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Dancesport Carolina

2717 Old Monroe Rd (at Campus Ridge Road)
Matthews, NC 28104
(704) 299-4003
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Dancesport Carolina - Matthews, NC



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I joined DanceSport Carolina with the objective of loosing weight and becoming a better salsa dancer.....Now, I am loving all the other dances I have learned ( Rumba, cha cha, swi...


Like some of the recent posts, our experience wasn't all negative. BUT....PLEASE beware.\r It is true about the constant staff changes. In the months we took lessons, we saw many...

Buyer Beware 10/18/2011

Like some of the recent posts, our experience wasn't all negative. BUT....PLEASE beware.\r It is true about the constant staff changes. In the months we took lessons, we saw many instructors come & go. My fianc more

Money-Grubbing Jerks 5/5/2011

My husband and I took a couple of lessons and then committed to a few more and paid $199 up front. Then my husband died. I asked Tom and Elizabeth for a refund and they refused, saying: ""Oh, you signed a contract.""\r \r Their response to my request for a refund because my husband DIED is absoltuely UNCONSCIONABLE!!!!\r \r With an attitude like that, how can they even sleep at night??!! \r \r My advice is: don't have anything to do with these money-grubbing JERKS! more

Recent Experience 5/1/2011

Our experience was not all negative at the studio it introduced the love of ballroom dancing to our daughter. Dancing has build-up her confidence and it made us extremely proud to watch her blossom. We are thankful for people like Tony at the studio, who is an excellent instructor. \r \r However, we do agree with some of the other postings related to the costs being charged, yes they are high! When we initially started with the studio it had a personal feel and now with the expansion and the constant change of instructors it has lost its touch!\r \r I believe when you set high-expectations from the start with your customers you need to live up to those standards. \r \r I hope that Liz and Tom go back and revisit some of their recent decisions! \r \r Otherwise, it is a great bunch of people and thank you for the memories!\r \r \r \r more

I'm Loving It 3/16/2011

I joined DanceSport Carolina with the objective of loosing weight and becoming a better salsa dancer.....Now, I am loving all the other dances I have learned ( Rumba, cha cha, swing, etc...) and what was a hobby has now become a passion...\r My instructor, Tony, is excellent and I look forward to continuing to grow as a dancer ! more

These are extraordinary and talented people 3/16/2011

Today is our 1 year anniversary since my wife and I started our Dance Lessons at DanceSport Carolina. It has definitely been one of the best decisions and investments we have ever made in our health and happiness. We often wonder why we waited so long and what we would be doing now instead. Now there is always a feeling of optimism, challenge, and looking forward to the next day. We have also made so many new friends and acquaintances of all ages. We take our private lessons with Steven Guyler, who is a very talented dancer but also a great teacher. He is always kind, encouraging, with a great sense of humor. He shows remarkable maturity and reminds us at a challenging moment to remember what this is all about. We have also come to know the other instructors too including Bradley, Tony, Lauren, Natalya, and Hannah - and many of the others. Like Steven these are extraordinary and talented people who are committed to their profession and love what they do. They are personable, and most of all patient and respectful. They truly understand the commitment that we have made.\r \r \r We also appreciate Tom and Elizabeth too. They are truly committed to high standards and the enjoyment and success of their customers. They are always seeking to improve the quality and the experience. They deserve all the success coming to them for their efforts. \r \r Bonnie and Len more

DanceSport Carolina has added so much to our lives 3/15/2011

When friends and acquaintances find out I am taking ballroom dance lessons, they are always interested and have lots of questions. One question I am frequently asked is where I will ""use"" my dancing skills. After I explain about all the available group lessons I attend which average 5 to 6\r hours a week, plus Friday night dances, in addition to the private lessons I then tell them about the fantastic themed parties DanceSport Carolina has several times a year, the Winter Showcase dinner and dance and the two competitions DSC has right here in Charlotte. Tom and Elizabeth and all our wonderfully talented instructors work very hard to make these events very special and much anticipated. So there is always something exciting to be planning for and working toward in our dance lessons. The people we have met in our classes have become friends that we look forward to seeing in class, and watching and cheering on in showcase and competitions. Being part of DanceSport Carolina has added so much to our lives that we had not expected when we began our lessons.\r \r Terry Marshall more

Join Me At DanceSport Carolina 3/15/2011

My professional career & personal life have been a combination of intellectual and physical challenges and successes. Dancesport Carolina has given me that same combination of an intellectual stimulation in combination with a physical challenge. An aerobic exercise is achieved while I learn a new dance routine. The humbling experience of trying something new followed with the reward of achievement when I learn a new dance step makes me walk with an enhanced bounce to my step with a new clarity in my mind. The dance routines make exercise fun. Standard exercise routines are boring. The friendships developed during dance lessons have opened a door to another circle of friends, who share a common interest and a common goal with the same benefits for all involved. If you like music, dancing, friends and fun that reap the benefit of good exercise, weight loss, muscle toning and stress relief, then join me at Dancesport Carolina.\r \r Richard L. Marshall more

DanceSport Carolina is an excellent place to start 3/15/2011

Just becoming empty nesters? Need to get a birthday present? That’s what happened to us a couple of years ago, and on a special request from my wife about getting dance lessons, we’ve been here ever since. Some of the benefits are getting up off the couch and doing an activity, spending time together doing something, meeting some great people, and learning something new (at least for us). DanceSport Carolina is an excellent place to start. Steven Guyler is our instructor, and he does an excellent job of instruction, breaking things down into obtainable steps, cleaning up the details later, and keeping us motivated. The experience for the past couple of years has been wonderful and safe. We have been attending the group classes and it’s been nice to progress with much of the same group as we started with. The Friday night “after dark” dances are also important so you can apply what you’ve learned in a non threatening atmosphere. Should you want to compete, DSC sponsors two major national competitions here in Charlotte, and their students usually fair very well. Plus, it’s loads of fun!\r Steve & Diana Hoeflin more

Favorite place to dance! 2/20/2011

My friend Sarah and I started taking dance lessons at Dancesport Carolina about a year ago and we both absolutely love it! She already wrote her review but I wanted to say a few nice things about everyone there. I was always, and still am, very shy so I didn't want to start by myself as I don't have a partner. My friend Sarah finally convinced me and I'm glad she did!! My teacher is Steven. Of course he's a great dancer but he also made me very comfortable right away. He's very patient and doesn't push too much, just enough when I need it! I'm glad that I didn't wait to have a partner to come in with because my lessons are just about me and I really need that in my life. I'm starting to, slowly, come out of my shell at Dancesport Carolina. They've helped me feel more comfortable talking with people I don't know and since I've actually made several new friends. If you're a nervous person like me don't worry about walking in the studio that first time. I'm happy that I gave it a try.\r \r Also, the studio is very nice. They are building a new one down the street so I hear. That should be even better. The teachers are all very nice too. Thumbs up for Dancesport Carolina more

Ballroom dancing 2/5/2011

Thought I'd say a quick thanks to all the teachers at DanceSport Carolina for creating such a warm, friendly, yet fun place to dance. I highly recommend DanceSport Carolina to anyone interested in taking ballroom or latin dance lessons. more

Fun at DSC 2/2/2011

I've been a student of ""DSC"" for a few months and I love it! I almost didn't get out of my car the first time in because of nerves, but I'm glad I took the plunge to try it out. My teacher is Tony and he's FAB-U-LOUS! Sometimes I'm worn out from my day and am tired and grumpy; then I got to my lesson with Tony and get reenergized! Dancing is SO MUCH FUN! I really do love it and am glad I found ""DSC"" to be my dance home. It's a fun place to be and I couldn't be happier! Thanks all of you and especially Tony... :-) more

DanceSport is the BEST!! 2/1/2011

My wife and I have been taking dance lessons at DanceSport Carolina since September 2008. I just read that BS from whoever TrueCarolinan is (and I think I know!) and was pissed off! DSC runs a GREAT business! The teachers are great and the studio is well run! Steven, Bradley, Tony and the others have been there for years - I know cause so have I. They are great dancers and great teachers. The teachers will all tell you - if you ever asked instead of writing BS - that they are very happy working there. You can tell that Tom and Elizabeth are good people because they take of their staff. They've also had several charity events in the past - of which we donated $$$ - so the get rich thing seems a bit harsh. There's nothing wrong with being successful, especially if you have a good business; and they obviously believe in giving back. Look, the studio is big part of my and my wife's life and we don't appreciate the BS about the bright spot in our week. Check this place out - it will change your life! Thanks DSC! more

Don’t waste your money 1/13/2011

“Some” of the instructors are good but only a few. Most of their instructors are trainees that are no better than the students. The “good” instructors don’t stick around…(no further explanation needed)\r \r Overpriced. The owners are trying to get rich quick. But I guess there will always be those who are willing to pay any price.\r \r They push students to participate only in the competitions “they” put together. Not the other national competitions going on out there.\r \r One of the owners, Elizabeth, brags all day about how SHE is the best and that IT is the best studio in the world. Maybe it is in the fantasy world she lives in !!!\r \r They told students that they would get a “deep” discount to attend one of their overpriced events in exchange for a good review on Google. Worst part is that some of them will actually fall for it ! Ha ha ha\r \r Good luck to them! Even though I can afford it, I don’t like wasting money so I didn’t last very long over there…..\r more


What can I say but, WOW! And, why did I wait so long. Like many I have wanted to become a good dancer for years, but fed myself excuses like I can't or I don't have the time or money. This studio is like the antidote for skepticism. The energy I get just getting in the car to drive to my lessons, causes me to turn up the volume on the radio and when I leave I feel high. If you, like me, need a shot of adrenanline into an otherwise responsible and dutiful life, let this place work it's magic on you !!!! more

A Rotten Apple- Watch Out! 9/2/2010

They make it sound good with ""private"" (EXPENSIVE) lessons, but in fact my lessons were done in a large studio with a bunch of other people around. \r \r I was not comfortable at all and decided not to do more than 4 lessons.\r \r Also my 2nd lesson was supposed to be an hour and my instructor dissed me after 45 minutes to meet with ""a new student.""\r \r I see their ads and billboards all around so they must be making some good money off of those they suck in. Don't go there. more

Poorly Ran Business 6/25/2010

The instructors and the facility are very nice. The owner, Elizabeth is very pushy and very money hungry. They do not care about the customer and the end result of your lessons. Her only concern is to pay the bills however that needs to happen. Take lessons are your own risk..... Pros: Instructors Cons: Owners/ Management more

Not the same person I use to be! 11/23/2009

Dancesport Carolina is the best! I am not a very exciting person nor do did i live a very exciting life. Once i started dancing at DSC everything changed. NOw, I have a hobby I cant live without, I have met so many fun people, and I have something to look forward too every week. This studio goes above and beyond when it comes to service. Yes, it isnt cheap, but the service and attention they give each student is worth every penny and then some! Looking forward to many more years as a student and a friend of DAncesportcarolina. Pros: Everything Cons: Wish i could be there everyday more

Have fun and change your life at the same time!` 10/4/2009

It was January of 2009, I was alone, watching television in my apartment and bored out of my mind! As someone once said, I was, ""leading a life of quiet desperation"". I knew that I would have to make a change soon or risk leading a boring, mediocre life forever! But what could I do? Being in my mid-thirties and single, I was done with the bar scene and online dating provided many forgettable nights and awkward situations (For example, when you are sitting across from your date in dead silence, realizing that you have nothing in common with that person!).\r \r The next day at work I saw an online ad for Dancesport Carolina ballroom dancing. I was intrigued and decided to check out the website. The site was well done and showed alot of people having a great time. What did I have to lose, I thought, so I called and scheduled a free lesson. That Friday, despite some hesitation, I arrived at Dancesport Carolina with much anticipation . Immediately when I entered the studio I noticed a buzz in the air! People were excited to be in the studio and were having a great time! Despite my initial discomfort with ballroom dancing (I am not the most graceful person in the world), the instructors were extremely professional and made me feel at home right away. I became hooked on ballroom dancing right away and I have been taking lessons ever since.\r \r My time at Dancesport Carolina has been a blast! The instructors are very professional and can break any dance, whether it's waltz, rumba, foxtrot, cha-cha, tango, swing, hustle and mambo, into simple steps that anyone can follow. Despite the fact that I had no dancing experience whatsoever, I was able to learn both ballroom and latin dance well enough to compete at the Southern Paradise Ball (a local ballroom dancing competition) in May! Besides becoming a better dancer, I have made many new friends through the group classes in addition to becoming good friends with the instructors. The instructors are not only professional but encourage you every step of the way which makes the time at the studio that much more enjoyable and satisfying. There are many other benefits to dancing at Dancesport Carolina, but for me, perhaps the greatest blessing is the added confidence that I have gained as my dancing skills continue to improve (it is true that women really do appreciate a man that can dance!). In short, ballroom dancing at Dancesport Carolina has changed my life!\r \r So if you are reading this review and are looking to escape a ""quiet life of desperation"" or add some fun and pizzaz to your daily routine, then check out Dancesport Carolina the best place in town! Pros: Very professional staff and great atmosphere Cons: There are none! more

The Best Hour of My Week 10/4/2009

I highly recommend Dance Sport Carolina to anyone looking to learn how to dance. Even if you have never danced before, the studio is welcoming and eager to meet your needs. Not only do you learn how to dance, but you network with others who are also looking to meet new people. The first lesson is free, so you have nothing to lose! Try it and soon you will be saying what I say after each lesson, “That was the best hour of my week!” more

Great place to dance! 9/29/2009

The entire staff at Dance Sport Carolina were all fantastic! My wife and I signed up to get ready for my brother's wedding and really enjoyed ourselves, Robert was great. The schedule was flexible and the instructors were professional. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in a non-intimidating, fun atmosphere to learn some great dance moves. We'll definitely be back for more! Pros: Excellent, friendly, patient staff more
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  • Our commitment is to provide our students with the highest quality of dance training available. Whatever type or style of dance you wish to learn, you can be assured that as a student of DC you will never again feel uncomfortable on the dance floor.

    Dancing is one of those things that can change your life. Whether you're looking for a new hobby, a more fun way to exercise, a great way to meet new people or you simply love to dance, DanceSport Carolina is the place to make your dreams come true.

    Don't let life pass you by. Call us today and start dancing tonight.


  • Offers instruction in all ballroom, Latin and swing dances to the Charlotte area.

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