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David Barton Gym | Chelsea - 26 Reviews - 215 W 23rd St, New York, NY - Fitness Reviews - Phone (212) 414-2022

David Barton Gym | Chelsea

215 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10011
(212) 414-2022
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David Barton Gym | Chelsea - New York, NY
David Barton Gym | Chelsea - New York, NY
David Barton Gym | Chelsea - New York, NY
David Barton Gym | Chelsea - New York, NY
David Barton Gym | Chelsea - New York, NY
David Barton Gym | Chelsea - New York, NY


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I've been a member for 2 years at the 23rd Street location and I also have membership for the most awesome Astor Place location. I am one of the few women that actually go to t...


I'm still a member here because I get a great rate, it's a convenient location, and the bath products are as good as what I have at home. It's getting hard to justify it that wa...

Absolutely worth it! 10/26/2010

I've been a member for 2 years at the 23rd Street location and I also have membership for the most awesome Astor Place location. I am one of the few women that actually go to this predominantly gay gym and I enjoy being surrounded by perfectly sculpted men...even if most couldn't care less about me, haha. The people who work out there are very nice, I have never encountered any snobbery there. The trainers are all very friendly and know what they are doing! Their clients' bodies are a testimony to that. I love that this gym is rather warm and that it is quite dark. They only use spot-lights to light the place and it gives you a sense of privacy. The locker rooms are so amazingly beautiful for a gym! Wooden cabinets, and very clean. The Bumble and Bumble products are a fantastic little bonus. They also play nice relaxing music in the locker rooms. You can check your coat as well if you care to. I find the front desk staff to be mostly friendly. I'm a cheerful person and if you give them a smile, they usually return it too! My membership is about to expire and the thing that disappointed me was that they didn't seem to care weather I'd stay on or not. I didn't receive anything in the mail that would let me know that my membership is about to expire and nobody tried to talk me into staying. The front desk person only said ""well, it expires on the 19th and if you don't sign up again that'll just be it"". He shrugged. I just signed up with another gym that's really close to where I live, so that it's less of a hassle to work out before work, but I might also stay on with DBG, simply because I absolutely love the atmosphere, temperature, darkness, luxury, and the new equipment. This gym is definitely worth it. They give discounts to students and models/actors ($ ca 90/month). They do lock you up in a yearly contract. more

This is the best and coolest gym in the city 6/2/2010

This place is super fantastic. I have been a member since 2003 and would never join another gym There is no need to. The atmosphere and vibe is great here. The front desk staff is super friendly and the manager , Jane Montoya is a sweetheart. The trainers are very good looking and knowledgeable. They have a coed sauna and they have a steam room in the ladies locker room. Also in the shower stalls they have Bumble and Bumble products. Pros: feng shui atmosphere, friendly front des, and manager, cool Cons: can get busy on weekdays from 5 to 9, more males than female more

Best gym in NYC! 12/29/2009

DavidBartonGym is the only gym I go to. Not only is the staff super friendly and extremely encouraging- I always have clean equipment to workout on (with its own TV to boot!) Not only does DavidBartonGym offer spectacular classes- the trainers are extremely qualified and help push me so that I too can ""look better naked"" ;) Not only is the equipment superior, the amenities luxurious, and the music (think- 6 ft disco ball w/live DJs spinning while you workout!) but the people at David Barton and happy to help. A++ more

Absolutely horrific staff and customer service!! 3/22/2009

Oh my god. Where do I begin? Last June I joined DBG with the initiation fee plus first months payment. Agreement was to take from my bank account every month. I went on a trip for 3 months and froze my account in July. While in another country, I looked on-line at bank account and saw no payments coming out of it the entire time I was out of the country. It was not convenient for me to call from overseas, so I waited till I was back to enquire why no payments were being taken. I arrived back and unfroze account in September. Front desk staff wasn't even aware my account had been frozen for 3 months! No note was on my account. I told a friend of mine to join the gym so we could work out together. After 2 weeks, she was disgusted that the rowing machine was loose and she could have seriously hurt herself. She told staff, but nothing got fixed. She fixed it herself at that point! She decided she did not want a membership anymore, as the gym disappointed her greatly. She tried to cancel the membership and the staff humiliated her in front of several bystanders. One staff member commented that her street address sounded like the name of a dog. Nice manners! She ended up leaving so upset she cried. And I know in all the years Ive known my friend I have NEVER seen her cry. This was the first time since I met her 6 years ago. At this point, I received a letter from the gym saying they had tried charging my credit card $1400 and it was denied. Well of course it would be denied if I had not known such a huge payment was going to be taken! I called them at this point and asked what was going on. They informed me that no payments had been made on my account, which I said that was not my fault but there's if they didn't take monthly payments per the agreement we signed. I called several times over the last week, and was willing to come to a compromise on this. Every time I called, no one was available. I was told by 4 people that if I came to use the gym over the weekend, there was a note on my account that Id be let in no problem, and then a manager would call me on Monday first thing. I did go there today. I walked in and the front desk guy said there was no note on my account saying i could be let in. He completely humiliated me in public saying my account was not paid up. He then called another staff member upstairs to tell him to watch me as I was not honoring my account agreement. He also said he was emailing 2 managers about it and to say I had tried to come in. I was so upset, I cried. And I haven't cried for 10 years! I was so humiliated to be treated this way and in front of other gym members who were looking at me and listening to everything. I was so upset, I couldn't work out, and grabbed my coat to leave. When I was leaving I told the guy he had ruined my evening and he said ""goodnight b*it ch"". I lost it at this point and turn and ran back up the stairs but there were no managers there at all! No one to help me! I had to ask another staff member to walk me downstairs past this guy and as he chewed his gum loudly he said to the other staff member ""yeah escort her off the premises"" with a smile. I will be pursuing this harassment further. Most likely legally. David Barton Gym has extremely disrespectful staff and lack of communication and is extremely unprofessional. I had no problems with the clientele there, as someone said they are snobs, I didn't find that. Friendly people work out there, but it is the staff that are snobs and for some reason caught up in some ego trip and totally out of line. I still am in shock to have been called a b*it ch. I swear in all my life and I am 35 years old, no one has ever called me a b*it ch. I am just simply a very nice person. I am truly in shock. Pros: Dim lights Cons: Horrible staff more

Confirming every negative stereotype... 3/5/2009

I'm still a member here because I get a great rate, it's a convenient location, and the bath products are as good as what I have at home. It's getting hard to justify it that way, however. Pros: Open late, good location Cons: Half of the clientelle have no idea how to act at a gym! more

Not worth the Money 3/5/2009

I was a member of David Barton gym until 6 months ago. The place is loud, not very clean. The trainers were ok, the music is lound and thumping at all times. Shower room not as clean as it should be. The gym is also dim and old looking. I have been working out at equinox now and Love it!! Professional environment that is about Fitness! more


Avoid this place, unless you are a masochistic bill collector. I have been trying for 4 months to get a refund for over billing on debit card and despite repeated phone calls, letters and e-mails, nothing. I am now going to small claims court. The gym itself? ATTITUDE and more ATTITUDE. Do not recommend for anyone over 30 or not totally perfect. (They give discounts for models and attractive people -- anyone over 30 has to pay full price). Pros: Clean. MOdern looking. Cons: Billing. ATTITUDE! Different prices based on age. more

More Bad Than Good 1/9/2009

I have been a member since the doors opened at the 23rd Street location. There are some good things, but for the price DBG is not a bargain. Pros: pretty bois, some of the trainers are excellent Cons: equipment is in bad shape, TV system is horrible!, leaky ceilings that have been that way for years more

Attitude, Attitude, and More Attitude 12/11/2008

This gym would be nice if it weren't for it's pretentious,arrogant, smug clients. Seriously, the trainers are great, the facilities are good, but the crowds of stuck up Chelsea boys who still believe the fascist body is the only way to be, ruin it. Yuck yuck yuck. Take a less trendy gym with people who really are serious about fitness, not a bunch of clones who's only care in the world is their share on Fire Island or what club they're going to this weekend. Oh, and this is not the only gym with hot guys if that's your only reason for working out. more

Thank You JC! 12/10/2008

I recently joined this gym and I LOVE IT! JC in sales was very helpful with my membership and answered all of my questions. The gym is clean and fun and up to date with technology. The music is amazing! I can't wait to work out every morning. Pros: Awesome more

One of the best gyms around.... 11/28/2008

I've belonged to D. Barton in Chelsea off and on for 18 years. Much of the negative stuff on here was true of the gym at its location on Sixth Ave at 16th. But since it's moved to 23rd and Seventh there's been a dramatic increase in customer service. The staff is friendly and helpful. The place is incredibly clean. And everything works. Can't say any of that for NYSC, where I spent a year before rejoining D Barton. more


On first impression, the gym is pretty cool looking. However, once you join and realize how crowded it gets after work and the lack of space, you start to dread going-and that's saying alot for me as I love going to the gym. But the worst part is when you cancel your membership, they don't stop pulling your monthly dues out of your checking account. I have an email from the gym confirming my cancellation yet they continued to pull funds out for the next 7 months. And when you try to call or email, the manager never calls you back AND makes you contact the NY Attorney Generals Office or file a small claim court suit to recover your money. AVOID THIS GYM!! more

Hot,Hot, a BAD way 8/31/2008

I have been a member of the 23 St location for nearly five years and the only reason I stay is that my gym buddy loves the yoga trainers and won't go elsewhere. The classes and trainers are very good, the layout of equipment is generous and the equipment is maintained but the class space and stretching area are way too small for a gym this size. The people are pretty and there are a few celebrities like Anderson Cooper as regulars but that is likely because Barton gives discounts to members of Actor's Equity and SAG among others. Once, the creepy Mr Barton had me sited for wearing shorts that were TOO short (running shorts) which was ludicrous, not only because of his own appearance, but also because I have seen guys wearing swimming trunks on the workout floor. I brushed it off to avoid a confrontation and because Mr Barton isn't here often. The deal breaker for me is that in all this time, there has never been sufficient (sometimes none at all) air conditioning in the men's locker room. I have complained and been given ""blah,blah,blah..... give us a few days; blah,blah, is an old building "" responses but nothing changes. Leaks, lack of hot water and poor water pressure are also issues in the men's locker room. The complaint from a previous reviewer about guys doing stuff in the sauna is a joke. The gym is in the middle of Chelsea Einstein! I've seen that in Equinox and NYSC too. Twenty years ago, Chelsea was a scary neighborhood and gay people made it the IT neighborhood that is now safe for the Hummer sized baby stroller crowd. So let them have their turf. That 's not a reason to avoid this gym-it happens in all of them. But the lack of air conditioning in the locker room is inexcusable. This is a 21 century gym and I don't think expecting 20 century comforts is unreasonable. Pros: Trainers and good looking staff/members,lots of equipment Cons: poor air conditioning, not enough water fountains,annoying bright lighting more

HOT HOT HOT... in a Great Way!! 7/10/2008

The staff, management, trainers, facility, equipment... everything is Hot except for the tempurature. In a city where it is insanily hot and A/C's are getting fixed daily, this place is ahead of the game. It is cool and comfortable. I am a member at a few gyms in the area and some of their air conditioning in more areas than not are ""malfunctioning."" Pros: DJ's and music!! more

Watch your credit card with these guys! 4/7/2008

Too crowded, no hot water, run out of towels -- these sound like the worst things about the gym but they are not. Once you get past the smiling sales fold, the reality hits. These people made fraudulent charges against my credit card, actually admitted to having done it and then for two months have refused to refund the money. In my book, this is thievery and fraud. Avoid these guys at all costs! Pros: Nice lighting Cons: Fraud alert here! more

Great staff, equipment, vibe 4/5/2008

Great equipment. staff terrific, who don't interrupt but respond instantly if you want to talk to desk or clean-up or trainer staff. lots of equipment repairs have been done while I've been there, since August, the machines are in top condition. lots of non-impact aerobic machines, huge TV screens to watch. live DJ a couple nights per week. from 5pm to 7pm it's more crowded than other times, but I seldom have to work in on a machine with someone else, and all the other members are courteous. I only have waited for a specific machine a few times, always while the person finished a set, and that's it. very cool, hip atmosphere, muted, understated classy. Best gym I've ever seen or belonged to. Pros: Equipment the best, great staff, great atmosphere more

great vibe and even greater classes!! 2/18/2008

Just joined in January (like everyone else joining a gym). I checked out three local places and I have to say, I was excited the most about my decision for David Barton Gym!! I went in on a guest pass from a freind and they quickly checked me in so they could take the time to show me around the whole club! I have to say between the atteention from the person that showed me around and eventually signed me up, they have thought of everything, from Bumble and Bumble products in the bathrooms to some really fun classes like Slo-gasmic and Junk (who doesn't like fun names!) to complimentary Coat Check and some awesome DJ's spinin' to the Vibe of the Club!! Pros: Classes and Music and Amenities Cons: What Cons??? more

23st David Barton Location 1/27/2008

The gym on 23st has a great vibe but after working out I took a steam bath only to catch a few guys jerking it in the sauna. So...if you want to be around guys openly jerking it, this is the place to be. I'm going to Equinox Pros: Cool vibe Cons: Guys jerking it in the sauna more

Mixed Energy 11/30/2006

I joined David Barton Gym on 23rd Street about a month after they opened in 2004. At the time I also got offered a cheaper-than-normal rate because they had not finished the space yet. It has been a love-hate relationship ever since. Yes, the price has risen dramatically, but they have added new floors, new machines, more classes, more dj's and fixed the steam room alarm (which used to ring incessantly). Unfortuantely, there are problems sometimes with water pressure & water temperature, but this rings true for DB's closest neighbor (NYSC @ 8th&23rd) as well. The locker room staff used to be very police-like in their attempts to curb men from being gay (they would give you the evil-eye for just talking to someone else in a towel), but that has stopped. They fired the bad ones. The guys working the locker room now are cool and are happy to say hi if you do them the same. I have recently complained to them about the ongoing problem with the horrible locks (and lack of locks) on the toilet stall doors. This is a problem for over a year. I was told that the locks keep being stolen by members. Who knows if that is true? But it is not the worst problem. The worst problem is the crowdedness every night from 6 - 8 pm. It is almost unbearable. Thankfully, much of the clientele is gorgeous and kinda makes up for the fact that there are people everywhere you turn. If you are someone who is uncomfortable with asking to work-in with a stranger on a machine then those are the wrong hours for you to work out there. If you aren't scared to talk then you have a great opportunity to meet a hottie. Other than that, the gym is extremely chic, the staff is nice if you approach them (which is how I like it), and it is much cheaper than Equinox and Chelsea Pier. The classes are fun and kick your butt. I just renewed my membership - and I don't even live in Chelsea anymore. Pros: Ambience, Free classes, Clientele, Location, Machines, Cleanliness Cons: Pricey, Facilities need repair, Crowded, Billed on the 9th of the month w/o option to change it more

no respect for 1st members 10/1/2006

I joined this gym before they officially opened for a special rate. The rate increased each year by $100. The ""student"" rate is almost half the price. I have belonged to over 6 gyms in NYC in the last 15 years and never have I seen such a double standard which translates to simple age discrimination. I am outraged and insulted by Mr. Barton's poor customer service and treament of his customers from the front desk to the gym floor where many inconsiderate trainers dominate the floor like they own the place. Beginning members had to put up with everything from no hot water to 3 different floor arrangements of large equipment within the first 6 months and unannounced film shoots to boot. For that kind of money i would recommend Equinox any day. Cons: inconsiderate, unfriendly staff, unfair membership plan more
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  • Plasma-screen televisions and hip DJs at this fitness center with separate yoga studio and co-ed sauna; personal trainers available.

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