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Cutting Crew

3621 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 232-2404
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Thanks for the ART STAR hair cut Jeff! I'm sure the Saatchi Gallery will be contacting me any day based solely on my new 'do. Maybe you could be my agent ?


so, i was strolling down hawthorne with some friends and we decided to get our hair done. so we headed over to the cutting crew. i wasn't sure at first, but i made an appointment....

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/27/2014

This salon is NOT closed ignore that citysearch says that it is:-) trying to get that removed. more

Thanks for the ART STAR hair cut Jeff! 4/4/2012

Thanks for the ART STAR hair cut Jeff! I'm sure the Saatchi Gallery will be contacting me any day based solely on my new 'do. Maybe you could be my agent ? more

Great cut, great price! Place is rockin'... 11/22/2010

I decided to give Cutting Crew a try, since it was a lot closer to where I live than my other hair salon, and I had been curious about it for sometime (I mean, the storefront involves flames after all..) First off, if you are into a calming, fluffy salon, go across the street to Dosha. Not knocking that kind of thing, but different strokes..... Cutting Crew is more like being in a tattoo parlor mixed with auto detailing garage, or something along those lines. However, if you like a more casual, punk rock atmosphere, give this place a shot. Cool music, nice outgoing people and most importantly a great cut at an amazing price. Mercedes cut my hair, and she did a hell of a job, especially on a somewhat 'unconvential' cut. (and all from just a glance at a reference photo online; impressive!) I'm loving the do! Seems like this place is popular with guys, so maybe it appealed to the tomboy in me, but definitely the kind of salon chicks can go to as well. Although again, as others have said, not for the faint of heart, or those who prefer more 'elegant' type salons. I will definitely be going back. My hair and my wallet are happy, and that's hard to beat! more

Robs the Sh**t 5/20/2009

excellent stylist rob is, i wouldnt go to anyone else but him. I hate going to hairdressers they never do your hair how you want it. he does it better than you want it. Rob is the best hairdresser i've honestly ever come across. tattoos just add to it, hes got more tattoos than you've seen on a bald dude...hehe thats a compliment Rob. Pros: he can do your hair exactly how you want it!!!! Cons: can be expensive for some styles i guess ? $50 + more

Not for the faint of heart! 3/10/2009

I love the Cutting Crew and have been seeing Rob (""old tattooed guy"") for 5 years now. I'm not a great person to give a haircut to, as I don't like to spend time doing my hair but still want it to look fantastic. Rob has consistently given me amazing styles that I can roll out of bed out of, even with varying lengths of hair. We have done a ton of color on my hair, and I've never had any problems. In fact, he's given me some quite memorable hairdos. :) I've recommended at least 10 people to him over the years with nary a complaint.\r \r If you're looking for a PC environment designed not to offend anyone, this is not the right salon for you. Keep on walkin. If you're looking for interesting people with stories and experience and originality, stop on by. Pros: All of the above more

very low quality haircut 2/2/2009

I got my hair cut at Cutting Crew today by John. I told him that I wanted it shorter in the back, longer in the front, tapered, and a men's haircut (I'm not a guy). Not only did the guy give me one of the worst haircuts I've ever had (and I've had some pretty scary ones), but he did so while being grossly misogynistic telling me he wasn't going to brush all of the excess hair off because it was too far down my shirt, even though he loves ""grabbing b**bs"", or that he has a sick ear fet*sh as he is cutting the hair around my ears. Not to mention making sick jokes the whole time about being high on shrooms, jokingly asking me if I have ecstasy and the bottle of van gogh vodka on his cutting station that was almost gone. The haircut itself is worthy of this low rating alone, one side is tapered and neat, while the other looks like it's got a pot-hole. As a whole, it looks like I should travel back to 1990 and audition for New Kids on the Block. In the end, I said that I liked it so he wouldn't keep cutting, and got out of there. 30 bucks down the drain, and more tomorrow to get this mess fixed. more

Me loves cutting croooo. 9/24/2008

I've been going to the Cutting Crew for almost a year - specifically to see stylist John whenever he's available, although others there are good too. The place rocks. It lacks the pretentious hipster attitude of other shops, and these guys are hair experts who never try to sell products you don't need. The stylists are funky personalities, in a punk-rock-keep-portland-weird kind of way that's totally charming and crass at the same time. And they KNOW HAIR. I for one love it, and I've never felt threatened or weirded out by anything there. Cutting Crew might not be for everyone - the salon has a lot of personality and the stylist's stations are cluttered and chaotic, and if you're scared of people with tats or mohawks, you shouldn't go here (or live in Portland, for that matter)... or you should challenge yourself to overcome your fear of the tattooed -- it's worth it for the great haircuts!!! Pros: Skillful stylists, reasonable prices, great location, no sales pressure more

if you like hanging out in detox centers... 4/27/2008

so, i was strolling down hawthorne with some friends and we decided to get our hair done. so we headed over to the cutting crew. i wasn't sure at first, but i made an appointment. this older woman named jamie cut my hair and my friend was done by this old guy with tats.... this place isn't the cleanest and the stylist are kinda sketchy. so everything was going ok...until my friend shot me the 'help me' stare...i didn't know what was going on. my stylist just kept going on and on about herself..i mean she was nice, but effing crazy..the kind of crazy you can see in the the end we paid 30bucks hair cut she really didn't listen to anything i said, my bangs were way too short and i had a mullet. my friend, on the other hand, was permanently scarred. i couldn't really hear what was going on cause my stylist was all kinds of yappy and the music was loud...good, but loud. she told me that this guy kept going on and on about his crazy wife and her kids..something about a bottle of booze, a baseball bat and the house all busted up. i don't know...all i have to say is this place was really uncomfortable. i'm not sure what the peeps below me are talking about...they seem to think this place is cool and hangin with friends...not so much for me. i don't tend to hang out in detox centers..that's what this place felt like..hanging out with a buncha oldies who have nothing better to do than sit around and talk about the good old days..i've never seen so many people in one room going through mid life crisis..washups..that's really what they are..not to mention the fact that our hair looked like shizz! i guess the damage is done. i don't wanna come off as an a-hole like the damaged goods below, but i would really think twice. it's just not worth the money. 30bucks to have some creepy dude lickin his chops over you or crazy pants rambling about herself..seriously. just go somewhere else. anywhere least you get beer at bishops. Pros: music Cons: the wash up stylists more

I like the Cutting Crew, the haircuts, the atmosphere, and my stylist! 1/30/2008

I am sorry the 1 star review had a bad experience at the Cutting Crew. I drive 6 hours to get there for a hair job and have done this for years now. Why? These guys know how to cut hair, listen to what you need, don't intentionally try to give you a bad haircut, and provide a good time while you are there. If you don't like your haircut, at least you got to enjoy the show. Fortunately the 1 star review can choose to go back to her regular hairdresser and the rest of us will stay at the Cutting Crew and wonder why we can only rate it up to 5 stars on Citysearch! Pros: Talented, experienced, and friendly staff Cons: Parking could be a little better more

I'll never change Stylists, or Salons Again..... 12/23/2007

I want to express my deepest sympathies to Olive Oil, as it's clear to me your review comes off as sour grapes. Wow, You should check out that grow up thing and quit slandering The Cutting Crew, and their employees. I'm sure its hard to work, and make friends with such a huge personality deficit. \r I have been to many salons in my 52, years, yet, once I found ""the Cutting Crew, and the bald, tattooed guy I stoppped looking. Fun and Proffesional, it's like hanging out with a bunch of old friends. The Pro skills of the stylists in the shop are amazin. The stylist do an excellent job with color, cutting, and advise. A wonderful group of people to lift your spirits in Oregon Rain Season. \r I can only say to anyone reading this, go over to Hawthorne and experience this for yourself. Pros: Service and Attitude are Stellar Cons: Hard to find parking, but hey, it's Hawthorne. more

Great Haircut, Awesome People 12/19/2007

The Cutting Crew is a unique place in the heart of SE Portland. Not only do you get an awesome, professional haircut, you feel like you walked into a good friend's home where you can chat and where you always feel at ease.\r \r It is disturbing to me to read a previous entry from someone who obviously is not a happy person. If I had a bad haircut or color or perm, etc., I would discuss it in an adult-like manner and either get a refund or get it fixed. Also, reviews on the web are subject to the same laws as any other form of communication. I think libel is the term that is used for written defamation of character.\r \r Enough about that unhappy human being. All I know is that if you are looking for a great place to get your hair needs met, go to the Cutting Crew. They are wonderful! Pros: service Cons: parking, but that's Hawthorne more

Great Hair Stylist 12/13/2007

I really like this salon. I went to see Lisa to get a haircut and highlights after being recommended to her by a friend. The highlights were probably the most natural and best looking I have ever had. This salon is small and friendly and with stylists that are very hip and all seem to be very capable. I just can't tell you how hard it has been to find a great stylist that does great color for a reasonable price. My search is over! I saw a couple children come in with there Mother to get their haircuts and they seemed to be regulars as well. I would definitely recommend- Pros: Great Stylists, Easy Parking more

i love cutting crew! 11/28/2007

I love Cutting Crew! \r The salon I mean...the band too...but...yea...\r AnyhoO!\r In response to the humans review below me (bless them):\r This place is NOT for ""pu*sies"". If you want your hand held, and someone to kiss your a*s and someone to sell you bullsh*t products that smell like flea shampoo...head on over to Dosha! Their right accross the street!\r What you'll get at Cutting Crew is HONESTY. Jee wizz!!! What a concept! Honesty? Real people? Sense of humor? Who ever would have thought?!? \r That tattoo'd, bald man happens to be ""the sh*t"". He listened to what I had to say, didn't try to SELL ME anything, and above all gave me a GREAT cut and color. ROB KICKS A*S. He's awesome. All that jazz! \r \r So what i'm getting at is...\r This place is not for the feint of heart. It's for those whose hearts still have bloood pumping in them. \r The people are great.\r The atmosphere is comfy, and familiar.\r The music is amazing (Jakyl...AWESOME!).\r Cutting Crew is the ""shizz"".\r \r Remove the stick! b*tch.\r \r What the hell is with the editing cr*p??? I can't type certain words??? Oh dear god...jeeezzzz....touchy mctouchy pickerson....\r They can say these things on prime time television, but i can't type them on the internet? jeez... Pros: Everything. Cons: Nata. more


This place is discusting! It's filthy....ok, the floors were actually shiney. A few weeks ago I walked in on a whim (bishops was too busy) and this old man said he could do it. He was repulsive, like 50 yrs old, with a bunch of ugly tattoos -he looked like Mr. Clean after a night of drinking too much. I was really grossed out! He and another fat old man were talking about really trashy things the whole time. anyways, he cut and dyed my hair. I didn't like it at all, but I just wanted to get out of there cause my skin was crawling. In the end my hair looked like I had my little brother chop at it with weedwackers and it was SO fried. I actually had to go somewhere else and have it cut off -it was that bad. IF YOU NEED YOUR HAIR DONE JUST WAIT IN LINE AT BISHOPS OR GO TO A REAL SALON not this place. You'll get a bad hair cut and possibly a disease. Believe me you will regret it, and anyone that thinks this place is rad needs to be 'rewired' cause this place is white trash...old white trash. GROSS!!! worst hair cut of my life. Cons: the place as a whole more

Jeff is my guy and I love this joint! ( for 15 years ) 11/7/2007

I just want to say, this is the best little hair studio in Portland! I have been going there for almost 15 years off and on to see Jeff! The chain places popping up in trendy areas of Portland just dont deliver the quality and skill this place does.\r My guy is Jeff, and as far as Im concerned, he is the God of Hair. ( I think he had to sacrifice his own to have this amazing talent and skill though) My hair is super straight and ""shows the cut"", it needs a quality cut and he delivers every time. Also I have sent friends who have commented on my cuts to him, and they come back with stylish hot cuts too! My favorite cut that Jeff has down is the 90 degree Aline Bob...the man has the Bob perfected to an art form.\r When Im not able to see Jeff...and must get in, I have received quality cuts from the other stylists there too. Pros: consistency, atmosphere Cons: parking more

Great hairstylist on Hawthorne! 9/15/2007

After going to a few different salons I finally found a great one with a great stylist! Too many Rudy's and Bishops in town are doing very fast haircuts (and the quality shows). I got an amazing haircut and full color from Lisa and I would highly recommend her to anyone, guy or girl. I have gotten so many compliments about my hair since getting it done. The Cutting Crew is in a great part of town on SE Hawthorne and it has a really relaxed vibe. The music is cool and everyone is very friendly. I am delighted I found an awesome new hairstylist in Lisa and this salon. Pros: Great haircut and color, great price more

it's about time they hire someone young and hip! 4/24/2007

the new chick (collet) that works their is awesome! i she is really cool, good personality, funky and cute ;) not only is she fun to talk to, but she's got great style. she's good with all hair types (mine's straight and my friend's was curley). seriously, i think everone should get their hair done by this girl. Pros: chill atmosphere Cons: parking more

It's cool and great service too! 3/27/2007

There are two trendy salon/barber shops on Hawthorne St., but this one won't give you the ""you're not cool unless you are a rock star"" attitude or offer you bad beer. Everyone is friendly and occasionally they will have bluegrass music playing while they cut your hair. It's a place that is truly representative of Portland; it's much more interesting and less cliche than any other ""cool"" salon/barber shop in town. Oh, and you won't have a ridiculous wait time either. more

Colleen is awesome. 2/6/2005

Funky and grungy inside, if you like the Hawthorne area and cool off-beat people with tattoos and big smiles, you'll love it here. This place is unique, in that the stylists rent stalls and work for themselves instead of for salon. This seems to make them happier. Colleen saw me my first time in, and made me feel so comfortable - she was relaxed, cheery and open to suggestions, gentle to my hair, and went the extra mile to get it exactly how I wanted it. She can do anything from conservative to trendy to funky. I saw all types and ranges of clientele here, and they all looked happy. Pros: Cool, relaxed vibe, Good service, Fun Cons: Tricky parking more

Sharon 7/10/2004

If you are looking for a professional, upbeat hair dresser, who is awesome with color and color correction, Meleni is the best!!! I am glad I found her. I come from Albany just to have her do my hair. more
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