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Crow - Seattle, WA


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My wife and I were just there for our anniversary. Our initial impression was that it was a bit loud for our tastes. The restaurant is pretty much one room with high ceilings, s...


We had two birthdays yesterday, and out of several suggestions, we decided to go to Crow to celebrate. My partner called earlier that morning to make a reservation for 4 at 7:30 ...

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Love the food; Love the atmosphere 9/19/2006

I am very impressed by this lower Queen Anne restaurant -- despite the "high class" vibe Queen Anne often has, Crow is keeping it real. The restaurant was a great place to go on a date, too -- great lighting, great seating arrangement, and absolutely delicious food. The lasagne was my favorite -- I haven't been in a while, so hopefully it's still on the menu, but it was delectable. Thin layers of pasta with thin layers of the perfect sauce with thin layers of cheese -- yum yum yum. I love the bar, as well. Great place to sit and wonderful drinks. more

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Something to Crow About 6/14/2006

Last night we went to Crow for the first time in a year or so. I'd forgotten how good it can be. Crow is one of the numerous single-word named small menu restaurants that have poppsed up all around Seattle during the last few years. It opened a year+ ago to great fanfare, making it nearly impossible to get a table. The hype has settled down, but there's been no letdown is service or food. Last night we opted to sit at the chef's counter - my favorite place to sit in any restaurant (I'm fascinated by how a kitchen operates). Our server was prompt in explaining the evening special and taking our drink orders. Because the kitchen wasn't too busy we could talk with the chefs and got service directly from them as well. This included a sample of the clams and chorizo (more on that below). The menu hasn't changed much between visits. An excellent duck with bing cherry reduction and speitzel was still there, as was a tenderloin steak with big chunks of roquefort. We opted for salads and appetizers. For the latter we had the antipasta, which included a nice assortment of roasted veggies, olives, and monchego cheese. Next time we're going for the clams, however. The chorizo was well cooked and flavorful, and drained of fat. The broth was nicely spicy but not overpowering. The dessert menu had nice variety. We had a passionfruit mousse that was just sweet enough and very light. The rest of the menu was rounded out with rhubarb and ginger cobbler, sorbets, and a chocolate cake. The wine list is simple with lots of variety. They have a nice assortment by the glass. The only knock is that the place gets loud. But you adjust quickly enough and can have a conversation without yelling at each other. more

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Some nice food, but extremely limited menu 5/23/2006

My boyfriend and I went to Crow for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit on the late side and we got right in with no problems. I was surprised at the limited menu (I think there were only 6 or so entrée options). I had the chicken wrapped with prosciutto, which was nice (crispy skin, not dry, etc.) and my boyfriend got the cassulet, which was way too salty. Generally I stay away from restaurants with such limited menus unless I am pretty sure I'll love anything I order there - this is not one of those places. The space itself is a bit weird - high ceilings and the far wall looks like someone may have started painting and never finished or something. The women's bathroom is also quite strange. more

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Party in my mouth and a whole lot of style 5/13/2006

After my second visit to Crow, I am smitten. My first visit I thought the food was good, but not exceptional. Tonight I had the good fortune of sitting at the kitchen bar. This may have been one of the best dinners I've had in a long time. I do agree with earlier posts that the service could be better (flow/execution). The hostess seems to be a bit non-existant and they lack style at points. Nevertheless, I'm not dining at Crow for just the service, its really all about the food. We started with the Salumi cured meats, which of course were good (I wish my waiter had told me what was on the plate presented to me). Crow in some ways could learn from other establishments such as Volterra who are well educated regarding the ingredients on the menu. My green salad was above average, what really made the simple greens stand out was the dressing. The greens could of been a bit fresher. The main course is what makes Crow exemplary. My dining companion ordered their infamous chicken. All I can say is wow. This is the moistness, flavorful and perfectly cooked chicken I've ever tasted. I could eat this chicken at least once a week. And what amazes me is that after watching the chef cook a multitude of chickens- simply coating each piece with salt, pepper and olive oil- I wish I could replicate this at home. Somehow, my similar technique does not yield the same results. I ordered the fillet mignon- which was a STEAL at only $25, this steak was better than pricier steaks I've ordered. My fillet was cooked exactly how I ordered it. The Stilton on top was creamy and pungent. I'm surprised I enjoyed it after indulging in cheese all day at the festival (that's beside the point). My wilted greens with fingerling potatoes were well done- a nice balance of flavor. The steak really took center stage. Sauces complemented the food without overpowering. I truly enjoyed watching the chefs create their masterpieces. I found myself often wondering, how they could create such flavor with using such simple cooking techniques.... All I can say it that they know what they are doing and continue to do what they do best, let the food shine. Here's one of my only complaints. The wine list is extensive, however the wines by the glass are lacking a bit. I don't think the wine recommended by the waitress really complemented my steak. They should know, which wines suit the entrées best. Lastly, my favorite department dessert, didn't grab my attention tonight. Creme brulee, often on most average restaurants menus doesn't belong at Crow. The menu is missing the simple, I'm not super hungry and I want something light dessert. Part of this was my problem that I don't like rhubarb, the seasonal fruit dessert. However, there needs to be something in between the dark chocolate stout cake and the ice cream sundae. Dessert at a restaurant like Crow needs to have the wow factor- something I can't or don't make at home. None of the desserts offered this particular evening fit that bill. Regardless of the few shortfalls Crow has won over my heart. Crow is exactly what Queen Anne needs, a casual upscale restaurant focused on good food, quality ingredients and a stylish location (parking is a bitch). Crow has officially become part of my restaurant repertoire. more

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Follow your nose to Crow 3/14/2006

Seattle is really giving it the old college try at having a food scene, and in many cases they are succeeding. One such case is Crow. I used to live up the street from Crow and watched its growth from vacant office bldg to a rustic comfortable beauty. As far as mid-upscale dining in the city, I think Crow is top notch. And if there's one thing I'd tell you to order when you're there it's the roast chicken. I've probably ordered it myself 5 times. The plates aren't too empty but also not overcrowded. They're just right, as is the atmosphere in Crow. I love sitting at the bar that surrounds the kitchen to watch the masters at work, but the tables are nicely spaced as well, and the huge front windows and tall ceilings keep the place from getting too hot or loud. If you pop in and there's a wait, eat at the bar. Crow has taken careful consideration of the bar menu and the bartender is an excellent resource. Parking is a little scary, but if you park a couple of blocks away, get dessert and walk it off afterward! more

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I would eat food from the gutter if it was prepared by the chefs from Crow 3/10/2006

Every time someone asks me where they should take their date/grandmother/parole officer for dinner, I spasmastically yell out, "You must go to Crow!!" My godfather recommended this place to me, telling me that every time he comes to town he stays in the hotel across the street just so he can be close enough to eat there twice a day. Crow is the total package. It's in a great, central location (lower Queen Anne), and the building is an old renovated warehouse. The service is great, the drinks are tasty, and the food-- oh lord the food-- is wonderful. Try anything on the menu; my godfather has had them all and is equally enthusiastic about each entrée. I've only ever had the prosciutto-wrapped chicken the 10 times I've been there, because it's just that good. more

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Eat Crow 1/16/2006

As it turned out I had dinner at Crow A fitting selection for Friday the 13th (crows figure prominently in superstition). Here is my take on Crow based on the five stages of dining: anticipation, trepidation, inspection, satisfaction and evaluation. There was not much in the way of anticipation. The early-evening reservation was made mid-afternoon so there was not enough time to get ramped up. That said, I have been hearing about Crow for a while (a mixed bag of reviews) so I was very curious. The word on Crow is that the owners (formerly of Stumbling Goat of which I was not a fan) want it to be a neighborhood place for Queen Anne residents. As such, the menu rotates, the prices are reasonable ($7ish for salads and aps; $17ish for entrées; $6ish for desserts) and the room and amenities are casual, but sophisticated. While my companion, KK, parked the car, I stepped in to check-in for dinner. The hostess station was unmanned, so I stood there, awkwardly, not knowing what to do: Enter trepidation (Will this be a good night? What will the food be like? Will the service serviceable? Will it be worth it? Hello?) Eventually (a minute or so) a waiter came over and greeted me, followed by the hostess with a phone up to her ear. No word, no eye contact. The waiter checked for our reservation, selected menus/wine list and lead me to a two-top. He thoughtfully asked if the table was to my satisfaction. It was. But doing double duty (waiting tables and seating guests) he had to leave me before he could offer to take me coat. I reapproached the hostess station where a coat rack was tucked. By now KK had parked and arrived. Again, no one. The bartender leaned over to give me some direction about what we should do with our coats. The same waiter lead us back to our table and gave us the 411 on specials-soup of the day was Pozole with pork and chicken. Fish of the day was seared yellow-fin tuna over a salad of frisee, pickled onions and Nicoise olives. As we sat down the inspection began. The (perhaps) purposefully unfinished artsy-industrial room was sparsely populated: a couple at the bar, a deuce two tables south and a small party in the other room (created by a partition of some sort). As she was facing the dining room, KK noticed the lighting: drop pinspots over the tables, parchment-shades in the bar that looked like they came out of a cathedral and crystal chandeliers in the PDR did not visually leads us from room with room without feeling like we had gone over s small speed bump. However, the red neon outside casts a warm glow into the dining room. WIth high ceilings and nearly floor to ceiling glass store-front, I was concerned about acoustics, but ambient noise never seemed intrusive even as we were wrapping up three hours later and the place was bustling. After warmly greeting us, the first question off our waiters lips was, "Do you have a tickets for a performance this evening?" The answer was no. We were dining and in no hurry. I ordered their signature Sidecar (my litmus test for bartenders) and KK ordered soda water. Upon his return I placed our dinner orders: fish special with a side order of green beans for me and pozole followed by pear-walnut salad and the mashed potato cake for KK. Comfortably tucked in now, we settled back and enjoyed our conversation. Early on, the kitchen timing was solid. First came KKs pozole (traditional soup from Jalisco, Mexico). With tender meat and just the right amount of fat to make it silky in the mouth, it was just delicious with a fresh cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime (which perhaps would have been better served on the side so diners don't have to fish it out of the broth). Not long after came our entrées. I did not taste the the pear-walnut salad, but it seemed like a hit from what I could tell. Falling under the heading Gilding the Lily, the buttery mashed potato cake was curiously mounded and topped with toasted breadcrumbs. My yellow fin tuna was perfectly seared (pink inside) and I loved the salad (although not a huge fan of pickled foods), but I wondered, as you might, about the green beans. First chance I got I inquired after them: "Oh, that's right, you did order beans." Yes, I did. The green beans were brought to table (soft, but not at all overdone) and at that point I ordered a glass of white wine and KK asked for another soda. Back story: one of my problems with Stumbling Goat was stemware. I don't mind drinking wine out of a juice glass, but not when it is an expensive bottle. Happily at Crow the stemware is commensurate with the offering on the thoughtful wine list. But while I was pleased to sip my wine (can't remember what I ordered) from a beautiful wine glass KK waited for her soda. Dinner plates were cleared and it was time to consider dessert and coffee. We tried the creme brulee and the chocolate cake (which found its way home to my husband). What I really wanted was a glass of red wine and more time to linger at the table (despite evidence to the contrary it was only 7:30 at this point), so I ordered the Chinook Cab-Franc and we kept our seats. Evaluation time. In spite of a three missteps--a hostess who was MIA and two dropped orders--the overall experience was good. I credit well-conceived and well-executed recipes, a personable server, a well-priced menu and thoughtful wine list. In this case, I was happy to eat crow. BTW: To "eat crow" means to suffer humiliation and specifically to be forced to admit to having made an error. more

Great Restaurant 12/12/2005

I love Crow, been there 2-3 times and we are not disappointed. The Lasagna is particularly good. The best part is the service. Always good, and even though they made a couple mistakes once when was there, they more than made up for it. This is not a cheap restaurant, but is well worth the spend. In addition it has a great bar and a fantastic wine list. more

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Cozy, Hot Spot w/ Quality Bites 12/11/2005

I dined for the second time at Crow and was as impressed as the first go round at this Queen Anne trendy restaurant. I didn't make a reservation so just showed up and was able to eat at the bar which offered the full menu. The restaurant offers 3 seating areas--the main dining room, the kitchen bar (stools overlooking the kitchen) and the bar (stools overlooking the bar area). The food was great---cured meat selection was a solid starter, followed by the pear & Roquefort cheese salad. We had the duck and steak; the steak was very tender for a NY strip with lots of flavor. We finished off with the trio of chocolate dessert of which the pots de creme was our favorite. Additionally the wine list is nice as they have lots of great options for >$40. Finally, I thought everyone from the Host to bartender were very friendly, helpful and professional. This is worth a visit if you haven't been already. more

wow! 9/12/2005

Tasty food; pleasant environs; competent service; and a scene, albeit a fairly low-key one. Always a pleasant experience (if you can get in! In that vein, try the kitchen counter.). more

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Superb Restaurant 8/15/2005

Craig and Jessie do a bang-up job of serving right-sized portions at prices that come in under the downtown elite. Not or trendy, these are dishes that are done well, timed perfectly, and in a setting that makes for a timeless restaurant. Great wine list that also comes in under the typical 300% markup. The crowd is also an eclectic mix -- Queen Anne opera goers, young urbanites, and oenophiles all. Soon to be a long-time Seattle fave. more

Crow 4/5/2005

From the moment we got there we had wonderful service. The bartender suggested great wines to suit our tastes and the server was friendly and good-humored. Our dinner was perfect, we each had a salad and shared the curry mussels and antipasti. The salad and mussels were great, but the antipasti was fantastic. A medley of roasted garlic, peppers, mushrooms and eggplant; along with olives, pickled beets and bread. Yummy, I am definately going back for that and the wine. And I want to try some of their drink special especially the Ginger Drop. We ate a light dinner so my review price is based on that. more

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Stylish neighborhood restaurant 7/29/2004

Just went last night (thanks to Brian B. for the strong early review) - definitely agree that this is a great new spot. We arrived late (around 9:30p) and they were still going strong - a nice showing for a place that's only been open a week! Stylish, spare interior; good menu (on the short side, but with good variety in ingredients and preparations); welcoming but professional staff; great food and a solid wine list. Plus, the bar is open 'til 2a, so if you want to make a night of it, you definitely can. Worth a visit! more

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The next great restaurant---go there---just opened 7/28/2004

From the former owner/chef of Stumbling Goat in Phinney Ridge. Off the beaten path---new york strip steak was amazing, curry mussels, great wine list and really good service. Get away from downtown and your usual venue and check this out---i'm going weekly! Try the Murder of the Crows drink--yes! more
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