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County Financial Service - 36 Reviews - PO Box 68026, Anaheim, CA - Financial Planning Reviews - Phone (714) 632-2526

County Financial Service

PO Box 68026
Anaheim, CA 92817
(714) 632-2526
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As i read some of the reviews of this company i was surprise how peple putting them down, we never dealt withthis company before. this is our first time having them finance our ca...


I have an auto financed with County Financial Services, Anaheim, California - I got insurance on this car 2 days beforeI took it off the lot. I have maintained insurance on the v...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/14/2012

horrible experience with this company...I have read all your posts and definitely agree with you guys. I actually have already gotten a direct contact number to the company manager. she's ok...but yeah their employees are very rude and harrass all the time. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/18/2012

THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!! I called them to see how much I had left on my car and the rude customer service lady said I still owed $1,450. UM I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!! 8 Months ago they told me I owed $1.400!! and when i got my recipts of the last 10 months of payments I've paid them over $3,100!!!! And before that I've paid $2,500 my loan was a two year and they are tacking on whatever they are tcking on and then when I called to get a ledger so I can Matchup records she said NO!!!! she then told me I needed to submit a formal request in writing, with a self addressed stamped envolpe!? This lady was crazy rude then when I asked to speak with a manager she once again said NO. When I asked her how in the hell she can say no she responded with, and i kid you not ""its very easy,NO"". \r Oh, they haven't seen or heard the last of me. I'm not sending any kind of money till I see my ledger! And I'm hiring a lawer. wouldn't wish this company on my worst enemy!!! more

Harassing company 4/23/2012

I would say this is by far the worse finance company I have ever dealt with, late on payment 5 days and they start calling references more then once a day and me like 10 times (from random different phone #'s) mind you that is considered harassment if they leave more then one message a day! Seriously thinking of trading in this vehicle just to get rid of them. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone! more


This company needs to set on fire!!!! I think on the Application it ask can you be the most rude a$$ hole in the world? If you answer yes you get an interview. I had sent a western union and for some reason they didn't get the info. a male a44 hole calls me and ask why I hadn't made a payment< I said I did through western union,he says you are lying!!! I'm like excuse me and he says I called you at work and Rick answered and said you told him to answer, I said WHAT????? he said yes so you didn't pay and is why you avoided us that day. Anyways I go on to tell him the W.U. receipt is in my car and that I will call him back bcuz I was getting ready for work, he says no you aren't and I am going to make a not that you are refusing to work with us and I said are you fuc$%^& kidding me? So I finally just hang up on the a$$hole. Don't get me started on how RUDE L?O IS!!!!!!! He's a whole other kind of rudeness! I will be done paying my car off soon and I cannot wait to be done with these A$$ holes!!!!!! They call my job my home and my cell, they hunt you down and that's from that one payment that I made that for some reason they didn't get. I called and asked to speak to my rep or whatever they were called and some rude chick would not let me talk to him saying you are caught up we show you have insurance what do you need him for, I was like uhm bcuz I'm the customer and I called and asked for him WTF you stupid A44 Biotch!!!! I HATE THIS COMPANY!!!! It's kind of sad that nobody has anything good to say about this place. more

They only hire idiots!! 2/15/2012

Finally paid my vehicle off and Im sooo happy to be done with this idiots!!! My employer changed our pay from bi weekly to the 7th and 22nd of every month. I called to see if they can change my due date. After being on hold for 45 mins they said that they are unable to change my date. I was late by 2 days for 3 months (mind you I did attach the $20 late fee). They had this hoodlum ghetto ass chick call me. This girl has to be the biggest bi$^! I had to ever deal with. She called with a attitude right off the back. Telling me ""oh the car isnt even yours"". Cow do you pay my damn car note??? She talked over me and wouldnt give me her name at first. She really must hate her life and be miserable, So I called her supevisor the next day and he acted like he could care less. This company is the worst ever. They need to understand what customer service is. There is not one good comment about them. more

Worst Financial Company in America 12/20/2011

Go here to make your complaints on line, don't forget the period before the org: Please note make sure you put a (PERIOD) AFTER THE BBB AND BEFORE org https://www.bbb org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/get-started County Financial is the worst company ever to deal with they will hound you and talk low to you like you have a tail on your rear end and threaten to constantly take your vehicle if you or less than 1 month behind, today every one is having financial troubles and trying to make ends meet and this company is ruthless I BE SO GLAD WHEN I HAVE PAID MY LAST BILL WITH THEM I HAVE NEVER DEALT WITH SUCH RUDE COMPANY more

Worst Customer Service Ever 11/4/2011

This company doesn't deserve a star they deserve negative 5 stars. I have never in my life dealt with such rude and unhelpful people. Granted I am past due on my account but only by 9 days I called to make arrangements there is no talking to these people they only like to hear themselves talk then try and tell you they are trying to work with you. At least when I was with CreditWest you had options on the type of payment you could pay over the phone online or mail it in and they would actually work with you and were definitely more helpful than these people. The only options they want to give you is to pay through Western Union which when it's over a certain dollar amout they charge you $29.00 or to mail it in but if you're late they tell you that you have to send it Western Union and if you don't they will continue to harrass you by phone. This company needs to go out of business because with people like that working there they won't last long. I have never worked for a company that treated their customers that way. I worked for a tow company for over 4 years and we would have some irate customers at times but we still treated them with respect. I don't see how this company can get away with treating people the way they do. more

Rude! 10/22/2011

Today was the final straw..I had forgotten about $91 that they said I owed and they said I was 11 days past due..I asked them for what since I just paid a payment? They said can you mail a check today so we have it in our office by Wednesday because we're closed Thursday and Friday. I said yes, but I couldn't guarantee the mail. The woman said very sarcastically ""well you're the one that's past due, not me!"" I hung up! They burned up my house and my cell phone until 9:00...aren't they closed? They also called on Saturday but no you can't call them back but it was a live person who called. I'm paying my vehicle off in the next two weeks and will send it certified mail with a letter they will talk about for a long time! I'm not prejudiced but they say my name as if I'm Hispanic and leave messages in Spanish...they're gonna get an ear full from me...this has got to be the worse finance company around. I've already given the car dealership an ear full and they were shocked when I played all of the messages I've received. more

Effing! Bastards! 9/26/2011

Forget this company!!!! They dont deserve any star! They deserve s@#T!!! So I have paid all my payments on time until this month. im 12 days late and i get a call from them saying that they are going to come and get my car. WTH! I told that hoe hoe on the phone, that she if she stepped foot on my driveway i was going to cut her foot off. but anyway. they are rude, they dont try to work with you. they lie. and they lose s@#T!!! I would not recommend this company to anyone. and i have a feeling they will be closing soon. more

Worst Customer Service!!! 8/9/2011

This company has the WORST customer service I have ever experience in my whole life!!! I called to find out if they had received a declarations page from my insurance company and everyone I talked to gave me an attitude, when I requested to speak to a supervisor she said I couldn't speak to no supervisor and that she was going to make a note in the account so that they wouldn't talk to me again! WTF they don't care about their customers at all!!! more



What an A**hole 4/29/2011

I wish there was a place for a negative star. I just got a call from this company and when the phone rang, it showed up on my Caller ID as not a number but the letter F so i told the guy i would be paying my car note later on today and he goes well if you dont pay it by 3 you can say good bye to your car. I said excuse me? Long story short he told me that i needed to find time on my lunch to take care of it and if i cant find time then maybe i need to call CAL-OSHA and complain that i dont have enough time for lunch and just was very rude and impersonal. He said i will call you back to make sure you have taken care of your responsibilities and i told him dont bother, you are rude. Granted Credit West was not much better, we always had the rudest people calling us! I am very tempted to call the management and complain about NUMEROUS problems but i am three payments away of having my car and i dont have to deal with this s*** anymore! more

This financial service sucks!!!! 4/20/2011

seriously, my first time calling i spoke with a male who sounded like he was a gangster. he tried accusing me of accusing the people that i bought a car from liars! he kept switching my words around and putting words in my mouth i finaly just hung up on him and hope never to have to speak to anyone from this company again!!!! more

Wow credit west sold our accounts to thugs 4/11/2011

This company is real shady all, the years i had credit west i didnt have a problem. Credit west already knew i was unemployed and worked with my payments for 2 years. Now im close to payoff got a call from these thugs and now they say im behind a whole payment when i clearly have receipts showing i paid them. My online payments have turned to mediocre western union paymts where you have to pay 12.99 to send a payment. Im waiting for them to take the car so i can take them to court. It will be a good time to create a class action. (There trick is to go to the point you had credit west payments and claim you didnt make the payment because they are hoping some of us didnt keep our receipt records). more



paybacks are hell! 3/3/2011

i wish that everyone employed by this company had to deal with someone just like them. i have read the last 5 reviews before mine and each explains what we have suffered at the hands of this company. we held back making a payment thinking we might get some action.\r it made no difference. we are forced to pay but they are not forced to provide us with information on our own accounts. this is neither moral or ethical. their employess have obviously been trained how not to listen, how not to respond and how to aggravate people. i would be embarassed to be a part of an organization whose mission is to cause chaos, stress and grief where sound business practices would provide a better solution in servicing a loan. treat people the way you would like to be treated.\r if anyone finds a way to report this company and their unfair practices....please advise as we will be the first ones in line. more

Worse company ever 3/1/2011

We had our loan with Credit West in the four years have never had a problem. Last month we noticed this number popping up on our caller id oh 10 times a day, ok so I call the number back to find out our Loan is now with county financial service. I can go into much detail with times, and names and ext and so on but will not bore with the details. This company sucks, they are trying to give me a higher amount as a payoff. Thank goodness I have all my records from Credit West, they now are trying to tack on insurance UMMMM HELLLOOO if I had no idea our loan was now with them why would my insurance still have Credit West as a lien holder. It is now in the second month have yet to recieve their information by mail as I have requested in writing many of times. This place is horrible there are other finacne companies that will help those in need and treat people with respect and not hard core criminals. I HATE this place. If I could rate with no stars I would have. more


WORST service ever. i really don't know why they bought credit west if they do a HORRIBLE job with customers. i never once had any problems with credit west and every-time i had to pay for my car its the hardest thing to do! SCREW this company! more

Wost finance Company 1/28/2011

Worst customer service i have ever dealt with - Come Back Credit West - my account being 29 days past due and they repo my vehicle - and now for 3 days i have been trying to get it back, i call in several times a day and they just tell me they are trying to verify all info - I REPO CARS FOR A LIVING - and never would we make customers wait an entire week before giving them any amounts to pay - seriously they will not be around for long, especially with these kind of collections practices - HELLO FDCPA VIOLATIONS - i know my account was past due - but seriously 29 DAYS PAST DUE - not necessary for a repo .. more


This company has the worst customer service! I want to pay my car off now and they are making it near impossible for me. I have called several times for WEEKS asking for my payment history and a letter stating my buy out rate. They never sent it in the mail to me and SAID they would fax it but I have not received anything. I am so frustrated right now because all I want is to see a paper showing all of the payments I've made and they can't even give that to me. The people on the phone don't sound professional at all and don't know what they're talking about. PLEASE DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM you will regret it! more
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