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Crane Daniel L Md

130 E 18TH St Ste 1T
New York, NY 10003
(212) 473-7798
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I don't understand all the negative reviews. I went to Dr Crane based on a recommendation of a friend and have referred others to him since. Dr Crane was the 1st Dr to diagnose m...


The receptionist, who's name is Nicole, is so bad it borders on performance art. I know several people who see Dr. Crane or his partner and we all despise her. She starts yelling ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/27/2013

This guy is truly TERRIBLE. Yes, I agree, this isn't the place for support, interest, care or anything else like if you are a straight drug fiend who is looking for a Dr. who will go to any length of illegality to take your money and give you some dope...he is your man. ATTENTION DRUG ADDICTS! THIS GUY IS GREAT! If you happen to be a decent human being...this guy is not. his staff is horrendous. Most of the time they forget to call and remind you of your appointment, on top of that, if they do, its a recording that is sent out and calls in the middle of the night sometimes expecting you to be ready for your 9 am appointment. On top of that if you ever want to call and check when your next appointment is proactively they will give you the run around by putting you on hold constantly, switching you around to different people and just straight hanging up on you to your face and then taking the phone off the hook so it seems busy. Yes they have hung up in my face more times than answered the phone kindly to help me and I've been seeing him for 3 years now. On top of this if they do talk to you on the phone they are rude beyond belief and the receptionist sounds like she's has a 3rd grade education. They will never check their ""e-mail"" that they set up recently so don't even try. I e-mailed them for months once to try and set up another appointment because they kept hanging up on all my calls. The receptionist is a very loud woman with a little less than class who yells about your insurance information and prescriptions through the whole waiting area so everyone can hear and it is very embarrassing. On more than one occasion she has scheduled me to come in on a day that the Dr. wasn't available or overbooked a day and has sent me home telling me I was wrong even after showing her the card she wrote me in her own handwriting. Of course there is no reimbursement if you miss a bunch of work 2 days in a row because of her mistake. The Dr. himself offers no advice, help, comfort, interest. He almost interrupts you when you are talking to him about issues you are having in order to move things along and get you out of the door as soon as possible. I literally pay him $200 a month for a less than 5 minute meeting and he doesn't have the time to listen to me the 2 times I have come in with legitimate concerns? They make under-the-table completely illegal deals with patients in order to pocket money and screw insurance companies as well as the patients themselves as though they are above the law. They called me in the middle of the night to tell me about an appointment I had this morning that I hadn't known about and I missed the message and went to work. When they called to inform me of the charge they'd be sending me for missing the appointment I didn't even know I had I said ""bill me"" and hung up the phone as she has on me more times than not. She called back to inform me I've been ""terminated"" from their offices because of my behavior and they're sending a ""termination"" fee of $100 along with my $25 penalty for not showing up to the appointment that was never scheduled today and I was informed of via recording on my voicemail while I was asleep. They are a psychiatric Dr's office...I'm very sure they deal with crazier people than me so if that is the ""behavior"" that gets you terminated then god bless them and they old money bagging manipulative drug-dealing establishment! They should be arrested! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/27/2012

Note: Christine Johnson is no longer with this practice. If you, like me, wanted to see Christine, you won't find here here. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2012

Terrible experience. I'd never recommend him to anyone I truly cared about. Steer well clear of this unprofessional phoney. more

Efficient 5/10/2012

I don't understand all the negative reviews. I went to Dr Crane based on a recommendation of a friend and have referred others to him since. Dr Crane was the 1st Dr to diagnose me correctly and have been happy ever since then. His office is efficient. If you are looking for coddling, look elsewhere. If you need counseling in addition to the medication, he will refer you out. I'm sad to see all these negative reviews as this will turn away some people that would have benefited from seeing Dr. Crane. more

No BS 11/29/2011

I think most of the reviews are pretty negative and I can understand how these actual or potential patients feel the way they do about Dr. Crane and his office staff. However, I would like to give a different perspective using my own experiences. I have been a patient of Dr. Crane for some 3-years plus now. From the very beginning, I was told by the then secretary that if I wanted a counselling-type experience, then this is not the place to come to; that this doctor evaluates your situation and determines if a certain medication or combination of medications is warrented and then he prescribes them to you. If effective, he continues prescribing you said medications. They were completely upfront about their pharmacological approach to patient care. In fact, the doctor changed my meds two times until the appropriate and minimal-strenght medications were found to help me the best, and three years later, it has made all the difference. As far as the staff is concerned, the doctor has had several turnovers and there is now a new secretary; however, I have never had any problems with the staff. In fact, if you watch them for any length of time, they never stop working at an almost frantic pace. This is, I believe, where the majority of problems experienced originates from. If everyone would take a step back and calm down, they would understand that under the more intense workload, anyone would get flustered at times, and what may seem rudeness is in fact trying to stay on top of the pressures of this job. Again, I personally have never had a problem getting satisfactory service from the staff. Maybe this is a function of my more patient attitude towards day-to-day life interactions, or perhaps of my deeper understanding of persons in this situation, but regardless, it comes down to this: Do you want to get service quickly and efficiently or would you rather sit there and be coddled. (There is no pretense here, and it is what it is.) Within about 20-25 minutes tops, I have seen the doctor, paid my bill, and have made my next appointment. I then move on with my day. The one problem I have had recently is with their new focus on e-mail communication. I have not been able to get through to the office over the phone for about the last year, and this I find disturbing. I feel a doctor's office must pick-up the phone and can encourage e-mail communication but not prioritize it. more

Unprofessional and Rude 10/19/2011

The office is horrible. Right in my neighborhood-but the most unprofessional office/receptionist. Nasty person and very rude. I wish i had know-my children behave better than Dr. Crane's crew. I am so glad that i did not get involved with the practice-i can only imagine what it would have been like in dire strait type of situation. more

unprofessional 9/20/2011

I'd go elsewhere. My impression over years of visits was that Dr. Crane had a revolving door--get patients in and out as soon as possible. I didn't feel like he cared much about me as a patient. His office and staff is also pretty unprofessional. Unfortunately, I recently had trouble getting my prescription filled--and of course he was on an extended vacation, with no backup colleague. I ended up in an emergency situation that should have been avoidable. I am finally going to go somewhere else after many years. more

Positive Opinion 10/18/2010

I disagree with the negative comments regarding Dr Crane's office. I think it really depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a straight-forward, no nonsense approach to staying current with your medication, then Dr Crane's office is the perfect choice for you. As far as those negative comments regarding ""the receptionist""....just consider the source. Her name happens to be Nicole and if you care enough to get to know Nicole (all it takes is ""hey nicole"" from time to time) you'll find her to be one of the hardest working, dilligent & capable receptionists in the city (especially in lieu of the patient volume she handles every day.) And that's precisely why I have such high marks for Dr Crane's office....because it can handle a large number of patients in an extremely efficient manner....with very little waiting. And on occasion when you need a last-minute appointment, Nicole will generally find a way to squeeze you long as your not obnoxious about it. Anyway, I rarely post comments for this sort of thing, but felt that a more balanced critique was needed. more

Not worth dealing with the BEEEYOTCH receptionist 9/8/2010

All of the below would only be relevant if you didn't have to deal with the total beyotch from hell who is the receptionist. Honestly, life is too short for that. But I'll pretend you didn't have to go through her and write a review of Dr. Crane. more

Do Not Use this Practice 8/17/2010

This doctor is rated one of the worst psychiatrists in NYC and I am not surprised. His medical license should be revoked. There are many great doctors in NYC and I strongly advise you to stay clear of this one. My first phone call to the office was a clear indication of how dysfunctional this office is. The receptionist is extremely rude and disrespectful. It is almost hard to believe that an office of supposed ""mental health"" would allow this person to work there. However, it speaks volumes about doctor daniel crane and his staff of unprofessionals. This initial contact provided me with a clear sign to stay away from this doctor and his affiliates. If the psychiatrist is allowing his office worker to verbally abuse patients, what does that say about him? In addition, this doctor spends ten minutes with his patients and that's it. There is no way that a psychiatric evaluation can take place in such a short amount of time. This doctor should be sued for malpractice. more

should be sued for malpractice! 6/12/2010

i was recently being seen at this office by who i thought was a doctor since they(she) was writing me prescriptions, but in a real emergency i was left completely alone. I've had terrible experiences in this office the doctor should be sued for malpractice and his license should be taken away! The nurse who thinks shes a doctor should not be seeing patients as she is not qualified to be treating people. The receptionist is such a loud mouth and has no respect for anyone nor does she care about confidentiality at all as she screams slurs and patients private information across the room! I think this office and all their staff need be reported and serious action should be taken against them!! Pros: none possible Cons: terrible receptionist, horrible doctor more

Worst Dr. in NYC 5/19/2010

I saw an article a while back in a prominent NYC publication listing this man as ""the worst psychiatrist in NYC;"" now I earned firsthand why. Research ability means nothing if the person is so greedy the avg appt lasts less than 3 minutes ( I have timed it.) And the secretary!! Not word in the english language fit for her, and thinks nothing of violating your medical history in front of a room full of waiting ppl anxious to get their ""drugs"" and get out. I never thought, in NYC, any ""Doctor"" could be greedy enough to keep such a wretched, bitter, disgusting human being as his representative. You can tell a lot about a ""corporation"" by who represents them.. I believe his license should be yanked, she should be charged with violation of medical confident. Worst doctor, by a long shot, in NYC. Pros: probably cheap labour (from secretary), ""croaker"" Cons: rude, curt, uncaring, lacks empathy, greedy, slimey more

Nasty crazy receptionist 3/6/2010

I would have liked to have written something nice about Daniel Crane, but I didn't get to see him. The receptionist insisted I didn't have an appointment (I did) and became increasingly, scarily agitated, accusing me of ""being smart"" trying to trick her, and when I tried to calm her down, she got even angrier. At first she told me she'd try to fit me in, then said she wouldn't. Then, in response to my patient inquiry, said she wouldn't. Finally she ran from the office and told the doorman to call the police. Another patient in the waiting room--looking very freaked out--told me that the woman is mentally unstable and that I should leave. I did. Stay far, far away from this office. Cons: Insane receptionsist more

worst receptionist in New York 3/2/2010

The receptionist, who's name is Nicole, is so bad it borders on performance art. I know several people who see Dr. Crane or his partner and we all despise her. She starts yelling at you on the phone before you can even say what you're calling about, and her in-office behavior is totally unprofessional--watches hip-hop videos at her desk and gabs on the phone all day. more

Great doc 10/18/2009

The most caring, professional doctor I have ever met. more

Great Doctors, terrible receptionist 9/24/2009

The skill of a doctor can be undermined if her secretary is unprofessional. I had an extremely urgent problem and was hung up on by Nicole 2X. When I made it into the office a week later, she got the doorman and threatened to call the police although I was just sitting calmly. I don't understand what happened to this person to make her act this way, but she is in the wrong business. I miss Christina and I want to come back to the practice, and I really hate writing these reviews and putting them online, but it's just too much to stand by and do nothing when something so wrong is occurring on a daily basis. Pros: Christina is the Best!!! Cons: Nicole Is the Worst!!! more

Secretary should be fired 4/21/2009

No matter how skilled a doctor can be, if his support staff is unhelpful, rude, and unprofessional it reflects poorly on him. Dr Daniel Crane's secretary who has been there a while is so bad and so rude and hangs up all the time that it has forced me to change doctors. I don't remember her name just remember she was African American and she should be fired in my opinion. She actually yelled at me and asked if I was crazy for asking why she kept hanging up on me. Considering she is working at a psychiatry practice I believe her choice of words was poor. With so many people unemployed these days, I am sure there is better talent out there. Pros: skilled doctor, but not enough to keep me as a patient Cons: can't get an appointment becasue of crazy secretary more
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