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D & L Shooting Supplies - 9 Reviews - 3314 W Shore Rd, Warwick, RI - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (401) 738-1889

D & L Shooting Supplies

3314 W Shore Rd
Warwick, RI 02886
(401) 738-1889
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They had a large selection of guns both new and used at competitive prices. The staff was friendly and informative they helped me get everything i needed to get done to buy a fire...


On balance I think I have been treated fairly in price, product and service, but I am now much more schooled and will use them for what they are. In the past few years I have p...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/29/2013

I had an excellent experience ordering a Sig 556R online from them. Shipping was quick, all calls were answered professionally and it was a perfect transaction. Even better they had the best price anywhere! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/25/2013

Dear Beth O., for starters you never told us you were on your way or else a sales representative would have been more than happy to remind you of our POSTED hours of us being open on Monday 12-5. Yes we do carry MACE and I even overheard the individual telling you of the wide selection we carried. When you arrived in our parking lot at quarter past 11 (yes we were closed) you approached the door and yelled to one of our employees cleaning that you had called and we told we were open so you could purchase MACE. No one ever told you we were open and had you visited our website or asked our hours we would have gladly told you we opened at 12. However, upon the owner hearing you he came out and asked if he could help you at all. According to your comments we were working in the dark (yes our windows are tinted) and all hanging around doing nothing watching bystanders which could be further from the truth if you had ever stepped foot in our building before and saw how busy we are. But anyhow, the owner asked you if we could do anything to help you AND EVEN OFFERED TO LET YOU IN BEFORE OPENING so to assist you in your MACE purchase and you rudely declined and mumbled obscenities in your car and abruptly pulled away. Someone with your temper perhaps should reconsider owning MACE and appreciate those that tried to help you when we were not even open yet. I hope this clears up your visit as you seem to have made up much of your post. Have a great day. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/9/2013

I called and asked a few questions about Mace. I was told that they carry it, and no permit was needed. I said, ""okay, I will be over"" drove a half an hour to find a paper sign on the door saying Closed til noon on Mondays, there were men inside so I tried the door and an old man yelled at me that they were closed. As I pulled out another man stopped me and I explained that I had called on the phone and told him that I was on my way over... He said "" well what can I help you with?""\r \r OKAY, MEN HANGING AROUND WATCHING THE DOOR INSIDE A GUN SHOP THAT HASA PAPER SIGN THAT SAYS ""CLOSED""...To me that feels like deals that don't all get the right paperwork...\r \r \r Yeah, let me walkin to your dark store... NOT\r \r This place is shifty and shifty and guns don't mix.. I will take my business else where more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/9/2013

had a great experience with D&L. great price, fast shipping, & helpful with any questions i had. ordered online Wednesday had merchandise on Monday. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/15/2013

I understand things can be busy for this industry right now but a week without an email to respond to my inquiry, even to just say ""give us another week to respond"" makes me think they aren't too concerned about doing business. Forget trying to call them...endless busy tone. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/13/2013

Absolutely terrible!! I am an L.E.O. and I placed an order through this business for a firearm. When I placed the order, I was told that it was in stock and would ship out the following week. I called back the next week and was told that it ""probably"" shipped out that Monday. I asked if it was UPS Ground and they said yes. I waited 7 business days for the item and then called back since UPS shipping time is 5 days. I have to add that I had to install an auto dialer on my phone just to get through to these guys. I finally got ahold of someone who said the item was on back order and that it was NOT in stock. I asked for a refund. I was told it would be refunded that day. A week later and still nothing. I can't get a hold of anyone there, 2 e-mails have gone unanswered and so I just did it the easy way and disputed through Citibank (great bank for credit cards by the way).\r \r Avoid these guys at all costs!! more

Wish I read this first! 5/17/2012

On balance I think I have been treated fairly in price, product and service, but I am now much more schooled and will use them for what they are. In the past few years I have purchased a number of new and used guns. A couple new, a couple used, and a couple transfered in (from Massachusetts). I am not experienced in fire arms, but learning. These guys are not the ones to buy from unless you know what you want (need no learning) and can deal with buying from @$#*'s. They (but the two sons) do not give a bit about customers and let you know - after you trusted them. Promises of quanity, delivery, and stock are to be taken as lies. There is no apology for this after you call them on it, as it was your mistake to trust them. Selection is great. Store is clean and bright. Some prices are good, others designed for those who do not know what things cost. Do not buy without checking the market!!! Although RI is small there is a web with lots of dealers. Check the prices before you buy! Do not be deceived but the cost to buy and transfer in to RI. It does not warrant the 50% markups D&L puts on their goods. The owner will tell you that buying from others will cost you shipping plus $35 handling. plus a 10% ""D&L got you to RI fee"". But other dealers are much more reasonable. Have your purchases sent to Competition (off Newport Ave in Pawtucket) John will charge you only $20 to transfer the gun in and be nice to you. Bottom line is shop there to learn and deal with their rudeness. Once you know what you want buy from them if they meet your price else go to someone reasonable and pleasant. Now you know what to expect more

Worse customer service ever!! 5/13/2012

I totally agree with you!!!! My husband and I went to D & L Guns a few weeks ago to purchase a gun; our first gun To make a long story short, we were given incorrect information about a gun. We needed to have something attached. The owners son, who was great, said that he could put it on in a few minutes if we left it there. When my husband called a couple of weeks later, they said that they had to send out for the part? Another week went by and he went in to ask about our gun. He was told that the gun had to be sent out to have the part put on now. Plain and simple.? NOT. He picked it up a week later (they were suppose to call us all 3 times but never did) To his surprise, he had to pay another $70.00. They told him that when they send it out, they send it to a gunsmith, who ALWAYS charges. They NEVER told us that. I go in the next day. The owners son told us, ""I was too busy to put it on so I sent it out?. He had told us that it was easy to attach and we could have done it (but I wanted someone who knew about guns to do it). Then, we asked to speak to the owner, who is his father. Talk about RUDE!!! He said that he would give us a $15.00 credit for the service. He said that would have been the stores money as the gunsmith charged them $55.00. The store was making money on NOTHING! Greed! We told him we wanted to get a refund. He said that it would be a used gun, (even though we NEVER fired it and picked it up 2 days earlier), we'd have to pay a restocking fee, yada yada......He was awful! I told him it would have been nice if we were told we were going to be charged to have a part attached. He told me I should know that??? Why? Because I should, he said. Dumb answer, huh? He never listened to our concerns. He just cared about his money. And, we were going to buy a pistol, also. Not now and NOT EVER. Good stock of guns, expensive and the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my 58 Yrs. more


They had a large selection of guns both new and used at competitive prices. The staff was friendly and informative they helped me get everything i needed to get done to buy a firearm. The only thing i did notice as others have stated is that its not like you walk in the door and they are there asking you if they could help you. I do believe they could be a bit better in that aspect. My best guess is that they figure your a looker as many of the people in the store were the day i was in there. This could be fixed with a doorman that has a large knowledge of guns and wont shut up. As far as ammo is concerned i would say it's a bit more expensive than other places i have seen (wal-mart) for the same exact product. more


I ordered a 600.00 sig 229 DAK COMBO gun with night sights and extra barrel off the internet from D & L shooting supply, I paid cash/debit card, and I never recieved what I ordered and I still have not recieved a refund, so if you like throwing away 600.00, be my guest. more

Buyer Beware!!! 10/4/2010

If you want a great selection of guns and supplies along with AWFUL customer service, then D&L is definitely the place to go! As newbies to the gun world, my boyfriend and I were very excited to purchase our first guns. Being a petite young lady, I was having a hard time finding a handgun that I could hold properly. I rented and tested out many at the range , but none were quite right. When I went to D&L I was excited to find a small 9mm hand gun that fit my hands. Excited to test out our guns, my boyfriend and I went to the range a couple days after our purchase, only for me to be completely disappointed. The recoil on the gun was way more then I could handle and immediately elicited fear in me, to the point where I no longer wanted to shoot. Returning to D&L I was not expecting them to provide a full refund for my purchase as I understood it was now used, despite the fact that only 15 rounds had been fired. However, I was a bit disgruntled to hear a different sales rep flat out tell me that the person who sold me the gun should have informed me that the small light 9mm would be way too much for a women of my stature. So basically, I feel like I got walked into purchasing a gun that was not right for me. As sales reps, they have a responsibility to help customers make an informed decision. After all, aren?t they the experts? To top it all off, when asking what they would give me for the used gun, they came back with $450. $450 for a gun I just paid $720 for three days before. The price for the gun did not change even after I stated that I wanted to buy another gun from them, ammo, cases, cleaning supplies, etc. for my gun and for my boyfriends handgun and shotgun. Moral of the story, D&L is more concerned with making a buck then making a happy customer. more

Bad buying experience 10/3/2010

The only positive thing I can say is that they have a good selection of guns. The customer service is terrible and they walk you into either a used gun (so they can get rid of their inventory) or the highest price new gun. If you want to buy online, they charge a $35 transfer fee, which is inline with other dealers, and then add 10% of the purchase price. After all of that bad news we still bought from this place because we were so excited to get our first guns. The ""customer service"" guy was a jerk and walked my girlfriend into a $720 gun that she hates. After shooting 15 rounds she knew that she would never be able to use the gun. We brought it back 3 days after purchase and they nicely offered her $450 for the gun. She was looking to trade it back for another gun - not get a refund. We both understand that the gun has less value as a used gun, but the shop already made margin on the 3 guns we purchased (2 pistols and a shotgun), and could have made more on all of the accessories we were prepared to buy. Here is the quote from the 30-year police officer who gave us our pistol safety training, ""If they did that to me I'd never set foot in the place again and I'd return everything I bought from them that I could for a full refund. I'd find a new dealer."" This place is horrible. Don't buy there. more

awesome store 11/10/2009

great store with an excellent staff. best in RI and perhaps the NE> more

Great Shop 11/21/2008

I dont know what the other guys problem was, but this is one of the best gun stores I have been in. Professional staff, very helpful and an impressive selection of guns and gun related equipment. I have purhcased several firearms there and have been pleased with the service. Keep up the great work guys! more

Not Recommened At All 6/3/2008

This outfit is fast at taking your money but take their damn sweet time shipping you what you already paid for. They charged my credit card while I was on the phone with them buying a handgun. It took them almost a week to ship a handgun that they already have in stock. I had to call them four times asking for something that should have happened the same day or the day after they received payment. Imagine if you pay someone $650 for takeout and your food arrives a week late. I don't know what these guys think what business they are in but they sure don't act like they're selling firearms. I would not recommend doing business with D&L. I certainly will not buy anything from them again. more
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