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Comfort Windows

1380 Scottsville Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 235-7839
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Comfort Windows - Rochester, NY


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have referred tom porto to 2 of my family mem`bers and they are totally satisfied with his service


Some windows installed upside down. Trim work not consistent.

Terrible from start to what they call finished 1/3/2017

From the workers, to the lying salesmen to the terrible customer service.. comfort windows is a scam. They sell u the new Cadillac during sales then they send out the POS workers who do worse work than my father and I. They have no communication have no idea what the contract says and no one is there to to make sure these slugs are actually doing good work. They have you review them when they stand right over your shoulder. Stupid company, it took me 3 weeks to get people out to fix numerous items. They send a "manager" who says what needs to be fix but then they send the same slugs to fix things and they ask the customer what needs fixed. Stupid. Take your money somewhere else. These guys need to go back to school. more

POOREST Customer Service and Sales EVER! 7/11/2016

Total amount spent $10,000 Ratings 0-10 Customer Service - 0 Install - 5 Follow-up & Resolution - 2 Product - 9 We chose Comfort Windows because they give the best warranty and we were happy with the quality of their product that we were presented. First complaint is that they were scheduled to come out and give an estimate. Instead, our salesman Bob wrote up contracts. When we were done getting our "estimate" he asked us to sign the paperwork and that they could be installed within 6-8 weeks. We assumed we were asked to sign an estimate as agreed upon work to be done for said price. Never did Bob state that we were signing a contract. Comfort Windows and Doors is SO sneaky that they put the terms of the contract on the BACK of the paperwork you are signing. We advised Bob we wanted a few estimates. He bad mouthed every other company out there. That's just plain old dirty. Second complaint is when we tried calling the Buffalo location about our windows. No return calls. We actually had to go to the Buffalo location to force someone to talk to us. Joe Schaus, the Buffalo Sales Manager told us that we signed a contract and that in NYS were only had 3 days to back out of a contract. Again, incredibly poor customer service. We explained to him that we thought we were getting an estimate and that our financing did not allow for us to do all the work at one time. He finally gave in and voided the contract. We reluctantly agreed to have Bob come out again to give another estimate based on what work would be done based on priority and funding. Bob came out again and give us 4 more contracts. Third complaint is that Comfort Windows NEVER called us to schedule an install date. We had to call them. They scheduled it for about two weeks out. The installers showed up that day and on time. There was no reminder call a day or so before. Our salesman Bob also said that we didn't have to do anything that they do everything. The installers informed me that all curtains had to be down and everything out of the way. It would have been more convenient if they let us know that on the phone so it could have been done the night before. As it turns out, while signing so much paperwork with our salesman Bob, we did sign a piece of paper, which they left us no copy of, that stated we had to take care of those things. Bob zipped right through EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER and quickly said "all this says is... and sign here and here." After having Bob in our home for more than two hours and our mounting frustrating and personal schedules we had to attend to, we just "signed here and here" foolishly thinking Bob was our friend and being a decent honest businessman. Fourth complaint is that our Salesman Bob said that the installers would move all our security sensors to the new windows and doors for us. That was a complete lie. We discussed this with Bob has we just purchased our home and JUST have the security system installed and updated. The installer cut out ALL of our existing security system without even questioning any of it and I was home inside the house the entire time they were there. POOR communication and VERY POOR customer service. Who just cuts out someone's security system with reckless abandon??? Now instead of hidden switches inside the windows and doors we have large clunky wireless sensors on the insides of our window frames and door. VERY POOR planning on behalf of Comfort Windows and Doors. Apparently their only concern is getting paid. Fifth complaint is once the installer were finished late in the day, the lead guy said, "You owe me $10,000." I was baffled. Did NOBODY at Comfort Windows and Doors not tell the installers that we had financing in place? If you cannot even properly communicate to the guy you literally hand the paperwork to, then how can you possibly communicate to your customers properly??? Sixth complaint is that the lead installer asked me to just sign the paperwork because the other guy was going to be late for a class. They never showed the windows, the operation or anything. They left me some papers to read myself. Later in the day when we were both home and had time to look the windows over and test each one we found the while vinyl to be filthy. The windows were filthy and the stickers were left on all the windows. I guess I assumed that for $10K that they might actually clean off the filthy windows. I was wrong. ALSO, the lead installer advised me of areas around our brand new $10K windows that I should caulk! I guess we only pid for most of the install. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE at the every least. Seventh complaint is that the screen door has a fair amount of tension on it while trying to open and close it. Much more than the heavy glass door. We did not receive a booklet with instructions for adjusting the screen door. Eighth complaint is that our salesman Bob and his several different contracts had the wrong door handle color hand written on the final contract. Again, we foolishly did not read the entire contract again as it has been written so many times. Comfort Windows did agree to provide the door handle at no charge, thus the 2 out of 10 rating for Follow-up and Resolution. Ninth complaint is that Lisa called the Buffalo office of Comfort Windows and Doors while the installers were still at the house to inform them of the wrong color door handle. They told her they would call her back that day. They NEVER called her back. I call the next morning. They advised me that they would return my phone call in a couple hours. I called around 9-10AM. By 4PM that day with the third phone call not returned, we wasted our time to drive to their Buffalo office AGAIN. Sandra met with us and advised that she would order the door handle and have our screen door adjusted. Two weeks went by and guess what... NO PHONE CALL from the buffalo office again. Tenth complaints will be wrapped up together as they are now all on the "Corporate Level." Upon calling again to ask when they were getting the door handle and coming to adjust the sliding screen door I was lucky enough to get a "Customer Care" person on the phone in the Syracuse office. She got our very simple problems elevated to a "Corporate Manager" level. The Corporate Service Manager, Joe Pidkaminy, told us on Thursday, June 30th that he would have the Corporate Sales Manager call me back on Friday, July 1st. As you can guess that day came and went with AGAIN no phone call from Comfort Windows and Doors. Later the next week the Corporate Training Manager called us. I'm not sure why he called and wasted our time at all. We know how to make phone calls. The Corporate Manager completely wasted at least 20 minutes of our time and managed to frustrate us even worse than before as he had ZERO resolutions. Not sure why he call other than to have a frustrated customer advise him of his incredible failures on all levels of training within Comfort Windows and Doors Corporation from Sales, to Install, to Customer Service and Follow-Up. The end result with the Training Manager is that we were supposed to get an Email from a Customer Care Representative at their customer to work with directly for our next purchase so we do not have these problems again. The problems are easy fixes and nobody should have to get dragged around like this and waste hours of their time. Comfort Windows is clearly not training their people properly or they flat out don't care about complaints. The Corporate Service Manager, Joe Pidkaminy, advised us that on our next purchase that he would offer some type of discount. Nothing but foolish lip service with no real intent. Just more frustration piling up from the Corporate Level. End result. 20 days later still no door handle and still no adjustment to the sliding door. Our security company is AWESOME! THEY ROCK! They were at our home quickly and even discounted the work and did not charge for the door sensor. Amazing company with OUTSTANDING customer service. What companies give free parts when other companies screwed up??? General Security does! Joe in Buffalo has offered to cover the cost of the security work and the door handle should be here tomorrow. What Comfort Window and Doors does not understand is the incredible amount of aggravation, frustration, and hours of time on the phone, driving back and forth to the Buffalo location because they would not call us back, the hours of time with our security company on the phone with them and at the house while they did their work. Comfort Windows and Doors is on the clock getting paid while we are put out and rearranging our schedules to accommodate their multitude of complete failures. And these were very simple issues that the complete lack of return phone calls and any real resolution that has caused all the frustration and aggravation. I have been asked to wait to post a review about our experience with Comfort Windows and Doors. I advised Corporate that I have waited long enough and I would be detailing everything that has gone on thus far. They again asked me, "Is there anything that you (I) would like comfort to do for you (me)?" At this point it is apparent that Comfort Windows and Doors are either far too busy with other complaints to address all the new complaints coming in or have adopted the practice that they just don't care hope that ignoring a customer with an issue will just tire out and go away with no resolution. more

tom porto 6/18/2016

have referred tom porto to 2 of my family mem`bers and they are totally satisfied with his service more

bathroom remodel 5/21/2016

I currently had my shower converted on to a tub with a surround from comfort they were very professional and informative during the entire process from my choices of my products to the installation the installers were there 2 days and done very little mess and they kept my home clean the entire job they haul away all garbage and leave you with a beautiful bathroom more

I had 14 windows replaced. They were very courteous and professional. Advised me whenever they were going to do something. It was always the same workers each day they came. They cleaned up their... 12/15/2015

My home is an older home and I needed to have the majority of windows replaced. Everyone from the salesman to the installers were great. It took a little longer to get the windows then I anticipated but they kept me advised. I had the same installers both days which is a good way to work, not having to worry about different people in your home each day and worrying who they are. They were very professional in all their interactions. I would recommend them to everyone. more

Windows and door 11/6/2015

Terrific job by this company, so much more professional than all the others out there, from my sales rep to the installation guys ! more

experienced-quick-responsive 10/27/2015

I had three jobs; two baths and interior doors replaced. The two crews showed up "every day" at 8:30 until work was completed (2.5 weeks). I have in the past contracted with other contractors-that show up one day and not return for a few days. Very satisfied with workmanship and site was cleaned up every day as well. more

Love this company! 10/22/2015

We had a total of 15 doors installed last week in our home. Every door in our house was replaced. Let me first say that having to work in another persons home must be a bit nerve racking given that you have never met the people before. These workers have no clue what the demeanor or mood of the people are going to be when they get to the house.. If you are hospitable to your workers, treat them with respect, and don't hover over them, more often than not, you're going to get their best. David and Nelson were the guys who worked for us. They were so awesome- kind, friendly, polite, respectful, hard-working. The issue was they were not given enough time to complete the job. 3 days for two guys to tear out and replace both interior and exterior doors- frames and all, in an 1880 home seemed almost impossible. Despite the fact they knew they were not going to come even close to completing on time, they didn't rush the job. They made sure everything was done as well as possible. With that said, David called the company and they sent out four more workers to get the job done. I could have hugged every single one of them when they showed up! I could see how overwhelmed David and Nelson were, and the company responded appropriately. Because of that, the job was pretty much completed on time with the exception of the caulk which they returned to do the next day for a couple of hours. The whole energy of the house changed with 6 workers there. There was camaraderie, idea sharing, and just a great positive vibe. Perhaps it would be a wise idea to send larger crews to a home to get the job fully completed faster without the pressure? We had all the windows (13) in our home replaced in June by the Amish. They also did a beautiful job but sent a crew of 4 in and was completely done in one day. Also, maybe it would be a good idea to have someone with field experience doing the scheduling so they know a reasonable time frame to begin and complete jobs? When all was said and done, it worked out great, and we absolutely love our new doors! It was the last major upgrade we had to do our old home, and it was the finishing touch the house needed. Thank you David and Nelson and the other four guys who showed up! You guys rock! And thank you to the main office for sending the other four guys! more

breach of contract 9/14/2015

I, entered into a contract (enclosed) with Comfort Windows On July 9, 2015. The contract which, comfort windows require me to sign states that: five windows would be installed within 6-8 weeks from July 9, 2015. The total cost was $1990.00. I gave them $1300.00 on July 9, 2015 and the remaining of the balance was to be paid upon installation. Moreover, they have had their advertisement in my yard for well over 10 weeks now. The contract states, “Yard Sign Discount, “but I was not given the discount. This can be seen on the contract, which is enclosed. As of today, September 14, 2015, I had not received any correspondence from Comfort Windows, which is why I called Comfort Windows first this morning. I spoke with Ester. She did not know I was a customer; however, I immediately asked her how long it would take to have five windows installed from start to finish. Verbatim she stated, “8 to 10 weeks.” I then asked her to pull up the contract and have a manager call me. I tried to speak with the General Manager when he called; however, he told me the contract was “loose” and the 6-8 weeks had no bearing on when I would receive the service I paid for on July 9, 2015. I told him I did not have time to talk to him because he would admit that he was in breach of contract. He acted as if I had done something wrong. At 12pm on September 14, 2015 the General Manager called back and offered to install the windows on September 26, 2015. July 9 thru September 26, is well beyond time the dates on the contract state, which is 6-8 weeks. This timeline was set by Comfort Windows. I told the general manager I wanted the “Yard Sale Discount,” and he said no and that he would not be calling back. more

run, don't walk, away from this contractor 7/19/2015

Never had a worse experience in dealing with any contractor. Made misrepresentations about installation, which resulted in my entire alarm system having to be replaced. Damaged shrubbery and landscaping. Management impossible to deal with. in thirty years I have never had a dispute with anyone working on my home until I dealt with Comfort Windows. Unreceptive to working to fix the problems they created. more

Great service, great product. 6/29/2015

We worked with James, and we are very happy with everything! James was very knowledgeable, polite, and prompt. He kept us informed every step of the way, and correctly. The installers did an outstanding job with our new window. What a difference the new large window in our dining room has made! Just beautiful! more

Excellent 6/25/2015

Arrived on time the day of install. Completed the work in the time they said. Cleaned up so you didn't even know someone had worked there, Very satisified more

Such a great job ! 5/31/2015

Such a great job , had more work done, and still maybe more! more

5 Star Windows 5/13/2015

I love my new Comfort Windows they are the best. The employees that installed my windows were professional and they did an "OUTSTANDING JOB" I highly recommend Comfort Windows to install your new windows. A 5 Star Company. more

Disapponited by some of the workmanship. 5/13/2015

Some windows installed upside down. Trim work not consistent. more

Comfort 4/25/2015

We couldn't be more happy with Comfort Windows right from James coming to our home to show us patio door options, to the installation. All the staff at Comfort Windows were very friendly and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend this company for any service they offer! more

Outstanding Service after the Sale 4/24/2015

Joe, Scott and Tom were all very professional with helping me chose the right windows, for my home. Windows came in 4 weeks and were well packaged. A minor measurement problem was resolved without an issue. Phone calls were all answered promptly and with genuine concern. The windows fit and look great! What a difference from my old ones. I highly recommend Comfort Windows for all you home improvement needs! more
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