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Compass Chiropractic

5420 N College Ave Ste 101 (at 54th St)
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 257-2800
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Compass Chiropractic - Indianapolis, IN


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I have struggled with lower back pain for the past ten years. I went through a move in October and really hurt my lower back. I went to several chiropractors over the next coupl...


Recently, I spent the morning seeking a chiropractor for back pain. After some investigation and numerous calls, I opted for Highland Clinic; the reviews seemed great and I needed...

Look No Further! Compass is the Best!! 3/15/2011

I have struggled with lower back pain for the past ten years. I went through a move in October and really hurt my lower back. I went to several chiropractors over the next couple of months and my condition didnt improve.\r \r I then did my homework, and saw where Dr Bingham came highly regarded. After my first visit, I knew he was going to be the one to help me. He helped me out immediately after the first week. It didnt take much longer before I was pain free.\r \r Dr Bingham is very detailed in his analysis...he cares enough to assess each patient and put the proper plan in place. You can tell he really cares about his patients and that he takes a lot of pride in what he does.\r \r If you are in need of any chiropractic care, dont look anymore. I have been to a lot of chiropractors over the years and Dr Bingham and his entire staff at Compass is the best. more

Amazing pre-natal and everyday care! 1/10/2011

The team at Compass Chiropractic provided exceptional care as I managed the aches and pains associated with being pregnant. I was able to obtain regular adjustments and individualized treatment from Dr. Bingham, stretches and exercise guidance from his athletic trainer and pre-natal massages from his two massage therapists. The clinic has a great environment and I look forward to my appointments - I strongly encourage you to select Compass Chiropractic for any type of health challenge you are struggling with from day to day! more

Great work - does his best to get you back to what you love! 5/4/2009

My husband hurt his back shoveling snow and Bryan did a great job of getting him back in basketball playing shape which made my life happier too :) Thanks Bryan! Pros: individual plan with an end goal Cons: none! more

Excellent Chiropractor 5/3/2009

Dr. Bingham is an excellent chiropractor. He is skilled in client care and also suggests exercises that can be done at home to help expedite the healing process. He really cares!! Pros: Convenient location & off street parking more

High Quality, Fantastic Results 4/20/2009

Dr. Bingham has helped me with my migraine headaches. I have been suffering from migraines for over 20 years. He has used a variety of techniques that have dramatically reduced the number of headached by 80%. He listens and cares. He is knowledgeable and very proficient in his field. His schedule is flexible. I would highly recommend him again and again. Pros: Variety of techniques to cure, Follow up wonderful, Caring more

Fix Your Pain 2/3/2009

Dr. Bingham was great. I went to him with severe lower back pain. I couldn't even sleep the night before. Within one session, he had gotten rid of all the pain. He even called me that night to check up on me. I would definately recommend Dr. Bingham to anyone. \r \r \r more

What a Difference!!! 2/2/2009

I was having a lot of lower back pain when I went to see Dr. Bingham at Compass. After my initial exam and x-rays, Dr. Bingham was able to relieve the majority of my pain the same day. He also gave me several exercises that I could do on my own to help strengthen the specific area of my back that was troubling me. I now have regular appointments with Dr. Bingham, and I am totally pain free! I would strongly recommend Dr. Bryan Bingham and Compass Chiropractic to anyone that is looking for a Chiropractor. more

Dedicated to his craft 1/18/2008

Bryan is a hard worker and very enthusiastic about his craft. He seems to really want me to get better and works at giving me tools that I can do on my own so I can help fix myself. I did not feel like he just wants me to be in the ""get your back cracked for life club"". more

Good for headaches too 8/6/2007

I initially made an appointment for some shoulder issues but started having pretty intense headaches for about a week and a half before my first appointment. When I had had any similar, though less severe problem before I often had to take two Excedrin multiple times a day for a days at a time but after my very first visit with Dr. Bingham they were virtually gone without any pain medication at all. Considering how many toxins they put in your system and how much more effective chiropractic treatment was I'd highly recommend it to anyone who gets headaches with any kind of regularity at all. more

Best Chiropractor Ever 7/30/2007

I've been training ang fighting in Mixed Martial Arts competitions for over a year now. After the first couple of months of training, I was extremely sore. There were days when I couldn't move so well. Everything hurt. Stretching wasn't enough. I knew I needed professional help to take my fighting to the next level. I feel blessed that I found such great help in Highland Chiropractic Clinic. After Bryan's adjustments, I feel as good as new. In this strange game of joint destruction, strangulation, punchs, kicks , and knees, I need every advantage that I can give myself so that I can train and compete at my full potential. With the help of Bryan, I won my first amateur title at Sportfight this June, and I have a shot at the FCFF lightweight belt in September. When a rib is in the wrong spot, Bryan puts it back. When my neck is stiff, Bryan makes it right. Thanks to the good people at Highland, I'm able to follow my dreams, as I'll be turning pro next year. He puts me back together every time, and I know he can do the same for you. more

The only doctor who has helped me... 7/12/2007

I have had chronic pain in my lower abdomen for almost a year and have had countless tests, scans, physical therapy and even exploratory surgery for my condition with no results. After seeing two highly-regarded OB/GYNs in town, two internists, a gastroenterologist, an orthopedist, an acupuncturist and a nutritionist, all within an 8-month period, I ended up going to see Dr. Bryan for a completely separate issue. \r \r I woke up one morning with what i thought was a pinched nerve in my left hip. I have a fairly extensive health history that includes hardware and bone grafts on the same side where I was having pain, and before Dr. Bryan did any adjustments, he wanted to see X-rays. He was very respectful of my history, and was very patient with my multiple (and random) symptoms of pain. After the X-rays came back fine, he began working with me to help my hip and leg pain (which ended up being tendonitis of the IT band), as well as my abdominal pain, using trigger point therapy on my psoas muscle. After 6 weeks of treatment, I can honestly say that I finally have relief.\r \r I am blown away at the fact that Dr. Bryan is the ONLY healthcare practitioner in my long list of doctors who has been able to get to the root of my year-long miserable problem and treat it. The difference in my pain level is like night and day. Dr. Bryan is extremely professional, and has been very proactive in my treatment, and I am so grateful that I'm finally pain-free. Given the fact that my circumstances are a bit different than most chiropractic patients, I think my experience with Highland Chiropractic and Dr. Bryan proves that he is a very gifted doctor who looks at his patients as a whole, and truly wants to help people work towards a healthy, pain-free life. Pros: Parking, Location, Flexibility in Scheduling more

I love Highland Chiropractic. 4/10/2007

I love Highland Chiropractic.\r \r I have been in a wheelchair since 1991 from a bicycle accident when I was young and this leaves me with a pretty messed up back and neck. A few months ago following a recent car accident and some painful whiplash, I found Dr. Bingham and I could not be happier. \r \r I had been receiving Chiropractic care for about 8 years before I moved to Portland and although I appreciate what they were able to achieve for me in terms of stabilizing my pain, It's amazing to me how awesome my visits to Dr. Bingham's office are in comparison. \r \r I was used to 5 minute visits: go in, get cracked, and get out. But Dr. Bingham takes the time to talk things over with me and then when it comes to treatment, he has a variety of skills available from adjustments to traction to stretching. My favorite thing we do is a stretch for my middle back that Dr. Bingham helps me with that I could not even attempt on my own. This stretch is so complex and works so well, I have come to call it two man yoga. \r \r So the treatment is rockin, but not only that, both Dr. Bingham and Cathrine his office manager are great fun. I often come in for a visit and stay well after we are done keeping them from their work chatting about movies and food in the neighborhood. They are both interesting and caring people who I enjoy seeing when I come in, I consider that to be part of their package that helps me to leave feeling much better than when I come in. Pros: High quality Chiropractic, fun and friendly more

Great clinic, professionally run office, conveniently located. 3/30/2007

I am pleased to have found Highland Chiropractic. I recently moved to Portland and was fairly desperate to find a chiropractor to help with reoccuring acute back pain. The office is professionally run. I appreciate Dr. Bingham's expertise and skill as well as his belief in empowering patients to create their own health. I also appreciate that his appointments are on time. Katherine (the office manager) is great. She is willing to work my my unique scheduling needs (I have always been able to get a last minute appointment) and has done a great job staying on top of my insurance benefits. Pros: Quality care, prompt appointments, well run office. Cons: Aren't open Thursday - I've wanted an appointment a few times on Thursday. more

Worked me into shape! 3/12/2007

I carry my stress in my back. Other Chiropractors have never really thought about how to adjust for that and how to keep my posture healthy... Until Dr. Bingham. Dr. Bingham actually put me into a regime for adjustments to my back and hips and inbetween visits, showed me exercises on what to do so that I could hold those adjustments better... The result? Today I need to go in fewer times and my adjustments are holding. Although he does know when I'm out of town for 2 weeks and knows he's going to have work to do on me. Traveling for work is stressful! He's all about the total solution and how to fix me for life, not just for right now. Thank you so much!!!!! Pros: Quiet atomosphere, fun ""did you know"" facts around to get you thinking, great location. Cons: Honestly, I really can't say I have found one. more

Gifted! 10/2/2006

I moved here a year ago and dreaded replacing my favorite chiropractor, then I met Dr. Bingham. What a relief to find someone competant, intuitive, compassionate, etc. I have a young child and have moved more times than i want to know over the past year and have a few knarly spots on my back and neck that act up, wthin a few visits my spine was limber and happily moving again. Dr. Bingham is a great educator, and will show you exercises that you can do at home to work alongside with the treatment plan that he creates for you. He is always on time (precious for those of us on a schedule), and is thorough with each visit. I highly recommend his services to anyone! Pros: Excellent and easy to find location more

Great with people, understanding about injuries... 8/14/2006

Dr. Bingham is an excellent chiropractor with an intuitive understanding of the body and its functions. I first saw Dr. Bingham after experiencing pain in my lower back. He was able to diagnose and treat the pain with an understanding that this was not a necessary pain and that something could be different in my life. After years of various injuries from different situations, I would say that I was not the most desirable patient to work with and I certainly put Dr. Bingham through his paces, he did everything he could to see that I was taken care of and had the things I needed to be proactive in my own treatment. I would recommend him to anyone seeking to feel better and have more understanding about their health needs. more

Professional, efficient and competent 8/6/2006

I went to Dr. Bryan Bingham to address some long-term neck and upper back pain I had lingering from hours and hours of studying during 6 years of medical graduate school. He was appropriately cautious and sent me for an xray because upon questioning, he thought a previous ski accident (which ended in a concussion) might have something to do with my neck pain. \r I appreciated his thorough approach and am grateful for his professional and appropriate steps before treating me. After a few appointments (which were very efficient) and some home exercises, my neck pain resolved. Coupled with some massages to keep the muscles relaxed, I was back to 100%. \r His office was decorated with local SUN school artwork that he sold as a fundraiser for the neighborhood program - he is connected to his community, and cares about his patients. \r I also like the fact that Highland Chiropractic is easy to find, right at the corner of NE 15th & Fremont, next to Wild Oats. Parking was easy. He was on time and I was out the door on time, too. \r I would recommend Dr. Bingham as an excellent chiropractor for any muscle or skeletal complaints. Pros: easy to find, friendly, professional more

Excellent people skills, healer, knows how to tap a sacrum, and one hell of a nice guy 8/6/2006

I have been plagued by back and neck problems, due to car accidents and sports injuries. Bryan was the first chiropractor that I found in over a decade that helped the healing process significantly. He also had many pro-active treatments that were left up to me to facilitate my own healing out of the office. Which saves me money and makes me a partner in my own recovery and also means less visits if I can follow direction. He is great and I refer all I know with neck and back problems to him. He also has good taste in music and is a heck of a dancer. more

I've never laughed harder... 7/23/2006

Dr. Bingham is a truly gifted and progressive chiropractor. His focus is less about long-term maintenance and rather spinal correction and overall health. He teaches you exercises for prevention and has all kinds of fun toys which make the exercises more like play. With every adjustment he had me laughing... and at one point I was in tears of joy! He's not only fun but relates well with his patients and is a model for health. I highly recommend Dr. Bryan Bingham for your spinal and laughter needs! more

Good Care 7/19/2006

Dr Brian was patient and thurough when he worked one me. He was not insistent and didn't try to turn me into a lifetime client. I was impressed by his health knowledge and his ability to make me understand what was going on inside me structurally. I found his clinic quite nice and his demenor humble and intelligent. \r I fell confident recommending him to anyone. more
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Since 2002, offering customized adjustments to treat injuries, pain and stress caused by accidents, sports and work.


  • Since 2002, offering customized adjustments to treat injuries, pain and stress caused by accidents, sports and work.

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