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Community Veterinary Ctr - 21 Reviews - 10617 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, CA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (818) 509-2987

Community Veterinary Ctr

10617 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 509-2987
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Community Veterinary Ctr - North Hollywood, CA
Community Veterinary Ctr - North Hollywood, CA
Community Veterinary Ctr - North Hollywood, CA
Community Veterinary Ctr - North Hollywood, CA
Community Veterinary Ctr - North Hollywood, CA
Community Veterinary Ctr - North Hollywood, CA
Community Veterinary Ctr - North Hollywood, CA


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We've been going to Dr. Birr for over 10 years with many pets, both our own and foster and rescue animals, and she's the best. We've tried other vets & they just don't compare. Dr...


They do spays for cats from the shelters.

Did ok for me today 7/9/2011

I can't my dog's nails myself so having just moved into the area, I called around and one vet wanted to do a full exam on my dog just to do her nails! Ridiculous. This vet told me it would be $22 so I took her over there. As my dog has some dog aggression issues, I waited outside. Although they forgot me (I'm not sure how) and I had to knock on the door after they closed to be let in, the vet trimmed her front feet for me without a charge because she felt bad that I waited so long (45 mins outside). I appreciated not being charged and will give them a chance in the future with my other vet needs. more

I'd never take my own animal here 6/10/2011

The East Valley shelter sometimes sends animals here for spay/neuter before releasing them. The first time the staff was so afraid of the cat that they would not take him out of the carrier. And as it turned out, the world's meanest cat was only hurt and afraid, and now sleeps beside his person. Wait; isn't this a VETERINARY clinic? So shouldn't they have some clue about behavioral issues with cats? The second animal was a large dog, and I do mean large, also from the shelter. CVC wanted her picked up the day of the surgery, which is not common practice with a female dog. This dog was so out of it that she could not stand on her own, much less walk. I still rescue animals from East Valley but I always request that they be sent to a different clinic if they need to be spayed or neutered. It is abundantly evident that they have their shelter contract only for the money (which isn't much) and not for the welfare or benefit of the animal. Be sure you ask if their quoted fees include the little incidentals like pain medication and (as someone else mentioned) e-collars. These add-ons, which are a necessity especially for female animals, will increase your cost considerably. more

great very experienced vet, knows animals, good value 5/29/2011

We've been going to Dr. Birr for over 10 years with many pets, both our own and foster and rescue animals, and she's the best. We've tried other vets & they just don't compare. Dr. Birr is no-nonsense, practical, honest, compassionate, reasonable, communicative and budget-minded. Her instincts are remarkable and she will NOT recommend expensive unnecessary tests or overcharge for simple procedures as many vets do. She explains all treatment options--again something many vets don't always do. She takes time with animals and is kind and compassionate to pet and owner even in the most difficult circumstances, and we have been through everything with her. She always has the animal's best interest in mind Her kindness has aided in the rescue of numerous animals, including many we have rescued. The more we work with Dr. Birr, the more respect we have for her abilities and her dedication. more

I suggest you change your blonde rude receptionist 10/29/2010

A friend recommended this clinic because the Vet is really good. However the young blonde lady at the front desk has terrible customer service skills. I called to ask about the hours "please hold and the receptionist never got back to me" My question about hours of service could have been answered really fast but she did not even let me talk. I ended up walking in and the lady is "very rude" frowning,making faces and raising her voice when you have questions. The Vet and the other staff were professional. I suggest for more business change your receptionist. Had my friend not recommended this place I would have gone somewhere else. more

If you love your pet, GO ELSEWHERE 10/21/2010

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I am disgusted that this place is even in business. I am not a snotty bitch and I never write negative reviews unless something REALLY bothers me. I recently had my kitten spayed here, once the surgery was complete and I arrived to pick her up, I asked if she needed an E-Collar (THE CONE) They told me that cats don't usually lick their wounds and that she would be fine. Two days later, on a SATURDAY (which they are not open on), the area around the stitches (p.s. they don't use glue) was a swollen, discharging, and smelled like the skin had rotted. It was so disturbing that I couldn't bare to even look at it!!! My boyfriend cleaned it up with peroxide but this situation was not even close to being resolved. My boyfriend bought an E-Collar (20 dollars for a piece of bent plastic) and we put it on her first thing! On Monday, we took her back to this place and they said "oh that's weird that your cat licked herself, that's "UNUSUAL" ' - They prescribed some antibiotics (for the discharging, smelly, RED bug huge bump of a wound) I thought it was VERY weird for them to say that cats don't usually lick themselves so I called up the Media City Animal Hospital down the street to see what they had to say about putting a cone on a cats head after surgery. They told me (without me telling them WHY i was asking), "We always put an E-Collar on a cat no matter what because if they lick their wound it will get infected". HALLELUJAH!!! Someone sounds EDUCATED!!! I took Miri to meet with one of the Media City Animal hospital doctors FIRST thing today and she is doing much better. The doctor was pretty disgusted to hear that this place said "E-Collars are not standard post-Surgery for cats" I hope my review will help you make your decision on where you are going to take your loved one to be spayed/neuter. I would suggest never going here EVER. There is an extremely nice place right down the street. this whole thing has cost me DOUBLE than the original cost of a spay. (Yes, I posted on yelp as well.) more

Great 7/27/2010

They do spays for cats from the shelters. more

Best, most reasonable vet I ever been to. 6/11/2010

I've been going to the worst vets office for many years until a friend insisted I try Dr. Birr. The Dr. is very straight forward and takes the time to explain everything without being arrogant and super sizing the procedure - as in talking you into things that are not at all neccesary. The prices are very resonable and the staff are accomidating. Don't be put off that you need an appointment. They will take you right away if you have an emergency. And because they have appts., you don't have to wait long at all. Pros: Not expensive. Cons: none more

Great Veterinary hospital, Wonderful Dr and staff 3/7/2010

My dog had an afternoon appointment on a Friday and needed an emergency surgery due to a pyometra (severe uterine infection). She was old and I never got her spayed. The Dr knew immediately what was the problem and booked her in for surgery on a Friday night. Saved me tons of money as they could have made me go to a local emergency clinic. Can't say thanks enough for saving my dog. She is great now!! Pros: handled emergency surgery quickly Cons: none more

Caring Facility 1/2/2010

I've been taking my dogs to this facility for a couple of years now after switching vets due to expensive care, rudeness, and long wait times. I found this place and compared to the 3-4 other vets I've been to, CVC has affordable rates and they've always been upfront about how much things cost. I like that the Dr. Birr has access to my dogs' history in the treatment rooms and I don't feel bad to have to ask how much things would cost. Also, Dr. Birr takes her time to explain things and I don't feel rushed like she's just trying to move on to the next patient. All the techs. are nice and helpful, some may be nicer than others, but never exerienced any rudeness. I've also never had a problem scheduling appointments for the same day, they are very flexible accomodating, and no long waits. The only thing that I was a bit surprised is that I didn't get any after-care instructions (in writing) regarding what we should do to take care of my dogs after they were neutered, but they did provide verbal information once I asked more detailed questions. Also, another downfall is that there are no weekend hours (I think, at least not when I wrote this). By far, the pros outweight the cons. I wouldn't go anywhere else and I highly recommend this facility. Pros: Honest and reasonable prices Cons: No after-care instructions for nuetering or weekend hours more

Great staff!! 5/29/2009

I have been going to Dr. Birr's for 7 years and she's been a great vet!! . She tells you straight out what's wrong with your'e pet!! & she does not rip you off!! She's also had several receptionist thoughout the years. But, I think she finaly found good ones.!! Wendy and Veronica they both are very friendly and have lots of patience. And cant forget Susan the nicest tech there that's always willing to bend over backwards for patiens. Although they do get very busy on Mon, Wed, Fridays they are still great!!! more

No complaints. Nice staff. Ok, prices are a little bit high 9/16/2008

Now, I only give 5 stars to restaurants. That being said I have used Community Vet Center maybe 4-5 times to help my Jack Russell's itching problems. I have not had a problem with any of the staff, doctors or services. Today I had my 12 year old German Shepherds teeth cleaned and one extraction for a cracked bad tooth was needed. I was very nervous having her put under but she seems fine and is resting happy at home now. The doctor a cute gent with a British accent (I did not catch his name) explained everything he did. I guess teeth cleaning is normanlly pricey. $145 bucks and $45 for the extraction. I also paid $135 last week for pre-op b lood work. But so far I like them and feel comfortable going there. They DO need to trim back the tree in front of their building. I can NEVER SEE the building and its right there on Burbank Blvd?! Pros: So far no problems Cons: a bit pricey and there is this TREE in front and i can never find the building! LOL more

Dr. Birr loves your pet like it were her own. 7/6/2008

We started going to Dr. Birr just by chance when we adopted a dog- when our dog got sick Dr. Birr and her staff went above and beyond. I took my dog every week for four months until we decided it was best to let her go. Through the whole process Dr. Birr was amazing, as she made a very tough time bearable. When we adopted a new dog she was so excited and happy for us- but she still remembers Marty our dog that passed away. It gives me a warm feeling to know that Marty has a place in her heart too. more

best vet anywhere!!! 7/5/2008

We have been going to Dr. Birr for 12 years. We started with her when she was in Eagle Rock and have followed her to North Hollywood! She is fantastic. She tells it like it is and we love that about her. She has been very kind and our dog Dottie just loves her! She takes the time to talk to me about Dottie and her health as she ages. I would not go to any other vet, ever!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dr. Birr for all the advice and care you have given Dottie, she is still a strong and healthy pup at the tender age of 12! Pros: Everything! Cons: nothing more

very honest vet 4/14/2008

I have been going to Dr. Birr for 5 years now. She has been nothing but honest with us. We go there for shots, check-ups, meds, vitamins, food, teeth cleaning, etc. We've had to go to another vet when she was out of town and were charged $2,000 for a very simple procedure. We've gone to her to get 2nd opinions and most of the time, my dog didn't need the unnecessary surgery. Most of her staff is nice and a few were inexperienced. She tells it like it is and you won't pay an arm and a leg because the office is no frills and they don't have a high overhead. Dr. Birr loves animals--she has dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, horses, etc. Pros: convenient location, great prices, honest vet Cons: some inexperienced staff more

Low rates, honest, and love our pets! 1/7/2008

I've been going to Dr. Birr for over five years now and I have been treated in a professional manner every time. I believe that in order to give a somewhat accurate description of a person you have to at least know them for a couple of years. The doctor herself is deticated to her work, patients, and staff. I know that I have met numerous people that have been going to her office for years, they know that she can be trusted. Any thing that she recommends for my babies I will do. I became a pet parent knowing that eventually I would have to pay medical costs and have routine visits, I love them and will do whats best for them. No one is perfect and everybody has a bad day, so for all of those who have had 1 bad experience I recommend to give the place another chance. Anyone who cares about animals as much as she does and as honest as she is will always have my recommendation 100%. Hope you make the right choice. more

Their prices can't be beat as far as vet care goes. 1/7/2008

The other review is right - Dr. Birr does not sugar coat things and definitely tells it like it is, which is refreshing, but I really think she is a great vet. She was very good with my cat and wanted to take her home to keep an eye on her. She could use a new receptionist (sometimes rude and doesn't know very much, it seems) but Dr. Birr and her nurses are all very good. Pros: Great care at great prices. Cons: Office & front office staff needs improvement more

Doctor is rude! Even to her staff!! 10/27/2007

I couldnt imagine working with this doctor she is rude to her staff. I took in my dog to get a basic check up and she added a $30 de worming medication without even consulting me first, my dog had already had that at a different vet and when I confronted her about it she didnt make things clear at all and basicly told me it was too late and to accept it. I heard her yelling at one of her staff memebers because she took a 20 minute lunch. very unprofessional.I will never go there agian. Pros: None Cons: everything more

Excellent care & prices 8/2/2007

I have been going to Dr. Birr for over 15 years now. She is an excellent doctor and her clinic's prices CAN'T be beat. She's not all lovey-dovey, though, she tells it like it is. So if you're looking for a doctor who sugar coats things, she may not be for you. But I highly respect her opinion, and recommend foregoing the sugar for the truth. She always spends time at seminars learning new things and keeping up to date w/ the current technology. The clinic isn't fancy--but the care is excellent. Pros: Excellent doctor, the prices more

Friendly service 2/8/2007

This place has very good service, open on weekends and you never have to wait longer than your appointment time. Pros: open on weekends Cons: price more

I finally found the right vet! 4/26/2006

After trying three local vets I went to see Community Veterinary Center in NoHo. There were great! Charged $100's less than my old vet and gave me better service. The doc even works with the city and rescue org's. What a great vet!! Pros: Good value, Excellent vet, Friendly staff more
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