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DOMO Japanese Country Foods Restaurant

1365 Osage St
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 569-4422
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I have worked in food service for many years, and have eaten at Domo many times. The food is fantastic, the service is friendly and knowledgeable, and the ambience is amazing. You...


Went there on 8/18/10 with 5 friends. I love sushi, LOVE sushi. However, this sushi was different. I didn't care for the style and the combination of tastes put together for a ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/16/2012

Great fresh food and traditional Japanese meals. The portions are gigantic and worthy of bringing home with you. I had the maguro tuna and the ramen noodle bowl, it was delicious. Highly recommend :) more

Fish smelled and tasted terrible, service unaccommodating 8/31/2010

Went there on 8/18/10 with 5 friends. I love sushi, LOVE sushi. However, this sushi was different. I didn't care for the style and the combination of tastes put together for a meal. A friend and I ordered the maguro tuna sashimi and it came out smelling foul and tasting worse. It was definitely not fresh! No question! I have eaten tons of tuna in my life and this was just not fresh and not the quality I expected. When I called our server's attention to this he told me that I didn't know what fresh fish was like. Not wanting to get in an argument or detail the literally hundreds of times I've had raw tuna, I asked if we could just get something else since we didn't think the quality was what it should be. He said he'd have to talk to the manager and stomped off, but then never came back! He didn't come back to our table for at least 15 minutes and when he did he ignored us. When I asked him about a new meal, he smugly said he talked to the manager and the fish is fresh, end of story. I was insulted and felt that for a large party ordering loads of food and drink this was beyond rude. None of us will ever go there again. I don't know if someone ordered it for takeout and didn't pick it up and then they served it to us or what. The food and service were terrible! Please do not encourage their rude behavior by patronizing this place. There are many other Japanese restaurants more deserving. more

A Horrible Experience at Domo! 6/1/2010

I had a horrible experience at lunch at Domo Japanese Restaurant today. I read their website before going there and knew that ?authentic? meant different according to them and I was ready for that. For example, they don?t have any soy sauce there supposedly not to overpower the ?delicate tastes?. Just sounds like a good way to save on soy sauce costs from what I experienced. Now here?s a clue: whenever a restaurant?s marketing makes it sound like they are doing you a favor by allowing you the privilege of eating there, steer clear! I love sushi so I ordered the 3rd item in the sashimi section, the ?nori toro?. The top level description of the sashimi section on the menu says ?sliced fish?, so that?s what I was expecting. Sashimi means sliced fish everywhere you go. If I had been reading carefully like a contract I would have seen that the 3rd item says ?minced? way down at the bottom. You may want to consult your attorney before ordering at Domo and make sure that you understand all the terms of the contract, er uh menu. My waitress came with the food, set it down and ran off quickly. I didn?t see that it was just a few measly tidbits of chopped ?fish? until she was gone and she didn?t come back for a long time. I wasn?t even sure what I was looking at in the bowl. Finally I figured out that was supposed to be the fish, so I tried to call her back. There wasn?t much fish there at all and the little bit that was there looked like somebody had already eaten it and puked in into the bowl. While I was waiting I looked around at other people?s dishes and saw that they were all these ?pretty on the plate? dishes. No one was leaving there stuffed. Finally she came back and I told her that I wasn?t expecting chopped fish and that I would like her to ask the kitchen if they would give me a different sashimi replacement. She said ok she would ask. I ate the side dishes while I waited a long time but didn?t touch the sashimi. I also told both the 2 hostesses that I was very unhappy and didn?t expect or like the chopped fish. Finally after a long time I had to call the waitress back and asked her what the kitchen said. I could tell that she didn?t even talk to them about it. She said that because I ate the side dishes I was basically screwed. I wasn?t asking for a whole meal just a main course replacement. THE WORST PART WAS THAT NOBOBY CARED, NOBODY GAVE A DAMM AND NOBODY OFFERED TO MAKE IT RIGHT IN ANY WAY WHATSOVER. So I left hungry and $10.26 poorer. So I thought, I?ll email the sensei, the Head Honcho, Master Domo himself. Surely he will understand customer service and make things right. But guess what! No response from the sensei. Nothing, nada, zip! So since absolutely no one there cares, I thought I?d tell all of you about the little puke fish. And so Chef Domo whatever you do please don?t give me that ?authentic? speech that?s on your website. When I wrote you I didn?t even want you to give me anything. I was simply under the delusion that you like to improve your customer service. You should instruct your waiters to tell people that the nori toro is chopped, not sliced like everyone in all of America expects it to be. By the way, if your place were really authentic, everyone would all leave their shoes at the door and would be sitting on the floor in there. Pros: Right off the interstate Cons: Arrogant, condescending attitude more

Wowza! That's some poor service! 10/21/2009

My partner and I used to frequent Domo weekly until we realized on our last visit that we are, in fact, not masochists and do not like being treated poorly despite how good the food is. Our service was heinous....Our server ""Daisy"" was totally unhelpful, ignored drink re-fill requests, and was basically totally aloof. I understand that part of Domo's authenticity effect is not making ANY changes to menu items but is it too much to ask for the shrimp tempura to be placed outside of the soup so it doesn't get soggy?? Apparently so, because our request (among others) was denied. In short, regardless of the food quality, Domo left a bad taste in my mouth... Pros: Good food/ interesting ambiance Cons: Pretty much the worst service...ever more

domo thanks but NEVER AGAIN! 10/9/2009

I have been coming here on at least once a week basis for years (pretty sure twice is more accurate and I usually bring at least 3 people with me) and since I work near by in Police Bldg I have brought many first timers who are now regulars at your restaurant. Pros: food is good, when it arrives... Cons: everything else more

A great cultural experience! 6/9/2009

I have worked in food service for many years, and have eaten at Domo many times. The food is fantastic, the service is friendly and knowledgeable, and the ambience is amazing. You should sit in the garden when weather is beautiful and you forget that you are just a block off of Colfax. The ever-changing side dishes maintain a fun, unpredictable menu. I am appalled at the discourteousness of some of the other reviews. A guest in ANY restaurant should never expect special treatment because of a dietary restriction, and that is something the person should know before they decide to leave their house to go out and eat. Chef's, especially those in upscale restaurants, prepare dishes in a certain manner, because they know what tastes best. People who do not want what is offered on the menu should stay home and cook for themselves (especially seafood at a Japanese restaurant!?!). It is unjust to give someone a bad review because of your medical problems or food aversions. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Pros: Food, ambience, culture, service Cons: None. more

Great food - unique gem 5/29/2009

Domo is the result of Gaku Homma's unique vision - for those who want a sushi bar, I recommend going someplace else. The food here is as close to the cuisine of the peasantry where he grew up as he can make it. I appreciate the unique flavors and influences. When you go to Domo, try to go with an open mind and try to experience the vision of the chef, not a preconception of Japanese food. We went there tonight with a friend and had a wonderful time. The food is delightful - from the sides served before the meal to the generous main portions, everything was tasty and well prepared. The hostess was gracious and our servers were polite. Pros: great, unique food, good service, Cons: a bit pricey more

It was just alright. 5/27/2009

My boyfriend and I went here for a special occasion, and like everyone says the hostess was pretty rude, luckily our server was super sweet. She was pretty good with explaining to us the food - but then again you can't change anything in the dishes which is a little odd to me. The food was delicious though, but the sake was not so great because it was luke warm (which I had asked for chilled) Anyways, I would really have to be in the mood to come back here... Pros: Decent food Cons: Hostess. more

No soup for you 3/28/2009

If you like a little S&M you'll love this place. I have never been treated so rudely, so consistently anywhere in the world. I could detail the service atrocities I've endured here but they pretty much parallel the rest of the one start reviews. I worked as a bartender in a Japanese restaurant for many years and really loved the Japanese owners and staff for their unfailing graciousness in the face of some very ugly Americans. Domo must have a special interview process to be able to select the rudest possible servers available. Pros: beautiful place, food is good and generally tasty Cons: service more

Burger King would have been a better choice 8/24/2008

Avoid this restaurant at all costs! We had the most terrible dining experience today. Our table of 9 had reservations, but still, it took them over 40 minutes to seat us. Then, when the waitress accidentally wrote down the wrong order for a member of our party, she refused to bring us the correct item. The suggested that we just eat it, or her other suggestion was that we share other food with her. The manager was nowhere to be found. All 9 of us ended up just getting up and leaving, after we spent over 1.5 hrs at the restaurant. At this point, they threatened to call the cops to force us to pay for food none of us actually touched! Pros: Can't think of any at the moment Cons: terrible service, high price, total lack of quality more

Don't step in, you will leave LIVID! :-( 8/24/2008

We went to Domo's yesterday, to celebrate a graduation. I will never forgive the waiters and owner for their utter lack of tact and courtesy. I wanted to substitute an item in my order as I am allergic to gluten. One of the waiters actually questioned the reality of my allergy! I should not have to explain exactly what will happen to my bowel movements if I injest breaded shrimp! They flat out refused to accomodate any sort of a request, and wanted to charge me for two items if I order something else off the menu. At one point, one of the waiters told us that my boyfriend should just eat my food - along with his $23 dish, I shouldn't have anything, and pay for both. When you go to an upscale restaurant, you expect service. I understand McDonalds not having substitutions, an possibly incompetent waiters. But when you are paying ove $100 for your table, there is no excuse. Pros: The garden is nice, but not worth the price Cons: Service is TERRIBLE, food below mediocre, management is AWFUL more

Show up, shut up, and pay 8/24/2008

I have been to Domo's many times and in the past generally the only problems I've had is slow service. Which is fine when you have good company and can enjoy either the interesting decorated inside or garden outside. Pros: unique atmosphere Cons: waitstaff, bizarre rules, ""NO SOUP FOR YOU"" more

like a quick trip to Japan! Authentic and delicious 7/4/2008

We were recommended by someone who spent 6 years in Japan. On arrival, we were promptly and properly greeted, seated and watered. We ate in the garden, (so did everyone else!). The service was excellent, complete with a team spirit exuded by the staff. The waiter was from south America and quite shy and proper, and attentive. The food presentation was impressive and delicious - and lots of it! So much we had to take some home. The edamame side dish was our only source of disappointment. The miso broth was delicious and the seven little side dishes that come with entres were excellent. Pros: Ambience, service and food quality and presentation Cons: could be difficult to enjoy the outside on a rainy night. more

If I could, I'd give this place a negative star. 6/3/2008

Ok, I have to admit, I didn't try the food. Why not? Because, we basically got thrown out. Allow me to explain. A friend was excited to hold her birthday party here, as she was a fan. My wife is allergic to seafood, and wanted to stay home, but was talked into coming to celebrate the occasion with the hope that we could work around the allergy- we've been able to do it at other sushi restaurants. We realized right away we were in trouble when we saw that an entree HAD to be ordered in order to stay. I can understand that, and we usually can get around that be ordering something non-fish. However, in Domo's case there is a disclaimer on the back of the menu that says they cannot accommodate food allergies in any way. The waitress- named for a popular flower- insisted my wife order something or leave. When we brought up their disclaimer and tried to explain that it was basically Russian Roulette with her allergy, the waitress insisted a meat dish would be fine. So, basically one policy- order or leave- was being ruthlessly enforced, while a disclaimer that could send us to the hospital was being brushed aside on the word of a rude 19 year old. We were there at the invitation of a friend to celebrate a birthday, and the amount we would have dropped would have more then made up for any inconvenience of a missing entree... We were more then willing to work with them, but the waitress was so rude and unbending that she ended up embarrassing everyone involved. It could have been a fine evening, but instead we were badgered by the waitress and told to leave (when we asked to speak to a manager we were told there was no manager available.) We left- all 12 of us. Way to go Domo! You rock. more

Good atmosphere, bad everything else. 4/20/2008

While the atmosphere was lovely, the food was not. We were very disappointed with the quality. To make matters worse, our waitress refused to give us some soy sauce for our plain brown rice and underseasoned shumai. I couldn't believe that even the shumai was not served with dipping sauce. Instead, soy sauce was drizzled over the shumai, with the excess dripping through the bamboo steamer on to the plate below. When I asked the waitress for some more soy sauce, she replied, ""We don't give any condiments."" I said that I thought the food would taste better if I could add some soy sauce and she lifted up the steamer and pointed to the pathetic soy sauce drops on the plate and said, ""there's some more right here."" I couldn't believe it. Arrogance like that is just not what I'm looking for when I go out to eat. We ended up leaving hungry and ticked off, and made our way to Starbucks, where they always make it how the customer likes it. Domo, get off your high horse and make your customers happy. Pros: Ambiance Cons: Everything else more

Nice lunch spot! 3/19/2008

I have to say, I really enjoyed my experience at Domo. The seating wasn't as horrible as everyone says. Really, it's just a wooden bench. I've eaten at plenty of restaurants in Japan than actually had a smooth wooden bench for the seating. If you are really sensitive about your seats, try the ones not around the walls, some of those had padding. The seats were a little close together though. Pros: Ambience, Gardens, Food Cons: Dinner Price, Close Seating more

Domo Japanese Restaurant 2/25/2008

I have been to a lot of Japanese restaurants. I live in NYC! This one was underwelming, at best. The staff was not interested. The food took forever and still was not up to par. The $106 our tab came to was certainly not equal to what we received in the way of food, though the tea was really good! Also, Emily the manager is to be avoided at all costs. She is officially the most annoying, pushy, downright rude person I have ever met in the food service industry. Pros: There was good tea! Cons: Nothing else was good. more

Try the Wankosushi 2/25/2008

The wankosushi is very good, and is different from other sushi restaurants in town. Prices are a little higher, but a lot of that is for the ambience, which is worth it. Pros: Wankosushi, Ambience Cons: Service, Seating more

If you're looking for authentic, go somewhere else 10/8/2007

We were there for a Friday night ""Datenight"". We got there early, so seating wasn't a problem, although the line when we left was long. Ambience was amazing, the decor and garden are second to none here in Denver. The cut off logs they use a seats look amazing but are extremely uncomfortable. Service was extremely disappointing. When the staff came out (not very often), they weren't friendly, helpful or courteous. They greet you in Japanese when you come in, as many Japanese restaurants do. I attempted to practice my Japanese and tried to order tea (after a long wait to flag down the non-existant waitress). Unfortunately, she didn't speak Japanese. Not a problem, but the obvious, impatient, and loud sigh followed by a ""uh!"" was not appreciated. I've been to Japan several times and my wife is Japanese. The food they serve there may fool people that don't know Japanese food, but let me assure you, it is NOT authentic Japanese country cooking. The increadible ambience, coupled with a generally unknowing public, and the expectations that ""this must be good with these prices"" are what wins this restaurant the awards it has received. The food was obviously disappointing from somebody expecting authentic, but would be good for somebody who doesn't know the difference. Also, don't expect the staff to be knowledgable. They mis-identified several of the dishes they served us! The policy with the condiments is absurd also. If they don't want to put it on the table, fine, but if it's requested then I feel it should be provided. For the price we were paying, we felt the only thing going for it was the ambience. I will NEVER go here again, even if somebody else was paying. I'd just tell them to drop me off at the Burger King a block up the street! Pros: Ambience Cons: Service, uncomfortable seats, service, price, not authentic, did I mention SERVICE! more

One of my favorite sushi/Japanese restaurants. What make... 7/18/2007

One of my favorite sushi/Japanese restaurants. What makes this place a must-visit for us is the Wankosushi... more
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  • Domo is a Japanese Country Foods restaurant located in Denver, Colorado. Also in this facility is a Japanese country museum and a traditional Japanese garden, making Domo a unique dining experience. Chef Gaku Homma is also the founder of Aikido Nippon Kan, located at the same address. Domo uses over 120 varieties of fresh seafood, meats and vegetables daily as well as many unique ingredients imported directly from the countryside of Northern Japan by Domo's owner and head Chef Gaku Homma.


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    Domo is renowned for its Japanese garden and unique collection of cultural artifacts. The table and seats are built from logs and tree stumps, and the aura is very Okinawa....

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