored down. She convinced me to go ahead and get the smaller size, given the fact that I had a baby 5 months ago, the back was corset style, and I would be dropping some weight before my wedding day. She went and found the size smaller, and I wound up putting the dress on hold for the day to think about it. My fiance went in and purchased it as a surprise the next day and called to tell me to pick it up. The dress was in a bag, and they ensured that he didn't get a glimpse of it. It was a flawless transaction & shopping experience. The only thing I take issue with at David's is the fact that pretty much every gown is sold at every store, so your dress isn't very unique. I've heard really negative things about the alterations center, so I plan on going to a private seamstress to have alterations & maybe some bead work done. I would do it again though! In fact, I'm going in today to get my undergarments, headpiece, and looking at the matching flower girl dresses! Pros: Customer service, selection, availability, off the rack ease Cons: Lots of women wearing the same dress as you! more

Horrible Experience 6/29/2009

This David's Bridal was my first time trying on dresses and I went there to ""get an idea"" of what I wanted. I came with a picture in hand of what I had in mind but it was something that they didn't carry. I was ok with that and still willing to try on other dresses that were similiar in style.\r \r The sales women (JD, short for Jessica?) was nice but had no idea at all or just wasn't listening when I told her what I wanted. She brought me several dresses that were nothing at all like the picture. I specifically said no poof, no beading, no train. Of course all of the dresses were poofy, with tons of beading and an extra long train. After each sour reaction she would ask me what was wrong with the dress. I didn't feel there was anything ""wrong"" with the dresses, they just weren't for me. After about 6 dresses she started to get snotty and said that I was confusing her and contradicting myself. I am not sure what was confusing, I had a picture. Instead of her telling me they didn't have ANYTHING similiar she tried to sell me something I didn't like.\r \r I finally came out in a dress that wasn't too bad. It was nothing like the one I described but it wasn't bad. I wasn't excited about it and actually wasn't even smiling. But she kept insisting that it was ""the one"". Then she tried to sell me a vail after I told her I wouldn't be wearing one, questioned why I wasn't wearing one and also tried to sell me goddy jewelry that I didn't want either.\r \r Stupid me bought the dress, luckily it was extremely cheap. Any stranger would be able to tell that I was not excited about the dress like I should have been but she didn't seem to care. Again and again she kept telling me it was ""the one"".\r \r I got home, tried on the dress again and started freaking out. It was completely not what I wanted and I was not happy with it. 30 minutes after buying the dress I called to store to see if I could return it and of course I couldn't.\r \r It's my own fault for buying the dress and caving to the pressure of the sale women but never ever will I recommend David's Bridal to any friend or enemy of mine! I am buying something that is suppose to make me feel beautiful and excited, not dreary and prom-ish. A sales person who actually cares about that would have been nice. I know they are all trying to make a living, but if she would have been a bit more concerned with my wants she probably would have gotten a bigger commission if I had chosen a more expensive dress or at least for future recommendations from me. But after my experience there, no way! more

Very bad service and not helpful at all. 3/31/2009

The employees are really rude and provide lack of assistance. When I first came into the store I had a few questions and there was no one available to answer them for me. When I finally did find someone the lady was really rude and trying to brush me off. When trying on dresses I felt as if they were trying to sell me as many things as they possibly could which was really annoying. The lady at the register with black short hair was really mean because every time I would ask her something she would seem really annoyed and answer they in short and annoyed tone. Pros: There is always parking available. Cons: Customer service, working out problems, providing assistance more

Great Service! 2/14/2009

I went to the David's Bridal across from Washington Square on a holiday, so I expected them to be busy. Also, I made my appointment only a couple days in advance. When I got there, they were unable to pull up the account I created on their website, but they gave me a catalog to mark the dresses I was interested in trying on. The associate who worked with me was very helpful and very professional. She was also helping another gal with her bridesmaid dress. She would politely excuse herself for a few moments to help the other gal, but was never gone long and always made sure it was alright before she left. Also, when my sisters & I arrived, we were helped almost immediately & we looked at the accesories (veil, shoes, etc) while she was pulling the dresses I picked. I thought their service was great and would definitely reccomend this store to anyone looking for great service with a reasonable price tag. Pros: Great service, prices, and selection. Very helpful staff Cons: Parking is limited, all sales are final more

Bottom line, the service was awful and the dresses looked poorly made and cheap. 2/21/2008

I made an appt. for a Wed. night at 6:30. I got there about 5:45, I was early and anticipated waiting until 6:30 for assistance. I was happy to browse bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses while I waited. When I walked in someone said we'll be right with you but I had to wait 20 min. just to be able to say ""I'm early but just wanted to let you know that I'm here."" A few min. later their 7:00 appt. arrived. At 6:15 they were able to start my appointment. First they wanted me to choose shoes, they had 100 pairs but we couldn't find any in a size 7 and our consultant was no where to be found. When she finally showed back up and we told her she didn't offer to go look or grab me a pair, just shrugged her shoulders and said ""I don't know what's going on over there"". Then she took me to the dressing room and told me she was going to help another girl in the dressing room next to mine at the same time (the 7:00 appt). Then she kept disappearing, she would help me into a dress then disappear for 10 minutes. It took an hour and a half to try on 6 dresses. I didn't need much time to look at them they were all very poor quality and cheap looking but since I was there I wanted to try them on and get an idea of styles. The consultant would just leave me standing in the dressing room in my underwear for 10-15 minutes at a time saying she was going to pull more dresses then not show up with any. (It appeared that she was helping the 7:00 bride even less then me so I don't know what she was doing) There's not even a bench or a chair in the dressing room. I was literally just standing there in my underwear waiting. She also never asked what style I liked halter, strapless etc. When I tried to tell her she interrupted me and left. Finally the last time she disappeared I decided I had been there long enough and got dressed and waited for her to come back, then looked for her in the dress area and finally ended up walking out. I would never recommend this shop. Pros: Parking Cons: Over priced for the quality of the merchandise, poor service, messy store, long waits more

They aren't bad! 2/16/2008

There is the option on the registration to ask for your information not to be given out to vendors and to avoid those calls. Ask about that when you get there. As for ""Selling the whole package"" yes, they do that because they make comission and are trying to make a living as well. Don't get irritated because they're doing their job. You should never have to hang a dress back up on the racks yourself because they do it for you, especially if you leave a dressing room with the clothes in it. If you want the good wedding consultants, ask for Michelle, Krystal and Mary. Don't go in just to try on a bunch of dresses with no intention to buy, however. That's when you get bad service. See if from their point of view-- they deal with weddings all day. They know what they're talking about. Pros: Consultants who aren't already slammed with 3 other brides Cons: Return policy: NONE! more

The sell your address and phone number 10/25/2007

I did not particularly care for my experience or the dresses at David's Bridal. The service wasn't great and the dresses were pretty cookie cutter . I wasn't going to review it at all--except for one thing that really bothers me. They sell your information to other venues! Since I visited the store, I've been receiving junk mail and annoying courtesy calls for everything from wedding registry to facials to ""you've been chosen for a free honeymoon!"" that have claimed ""partnership"" with David's Bridal. \r \r If you must go there, beware of this and provide them with as little information as possible! more

Terrible Service - limited selection of dresses, great for bridesmaids, not brides 7/28/2007

When you walk in they interview you - asking questions that have nothing to do with getting a bridal gown - like how many bridesmaids are you having, where are they getting their dresses. If you are not outfitting yourself and a bunch of bridesmaids, they won't spend much time with you at all because you aren't a big sale. Before I even tried a single dress, they wanted to get shoes for me to try on, etc. Clearly, they want to sell you the whole package, and not just the dress. Once the ""consultant"" figured out that we were interested in finding a dress first, then worrying about the rest, she pretty much ignored us. We had to hang up all the dresses she brought us ourselves. Our ""consultant"" disappeared and we just looked through the racks and got more dresses ourselves in my size. What was very dissappointing was that they didn't have a lot of the dresses in their own catalog in every size or even common sizes, like 10 and 12. \r The dresses were not expensive, but the choice was extremely limited, especially if you don't want a big train or a ""glenda the good witch"" type dress. The consultant was obsessed with asymetrical styles and at least 80% of the dresses are sleeveless. If you are looking for something, simple, elegant and sophisticated, this is not the place to shop. If you want a big poofy strapless dress for a good price, it would be right for you. But go four months ahead - their alterations are booked out that far as of yesterday. \r The only redeeming feature is that they have a huge selection of reasonably priced, sophisticated bridesmaid's dresses in a vast array of sizes. This is a great place to look for those. They have several styles in the same color so each can get what they want. Of course, none of these come in white, or I might have selected them as a wedding dress. Pros: Great bridesmaid selection at reasonable prices Cons: Very limited selection, don't stock things even from their own limited catalog to try on more

Terrible service, Cheap dresses. 7/26/2007

I had the worst Experience at Davids Bridal in Costa Mesa, CA.\r The selection for Bridal dresses was horrible, and the dresses are cheaply made. I ended up ordering my bridesmaid dresses from there because it was convienient for me since I work right around the corner. Anyway I ordered 4 dresses and we paid for them up front, I was promised if they were ordered at the same time, the dresses would come in IDENTICAL, Well when my dresses came in, all 4 were in a different shade of black and white one dress was YELLOW!, so I sent my dresses back with NO guarantee that I would have them on time for alterations. It ended up taking 3 more weeks to get the dresses re-ordered and back in my hands, when I finally got them the stitching on them was horrible, I could have done a better job myself sewing these dresses and I have no experience!! I do not recommend David's bridal at all, yes their prices are cheap, but you get what you pay for! Pros: Nice looking store Cons: Cheap dresses and horrible service more

Poor selection- HORRIBLE customer service @ Clackamas store. 5/15/2007

(This review pertains to the Clackamas store- NOT the Beaverton store.)\r FIRST EXPERIENCE:\r The service I received at David's Bridal was horrible. Not only did I make my appt weeks in advance, I made it late on a weeknight to make sure it was not packed like on the weekends. Our ""Bridal consultant"" did not listen to me regarding specific styles I was looking for and ran off frequently to help other people while I sat there waiting for assistance. I came to the shop knowing exactly which dress I wanted, and was told by my ""consultant"" that that dress would not suit my figure and would not likely still be available to order. I had to argue with her to bring me the dress to try on. Needless to say, everyone that was with me agreed that the dress suited me perfect, and turns out it was actually very accessible to order. \r \r SECOND VISIT- \r This was for bridesmaid gowns- maybe I should have taken a warning from my first visit and kept away, but my maids are on a budget, and for color selection, David's Bridal is the easiest. Again a appt was made, but there was no service, we were pulling gowns off ourselves, and asking the girl at the register questions since our consultant was nowhere in sight. (It is obvious that these people work on commission) We did find a suitable dress, but no thanks to them. \r KUDOS to the Beaverton store- even when they were busy they were attentive and helpful. \r \r Advice- unless on a serious budget- STAY AWAY from David's Bridal. They turn what should be a fun experience into something that is stressful and hectic. (Don't even get me started about their alterations!!!!) Pros: Good selection- can get along well looking on your own for styles. Cons: Awful customer service and alterations. Prepare to be very disappointed in the experience. more

Accessories 12/2/2006

I purchased the Mother of the Brides dress, shoes, and a petticoat here and I found them very helpful and friendly. I wasn't buying a wedding dress and everything I bought was in stock. I had a problem with another bridal salon and the ladies at the Beaverton store helped get my shoes dyed in just a few days which they didn't have to do. It's a large chain retail store and it is obvious but for what I needed I was happy with the products and service. Pros: Shoes and MOB dresses in stock more

The worst service 6/12/2006

Oh, Lord! Where to begin. They have maybe one size of each dress. If you want it in your size, you can go to another store ""because on Saturdays our staff is too busy to tell you by phone if the other store has that size.""\r \r If you want a certain size, they can ship it from another store for an additional $20.\r \r I ask the clerk if it's the maid of honor's responsibility to buy a garter. I'm met with an icy stare and no reply.\r \r They won't just take your payment, they need a load of personal info in order to place the order. I call to pay for a friend's dress -- this is a 10 minute process (""please hold"" 4 times). Then the address they show for me is completely wrong. Pros: cheap Cons: small stock; bad seams; rude/rotten service; poor more

David' least they're affordable 9/28/2004

David's Bridal is perfect for the bride on a budget who doesn't care about customer service. Both local locations left me needing more service than was offered. Even though I kept going back to give them chance after chance, their service stayed at the same level. more

Bargain Shopping & Easy if Planned Ahead 6/1/2004

I went to a number of bridal shops before going to David's. While I found the consultants more helpful at many of the other shops, the consultants at David's were nice, if overworked and understaffed. It's better to go at off hours (early Sunday or during the day on weekdays). If you already know the style you want, this can be a great bargain. My very pretty dress was half the price of a similar gown at another, fancier store. It and the bridesmaid dresses arrived on time and were exactly as ordered. The downsides - these bridal gowns are heavier than some at more upscale bridal shops (due to the material) and there are no returns. But all in all, I am very pleased with David's and would recommend it to anyone looking to save a few bucks - especially for something you'll only wear once. Pros: Inexpensive, Ample sizes/styles Cons: , Crowded at peak times more

Browser Beware! 4/6/2004

How do you reply when entering a store and a sales rep asks ""Can I help you?"" I say ""I'm just looking, thanks."" Beware if shopping here and say that. I found a dress I liked, and asked to try it on. I was told I would need to fill out a form and wait for a ""consultant."" (Test driving a car isn't this much work.) I started to fill out the form and was told I would need to wait 10 minutes for a ""consultant."" When I said I would just come back later, she practically yelled at me, ""When you came in you said you were JUST LOOKING."" I thought I was the customer?? If you can, spend the extra money and go elsewhere. They cater to those who do not know what they want, not to us who know exactly what we want. Pros: nice styles, good prices Cons: , mean sales reps, not willing to help more
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    A chic, sleek boutique, it's not. But those willing to look carefully will likely find a big-time bargain. The staff is helpful and knows the merchandise but doesn't provide...

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