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Cream City Kitty Clinic - 13 Reviews - 1900 Pewaukee Rd A, Waukesha, WI - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (262) 549-4228
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Cream City Kitty Clinic

1900 Pewaukee Rd A
Waukesha, WI 53188
(262) 549-4228
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Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI
Cream City Kitty Clinic - Waukesha, WI


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I have been happy with the past seven years of service. Having adopted two Bengals, there were many unanswered questions and problems surfaced. My male was diagnosed with an ong...


I have been taking my cats to this clinic for about 8 years now. Dr. McDonald has always been great and very nice, she even wrote my landlord a letter so I did not have to declaw....

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/25/2014

My sister and niece brought their cat in for abdominal and pee problems, and they told me they were told that his insides were twisted and if they didn't do something immediately he could die. They were told that the procedure they recommended doing, may not even work. A staff person told her that he may need come come weekly and needed a credit card on file to proceed now and in the future. They wanted 1200 upfront. She didn't have a credit card to charge that on. She didn't want the poor kitty to die and/or suffer from surgery after surgery (my niece had lost a kitty during surgery in the past and lived that kind of horror to watch). She said she didn't want him tortured and if it's that life threatening, maybe putting him to sleep to spare him from the pain and suffering that he would endure (she did not say that lightly). This broke her heart because she loved him so much, and that is the biggest heart when you have make such a heart wrenching decision to prevent suffering. As my sister and niece were crying about what to do after this shocker news, the staff, office and vet assistant, told her he was too young to put to sleep and they would pay for the cat at their expense as long as she signed surrender papers. She told me that she felt bullied and talked down too, but wanted him to live if possible. By doing this, she gave up rights to him and she wouldn't even be given the dignity to be there if he had to be put down. Her hope was drained from her and she lost him.\r \r They sold what they could to come up with the money and borrowed from family and friends and called them back the next day to tell them she had the money and wanted the cat, and to know how he was. She was flat out told that she couldn't afford a cat with problems, and they didn't tell her how he was, nothing, and the surrender sheet was signed, that was it. My sister has continued nightmares. Their relationship with the kitty was precious and she cries wondering if he is going through grieving the loss of them too. I live out of state, so I drove up to meet the staff. I met a vet at the front counter and she found the record on him, said he was renamed and another vet took him home after being at the clinic for weeks. She told me she could call about the cat, to see if we could get him back (I was relieved to know he was alive and hoped I could get him back for my sister). As she walked in the back room, another staff member came in. She told me that his procedure was common and a simple one. Just a blockage at the urinary tract. So at this point, I tell her that that is not what my sister was told. She said casually, well I remember telling her that he may need another surgery. Two very different stories. I said my sister tried to pay for him and this was confirmed and noted in the record, but she stopped there. Then the manager showed up and said they adopted him out (that wasn't what the vet had just told me), again, two very different stories. She was instantly very rude. She tells me conflicting stories. I ask for the record and they said I would need a lawyer to have them released. I pleaded for her cat. The manager grabbed the record and went in the back room and that was the end of it. I was mortified. Something is seriously wrong here I feel. They ask for all this money right NOW (no xrays were even taken of the cat too?) and that they needed a credit card on file (which she did not have and they told her to go get one), then high pressure, ending in her having to make a decision to surrender him, and making her feel guilty, only to refuse her pleas after she came up with the money. In my opinion, I truly feel that this precious cat was used against the owner's tormented heart and their tactics backfired (after customer had no credit card). Please do your research and trust your instincts. more

Happy Bengals 9/1/2010

I have been happy with the past seven years of service. Having adopted two Bengals, there were many unanswered questions and problems surfaced. My male was diagnosed with an ongoing urinary problem that has been monitered and under control. My female developed thyroid problems. Properly diagnosed and monitered, she is fine with daily meds. Without the proper diagnosis and meds, both of these cats might have been put to sleep. Instead, I have had years of joy with my cats, and happy with my clinic choice. more

Rude staff 1/22/2010

I left this clinic this fall. The final straw was Joans rudeness when I asked a question about food. The staff was less than compassionate when I was having my cat treated for a terminal disease. I was just given devasting news and was shook up when I was checking out. They treated me as if I was invisible as they carried on a conversation about horses and a vacation one of them just went on. The staff rudeness wasn't just a one time ocassion when I was upset. It was a very common thing I encountered over the years that I was there. The only reason I kept coming back was because of the Vet. I finally had enough and went elsewhere. more

Staff is Rude 12/12/2009

I have been taking my cats to this clinic for about 8 years now. Dr. McDonald has always been great and very nice, she even wrote my landlord a letter so I did not have to declaw. But, the other staff members always treated me like less than. Not to mention, one of my cats has had a long ongoing urinary issue and nothing they have done has helped the problem. Part of me feels like they just didn't solve it so I had spend more money there. They seem to push the brands of food the sell (expected) and didn't offer much advice on natural alternative diets. Overall, they are a cat specific clinic which I like. But I have decided to try other places and will hopefully be treated better elsewhere. more

vets great, not so much the staff 8/16/2009

The vets here are really vary good, but the staff leaves much to be desired !!! I thought maybe, it was just me, then I read these other reviews, and found that they ARE rude and condescending. I have been going here for years, only to watch the cost of there services go skyrocketing, and the professionalism shown to there customers plummet. more

Would not go there again 4/28/2009

The vet here was ok, properly diagnosed our cats diabetes, but I was very put off by the staff here. The office was chaotic with mess everywhere, no one at the desk seemed to have a clue when I asked any questions. Their prices are reasonable but there are better clinics out there. more

Wonderful clinic. Well worth driving 22 miles for them to care for my cats. 3/1/2009

Cream City Kitty Clinic's staff is wonderful. I almost lost my young cat to a urinary tract infection. He needed several medications and I was unable to administer the pills. The staff housed him the two weeks he needed to be medicated. I was able to visit him at anytime and bring him his toys and blankets with my scent on them. He made a complete recovery. That was 9 years ago. I am a loyal and completely satisfied customer. I am now married and my wife's two cats are also seen by the vets and staff of Cream City Kitty Clinic. I visit the clinic every two months, to pick up maintenance meditations and cat food. The staff is very nice and always ask of my three cats by name. There are several clinics that are closer to my home, but they don't offer the same amenities and level of caring as Cream City Kitty Clinic. Pros: They truely of cats and strive to maintain their health and happiness. Cons: None come to mind. more

Recommend Dr. McDonald but we were treated very rudely by other staff 2/26/2009

My cat (RIP) was a patient at this clinic many years ago. We loved both the vets on staff and they were both great with my cat. However, we left this practice due to the recurring rude treatment we received from the staff, mainly the office manager there. We were ignored, spoken to rudely and our questions were dismissed by several staff on multiple occasions. I left in tears when my cat was very ill and we were dismissed by the rude office manager as well as ignored when asking questions. I have to say the vets were wonderful and if you can ignore rude treatment as a client, the cat only aspect of this practice is great. But I will not give business to any establishment that humiliates its customers. I am glad I finally found a place to review this clinic as this has bothered me for years that I was treated in this manner. This may have changed over the years- as I said my cat was a patient there a decade ago. more

Do not handle difficult situations well 1/10/2009

Our cat died while boarding at Cream City Clinic. We do not blame the clinic for our cat's death, but we did not appreciate the unacceptable way they handled this difficult situation. \r \r First, they described the manner of her death generically and in conflict with our cat's personality.\r \r Afterward, they treated us with callous indifference when we picked up our cat's ashes.\r \r We cannot recommend this clinic to anyone. more

Callous disregard for grieving cat owners 1/10/2009

Unfortunately, I have to disagree with the other reviews. Our cat died while boarding at the clinic, and, although, we do not blame Cream City Clinic for the death of our cat, we did not appreciate the dishonest description of the manner of her death which did not match her personality in the least. more

Wonderfuf Vet 3/25/2008

Cream City is by far the best vet around! The entire staff LOVES cats. They are very knowledgable and helpful. They make you feel like they really care about the animals rather than the fees. Fees are reasonable. I live 40 miles away and feel it is absolutely worth the trip. Highly recommended! more

Cream City Kitty Clinic 10/2/2007

The staff here is wonderful. Whether it's an emergency situation or a preset appointment, they always take a great deal of time with your pet. Always willing to answer any questions that you might have. more

Cream City Kitty Clinic 9/27/2007

This is the place to go to if you love your cat. My cat is terrified of dogs (especially large ones) and doesn't have to deal with a waiting room with dogs sniffing at her. My cat gets good care, I never have to wait long, and the vets are nice and professional. There are a variety of beautiful cats that make themselves at home in the waiting room.\r The prices are more reasonable than the last vet I went to. more

Cream City Kitty Clinic is Great! 3/14/2006

The entire staff is extremely friendly & very compassionate. Dr. McDonald talks more to your cat than she will with you, but she still makes you feel very comfortable & confident in her abilities. Many cat speciality clinics come across as highly impersonal & leave pet owners with the feeling that they are nothing more than another fee - Cream City Kitty Clinic is the exception to that. Dr. McDonald is a wonderful vet! Pros: Cost Efficient, Listen to Concerns, Great Manner more
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