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337 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013-2209
New York, NY 10013
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Corio - New York, NY


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Went to Corio on Saturday night for the show and Dinner to celebrate my sisters birthday. The bartender Roland was great, very personable Upstairs was Hot, show & food were AWESOM...


I have never been so humiliated in my life from the rudest and crudest Bar Maid who first gives me the high sign to proceed upstairs and then chases after me with two others and p...


I have never been so humiliated in my life from the rudest and crudest Bar Maid who first gives me the high sign to proceed upstairs and then chases after me with two others and proceeds to threaten me demanding a "ticket" ... I was actually meeting up with people who were already sitting at a table watching the show. If this idiot who later claimed "this is my venue" is the owner, this place will be gone very soon. If she's an employee, she should be fired immediately. If she's just promoting there, the owners would be wise to keep her far away. Even one of the others who seemed to be taking orders from her apologized to me when she was out of earshot. While I was waiting for my GF who had been sitting at the table to come join me outside - not wnting her to spend a nickel in this place - the Bar Maid continued her rant threatneing to call the police no less. I've been living in Soho for almost 30 years and seen plces come and go. I'm a native NYer and I can tell the difference between "attitude" and outrageous unacceptable behavior. If it wasn't as bad as I'm describing it here, I wouldn't waste my time warning anyone who has any idea to check out the Burlesque on Friday nights, what and who they may encounter. Hopefully, someone will read this and "Ms Its My Venue" ends up where she belongs ... Edit - Delete Pros: NOTHING Cons: Attitude more


i never write reviews , but this time i was compelled to. i was there on my birthday and the owner was sooooo rude and arrogant. someone made a nice comment to her , she snapped back in a nasty nasty way. then after he said "no need to be rude about it" , she kept going screaming, "i own this block , you F%$^&kin idiot". honestly , even if you do own the block (which you don't) who cares? if your going to be in the bar business you need to be nice to people. we were about to drop an easy $700 in bottle service , until that happened. don't be fooled by the cheesy burlesque show (which lasted 3 minutes) drinks are over priced and under poured. skip this place. Pros: NONE Cons: rude owner , doormen and over priced under poured drinks more

Don't bother 5/29/2009

If you want to go see some crappy show or band and have the management promote beer specials that don't apply to you and horrible service than this is for you. Bud Lights for 3 dollars but every other beer they charge 8 bucks. No sense what so ever..... And to top it off the place is dirty. Pros: None Cons: Too many to list more

bridge and tunnel 10/24/2008

If you are over the age of 25, i would not recommend this place... seems a bit seedy, and full of jerseyites... Pros: none Cons: expensive, seedy, low ceilings - gross more

Fantastic Show, Questionable service. 10/24/2008

I had friends visiting from out of town last weekend and decided to take them to Corio for "This Is Burlesque". The show was amazing, The entire cast is highly entertaining, all in all I would have to say this is hands down the best burlesque show in town. There were two buzz kills for me though, which is why I only gave 4 stars. The girl who was bar-tending downstairs before the show was terrible, serving us seemed to pain her. She acted like us being at the bar and wanting drinks was a big inconvenience. The second downer was that literally seconds after the show ended we were getting pushed out the door. Seriously, I was still chewing my desert and the lights came on full blast. The show is great, the girls are all gorgeous and the host is out of control. I will say that these service issues did leave a bad taste in my mouth, especially since is not a cheap place. Pros: great show, great room, food and drinks Cons: rude bartender, kicked us out 2 seconds after the show! more

Great show and awsome food:) 10/20/2008

Went to Corio on Saturday night for the show and Dinner to celebrate my sisters birthday. The bartender Roland was great, very personable Upstairs was Hot, show & food were AWESOME! Service was great too If you are looking for something differnet to do on your Saturday night I highly recomend DInner & the Show. Make reservations and get there early place fills up fast. Pros: Great entertainment as well as food & drinks :) Cons: none more

Best Party I've Been to in NYC in a long time.. 10/18/2008

A friend of mine recommended Corio to me last week and said that it was a great party so I decided to check it out for myself.. We went last night and I had the best time. The space is really cool. It has an intimate lounge vibe but acts as a club.. the dj was sick and there were beautiful girls all over. It's best to get table service cause the place fills up quickly so we did. There's even burlesque acts throughout the nite. All in all it was a great night.. I couldn't believe that spot was hidden in SOHO and I didn't know about it before. Great atmosphere.. We'll be back.. Pros: beautiful girls, amazing dj, great party, great service Cons: long line to the bathroom more

Disrespectful General Manager - 10/14/2008

I stopped by Corio one Saturday afternoon to inquire about planning an event. The general manager was upstairs in the lounge as I looked around the place. I asked her some questions and told her about my event. She was disrespectful and extremely condescending. My questions were simple and straightforward, but she could not undertand why I asked for prices for tickets, bottle service etc. She explained to us that even though we would be in a mixed gender group of about 20 people, for every 4 men, we would need to buy at least one bottle. When I questioned her as to why, she became hostile and insulted me by commenting that I don't "get out much". Needless to say I did not book my party there. If my 2 minutes of conversation with her were so unpleasant I can only imagine how unprofessional she would be once she actually gets the deposit. The owner should seriously reconsider her employment as she can only push potential customers away with her abrasive and disrespectful manners. Pros: none Cons: disrespectul manager; foul odor in the lounge more

Eat Before you Go 10/13/2008

I was looking forward to my girlfriends birthday celebration at Corio's restaurant. It was to be a night with drinks, entertainment, and food in one location, which sounds good, right? Unfortunately for my friends and I, Corio missed the mark. No bull-eyes for them. The burlesque show was pretty good, the performers had good routines and great bodies, but I found the MC opening monologue lacked energy and didn't immediately connect with the audience. As the night went on she did get better. I didn't have any drinks so I can't comment on that, but I did eat there and when I say I was extremely disappointed, I'm being nice. We would have been better off eating at another restaurant and only paying $40 for the show. There's a saying that to many cooks spoil the broth, I think when restaurants don't have a single focus, something gets lost in the mix. In Corio's case it's the food. The food and show cost over $100 a person when you add the tax. It wasn't money well spent as far as I'm concerned. If you want to attend a entertaining burlesque show, it will be worth your while, but make sure you eat and drink before you get there, otherwise you will be filled with regret . The entertainers put on a good show, too bad the cook can't follow suite. When I remarked to the Manager that my guestes did not enjoy the food, she was not accomadating. Be warned: Corio has a good show - but eat a burger before you go! Pros: Fun Show Cons: Food more

Amazing show! Outstanding Food! WE HAD A BLAST! 9/5/2008

My sister's birthday was coming up and I wanted to think of something different and special to do and a friend reccomended Corio. Let me just say that my sister said it was her BEST birthday to date. The show was absolutely hilarious! Murray Hill doesnt miss a beat.. we literally laughed nonstop. The girls in the show are HOT! LOVED ANGIE POTANI!!! I was also pleasantly surprised that the food was sooo good. My waitress was adorable and the service rocked.. loved the Zorita! We'll be back for our next big event!!! Thanks Corio for a memorable night! Pasties or Bust! HAha!! Pros: excellent entertainment, speciality cocktails more

So Good I don't want to tell anyone!! 8/14/2008

My crafty girlfriend surprised me with a date out on the town and took me to Corio?s ?This is Burlesque? for some dinner and you guessed it- burlesque. I have to be honest; I have not stopped gushing about this place for 2 weeks straight. The food, the women, the decor, the women were just outrageous! I would highly recommend this dinner show to couples everywhere... trust me it will be an eye opening and jaw dropping experience (and buy some pasties for your lady- she?ll wear them if you buy them) Pros: The food, the women, the decor, the women were just outrageous! more

Fantastic Food and Amazinf Show!!! 8/13/2008

A buddy of mine set up a double date a little gem of a find in SoHo. I was not to sure of what to expect, and was told simply to meet my friends downtown. My girlfriend, reluctant to double date?and more reluctant to go see a burlesque show with people she barely knows was happily surprised when she arrived and immediately fell in love with the space. From the movement we were ushered to our seats by an overzealous hostess, to when our first champagne infused cocktails arrived the two women in our group gushed over the decor, no doubt planning to redesign of our bachelor pads. Our dinner was amazing, who knew such wonderfully delicious foods could be served in a pre-fixe menu? I almost forgot we were there to see a show when a buxom blonde sat with us to brief us on what us about to unfold? moments later the host, Murray Hill, bounced on stage and belted out his opening number. Act after act, my jaws dropped, and to my delight, my girlfriend?s too. The women were gorgeous and all classically trained in dance. It was the perfect combination of old school sass and new school humor. All in all the night could not have been better... and we even went home with some pasties of our own! Pros: The women, the food and the ambiance..oh and the cute little pasties you can buy Cons: none! more

BEST Burlesque in the city!! 7/24/2008

A few friends and I decided to take in a burlesque show at Corio called "This is Burlesque" last Thursday as part of our "Girls Night Out" I was completely blown away! I expected it be all seedy and weird (like another place I've been to)...NOT THE CASE AT ALL... Corio is gorgeous and very chill. You really feel as if you found soemething secret- like a speak easy almost. The show was great, I even purchased some pasties!! My gal pals and I ended up staying afterwards where a DJ played into the wee hours. Made for a not so fun work day on Friday, but well worth it... I'm bringing my boyfriend back in a few weeks, I'm sure he'll love it (what's not to love about talented and gorgeous women shakin' it alongside yummy dinner and me by his side egging him on to cheer?) Pros: Classical 1940's burlesque and great dinner!! Cons: left me hungover the next day (although my fault) more

Best Burlesque Ever! 7/24/2008

This Is Burlesque offers the best burlesque show in the city, hands down. Whether you're a newcomer or you've seen every show from Lucky Chang's to Galapagos Artspace, the Pontani Sisters and Co. will totally rock your world. They are on a whole other plane of talent, beauty, and skill than the rest of the city. If I could afford to go every weekend, I would. Pros: Everything. Cons: Had to leave at the end of the show. more

Great Group Party!!! 7/24/2008

I went to Corio for "This is Burlesque" last weekend for a large birthday party of 15 people. Not really having an expectations other than the fact I was shelling out a hundred bucks to my friend organizing the event.. I walked in not really knowing what to expect. I was whisked away into the 1940?s and happily greeted by our hostess who ushered us to our seats? now that?s why we paid the big bucks! We were seated right in front!!! The wait staff could not have been nicer and as soon as we were seated our appetizer tiers came which were a nice selection of tasty finger foods that were anything but ordinary bar food I had been expecting. Now I?m not sure if it was that my friend who organized this was secretly famous or something, but the manager came up to us an introduced herself to us asking us if there was anything else she could do and briefed us a little on the show and space. .. then moments later the host of the show (Murray Hill- Look him up, He?s HILARIOUS) already grilling us for fun facts on the birthday boy (who later was pulled onto stage for an embarrassing dance off?and yes I have pictures) The show was incredible, the performers were outrageous and the food was excellent. All in all it was a fantastic night, I truly felt I had stumbled into a place no one knows about. As a Manhattan veteran, I can honestly say there are few places left that feel fresh, untouched and truly VIP. Corio is a small enough space to make each person feel special without bottle service or pretentious lines and jerky bouncers. Pros: Ambience, Service, Food Cons: Large groups MUST do a package more

Unrefined Yet Pure Entertainment 7/23/2008

I've been to Corio to see the World Famous Pontani Sisters at least 8 times since November. Perfect to take out of towners for the purest form of NY entertainment. It will be the highlight of their trip. Pros: Burlesque Shows, Food, Atmosphere more

hot girls! hilarious host! 7/23/2008

caught the show last saturday with a group of friends and it was GREAT, not at all what i expected after seeing other burlesque shows in new york. It was classy & hot & fun, real top notch. Like something you would see in LA without the velvet ropes or in Vegas but cooler. The dancers were GORGEOUS and the host was cracking us up all night. The monkey man scared me, but the more i think about him, the more i laugh. It's the kind of thing you NEED to see if you are in new york. Food and drinks were great, though we only had some apps. more

Such a great time!!! 7/23/2008

I recently went to Corio with a few of my girl friends for a birthday and I have to say...I was great! Not only was the service prompt and friendly, but entertaining as well. From the moment we were seated to the second we left, Corio was nothing short of an extremely enjoyable night out on the town. I can't think of many places in NYC that offer such a wide variety service and entertainment at such a superior level. The food was FANTASTIC!!! I would definitely recommend Corio for anyone who is looking to have a memorable night out with friends, great food and beverage service, and see an awesome show! Pros: Comedy act of Murray Hill more

Lazy and Rude Event Coordinator at Corio (Lyndsey) 5/19/2008

Lindsey who is a events coordinator at Corio is a poor excuse for such a title. She did everything in her power to make our evening at corio less then exiting. As we gave them business for 20 people for my husbands birthday and I begged her for 2 weeks to sit us together as it would be important to have the party all in one place. Well the smart cookie .. did what .. well yes she scattered all of us across the whole place. When I approached her and said hello and asked if we are sitting together she told me "we did the best we could" I suppose she forgot what her job entails to actually coordinate seating. She must have been getting a broom stick getting stuck up her behind to treat customers this way. If you go to Corio and you are planning to deal with Lyndsey be ware she might look human on the outside but she is a real b..chy witch on the inside. When last 2 people that joined our party few minutes after the show started she told them "go find your party and sit down" well the dummy forgot to mention that there were no more chair for my guest that payed $27 a ticket and they ended up sitting on the bar stools by the stair case. I really hope Lindsey finds herself a new job that would be more on her level of expertise something that has to to with pooper scooper of portable john cleaner. more

great food, friendly service, awesome show, unique experience 5/8/2008

Threw my best friend's bachelorette party at Corio and could not have been more impressed with the overall awesomeness of the experience. The food was excellent, the show was hilarious, the service was friendly and the drinks were delicious AND strong. We all left feeling like we'd discovered something special, especially the jaded New Yorkers/veteran nightlifers who came in expecting "The Box Lite" and were instead treated to something entirely original, authentic, intimate and unaffected. Can't recommend Corio highly enough for parties, celebrations or just a fun night out with pals or a date. The events planner, Lindsey, is a pleasure to work with, and the experience exceeds all expectations. Cheers! Pros: vibe, entertainment, overall experience more
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  • In Short
    Named for legendary burlesque performer, Anne Corio, this Soho spot looks much like any cozy neighborhood bar at first glance. Up a flight of stairs, however, is a larger space that mixes retro speakeasy decor--ornate wallpaper, red-shaded lamps--with more clubby touches like a DJ booth and lounge seating. Patrons nibble on Mediterranean fare, including octopus salad, rack of lamb and thin-crust pizzas, while waiting for burlesque performances to happen on the raised stage.

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