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Country Home Learning Center

11909 Toepperwein Rd
San Antonio, TX 78233
(210) 650-3115
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Infant and Pre-School Care Country Home has helped me raise my three children over the past decade, and I could not ask for a better environment. When we arrive each morning, my c...


My daughter spent two years at this location two years ago. The facility is huge and we actually chose to send our daughter here over a closer location primarily for this reason....

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

My children have been going to this Country Home location for over a year. This was the first daycare experience they have ever had with being under the care of anyone other than family members. Country Home has provided an afterschool environment that I could not be more pleased with. From the beginning I have always felt that my kids were in a very safe secure environment. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the office staff and the teachers. Every afternoon we are greeted with a smile and the kids always have great things to say about the afternoons they spend doing a variety of activities. The teachers are very attentive and have developed a great bond with the kids. My son has ADHD and I was concerned about leaving him in the care of someone other than family but the staff has been terrific with him. I would recommend Country Home to anyone looking for full time daycare of after school care for their children. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

My child and I love CH. She started when she was about 8 weeks old so her and CH have grown together it is definitely her 2nd home. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk down the hall and have teachers and children know your child by name. Over the years not only has the school grown the curriculum has advance. She would always come home excited about what she has learned. My family and I have collected so many memories from the annual carnival to the spacewalk not to mention all the field trips she has been on. My child graduated from the Excel program last year, and she is one of the TOP children in her class. Thank you CH for making a lasting impression in our life. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

The country home on Toepperwein Rd has an awesome staff dedicated to the well being of each and every child. As a grandmother I watched my grandchildrens teachers nurture them. Country Home has a staff that meet the needs of all types of children. The teacher not only teach cirriculum by age groups, different languages and have really awesome ""bells and whistles"" but they are loving and compassionate. This is not just a job but a love they have for the children. We as parents and grandparents entrust these individuals with the well being and care of our childeren and many go above and beyond what their job description requires. The office staff is very pleasant and attentive. They greet us as we walk through the door and recognize each child. I recommend Country Home to anyone looking for an awesome learning experience for their child. As well as a nurtruring and loving enviornment. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

As a dedicated mother of three children all under the age of 5, I was prayerful about who should teach them and what facilitiy to place them out. My children are the most important thing in my entire life! So to have found the caring, compassionate and knowledgable staff at Country Home Learning Center was a blessing. My oldest who is now 4 has been going there since she was 18months and once I had my son and second daughter they too began going. From all of my experience the teachers care about my children and they are learning so much. Not just the basics of counting, colors, and shapes but also building upon the manners that we use at home. I particulary like the fact that they are learning spanish also. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/14/2013

Our son has been attending Country Home now for about 7 months. He comes here for after school care. We are very pleased with the facility as well as the staff. The front desk is extremely welcoming and friendly. Our son speaks highly of the teachers in his room and enjoys coming here daily. At first he did not want to attend an after school program and now he gets upset if he cant go! Its a great feeling to be able to go to work and feel comfortable with leaving you child in the care of someone else. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for a safe, fun, learning environment for their child to learn and grow! The rates are high, but when it comes to the welfare of our child we are willing to pay for exceptional service. Thank you Country Home for all that you do and taking such great care of our son!! \r \r Very Happy Parents more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/13/2013

The Country Home on Topperwein cares for and about our children.\r \r Its stressful and emotional wether you are a new or experienced parent leaving your children for hours, but with the employees at County Home on topperwein we know our 3 month old (the nursey staff is great) and our 5 year old, who has attended since 1, are very well taken care of. Not only are they cared for by the teachers in the classroom, the staff running the facility Jeneva, Miranda, Susan and Kimberly also have our childrens best interest at HEART. \r \r This County Home isn't just a daycare it's a learning facility and extended family for the children attending...They will know everyone from Ms. Sylvia the cook, to Mr. John the bus driver.\r \r Thank you Country Home staff, for taking care of and caring about our children. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2012

NICE FACILITY but POOR POOR TEACHER RETENTION: I have a 3-year old attending this Toepperwein location for a couple of years now, and a baby attending for only a few months. I'm updating my last review from less than a year ago.\r \r TEACHERS: At first look, we loved this place, BUT after we have been here for a while, we start to notice that the place is doing something wrong because it cannot keep good teachers. Low benefits and how they are treated are the rumored reasons above low pay reason. By the way, this does not stop the school from up the tuition every year using pay increase as the reason for the tuition increase. In fact, I asked a teacher once if they got a pay increase after we had a tuition increase, they did not. The infant rooms seems to retain good teachers, but we have only had them for a few months. In my last review, I named 3-4 great and permanent teachers (from toddler room to 2-year old rooms) that we were lucky enough to have, but they are all gone now, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. My son is too young to put his feelings into words, but we just had another excellent teacher leave, and suddenly he does not want to go to school again. He cries every morning and begs me to stay home. At night, he asks me if he can stay home. It breaks my heart to see him like this, and I'm looking into a possible transfer. We have gone through a few of those, and I've concluded that every times he acts this way, it is because he loose stability due to a permanent teacher leaving, and we are stuck with substitutes who may be nice but do not know our kids and cannot offer our 2-3 year olds stable guidance and solid curriculum. I am torn and upset. I like this location due to convenience and close proximity to my work, but I cannot watch my son go through this. We pay handsomely for our kids to attend this place because we want the best for them. Above all, I want my kids to enjoy daycare/preschool, and that was the initial draw to Country Home because all of its bells and whistles like indoor playgrounds, splash deck, pool, mini-golf, computer room...etc. But after a while, you realize as nice of the facility this is and as nice as the office staff are, this place can't keep one thing that is the heart and soul of my child's daycare life-good stable TEACHERS. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/8/2012

My son, Alexander, has been attending Country Home since April 2011 and we have been extremely pleased with everything they do, from the daily activities to the nutritious meals they serve. Every day he comes home and tells us something new he learned and about what fun he had at school. I never worry about his well-being while he is there. I love that they have a printed schedule of the meals, the field trips and the weekly learning topics. His teacher, Mrs. Carmen, is great and makes sure to let me know what is going on each week. When I asked Alexander what he likes about Country Home he said, ""I like to play and I like to color and I like Mrs. Carmen and my friends. They let us eat snacks at school. "" Alexander will be starting Kindergarten in August and we are moving to the other side of town in a couple weeks so we are really going to miss Country Home. It's been wonderful for us. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/7/2012

If you are looking for peace of mind then Country Home is definitely the place to go. I have had my son there only a few months and wish I had started there as an infant. We have tried in home daycare as well as another learning center but neither provided the assurance that Country Home does. My son Ezra loves going to school to learn and play. I have not had a single worry since enrolling him there in April. I'm so thrilled about his progress at Country Home that my baby will be attending as soon as she arrives! Ezra is only three and can sing his ABC's he knows his 123's. I see him coming out of his shell so much in just a few months that he has been there. more

Very questionable. 2/29/2012

We have had our daughter in this school for alomost a year. As a new parent, I was very worried about leaving my daughter with someone who wasn't family or with someone who might not care for her like I would. \r \r When she started at Country Home, she was very shy and was very nervous about being in a new place. In the 2 year old classe she did great. Her teachers were both very sweet and caring. They did such a great job of helping her adjust to the idea of daycare. Then they moved her to the 2 and 1/2 year old class. The teacher in this class has done a fantastic job of potty training her, teaching her spanish, and saying her prayers before snack time. HOWEVER, she soon started coming home with these red abrasions on her little but. \r \r The first time it happened no one in the school notified me. We found it in her after we got her home one night. The next morning we went to the school with our concern and they did not have any answers for us. They tried to say that she came to school that day with the abrasion. There is no way this could happen. My daughter gets a bath EVERY night, she has since she was a tiny baby. Then they said that it looked like a staff infection and she could not be left at school until she came back witha doctors note. We took her to the doctor and confirmed it was not a staff infection. \r \r About a month later I received a call from the school that she had a blister on the top part of her but where her back and but met and another on her left but cheek. The said that the blisters were small and looked like they had been there for a while. Again, I was concerned becasue she had gotten a bath the night before and no markings on her but. I had also gotten her dressed the morning of and she still had nothing on her. When I went to pick her up that afternoon I found what looked like major scratched on her but. These were red, and almost looked like burn marks. When I went to the office to discuss the marks they told me again, that they had no idea where the markings came from and then suggested that she had come into school like that. Again, I give my child a bath EVERY night. \r \r When I asked my child what happened she said that another child had hurt her. When I mentioned that to the school they said that child was not in her class any longer. Needless to say, I have a child that is being dropped off perfectly fine every day and when I go to pick her up she has these red marks on her but. Yet, no one can tell us how she got this way. They're quick to say that my child came into shcool with these marks on her. We are pulling her out of the school and would not reccomend Country Home to anyone. more

Great facility, poor teacher retention 2/10/2012

My daughter spent two years at this location two years ago. The facility is huge and we actually chose to send our daughter here over a closer location primarily for this reason. In general, we had a great experience, but did notice alot of teacher turnover. The office staff constantly moves the children to different classes to make room for the younger ones coming up. Then, for some unknown reason, they also switch the teachers around. This can be quite disruptive to little kids. Flashforward 2 years later - and the teacher turnover is unacceptable. My son was at this location for about a month in the 2 year old class. The whole time, there was not a permanent teacher, but a constant array of substitutes. Sometimes, they would simply move different kids to different classes (wherever there was room). Aside from a lice incident (which can happen at any daycare) and a disruptive child who was constantly hitting and biting my son and other children in the class (a co-worker's child was in the same class and I personally witnessed an incident during pick-up), he came very sad and was crying every time I picked him up. The day I was voicing my concern to the front office person on staff, another father was voicing his concern over his child being bit ""again - and this time drawing blood"". I thought daycares were required to file accident reports? Needless to say, we are out of there. I cannot honestly say that I know why this particular location has such high turnover, but I wouldn't recommend this daycare for toddlers or 2 year olds. Once you get into the 3 year old, 4 year old, and kinder classes, the teacher retention is higher (for obvious reasons). But toddlers and 2 year olds are notoriously difficult. Why does this particular daycare seems to have so much trouble keeping teachers over other daycares? The teacher my son now has at the Galleria Fair location has been there 8 years and we are very happy there. more

Excellent Staff 1/23/2011

My son has been attending Country Home for the last year. We are very impressed with how attentive the staff are to his needs, and how positive his social experience has been with his classmates. He really enjoys going to daycare, and is very attached to teachers and peers there. Country Home has provided many activities and experiences that he would not get at another daycare. more

Wonderful Staff And Teachers 1/23/2011

Country Home Learning Center has provided and continues to provide my children with a safe, loving, friendly and professional environment during our time away from our children. My oldest has been with them for 4 years and is now in the after school programs and my youngest started at 12 weeks of age and is now almost 3. Country Home has so many different resources, classes and tools available to them that allow the children to learn and grow socially and developmentally. The teachers and staff are wonderful with the children and show such compassion for the children and their jobs. It is an immeasurable value knowing that Country Home loves and cares for my children and is there to help and promote their development and education. more

The pick up down facility is awesome 1/21/2011

My two sons have attended County Home for the past two years. The teachers at Country Home really try to create an environment that is structured and conductive to learning. The administrative staff has always taken care of any issues immediately which I really appreciate being a working parent. This child care facility is more interested in doing right by your child than in filling out surveys for parents so they can make The Best of Austin List--yes, another facility does do this regularly. The field trips that the children attend during the school year are educational and during the summer they team up with Aqua Tots which is wonderful. Country Home also drops off and picks up from local elementary schools for before and after school childcare and they open at 6:30am so working parents can feel secure knowing their children are safe and being dropped off and picked up by someone they trust. more

Children have blast in fun activities 1/21/2011

My daughters have been going to Country Home Learning Center for almost a year, and they have learned so much more than I could have imagined during that time. They love all of the fun activities from gym time to the computer lab to the cooking lessons. My four-year-old always has a blast on the field trips, going to the Country Home ranch or other places around San Antonio. The teachers are very friendly and truly care about each of the children individually. Class sizes are never too big, and are very appropriately divided by age groups. I recommend County Home to my friends all the time, and would not want my children in any other school! more

The Security And Cleanliness Is Very Impressive 1/21/2011

Country Home Learning Center is a fantastic daycare. My husband and I were impressed from the moment we entered the daycare with the level of cleanliness, apparent structure, and security measures taken to ensure that children are provided the best level of care in a learning environment. We have two small children, a two year old and 5 month old, who are both enrolled. My oldest was rather shy and timid when he first started. He now knows parts of his ABCs and can count to ten by himself. They teach young children some very important fundamentals in a fun and easy to learn way. The level of care provided by Country Home Learning Center surpasses that of most daycare facilities. The staff is always kind, curteous, and willing to answer any of your questions. I never feel uncomfortable bringing an issue regarding my children to thier attention. They are always so pleasant and my children love them as well. I believe that actions speak louder than words. My two year old now is often extremely happy to go to daycare. He smiles and waves goodbye to me. This is a sure sign that they keep them happily entertained in a safe, clean, learning environment. I highly recommend Country Home Learning Center to any parent! I am hoping to keep my children enrolled until they are too old to attend. Kudos to the Country Home Learning Center staff and management. more

Country Home Is A Great Child Care Facility 1/21/2011

Country Home provides a safe, educational learning environment for children. My daughter loves her present and past teachers each of who foster her character growth and unique personality. The clean, child friendly facility encourages interactive, hands on play along with education opportunities such as vocabulary development (both English and Spanish), imaginative play, and development of age appropriate skills. Learning skills, retelling stories, singing new songs and talking about her day, ensure me that Country Home is a great child care facility. I will be confident to send a second child there as well. more

The 7 Seven Year Trusted Personal Experience 1/21/2011

My children have been in the wonderful care of Country Home for 7 years. I have trusted the staff and the Director with my most precious daughters. They have learned manners, politeness, prayer, and the fundamentals needed for Kindergarten. Special dietary concerns have been accommodated with safety as their foremost thought. We have developed an understanding and appreciation for the teachers and I am always touched when they stop in the hall to hug my child that has outgrown their classroom and now attends elementary school. As a working mother, I needed to find someone to love my children as much as I do and I have found that at Country Home! more

Very Positive Nature Of Teachers And Directors 1/21/2011

We have had a very positive experience with Country Home Learning Center. The directors and teachers have provided a family friendly environment for my daughter for 3 years. She is greeted by name in the mornings, in the halls and as she leaves almost daily. My few concerns have been taken serious and handled swiftly. Most importantly, my daughter has been very happy and flourished each year. more

The Staff Is Friendly And Knowledgeable 1/20/2011

My children have gone to Country Home Learning Center for 4 years. The staff is friendly and knowledgable. They have several different types of activities which my children have enjoyed including computer centers, soda shop, spanish lessions, library, waterpark, etc. I would recommend Country Home Learning Center. more
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