Copper Pointe


401 S. Gallaher View Road
Knoxville, TN 37919

(865) 686-5766
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I lived here exactly 10 years ago while in grad school when Copper Pointe was Concepts 21. My husband was transferred for his job & we needed an apt fast. With UT starting classe...


This apartment complex has a horrible office staff. They do not follow through with their word and do not treat their tenants with respect. I lived there for two years. While livi...

Worst Apartment Staff! 10/13/2011

This apartment complex has a horrible office staff. They do not follow through with their word and do not treat their tenants with respect. I lived there for two years. While living there, the apartment below us caught on fire (due to faulty electrical system), and there was significant smoke damage done to our apartment. They sent people out to assess the damage and promised that they would come paint, clean, and fix the mess, yet nothing EVER happened. Then when we moved out they billed us insane charges for not "painting or cleaning the apartment." Well that wasn't our job to clean up the smoke damage when it was their faulty electrical system that caused the fire in the first place. I would never recommend these apartments to anyone. It was more of a headache and stressful in general just to live there. more

nothing but bad 3/25/2009

i have lived here since 1 feb 09. this has been the most horrible place i have lived including growing up in the military and living both active duty and dependent housing on base. i have nothing but headaches. if you approach the office its he said she said. the apartments are not all re constructed as they state. there are soooo many apartments with more than two animals. may sound like no big deal even to animal lovers as myself.. dont be so quick to think so.. i have three above me, which not only romp and bark all hours but the complex only allows two.. so, you are stuck with what i call the only applies if it is in their favor.. i did not know about them when i moved in.. who would of chose to live with three hundred pounds of dogs above them.. then over the past week my neighbors beside me go and get a boxer pup that goes with the two grown ones they have.. so now we get to listen to them all day and night when the owners arent home.. they say they have on site security.. not true.. he doesnt stay on site.. three times i have waited over an hour and twenty minutes to have him show up to verify the barking at three a.m.. the owners arent home so basically its a lost cause. then no one cleans up after the huge dog business.. everyone wants them but no one cleans behind them.. again the office says take a pic and show them.. who has time for this.. we pay nearly 800.. a month for rent for a two/two.. i have repeatedly had nothing but nonsense back and forth .. the solution they have is for us to move to another apartment.. who wants to move somewhere else.. its the entire complex.. then they forget it costs money to move all the utilities.. or more kindly put they dont give a care.. its not them losing sleep or putting up with the mess i moved here from va.. and online this looks like its all that.. trust me.. go down the road to gleason.. and look.. they are all that.. we have lost hours of sleep and dont even stay home most of the time .. we are also in the process of finding out how to court because we cant get out of our lease with forfeiting two months rent.. they dont understand.. they should of let us know we had two .. over 100 pound dogs beside us and three above us.. who the heck would of chose to live with that.. if you think you want to live here.. come by on the weekend at the end or beginning of the month.. trucks are moving people out like ants at a pic nic. come by apartment building 18 in the wee hours of the morning.. i have met one person that has lived here past their lease.. you will be nothing but disappointed and ticked off if you move in here.. so save yourself the headaches.. Pros: location Cons: everything else more

Management has changed. 3/19/2009

Meriwhether Montgomery was the rudest person I've ever met, she never cared about her residence. Only about herself and her bonuses. Thank the Lord we have a new and caring manager named Cindy........thinks are changing as fast as I've ever seen. I Live in apt # 178 and have been here for more than 6 years..................Meriwhether, ding dong the witch is DEAD YIPPPEEEEE! Pros: New manager Cindy is the one who's gonna change this Place Cons: out of date, but as I said Cindy will be making great change more

RIpped off 3/4/2009

Copper Pointe is a rip off ,it may look like beverly hills when you enter but its more like south central once you' ve lived there. My children where verbal and physicaly attacked while living there and I had a motorcycle and three bicycles stolen. When we left we had to pay an extra month that we weren't there and we turned our key in two days early and they charged us $4000 for breaking contract by turning our key in earlty!!!! more

Stay away at all costs, very unprofessional do not sign a lease without going to your attorney first. 11/25/2008

Moved in April 08 here are the facts: Promised newly refurbished apartment. Got an apartment that was painted and the carpet cleaned, not refurbished with new appliances carpet and pain. The molding is all cracked and looks old and cheap, carpet is stain and appliances are not new. Their response well we can cut some of the carpet out of the closet hallway and replace the stained piece. Windows had no locks whatsoever and the windows were to be replaced, 4 months later still same ole windows, maintenance did however come in and put some cheap locks on the windows. Fire took place in the building I live in due to faulty wiring. Breaker did not kick off like it was supposed to and the fire took out 4 apartments. We were without power and water, when Meriweather Montgomery showed up we asked what we were supposed to do for living arrangements, her response was and I quote "Its a nice night open up a window and go to bed" and left. Then when the matter was pushed she told several tenants that they had a contract with a nearby hotel. Called the hotel she told us to go to and they never heard of Copper Point Apartments and denied any contract. Red cross showed up and tried to help the tenants and told us that the manager was no manager and was totally unprofessional. Finally at 3:30 am the power came back on thanks to maintenance. Oh and by the way there are no firewalls in the attics of these buildings so when a fire starts guess what it can run throughout the whole building with nothing stopping it. They are always threatening tenants with fines and such for not picking up after their dogs and are on top of making sure everyone has one of their parking permits, look out visitors you will get towed if you stay a day or two visiting without the parking permit. They do not respect your privacy or even acknowledge your rights as a tenant and Meriweather Montgomery is one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met. Pros: None Cons: Too many to list in this little space more

Pain in the backside 10/11/2008

The first thing I want to say is the neighbors are pretty darn nice and are really good neighbors. The new French Doors are a pain,I asked about a screen and they said they didn't get them because they were $60 a screen,so in turn,they raised the rent $10 a month,don't make any sense to me!! My better half asked about a key to the French Door,and was told there was no need for one because the door locks from the inside,DUH,so does the front door,which we have a key for. The dog pooh problem is getting bad,it irritates the heck out of me to walk to the patio from outside and step in dogcrap The parking is a major issue.I come in after work and sometimes have to park at another bldg., because half the time the cars in front don't even belong here,it don't do any good to call the office and complain about it or for that matter anything else,because it seems to me they don't give a hoot either way. I can't say anything negative about maint. they have fixed what I needed repaired and in a timely manner. I wish the Mgmt. would change and someone would manage this place that will enforce ALL the rules,not just the ones it is convenient to enforce. Get someone in here that will make a difference and maybe people will actually write a positive review for once. Pros: Nice quiet location Cons: Very Poor Management more

call the office, say u live here, ask to speak w/ meriwether, ask her to fix a problem, (make it up) shes a bich 8/20/2008

i have been living here for almost 2 years, the only reason i live here is for my school, they have recently put the stupid FRENCH DOORS to all the apartments, and i like to get some fresh air at nights, but they don't have screens, so i called them today concerning that problems, i have gotten alot of bugbites, my leg was bleeding when i was walking, anyways so i call the office, ask for meribitch, the lady says who is this, i tell her my name, and then she transfer my call, "Who is this" meri says, i tell her my name "what do you want" i want some sort of screen for the door so that the outside stuff dont' come in, i like some fresh air without any bites. "shut the doors, put a fan and turn on the AC" so i ask, can we atleast get the old ones back? "NO' "every1 has to have this" so i get alittle mad, i say "so we're all stock with this krap?' she says. " well alot of people like it, i have it in my house" i say, " not every1 is u, and not alot of people do like it, i have alot of friends here, they all say it stinks." so then she tries to say if there is anything else i say, no i think i want to move out of this krap hole asap, the stuff stinks, they are rude, she doesn't like it so she says "excuse me, anything else or not, i have other things to do, ok?" so i just hang up what a bich so myself and many others are saying do not even come to this appartments to even look at it, its a trick its a hell hole its meribitch btw here is the number, 865 690 7940 and also, i misspelled some words on purpose, cuz it says inappropriate Pros: nothing Cons: every thing, meribitch more

Not worth it! 4/11/2008

Aparments are WAY overpriced. The buildings are SEVERAL years old but got a facelift to appear new. We had several problems with toilets, air conditioner, and dishwasher. The carpet was supposed to have been replaced before we moved in but it was never replaced. We were charged an outrageous amount after we moved out because they claimed the carpet was stained and not cleaned. The carpet was stained before we moved in! The management is very rude and not helpful at all. They frequently change management staff also. Was very glad to move out when the year lease was up. I would never have moved in there had I read reviews before signing a lease. Not worth it! Pros: none Cons: everything! more


I lived here exactly 10 years ago while in grad school when Copper Pointe was Concepts 21. My husband was transferred for his job & we needed an apt fast. With UT starting classes there were none to be found. The Willows had one, but by the time we got to Ktown it had been rented so they recommended its sister property, COPPER POINTE, & the lady started giving me the address. I immediately paniced because I didn't want to move back into old, out-dated apartments I had lived in 10 years prior. I'd been a homeowner & was not going back to the slums. The lady at the Willows told me Concepts 21, now Copper Pointe, was under new ownership & that there had been $10 millon in renovations done on the complex, that 1 manager & most of the staff lived on the property, & that it was worth checking out. So we did. IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS HERE! THE STAFF IS WONDERFUL! THE RENOVATED APARTMENTS ARE NICE! WE'VE BEEN HERE 3 MONTHS & PARKING HAS NEVER BEEN AN ISSUE. WE PARK IN FRONT OF OUR BUILDING & IT IS VERY WELL LIT, WHICH I LIKE SINCE I HAVE A 2 YR OLD. THE NEIGHBORS ARE AWESOME! THE PLAYGROUND IS GREAT! THERE IS A DOG PARK. AND AS FOR MAINTENANCE REQUESTS, I CALLED BEFORE CLOSE ONE DAY ABOUT OUR OVEN & IT WAS REPAIRED BEFORE CLOSE THE NEXT DAY. OH YEA . .MERIWEATHER IS NOT THE MEAN, RUDE, DIKE PEOPLE ARE SAYING SHE IS. FOR THE MONEY, THE ROOMS ARE HUGE. THE LAYOUT OF THE APT IS GREAT. OUR 2000 SQ FT HOUSE FIT NICELY IN THE 3 BDRM HERE, WHICH WAS A MAJOR ISSUE AT OTHER COMPLEXES HAD WE EVEN BEEN ABLE TO GET AN APT. THERE ARE NO MOLD ISSUES HERE & OUR AC IS SO *&^% COLD I FREEZE TO DEATH! WE HAVE GREAT HOT WATER, GREAT WATER PRESSURE, ALL NEW APPLIANCES & CABINETS, & THEY WIRED THE APT FOR MY TANNING BED.........BEAT THAT!!!!! Believe me. My husband and I looked at 20 or more complexes in Ktown & simply could not beat Copper Pointe. You can't go wrong with Copper Pointe. Pros: newly renovated, location, amenities, room size, staff, neighbors, price Cons: loud ac, but cools great more

The Property manager Meriwhether is the most rude, smug, impulsive, unprofessional and two-faced DIKE in the business! 7/26/2007

The apartments and grounds look great on the outside, but that is as far as it goes. There is a mold problem in all the apartments. The heating and air conditioning systems are real old and loud. My apartment had cracked walls and poor job done on the front door lock. The laundry room is a mess. They were supposed to renovate the laundry room. Well, they changed the paint color and put in brand new washers and dryers in over a messed up floor. I have lived in 5 different apartment complexes, but Copper Pointe Staff and Management was the worst experience of them all. The only thing good about the complex is the neighbors. They were some of the best neighbors that I've had. I didn't find one neighbor that disagreed with me about the apartments or management. AVOID COPPER POINTE! This place is not fit for a dog. I had read some negatives reviews before moving in. I wish that I had paid more attention to them before I had moving in. They are real pushy to get you in, but after they get you in. Their personalities turn a complete 360 degrees on you. The guy at moving truck company, said that he had never seen so many people renting truck to move out of 401 S. Gallaher View Rd. The place is real bad! Pros: Neighbors Cons: PROPERTY MANAGER MERIWHETHER "LOUD MOUTH DIKE" MONTGOMERY AND STAFF AND POOR UPKEEP OF APARTMENTS! more

Horrible Management Staff 5/7/2007

First off let me say that my neighbors are really nice. Tracy was also a big help in getting me into my apartment. She was very nice. Otherwise, everyone I?ve met that works at this complex is rude and unhelpful. I would like to agree with the other reviews about the dog poo and the dust. I?ve yet to have to call maintenance for anything so I can?t attest to their lack of timing. My downstairs neighbor did, however, come back from a business trip asking if we had ?a big party? because parts of her ceiling had fallen in. She later told us that it was from water damage but said that it didn?t get fixed for a week!! I then looked for problems in my bathroom and found some really bad water damage behind my sink. This morning I woke up to a letter on my door saying that rent hasn?t been paid when it has most certainly been paid. Also the letter stated that my rent is $880 when my lease states that my monthly rent is $715. I also found out recently that this is the same company that manages my old apartment complex, The Willows. When I moved out of there, they charged me all kinds of ridiculous charges totaling approximately $900 including charges like $220 for vacuuming!!! Now the same girl that did that nonsense to me is the one who took my rent payment on the 4th and wrote me a letter saying the rent hasn?t been paid!! I?m going to inquire about what fees we?ll have to pay to move out and get out of this horrible place. Nothing is worse than living somewhere that the management couldn?t care less about you as long as they?re filling rooms. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!!!! Pros: Nice neighbors Cons: Basically everything so far. more

They are not what they appear to be. 3/4/2007

Where do I start?.. Ah! Dog poo. Something you will encounter time and time again at Copper Pointe. They have no rules against anyone and everyone allowing their dog's to poo anywhere. You may step in it, play near it at the playground.. it's everywhere so you might as well make friends with it. To tell you the truth, the poo is friendlier than the staff. Especially a smug, cold woman called Maryweather. Here are some of problems we've had in the 2 years that we lived at this awful place. Barely working air-conditioners, tons of dust in the apartment (which is a result of not cleaning out their vents in heaven knows how long. They didn't even have a record of vent cleaning!). Oh yeah, they told us that it was our fault that we had so much dust! Faulty heating system. One time it took them two days to respond to our request to fix the heating... in the dead of winter! Old appliances such as dishwashers that don't drain or clean your dishes properly. We had them replace our dishwasher not once but four times! One time they left us with a completely non-functioning dishwasher for a week. Inadequate parking. Most of the time we would have to park at a different building when we got home. Before we moved out, they kept calling us and asking if we can consider moving out a couple of weeks earlier than we had planned. How rude! And when we did moved out, we left our apartment immaculate and they charged us $374 for damages! They claimed that it cost them $80 a pop to clean the bathrooms! $15 to clean the kitchen sink and $125 to shampoo the rug! Not to mention a bunch of petty little charges like .58 cents for water! When we responded to their outrageous claims, they said that it was too late and the charges still stand. They even forgot that we left them a $200 security deposit! They even sent it to collections within a month! Talk about greed. Please, if you don't want more grief than you can bare, do not choose Copper Pointe. It's just not worth the aggravation. more

Most unprofessional two faced mngmnt staff in East Tennessee 7/25/2006

AVOID This mildy mold hole if at all possible! My timeline of being crapped on: 3 Months before I moved I asked the ASSISTANT MANAGER Jimmy (you would figure he knows what he is talking about) about breaking my lease (couldn't wait the extra two months to break free). I asked what all fees I would expect and what I would need to do in the way of cleaning (I lived in an unrenovated apartment. He said I shouldn't have to worry about painting, especially if it can be covered by one coat. I asked him SPECIFICALLY about paying back my concession. He said I wouldn't have to since I lived their so long. 2 months before I move out I give formal written notice to Jimmy. On it he writes all my fees as being 610 for breaking the lease. Nothing about a concession, nothing about withholding some of my deposit (which was 150 according to my lease) 1 Month before I move out someone comes to inspect my apartment. At that time Kim (their renovations specialist) about painting. She says, don't worry about the walls, but paint the black border because it will probably take more than one coat. The day before I am supposed to turn in the keys I paint over the black border as requested by Kim. The day i turn in the keys I am told by Bethany (leasing consultant) that I will have to paint or pay 150 charge. When we questioned Kim about it she said we heard her correctly, but their was a misunderstanding. What she meant was "if you don't mind paying a fee". So we paint to avoid the charge and at the end we get a copy of our "charge sheet" from bethany. The VERY FIRST LINE is "Provided you have occupied your apartment for at least twelve (12) months, management shall asses NO CHARGES for the following: Painting of Walls. We then get the final statement and they are refunding half of my deposit and then charging me for my concession. So little room, so many complaints, but in the end all I can say is AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Pros: I no longer live their Cons: Just about everything else more
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