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Cotton Bottom Inn - 46 Reviews - 2820 E 6200 S, Salt Lake City, UT - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (801) 273-9830

Cotton Bottom Inn

2820 E 6200 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(801) 273-9830
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If you are in town or live here and don't go have a Garlic Cheese Burger, you are passing up a party in your mouth! This place has been around forever and is still family owned an...


The Cotton Bottom makes a mean burger, but I personally don't think it's worth it when you have the slow service and poor attitude of the wait-staff working against you. It is a s...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2012

In SLC on business, met up with a few locals and they brought us here. OMG, the garlic burger is to die for!!! The menu is limited, but with the cold beer, laid back atmosphere and friendly bar staff, this place made me feel at home in my local neighborhood pub. more

Garlic YUMM 12/16/2011

The best garlic burger anywhere. A cold beer and burger and friend a true great place in Holladay! more

SLC's STAPLE! 10/4/2011

If you are in town or live here and don't go have a Garlic Cheese Burger, you are passing up a party in your mouth! This place has been around forever and is still family owned and the recipe has never changed. Most amazing place in the entire city. Mind you, you will smell like garlic, but it's not something you can pass up! more

Real Review 9/19/2011

I have decided to write an unbiased review since there seems to be a lot of friends of the owner on here pumping up the rating. I have been to Cotton bottom three times over the years to take someone that has never been to the place and here is my latest review as of Sept 2011. 1. Don't expect a fancy restaurant, this place is pretty small and dumpy with worn out tables and chairs. This isn't necessarily a bad thing since it does add to the charm I suppose but don't be shocked if there is left over debris is on your table when you sit down. 2. Service: This is the biggest complaint from people and it is quite true. Every time I have been there it is almost like your inconveniencing them by showing up. Service is extremely slow ... plain and simple. 3. Food: They do have GREAT garlic burgers. 4. Cost: We paid 22 dollars for 2 Garlic burgers(they come with a bag of chips) and two draft beers. To me that is pretty overpriced considering the other factors. Anyway, I am going to try the busy bee and see if i can find a place to enjoy a garlic burger without the pain of visiting the cotton bottom again. more


I would give them NO star if I could. Doesn't matter how good the food is if they don't want to serve you. This use to be a friendly and nice establishment but I think who ever use to run the place is gone. The staff was rude from the moment we walked in the door. I have traveled all over the country and met some rude people, THE COTTON BOTTOM tops them all in RUDE. Save yourself from the frustration and go to the Busy Bee on State Street and 2100 South. Their garlic burgers are better and they are friendly and happy to serve. Plus I'm not sure I would trust eating anything from people who are so angry and miserable. more


It's the philly cheese steak of burgers! Garlic burger is served on a deli-type roll cut in half with cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc. Pickles served on side with banana peppers and a bag of classic lays chips. YUM! more


I Love the Cotton Bottom!! This is the best Garlic Burger you will EVER have!!! The service is great for this place because it is small and family oriented. I Love you guys!!! more

Bad bartender = Bad Service 9/24/2010

Been going to the cottonbottom for 30+ years now and have never been treated so poorly until last night. Mark the bartender was truly having a bad night has he ignored me and my good friend for at least 10 minutes. My friend finally asked if we could order as Mark stood behind the bar with and extremely bad attitude. My friend asked what his problem was and he immediately rushed over to our table like he was going to kick our a$$. My friend then said you dont need to act like a jack a$$ and he immediatley told us to leave. We then went back to the cook ( who i know has been working there for a long time) and told her about the situation. She refused to do anything about it and said that the bartender was in charge. We told her that we would be calling the owner today but the phone has been busy for over 2 hours now so i decided to write this review which is even better than talking to the owner in my oppinion. I hope everyone reads this and has 2nd thoughts now about going to the Cotton Bottom. Mark needs a lesson in customer service and and an attitude adjustment. more

Worst Experience in my life 7/19/2010

I actually was looking forward to having my first garlic burger from Cotton Bottom experience. Well when we arrived the place was busy (Friday afternoon around 1:30). The first thing we heard was the waitress/bartender whining that it was so busy. A customer was trying to pay his bill at the bar and mentioned his friends had never even had their order taken. Okay I thought, they are definitely understaffed. They had one cook and one server. That's it. I would venture a guess at probably 30 customers. When it was our turn to place our order it went like this...""Yes we would like 6 garlic cheeseburgers to go."" the server then said loudly to us ""No I can't do that"".pause.""So are you saying you won't serve us?"" she said ""Oh I'll serve you"" and we say ""okay we'll take 6 to go"". she said ""that will be at least 45 minutes to an hour"". We say ""okay that's fine we understand. We will be happy to have a drink while we wait."" She comes back. "" I can't do 6 to go! These people haven't been served! Those people on the patio are waiting for food!"" She was seriously yelling at us for wanting to order food. Like it was our fault that so many people wanted garlic burgers!! My husband and I looked at each other in astonishment and left. We were actually refused service! I have never in my life been treated so rudely. Not sure what the owners think of that kind of service but they won't see me again. I don't need to taste a garlic burger that bad!! Cons: The worst customer service I have ever experienced EVER! more

Don't believe the hype....This place sucks! 1/3/2010

I have been going to the Rotten Bottom Inn for over 20 years until now. Way under staffed and over priced. This place will treat you like crap! The owner only hires his looser kids that can't find a job anywhere else...They are rude and slower than a seven year itch. I gave this place several chances over the past years and I still get treated like crap. This summer I finally couldn't take it anymore. The food is good if you can get someone to take your order. The cooks are totally rude. One of the cooks is the rudest person. She smokes like a chimney and chews tobacco as well...NICE The bathrooms are worse than an outhouse and the flies outside in the summer are unbearable. The patio tables have years of stuff (goo, slime, mustard, ketchup, ect) on them from poor cleaning skills They have plenty of regulars (idiots) that keep this cash cow going. So the owner doesn't care if you like it or not, he still gets his dough. There are plenty of great places to substitute this vial place for that are close by. The Porcupine Pub Mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon (GREAT) The Canyon Inn next to the Porcupine The Hogs Wallow just around the corner from the Rotten Bottom When your out of town (or not) you want to have a good experience, not get treated like your a leper....Spend your hard earned money somewhere else. Take it from someone who knows........It's not worth the torture! I would give it a quarter star but it won't go that low. Pros: Nice location and that's it... Cons: Too mant to list on this line more

Sound like Doe J is a disgruntled employee... 11/20/2009

This is a little much don't you think??? You kind of went overboard with this one. Nice try though. I am pretty sure your silly reviews aren't going to ruin 40 years worth of good experiences! The only bad thing about this place was probably you. This place is great, everyone loves it! I love this place with all my heart & stomach! Pros: Best burgers in town! more

Great Food and finally Great service 10/22/2009

I went to the CB as I have many times before but this time I was expecting the same aweful service ( i only tolerated because i love the food) but this time was treated GREAT??? I mentioned the old crappy service and was informed that they finally fired the beast of a waitress that has worked there so long! All I can say is it's about dang time, I had a good time with greatfood and a cold coors! I am excited to tell all my friends that the CB is new and improved due to the new fun young staff!!!! But can i please get some fries?? Pros: Amazing Burger fun place fun staff Cons: No french fries more

A lot of character 3/2/2009

This place has a lot of character, which I think is what has sustained it through the years. If you're looking for a place steeped in local tradition, this is it. If you're looking for exceptional food, there are better options. Pros: Very cold beer, unique ambience Cons: Limited seating more

Cotton Bottom beats all 1/27/2009

2 things to mention here. First, the Cotton Bottom is BY FAR one of the greatest places in the world, and trust me, being in the Navy for 20 years, I mean world. Great food, great service, great atmosphire and great staff. It's places like this that make any city great. Second, it's all about attitude when you go to a place like this. (If you drive a Volvo stay home) and let you mommy wipe your tush with a soft wipe. You go to a burger joint that serves beer and you complain that there is ciggy smoke in the air? Duh. Drive you Volvo to church if you want clean air. Our waiter was fantastic. Friendly, remembered names, orders and checked back very often. And the food was, as usual, out of this world. Trust me, if this place hasn't been featured on the food network, it soon will be. Crisp toppings, great fries all around great. How they abtain that great garlic flavor in the burgers I'll never know? Must be a very well seasoned grill? I have and always will recommend The Cotton Bottom to friends, family and strangers on the street. Friend come to town they don't even ask wher we are going to eat. And they love it. I think some come not because they like me but know that we will be eating there. Ten Stars if I could. Pros: All around great place more

RUDE, RUDE, RUDE 11/20/2008

I had been here years ago and the food was pretty good, so we decided to go and try it again. BIG mistake!!! The man that sat us was rude and unfriendly.. when the gal brought us out our food and we said ""thanks"" (cause that is what polite people say) she just said ""yeah sure"" as she threw our food on the table. Burgers were not as good as I remembered...not worth the attitude you get!!! I think the people that keep this place in buisness must have been raised in the same barn with the people that run it.... WILL NEVER GO BACK AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE. more

Good Burger, Bad Customer Service 6/11/2008

The Cotton Bottom makes a mean burger, but I personally don't think it's worth it when you have the slow service and poor attitude of the wait-staff working against you. It is a small pub, relatively dingy and slightly dirty. I also disagree with the review given on this website as the Cotton Bottom staff does not make everyone feel ""like a regular"", and I wouldn't call the noise of loud wait-staff & kitchen, forgotten customers, and the occasional belligerent drinker a happy ""buzz"". Pros: The burgers Cons: Smoke-filled room, poor customer service more

Surprisingly great service & food 10/24/2007

We took a group of 16 to the cotton bottom for my 21st birthday (despite having many people tell me that was a bad choice because of the horrible service) because my husband loves their garlic burgers. We were surprised how many people were there on a week night @ 7 pm (mostly older people), but it ended up working out just fine & our service was wonderful (loved our server)! They even let us bring in our own cake as long as we cleaned up after ourselves. Great burgers, great beer. The only thing you may want to know before going is that they serve BEER..that's it. So if you are wanting to go to a bar & drink martinis, this is not your place. But if you want a delicious burger (they have some other food too, but why bother!) & a pitcher of beer, the Cotton Bottom is a great place to go! Pros: Outdoor seating, garlic burger Cons: beer only bar more

Shameful Service, Worst Burger Award 9/5/2007

Did I mention service was vile? After being dragged to the 'legendary' Cotton Bottom, I only agreed to go because the garlic burger was 'the best' available anywhere according to my friends. They will have their karmic reward for misleading me so egregiously. I met them after a morning cycle jaunt--they on their Harley's, me in my trusty Volvo. Place was fairly busy & has a suitably 'dive' vibe. Loads of beer signs, rank smell of stale spilled beer, Pinesol, and ciggy smoke. Our server came to take drink orders & then disappeared permanently. We never saw her again. Another server went to get our 'lost' drinks & returned quickly with the wrong order. We re-ordered & 18 minutes later, we were served our drinks. We detained the waiter to order food---garlic burgers all around. 20 min. later, no food. We snagged our waiter who was cheerfully chatting w/an adjacent table and asked where was our food? The look on his face indicated he's a) forgotten to pick up our order b) never placed our order c) was from another planet and didn't speak our language! Total of 30 min to get our grub. Eons in restaurant time, tho I can barely call this dirty dingy joint a restaurant. Fries were frozen & greasy, totally gross. The burger was on a big cottony bun that took all the moisture from your mouth & you had to take a swig with every bite just to wash down the dry mass. Meat was dry, gristly, had zero garlic flavor, or any flavor but that of stale grease. Cooked extra-extra well done in spite of requesting medium rare. Wilted brown lettuce, mushy tomato---save your money, time & karmic energy, this place isn't worth the effort. When we explained to our waiter--when he finally reappeared to present the unrequested check--that the burgers were inedible, he told us 'everyone else likes them!', made a big deal of asking the manager if he could take them off the bill. Awful service, food and atmosphere. How did anyone give this dump 5 stars? Pros: I'm still trying to think of one Cons: wretched service, awful food not worth eating even if you are starving more

Mediocre food not worth the horrible service 8/14/2007

The Cotton Bottom has a decent garlic burger but it is most definitely not worth suffering through the completely horrible treatment from their staff. The waitresses are rude and acted inconvenienced to serve us. One of the waitresses took an order from a table next to ours (she had to walk past us to get to them) even though we had been there longer, and she then walked right past us without taking our order. We finally went to the counter to place our order. We will not return to be treated poorly by the aging biker chicks they call servers at the Cotton Bottom. Cons: Horrible service, filthy restaurant more

Utterly Rude 7/31/2007

We went here not knowing it was 21 and over, they asked to see my daughter's ID she replied she didn't have it on her (and she is 22) to which the man said ""OK, then get out. Can't you read the signs?"" When we asked him if we could order food to-go to which he replied, ""No, especially not now after I told you to leave 2 minutes ago!"" I couldn't believe how absolutely rude this man was!!! And turning away customers that want to order to-go, it made no sense other than the fact that the man obviously doesn't have a clue on how to treat customers. Even though their food is alright, I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Pros: Food Cons: Customer Service & Cleanliness more
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    This is no ordinary beer joint. The ubiquitous Bugs Bunny image--on faded signs, in neon lights and as stuffed toy rabbits tucked above the bar--tells you whose cotton bottom...

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