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Dashing Diva - 52 Reviews - 27 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (626) 449-3482

Dashing Diva

27 N Raymond Ave (at E Colorado Boulevard)
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 449-3482
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Dashing Diva - Pasadena, CA
Dashing Diva - Pasadena, CA
Dashing Diva - Pasadena, CA


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I found this place by accident and when I discovered Virtual Nails, my years-long acrylic nails nightmare ended. Virtual Nails allowed my badly damaged natural nail beds to heal ...


I read about virtual nails and decided to give them a try. I had acrylic nails for 25 years, but my nails are in surprisingly good shape. Virtual nails are advertised as lasting...

IT Took 2 HOURS for my gel Fill.... 11/1/2010

I went to this salon for a fill for my gel nails. I was far away from the nail salon I prefer to go to, so I tried Dashing Diva because they had some good reviews.\r \r It took 2 HOURS for this lady to do my fill. T.W.O H. O. U. R. S.\r \r And she did a horrible job, i have a french gel manicure and she made the white tips all uneven. It looks like a wreck. I am not even joking, I was in tears while she was doing my nails...I could not believe how long it was taking. From start to finish it was 2 hours I kid you not. She started using a nail file on my actual nail she was using a file as she would her "nail machine" I was like wtf. Then she got a machine after I was like wat the hell are you doing? I understand using a nail file for certain parts of the nail, don't get me wrong, but she was using one file for everything.\r \r It was the worst 2 hours ever and to top it all off it was halloween I had plans and she was taking such a long time!\r \r By the time this hellish ordeal more

Dissapointed Diva... 9/3/2010

Found this place on the internet and was excited to make an appointment. Cleanliness is very important to me as well as fantastic customer service. Made an appointment for Saturday at 10:30am figuring it wouldn't be too busy and I wouldn't be rushed out. I arrive early and the young woman receptionist was rude. She didn't greet me or ask if I could be helped. I had to greet her first! The mani/pedi I received was nice but the polish on my fingernails peeled off within 2 days! When I was finished and ready to pay the receptionist kept true-to-form and was as rude to me as when I arrived. I was standing there waiting for my bill, she said nothing to me just handed me a receipt for my services, she didn't ask me how the service went and if I was happy, didn't say thank you and when I left she didn't say good bye or come again. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service. Will never return to Dashing Diva. When I pay as much as I paid for a mani/pedi I expect excellent customer service - this is NOT what I received here. Very dissapointed. more

Dashing Diva is Great! 7/23/2009

Dashing Diva's is a great salon. I normally wear acrylic nails. I decided to try their Virtual Nails. I was very pleased with them. They look and feel like my own nails. I also had the Diva Pedicure. It was awesome. The receptionist is very nice and helpful when you walk in. However, on the phone she can be short. Don't let that keep you from going in and having the best experience ever. Go on Thursdays and they will give you a free Cosmo. It's great!! I read a lot of negative comments. I really think that these ladies were either late or didn't like spending the cash. I experienced this first hand. A group of ladies were 45 mins late. They were angry that they had to wait. The receptionist explained that the techs were waiting for their clients who were about to come in. Then they complained about paying $40 bucks for a pedi. I totally agreed with the receptionist why should the client who is on time have to wait because you are late. more


I found this place by accident and when I discovered Virtual Nails, my years-long acrylic nails nightmare ended. Virtual Nails allowed my badly damaged natural nail beds to heal and now my real nails are strong are healthy, but I can't resist the pretty Virtual Nails-- Pros: Best solution to acrylic nails Cons: none more

Dashing experience.. not so much 1/27/2009

I was excited to get a mani and a pedi with a friend of mine who had gone to this salon. It was early on a Saturday, and we walked in they didn't seem too busy maybe about 6 women getting serviced. So we walk in and a woman greeted us, then went to answer the phone. We stood there and since I had never been there I looked at the marketing and also the "menu." We probably waited 10 mins before someone asked if we needed help.There was a gentleman standing at the counter but was distracted. Anyways, they told us they couldn't take us because they were "busy," and that we would have to come back 3 hours later! Unbelievable, because we didn't have an appointment. I find it interesting to turn away paying customers, and at that a NEW customer when there were salon technicians who were not even busy. Instead we went somewhere else, and I was way more satisfied and I got more for my money in the end. Pros: Colorful and inviting Cons: Staff, customer service more

Acrylic Fill 10/16/2008

I've had acrylic nails for only a month or so now and I had been going to Eden Nail & Spa in Burbank. I was not overly impressed with them when I went back to get my first fill, and since I live within walking distance of Dashing Diva I decided I would try it out. It's a bit more expensive than Eden, but I figured if it saved me the drive and I really liked it I would go again. The woman, Vicky, who did my nails was great. She was relatively quick and did a GREAT job with the fill. I was very impressed with her. They look nicer than when I had them done at Eden. I will definitely go again! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great salon for acrylic nails. more

What a find!! 9/4/2008

I can't believe I just happened to walk into this place last week. I've never had a more enjoyable experience at a nail salon. Seriously, most of the times, getting your nails done is usually a drag and most of us women treat it as a chore we just have to get done. But this place just rocks. I had some much fun talking to my technician as well as the lady getting a pedicure next to me. The vibe is absolutely perfect and there is no place that will be more sanitary. I don't live in this area but I am sure it will just be a matter of time before they start popping up everywhere! Pros: Vibe, Free drinks on Thurs and Fri nights, location! Cons: Too far from my house! more

Love my virtual nails, not the best pedicure 5/2/2008

I must disagree with the poster who comnplained about the virtual nails. I am on my third set of them, and absolutely would recommend them to someone seeking a natural looking nail without the damaging (and painful) drill used in acrylic application. \r \r The first appt is longer then your next ones as they have to size the plastic nails to your unique nail bed. At your next appt., it takes about 10-15 minutes for them to soak off in the vibrating acetone machine. \r \r Mine do not lift after one week, on the contrary I can even stretch my wear a few days longer. I have never had one break or chip and I frequently receive compliments on how beautiful my nails are - people are shocked when they learn they are not real.\r \r Pedicures at DD are not that great. The upright position you have to sit in at the pedicure booth is uncomfortable and everything is very methodical and timed. It's certianly not horrible by any account though. more

Dashing Diva in pain 3/30/2008

When I first walked in I was dazzled by the decor, the advertisements, and the creative marketing. I was impressed by the "cleanliness" info on the brochure. I was given two girls for my manicure and pedicure. They talked to each other in another language. I tried to join in and they laughed because I misunderstood their comments. The pedicure was painful. My skin was filed instead of my nail. I had to ask her twice to stop hurting me. She also poked to hard with the under the nail instrument. Minimal massage for both feet and hands. I ordered tea and it never came. I asked for it again when my nails were drying. The tea was too hot to drink until after my manicure was complete. They didn't charge me for the drink. The concept and marketing is spot on but the same experience of painful torture and foreign language have me wondering if the goal is not what I thought I was buying. I will try other venues but I would try it one more time but ask ahead of time for someone more experienced. I thought I was training someone how to manicure painlessly. more

Not Worth the Time or the Money 2/27/2008

I read about virtual nails and decided to give them a try. I had acrylic nails for 25 years, but my nails are in surprisingly good shape. Virtual nails are advertised as lasting 2 weeks and taking less time than acrylics. Not so. The nails took about an hour to apply (similar to acrylics). They lasted ONE WEEK before starting to look shabby and lift. I did not return to have them removed, but took them off myself using clippers. If you are looking for an acrylic alternative, don't waste your time with this option. My experience of the salon in general was positive. The technicians were friendly and the salon was clean. I also had a pedicure which was ok but nothing to write home about. more

Great Valentine's Gift 2/25/2008

The gift cerfiticate I bought for my pregnant wife was wonderful! She really enjoyed her time and can't wait to go back. Thank you Dashin gDiva! Pros: Service, VIP Room more


I have to say- this was about the worst nail job I have ever had. I had a manicure & Pedicure for the first time here, someone told me to try this place, so I did. It was horrible, but since this place got such GREAT reviews, I thought I would try it again, dumb me it was even worse. I would never recommend this place to anyone, and the quality of the work is beyond bad, the nail girls need to go back to nail school!\r Save your money! more

Dashing Out of There, Part II 12/27/2007

After reading mixed reviews, I decided to give it try in my desperation to find a place I like since moving to LA. I called ahead and asked if they were able to accomodate me and was asked to come two hours from then. I specifically asked if I needed an appointment and if they did designs and was given the answer no and yes, respectively. Upon arrival, I was told they were not able to accomodate me for at least 45 min for not having an appointment; the guy behind the counter was not friendly and quite cold. I returned to give it a fair shake and admit that it was quite clean. However, the lady who help me, though nice, barely spoke English (a pet peeve of mine). She also was able to inform me that they rarely do designs because they are so busy with large parties. When my pedicure got messed up, they simply put more coats on to cover up the problem! 4 hours later, I was hungry, tired, and my meter for my car had been up for hours. I left paying an extraordinary amount for mediocre service. If cleanliness is important and you're willing to pay, by all means. If a good pedicure in addition to that is important, this is not a place you will be satisfied at. Pros: Clean Cons: Service more

Always a happy customers... 11/2/2007

I've been going to this place since they opened and I can honestly say I have never left unhappy. The technicians are wonderful and the quality of work here is unmatched. The price is the reason I took one star away but for me it's always been well worth it. \r \r PROS: free cosmos!\r CONS: parking can be hard to find in Old Pasadena more

Racist 10/26/2007

I visited the dashing diva in Pasadena a week ago and was very disappointed with what I experienced. I didn?t mind paying the $60 for a set of virtual nails and pedicure. However, I was stunned at how differently they treated their customers based on their race. I am a Chinese American, while the other non-Asian customers received pleasant greetings and courteous service (i.e. opening doors, helping with their belongings), I was rudely brushed aside and wasn?t extended the same level of customer service my non-Asian counterparts received. The owners were Korean and all the girls working there were Asians as well. It was as if they felt the need to go out of their way to please their non-Asian customers. I particularly felt discriminated by the Asian guy who worked the front counter. He was rude and unhelpful. It was a sad day. more

It's great to be a Diva! 9/18/2007

I am finally getting around to reviewing this great new nail salon I found a couple of weeks ago. It's absolutely, the cutest place you'll find in LA and when I was there last, my niece was going berserk because she saw Ashley Tisdale and her sister getting their nails done! I got the Spoiled Diva Pedicure and it was by far the best pedicure I have ever gotten. No exaggeration. There are so many steps to it and the end result is a flawless pair of great-looking feet! Can't wait for my next visit! Pros: Celebrites, Color Selection, Pedicures more

A very pleasant nail experience. 8/6/2007

Finally made it into my mom's new nail place. The place was super cute but I shied away til now due to their prices. But since it was my mom's treat I was off to my first experience at Dashing Diva. I admit the place was very clean compared to any other nail salon I've visited and the pedicure was actually not that bad. I got the "spoiled" pedicure and the treatment your feet get is really worth the $45 or so. Since they have pedicure packages, you aren't pressured by their upselling and we got to sit in their "VIP Room." I hope I'll be back very soon. I'm just trying to convince my mom to make this our "mother and daughter" outing so I won't have to pay for it. Pros: VIP ROOM; color selection more

Wow. 8/6/2007

I didn't know what exactly to expect after reading some of the mixed reviews. I decided to try them anyways because a friend and I was in the area and for their cleaniness. An hour later, my friend and I left with pristine nails and very satisfied. The nail ladies were very skilled and I guess we happened to make it in during happy hour. We were served pink cosmos and they were super delicious! I already booked a bridal party for my cousin and we can't wait! Pros: Super cute setup, free cosmos! Cons: Came on Friday night and parking was a bit hard to find. more

Dashing out of there.. 8/5/2007

i was excited to try this place based on all the hype about cleanliness on the company website. i went with some friends and our pedicure person shared all our tools, which was pretty gross. the service was bad too, they were just rude and didnt want to be there. Pros: good polish colors Cons: everything else! more

I left my nail place of 5 years for this place. 8/3/2007

My husband and I have been regulars since they opened last year and we have always left satisfied. If you have appointments they are pretty prompt with their service and everyone I have had there thus far have been wonderful. One of the many things we like about this place is that one nail technician does both your manicure and pedicure. This way, you have consistently filed nails and you don't get the sense of two people rushing through to get you out of there. I don't live in Pasadena and it is a hassle to get over here from Glendale but I must say it is totally worth the drive. Pros: Great location. Parking is now validated. Cons: Not in my city! more
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Ladies unleash their inner princess at this international boutique nail spa, spoiling digits with girlie shades and custom-fit Virtual Nails

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  • Most importantly, it?s the only place you can get the highly-touted Virtual Nails service-- revolutionary, custom-fit, transparent nails that are a faster, healthier alternative to acrylics and UV gel extension methods. The hygiene and sanitation, including autoclaving of all metal tools (just like at the dentist's office) and disposable emery boards and blocks, is perhaps the most comprehensive in the nail salon industry today.

    No wonder Dashing Diva is written up in all the top magazines (Elle, InStyle, Allure). Get your nails done Thursday or Friday evenings and receive a free cosmo with your treatment.


  • Modern and girly, California's first outpost of the popular New York nail spa chain is plastered in a pink and white color scheme that extends to the pedicure lounge in the back. The vibe is fun...

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