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Country Club Place Apartments - 18 Reviews - 1400 Aberdeen Ct, Saint Charles, MO - Rental & Roommate Agencies Reviews - Phone (877) 490-1724

Country Club Place Apartments

1400 Aberdeen Ct
Saint Charles, MO 63303
(877) 490-1724
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Country Club Place Apartments - Saint Charles, MO
Country Club Place Apartments - Saint Charles, MO
Country Club Place Apartments - Saint Charles, MO
Country Club Place Apartments - Saint Charles, MO
Country Club Place Apartments - Saint Charles, MO
Country Club Place Apartments - Saint Charles, MO


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If you want 5 stars go somewhere else and pay 5 star prices, but if you want a good place to live this is the place. The apartments are compareable to other nice apartments in th...


This complex was nice a couple decades ago, but it is falling apart and current management is doing NOTHING about it. It takes several calls and personal appearances in the offic...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/13/2013

-Poor insulation\r -Smells\r -Poor patchwork/painting\r -Rude employees\r -Cheap/temporary fixes\r -Overpriced for quality\r -Outdated\r -Disgusting pool\r -UNSAFE\r \r We've been in Country Club Place Apartments in Saint Charles since May, and as soon as we moved in we noticed the awful paint job. There are multiple paint splatters on the beat up trim, and there are also random tiny black splatters on the walls. The walls have tons of terrible patchwork throughout.\r \r The linoleum was placed on top of the previous linoleum, and the outlines are clearly visible. We were told we have new carpets, but it smells like cat.\r \r Most of the drawers and cabinets are stained on the insides.\r \r The railings of the loft are unstable and unsafe. The closet in the loft smells like old wood and mildew, and there are red stains on its walls. Also, some holes on the door.\r \r The sliding glass doors do not close all of the way, and they are extremely difficult to open and close. This has significantly affected our electric bill. One of our bills this summer got into the $160's for around 1000 square feet, and it was still uncomfortably hot. Not to mention the bugs that got in through these cracks and how unsafe it is.\r \r The door to the coat closet doesn't stay closed, and the door to the bathroom is hard to close, then hard to open back up. The sliding closet doors constantly come off because this complex is too cheap to put in a bottom track. All of the doors look beat up. We had our laundry closet doors replaced because they wouldn't stay closed, and maintenance put new doors in that do not match the other doors. The deck also isn't painted.\r \r *We came home one day to find the first two boards missing from our deck without any warnings or signs. We weren’t even aware that maintenance would be stopping by. We’re on THE THIRD FLOOR. \r \r The showers have grout stains, and the floor to the tubs are rough. The water pressure is horrible, and the tubs were flooding due to the fact that the drains were clogged with hair, and other gross things. These apartments are not thoroughly cleaned between tenants. \r \r We’ve also had an issue with our refrigerator smelling. We’ve cleaned it out with bleach multiple times, and consistently check all of the food to be sure nothing has gone bad. We currently have two open boxes of baking soda in it, and the stench is noticeable upon entering the apartment. We put in a maintenance request for this, and Aaron wrote, “I can’t do anything about a smelly fridge. Try baking soda.” He clearly didn’t even look in it. We’re assuming a filter needs to be changed or something along those lines, but that should have been taken care of before we moved in.\r \r We have put in maintenance requests for a majority of these things, and most of the “repairs” have been half-assed just as everything in this complex is.\r \r Lastly, I’d like to mention that we’re paying over $900 a month for a two bed,two bath/loft, not including our outrageous electric bill. I do not suggest Country Club Place Apartments to anyone.\r more

not a place to live 3/27/2012

was there a year and they wanted to go up on my rent 180.00 increase in 1 yr fire place tile was broken up from day 1 and they never fixed it. patio screen door was never fixed from day 1 master bath room allways ran , never fixed . i asked to be notified when the walk thru was done on move out .. they never called. more

Most bang for your buck! 1/15/2011

If you want 5 stars go somewhere else and pay 5 star prices, but if you want a good place to live this is the place. The apartments are compareable to other nice apartments in the area, but it costs $200-300 less. more


I would not give this place your money, much less your time. I have had nothing but problems since I have lived here. First off they rented me a ""flood apartment"" yes that is what I said. When I called about it , they took their sweet ol'time coming down to even look at it. Mind you this was around halloween. My carpet was soaked all the way to the middle of the room!!! I had to move my furniture, and pull back the carpet and they sent sams carpet in with some loud ass blowers to dry everything. Then they were just going to leave it as it was !!! I said not a chance!! It took me calling and threatening I was going to call my attorney if they didn't get down here and RELACE THE DRYWALL AROUND THE PATIO DOOR AND THE HEADER ABOVE THE PATIO DOOR OUTSIDE. Again it took forever. They finally came down and replaced it, but didn't hang the blinds, they had put those outside and some of the slates had got blown around and broken. I once again had to call and tell them.. Look I am having Thanksgiving Dinner and I want some blinds hung before then!! They finally did at the last moment!!. I had to sign another 12 mon. lease beyond my control or pay them 900.00 for a month to month...NOT HAPPEN!!! IT'S THANKSGIVING AGAIN AND MY FREAKING PATIO DOOR AND CEILING OR LEAKING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS PLACE SUCKS. more

Abhorrent conditions, Rude staff, Worthless Maintenence. 2/25/2010

They let anyone move in, The apartments are falling apart inside and out. Drugdealers reside there, Gangstered out cadillacs constantly there with countless people with black nylons tied to their heads at all hours. constant vehicle breakins. Old appliances, drafty old windows. Heating and cooling breaks down at least twice a year. Maintenence does not fix anything in a timely manner. Potholes in the parking lot that swallow your car. No snow removal, and very minimal deicing on walkways. The rent goes up every year at the very least 20 bucks. Loud neighbors, thin walls. Leaky plumbing. Pros: Space Cons: Old appliances, Rent goes up annually, Maintenence useless! more

Worst Apartment Complex Ever 8/18/2008

I have lived in 7 apartments over the last 7 years in 3 different states due to work moves and have never seen such a poorly managed property. Our upstairs neighbors are very loud. The police have been called as well as the office. (7 times) the managements solution was ""oh we have had complaints on you ONCE as well. what we will do if the high school he said she said doesn't stop is just start evicting people from the building."" Maintenance came by and walked right in to find my fiance standing undressed in the hallway. She told him to leave and she would come get him when she was dressed. He then proceeded to wait 1 minute and just opened the door again. The management response. ""Oh sorry we will have him call and apologize to her."" NO PHONE CALL FROM ANYONE. The apartments place orange tags on unregistered vehicles for tow. This happened to my fiances vehicle on a Monday. Before the office lady left we went out and placed the new tags on. Then on Thursday 15 minutes before work they towed it anyway. We had to drive to kingshwy too get it. The apartments were very rude, offered me a gift card to pizza hut for my trouble, and we have not heard a response since. It is now Monday. STAY AWAY. Childish staff, poor maintenance, ancient buildings and appliances. Pros: apartment space and layout Cons: POOR, RUDE, AND CHILDISH staff more

Beware of 3/20/2008

there are things I do like about my apartment like.... Pros: you could have pets as long as you pay like 500 bucks! Cons: everything else more

Country Club it ain't... 3/4/2008

Probably one of the worst run and maintained (for the money) rental properties in the area. The staff young little 20 somethings without a clue. They are rude, unresponsive and rather accuse a tenant of lying than attempt work out a mutually agreeable solution. As far as maintenance is concerned... despite repeated attempts to have my front door repaired in some manner, I had a 3/4"" gap that allowed snow drifts and a cold draft to enter during the winter months. In the heat of last summer, when my AC went out, I went without for almost a week. Lastly, there idea of snow removal is to wait until it melts which leaves the vast majority of tenants stranded for days. Finally, something which may be out of control of the mgmt is the fact that electrical power seems to go out approximately once a week. Other than the above, it was a wonderful place to live if you don't spend a lot of time there - fortunately, I didn't. Pros: Convenient, ample parking Cons: No onsite laundry, rude staff, slow maintenance staff more

Rude staff, Corporate unwilling to resolve issues, maintenance upkeep is non existent 2/11/2008

This complex was nice a couple decades ago, but it is falling apart and current management is doing NOTHING about it. It takes several calls and personal appearances in the office to get maintenance problems resolved. The entire staff is rude. When siding falls off the building, they wait about 6 months to fix it. The balconies are sagging and look like they could collapse at any time. When they replace any wood, whether it be on the boardwalk, on the deck, around the windows.....they don't bother to paint it white like the peice they are replacing, so there are mismatched peices of unpainted wood all over the buildings. My unit has ORIGINAL counters....they've got to be atleast as old as I am. They are an ugly greenish brown and are scratched up. The dishwasher is ancient and doesn't close right. The carpet is disgusting despite the fact that we remove our shoes at the door and clean regularly. Every summer our 2yr old son's room gets invaded by wasps that nest in the buildings siding. This place is honestly starting to look like the government housing projects. The spacious layout of the apartment I reside in is nice and I love the large deck, but it is not worth it if the place is falling apart and they are unwilling to fix anything. Don't bother asking the office staff for the corporate phone number either.....they first told me that they didn't know it, then a different girl gave me a fake phone number, then another person told me to look it up under a company name that doesn't even own the property! When I finally did get through to corporate, the person I had to deal with was just as bad as the people at the leasing office! Several of my friends have moved out and been screwed out of thier deposit when they took very good care of thier apartments. Seriously, do yourself a favor and avoid this place at all costs. My mother lives in Villages of Bogey Hills right down the street and it is nicer. Remington is nicer too. more

NO! NO! NO! 10/8/2007

Due to military reasons, I've had to live in a few different places around the St. Louis/St. Charles area over the years, and I regard country club place apts to be, by far, the worst of the bunch. I'm not sure where to begin. They don't have outgoing mail - they reccomend the blue mailbox across the highway. That is, if you can get the staff on the phone. I paid my lease in full up front, and had to suffer through ""late rent"" notices several months. They are cheap, and the loft feature is a little unique, but so is the fact that some apts don't have w/d hookups and there are no laundry facilities on ground! At least you can use the blue mailbox on your way to do laundry! Pros: price Cons: everything else more

I live in a dump. 8/27/2007

I live in a dump, but you don't have to. I don't want to see this place make another dime, which is why I'm going to tell as many people as possible to stay away. Pros: location, price Cons: slow maintenance, staff doesn't care more


Typically people don't take the time to post a message online when they are satisfied with something, usually it's just people who are angry. Well, this is the latter one :P Pros: Nice floorplan Cons: Horrible office staff and understaffed maintenance more

Worst Place to live 8/4/2007

Staff is not friendly and the only guy in the staff is an idiot and does'nt know how to talk to the tenents. Pros: Old appartments, Not user friendly staff, There is only one guy in the staff and he is little bit mental Cons: not to come to this appartment more

worst apartments in st charles 5/11/2007

the unfriendly, unhelpful and rude staff is the worst part of life in these apartments. the appliances never worked for the entire 2 years i lived here, there was a huge flood from the ceiling that i reported and no one came, no laundry facilities, and SO rude when you do move out. i wouldnt wish this place on my worst enemy. Pros: none Cons: staff, maintence, everything is 20 years old. more


My husband and I thought this would be a great place for our family, the rent was low and the space was huge, until we moved in. The people at the office are rude! I called the office during a storm to tell them that water was flowing into my apartment through the patio doors and soaking the cartpet their response was ""Do you have a towel to put on it?"". Then after calling for a new microwave, because the dinosaur we had was no longer working, it took two months for them to replace it. We have mold growing all over our windows and in the closet where the water heater and air conditioning unit is and my two kids are getting sick from it! My neighbor also has mold and the maintenance has not fixed her problem so her son is now getting sick. This place is nasty and not taken care of. I need help from other tenents to do something about this place. No one should have to live in this! If we could afford a house or another apartment complex we would move. Oh yeah, I was told that when they replace the carpet, they rarely replace the padding! Cons: Mold, Doors and Windows Leak, Wood Molding is falling apart. more

Apartments are run down, appliances over 20 years old 3/13/2007

I would not recommend these apartments to anyone. They are run down and need a lot of work on both the inside and the outside. My window was leaking and I called to let the office know and they acted as if they did not care at all about fixing the window, but I was asked if I had renters insurance and when I said yes I was told good they can pay for any damage. I also had my screen door removed by the maintenance man in October and have yet to get a new one, (it is now March) even after calling them several times and getting the run around from the staff. I think that if you are trying to stay somewhere affordable these are not the place I would recommend. Despite the fact they may seem reasonable for Saint Charles; take into consideration your higher electric bill due to bad appliances and 20 year old windows that have never been replaced. There is no where to park ever. If you were to drive by in the evening you would see cars on the sides of the streets. Overall I have never stayed anywhere as horrible as this.The Staff well some of them are nice, not helpful but nice then there are others that say anything just to get you out of the office. Pros: If you want to live somewhere that you can trash your in!!! Cons: They place is a dump you would think, on average 700.00 a month at least 200 units, they could try to fix something where is all there money going, not to maintenance or renovations more

Renter Beware 1/23/2007

This place is very run-down, has a mold problem, leaking faucets and problems with water heaters. I did not move in after seeing the apartment. The model is very clean and not a true representaion of the apartments. Carpet is old and the property needs some major renovations. I would not recommend this place to anyone. more

this place is old 5/30/2006

needs better management, do not enforce any rules, full of 20 year olds, allows dogs at pool; allows 20 year olds to party at pools all night long with loud music; maintenance not reliable Pros: location, large apartments more

Just too old... 5/15/2006

Staff friendliness can be hit or miss. Maintenance took thier time to address problems. Sometimes it would be days before they would come out. Had a hole in the wall that took them over three months to fix. Pros: Close to major HW, Quite location. Cons: Ok management., Building is just old., Pricey more
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  • Lofts And Fireplaces, Multi-Level Pool Area w/Sparkling Waterfall, Washer/Dryer Connections, Gazebo With Grill Areas, Convenient Location, Minutes to I-70 and Page Extension, Resort-Style Living, All Electric Kitchens & Microwaves, Tennis Courts, Gazebo With Grill Areas, Open Kitchens W/Breakfast Bars, Professional Onsite Management

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