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Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - 46 Reviews - 7756 Northcross Dr 203, Austin, TX - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (512) 386-1876

Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC

7756 Northcross Dr 203 (at Foster Ln)
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 386-1876
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Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX
Daniel Bockmann, DC: Daniel P Bockmann, DC - Austin, TX



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I went to see Dr Bockmann first for headaches and upper back pain and then for shoulder popping. He adjusted me a couple of times which provided immediate relief and placed me on ...


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Highly Recommended!!- Has Helped Several Times 1/5/2012

I went to see Dr Bockmann first for headaches and upper back pain and then for shoulder popping. He adjusted me a couple of times which provided immediate relief and placed me on a work out and stretch program to help strengthen supporting muscles to alleviate the stress and provide stability. The staff is very friendly and always goes above and beyond to make your experience great. Dr Bockmann in particular is very knowledge and genuine. He has helped me both times and I would highly recommend him to get you back up quickly and to ensure you are not back for the same problem. more

Feeling better than I thought possible 1/3/2012

I've had lower back pain for years, but six months ago it took a turn for the worse. I kept putting off going to the chiropractor, thinking that it wouldn't bring much relief. Was I ever wrong! A colleague recommended Dr. Bockmann and I'm so grateful that she did. At my first appointment, he eased my concerns by explaining his approach (a focus on making muscles stronger so that I wouldn't need to see him all the time) and encouraging me to make the most of the exercises he prescribed. The physical therapy has been great and I feel fantastic. Less than a month later, I've stopped thinking of my back as weak and am moving with much more freedom than before. Thanks, Dr. Bockmann! more

A Great Recovery 12/30/2011

I had been experiencing upper back and neck pain that wasn't getting any better even after a visit to an M.D., and I did want want to be taking muscle relaxers. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and was not sure what to expect. A lady I work with recommended Dr. Bockmann and I made an appointment. I experienced immediate relief after one visit, and followed it up with several more successful appointments. The physical rehab and prescribed exercises at each visit made for an amazing recovery. I look forward to more visits with Dr. Bockmann and give my highest recommendation. I'm not the athlete I once was, but I am optimistic with Dr. Bockmann's care, I will be able to exercise and live pain free. Thank you Dr. Bockmann! more

Injured Athletes - Go Here! 12/14/2011

I highly recommend you visit Dr. Bockmann for any back pain, or really any pain, as a long distance runner. I went to see him because I pulled my SI joint and was in so much pain I couldn't run a 1/2 mile, and was just getting started to train for the Boston Marathon. He is friendly, smart, caring, and prescribed a physical therapy plan that focused on my core muscle strength, loosening IT pain and hamstring tightness. Each visit he did some quick chiropractic corrections on my back, which felt great and helped my posture. As an athlete he understands that getting back to your sport is important - that's the goal. Injuries are no fun, but we're lucky to have Dr. Bockmann here in Austin when they happen. more

Amazing! I can walk and move without pain 12/7/2011

Dr. Bockmann is AWESOME! I was in terrible and constant pain after the birth of my second child. Two C-sections, a bad fall and the strain of lugging two kids under 2 and all their gear rendered me almost unable to walk, barely able to stand and completely unable to live my life or do much for my kids. I was in pain and had shooting numbness. The strong drugs my MD gave me only offered me minimal relief. I was a little reticent to try chiropractic care - everybody knows somebody with a quacky story about one leg being longer than the other or practitioners that drag out treatment for years. SO NOT THE CASE HERE! I really felt like Dr. Bockmann understood my individual needs. I was impressed by his positive energy, precise questions, quick diagnosis and easy competence. He explained everything in technical manner that was nonetheless easy to understand. After the first visit, I had a clear idea of what was wrong and what my treatment plan would be. We set goals and talked about how I could prevent future back pain. I'm not in great shape and thought I would feel intimidated by the ""sport"" part of the practice - not at all. I met patients at all levels of fitness all working toward individualized goals. Older people, young people, ridiculously fit people and heavy people like me were all there working, whining and getting better. I felt 50 times better after my first visit and I felt better with every trip. Within the first week I was able to stand up straight again and move without constant pain. I slept better and was able to carry my kids again. Danny the physical therapist and the rest of the staff is great too. I really enjoyed my visits here. The physical therapy room is relaxed and comfortable. I was usually one of 3 or 4 people working out there. It WAS work but the results were amazing and amazingly fast. I just can't rave enough about these great people! I got my life back after months of misery! I'm telling all my mom-friends! There is no need to be in pain when there is such amazing help available! more

Dr. Dan is the man with the back plan 10/18/2011

Dr. Dan is a great doctor that addresses the big picture for your condition or injury. I'm impressed how he takes the time to educate you and understand your experience. He asks the right questions and has the technical skill to apply the appropriate treatment. His treatments include physical therapies and preventative exercises; this has allowed me to workout smarter and be aware of gaps in my exercise regimens that may have contributed to my injury. I'm working out smarter and more completely as a result and he even goes so far as to email you materials for more study and reference. His PT guy Dan is really good too at coaching so you understand how to perform the exercises correctly and effectively. Can't say enough about this practice, I should have come here years ago. As a runner, cyclist, and weight lifter I respect Dr. Dan's care because it has been effective and efficient, he doesn't put you long term ""come back"" plans. He listens, treats, educates, and equips you with what you need to get stronger and avoid injury. Apart from all this he is friendly, passionate, and an athlete that is living his passion. Glad I met him and finally found a chiropractor that understands the big picture. If you're active and smart, go see him! more

Nobody like him! 10/12/2011

As a lifelong athlete, I have struggled with plenty of both nagging aches and pains, as well as major injuries. No matter what I am dealing with at any given time, I can count on Dr. B to help me with a solution for pain management and regaining strength and flexibility--all key for getting back to playing. He is not about quick fixes. He puts you on a plan and sends you home with exercises to do to keep you strong. He has been more valuable in my injury recovery than any doctor or therapist I have ever seen and trust me when I say that I have seen plenty! He is an athlete himself and knows how important it is to get healthy and stay healthy. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always up to speed on the latest research and treatments. Do yourself a favor and go see him. You will be SO glad you did. more

Get back to running! 9/22/2011

I will keep this short and sweet: 1. I had pain in my knee for months -- Dr. B finally gave me a diagnosis after my self diagnoses were probably off. Patellar tendinosis. Strengthened smaller muscles and got me back to running after a few weeks. 2. Any doctor related to sport who has pursued extra certification -- in his case, CSCS, I would trust more than one who hasn't. 3. Fun staff. Danny is HIGHLY personable. (Even ran into him in the grocery store months after my therapy and he said hello!) 4. Do it!! more

Great people, great results 9/22/2011

In mid-July, I had a mystery ailment. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with me, but I knew that my left hip hurt all the time. I found a listing for Austin Spine & Sport, and decided I'd see if they could help me. Dr. Bockmann listened to my medical history, asked a lot of questions to diagnose my problem, and then started me on physical therapy twice a week. I won't lie, it hurt at first. I screamed! (Just ask Danny, who is a real trooper for putting up with me!) But after my IT bands were loosened up, and with the exercises Dr. B had me doing, the pain is gone, and my strength and balance are much improved. I'd never had a chiropractic adjustment before, either, but it's amazing what a little ""snap, crackle and pop"" will do for your range of motion. I would recommend Dr. B and the great staff at Austin Spine & Sport to anyone. more


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Bockmanm and Austin Spine & Sport! I'm very picky when it comes to doctors, and it was especially difficult trying to find a chiropractor being relatively new to Austin. After finding Dr. Bockmann I am so relieved to know there's someone in Austin I trust with my back! I went with some intense upper back pain, and Dr. B immediately took x-rays and diagnosed the problem and after just one adjustment I felt immediate relief. I also happened to mention some knee pain I was having at the time, and he right away diagnosed the cause of the pain and walked me over to the physical therapy area and got me started on a program to loosen my IT bands. Another bonus: he specializes in sports injury, and after just 2 weeks I am as good as new and back to running. If you're in need of a chiropractor you NEED to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bockmann! more

Excellent service and treatment! 8/17/2011

Dr. Dan Bockmann is a very knowledgeable and effective doctor, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!, I had a back pain and I saw the results almost immediately during the first couple sessions. I was there with difficulty even to walk; now I am back to my normal life and even better since I have learned how to continue doing my exercises at home improving my physical health and to prevent again the same problem. He and his staff did a great job!!! Thank you all of you! more

Back in the sand 8/12/2011

Dr. Dan got my toes back into the sand in no time. Came in barely able to get out of bed in the morning and was back on the court within 2 weeks. Thanks Doc. more

It's Good to Feel Good 7/17/2011

Dr. Bockmann of Austin Spine & Sport?... Highly recommended! Thanks to him, his great expertise, care and staff, I was relieved of neck and upper back pain and running and lifting within weeks. It more

Thanks for helping me get back to work 6/21/2011

I'm a Certified Rolfer and I hurt my low back recently. The first couple of days after the injury I wasn't even able to perform my own sessions to help others in pain. Dr. Bockmann was incredibly thorough in his diagnosis and treatment. He had me doing exercises to help strengthen my low back as well as increase my range of motion without pain almost immediately. With his help, I was able to get back to work and start seeing my own clients again within days. Thank You! more

Arthritic Knee 6/12/2011

Well, first it was great to have Dr. Bockmann listen to what I was saying about my knee. The physical therapy that he suggested was one that would help me manage the pain and the swelling and enable me to get back to a more active use of my knee and to avoid or at least delay surgery. I quickly learned that there had been a point in the range of motion of my knee that I avoided going beyond. The exercises proposed by Dr. Bockmann enabled me to exceed that point in my range of motion and not be so afraid to bend past that point and showed that my knee could hold up. I have seen improvement in how I perform the exercises now from when I first started. And I have been able to return to low mileage running and dancing without pain. My knee feels stronger and I am more confident in it right now. So I definitely recommend Dr. Bockmann and the team at Austin Spine & Sport including Danny the physical therapist... they have given me some tools for keeping my knee active. more

Got me wakeboarding again after an MCL tear! 6/8/2011

Dr. Bockmann and his team are outstanding! As a lifelong athlete, I have had many doctors advise me to hang it up or choose another sport. Dr. Bockmann’s approach of intense, supervised training to strengthen supporting muscles in order to improve performance and avoid future injury was a refreshing approach. I came back from my injury stronger than ever before thanks to Austin Spine and Sport. more

Excellence! 6/7/2011

Dr. Bochmann was born to help! The office is welcoming from the first step you take in, the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable so you sense that you are in the right place for the right reasons. Their work is thorough and they take ALL the necessary steps to figure out what exactly your issues are and how to resolve them. I started with Dr. Bochmann about 2 years ago when another chiropractor couldn't help me anymore. At first I thought I was a lost case as therapy did help, but not to the degree that I had hoped for. After the X-rays I was told that the status of my neck looks like it was 20 years older then what it should be. Nevertheless, Dr. Bochmann worked with me, figured out a great recovery plan, we followed through consistently and slowly but surely I recovered to where I work out 6 days a week (all sports and difficulty levels!) now a year and a half down the road. Feel better than ever! He has the vision, the knowledge, the skills, the patience and most of all he truly cares! It's been a wonderful experience and still go for regular check-ups to keep myself healthy! I have and will keep recommending him to all as I have to say, if all doctors worked like this in this world... God bless and keep up the enticing work!!! more

Austin Spine & Sport is the Best! 6/7/2011

I definitely recommend Austin Spine & Sport. Dr. Bockmann, his therapist(Danny), and staff are extremely focused on not only getting your body back to top performance but also giving you the tools to maintain a healthy body long after your treatment and rehab are over. Dr. Bockmann was very thorough in diagnosing the cause of my lower back pain and then immediately turned his focus to creating a personalized treatment and rehab plan based on my active lifestyle. As a current multi-sport athlete wanting to get back to playing as soon as possible, Dr. Bockmann set specific goals based on my playing schedule to get me ready for whatever it was I had coming up next. He made sure I knew what I needed to do prior to playing and even gave me his cell number to call in case I had questions or a flare up during a game. After my last session, Dr. Bockmann sent me a detailed list of all the drills I needed to keep progressing and eventually maintain a healthy back, core and legs. Thanks, Guys! more

Dr. Bochmann and staff are fantastic! 6/7/2011

Dr. Bochmann has been instrumental in helping me recover from two, unrelated, back injuries. Dan’s philosophy is simple: Let’s get you repaired by strengthening the injured area so you can get back into the saddle again and on your way. \r He creates a personalized phased approach to rebuild the muscles by designing a workout plan to help strengthen your core. He’s goal is to get you repaired and out of there. \r His first step is to listen and understand your injuries and then he will diagnosis. For me, he prescribed a rehabilitation treatment for prevention that took about 6 visits. \r He does not crack your back/neck where you have to continue to see him again and again or else... I’ve been there and done that and it’s not pleasant. \r Dan has a wealth of knowledge and is a great guy. He’s staff is fantastic as well. My treatment plan is complete and my back is repaired. I can sleep and exercise and no longer need to see him . \r I highly recommend his practice. If you have back injuries, etc, go see this guy. He’s really good!\r Thomas more

My personal experience at Austin Spine & Sport 6/7/2011

I was referred to Austin Spine & Sport by my podiatric surgeon after being diagnosed with acute Achilles tendinopathy. As a competitive soccer player I had initially injured myself in a game, then further hurt it playing volleyball. While my condition didn’t require surgery (whew!), I still had to hobble around in a boot for weeks while the tears mended, which resulted in a completely frail and weakened right leg. My main concern was, “When can I play again??” My surgeon assured me he was sending me to the very best rehab doctor, and that he’d done great work for many of his other patient athletes. And he was right on the money. Dr. Bockmann is a chiropractor, but his specialty is sports medicine and high-end rehab. About half of his patients seem to be athletes of some kind, and let me tell you, he’s aggressive with his treatment and fanatical about results. After only 8 rigorous PT treatments he released me to begin interval training and equipped me with the exact tools I need to transition back into soccer and volleyball again. My strength and stability is dramatically better, and I no longer limp when I walk or go upstairs. I actually dribbled the soccer ball around today, and man that feels great. If you want an attentive, no-nonsense rehab doctor who wants nothing more than to help you achieve your goals FAST and have fun doing it, look no further. I highly recommend Dr. Bockmann and Austin Spine & Sport for anyone who wants to get their life back. Couldn’t be happier! more
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