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pay no attention to ""mercurman""'s scathing, half-thought out review. \r \r I have been an employee of comcast for years, let me tell you some inside info to shed some light on...


Interesting the only defenders of Comcast are employees! Employees say you cannot call a local number - but it is right there on the City Search web page! Who you gonna believe? ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/11/2012

Comcast's phone and internet service works well once it is set up but getting it set up correctly takes FOREVER. The techs are useless. And pray you never need service later. Customser Service is a misnomer at Comcast. more

Comcast pricing to mislead 3/16/2011

Why does Comcast sign people up with packages that include high definition stations and then give them equipment that cannot provide high definition to their HDTV? It just seems ethically wrong and that there should be a class action lawsuit to prohibit a company from advertising prices for high definition packages but then not provide the high definition channels with the equipment provided. I am interested to hear a Comcast employee explain how they see this to be ethical. Just come clean and say Comcast is trying to scam customers out of another $8 a month by not revealing the true cost of a high definition package up front. Shameful Comcast. more

They Lie 2/14/2011

I got an offer in the mail and called in on it. It said TV and Internet for $30. I didn't think that sounded right but wanted to ask. Guy on the phone promised that was right and signed me up. First bill was $110. Called back and they said they would research the call and get back to me within 24 hours. A week later I called again. I kept trying to work with them but by the second month and another $70 in charges I was done. Dishonest. more

Terrible, worst ever! 12/8/2010

I first tried to get comcast internet about 4 months ago. It never worked for more than about 10 minutes at a time, so after a few weeks, I called to cancel and asked for my money back, as they have a 100% money back guarantee if you cancel within 30 days. Instead of getting my money back, I was charged not only for a second month, but also an $8 late fee plus a $7 fee to rent a modem that I had already paid for in full. I called to straighten things out and was told that a service representative was coming out to close my account. He came, tinkered with my modem, and left. I was then charged $35 because the faulty internet was ""my fault."" I went into the store to speak to a manager, because their money back guarantee says nothing about not being able to cancel unless it's their fault (which is was anyway), it says you can cancel for any reason within 30 days. The comcast manager was very condescending and told me I could not cancel when my account was not in good standing. This problem has yet to be resolved. Horrible in every way. more

Not sure I trust these guys anymore 9/16/2010

I'm a long time customer of Comcast, and have stayed as long as I have because it was fairly inexpensive when I initially signed up. I've wanted to change service many times, but I've stayed because there really aren't any other options available. It's basically the lesser of two major corporate evils, so here I am. Well, for the past several months, my internet connection has been going out everyday, anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. I called to see if I could get some sort of an explanation as to why this has been happening, and I was told that it appeared that the problem was more than likely their fault, but they would have to send a technician out to see for sure. Normally, I'd say great, do it, but here's where I'm uncomfortable...I was told that if the technician can't find anything wrong on their end, it would more than likely be a problem with our own cable or equipment in which case *I* would end up having to pay a service fee in order to have the technician come out. That was one option. The other was for me to pay an extra $1.99 per month for insurance so that anytime anything went wrong the service fees wouldn't apply and the tech could come out anytime there was a problem. I'm a bit miffed that they can't just guarantee their service without asking me to put out more money. Especially when I've been paying my bill on time every month, I've been a loyal customer, and have been dealing with the inconvenience of the internet outages yet still paying for what should be guaranteed service regardless of any extra fees that they try to tack on. I guess when a company is one of very few evils, it's easy to just tell the customer how it's going to go down rather than appeasing a concern with an apology and perhaps a little bit of a discount for the time spent without the service. I guess I could let the tech come out, but how can I trust that they are going to be honest about the whole thing? I really do not believe this problem is on my end (especially since they said it appeared it was on their end), and I can understand where they are coming from as far as charging someone a service fee if it's out of customer negligence. I get it. But does the customer service rep on the other line (after admitting that it's probably on their end) really have to speak to me in such a condescending tone when I balk at the possibility of having to pay for a service call? I turned the service down....just in case I can figure out if it is on my end first. That way I'll be covered if they try charging me for something they couldn't find. I just wish companies would treat their customers as actual people rather than a bags of money for the taking. I wish I could have guaranteed service without the threat of having to pay more. Where's my guarantee for honesty and integrity? Oh wait, I have to pay for that as well. Customer service is dead. more

Cable Internet Monopoly 1/9/2010

I have never had a good experience with Comcast either. They are the only one's providing Cable internet in most if not all areas through out the US. I have owned my modem for years and they continue to say that I'm leasing it which they have been continually charging me for. This modem has been with me from Texas to 3 locations in Utah one of which was an account in my Mothers name. I have setup most of my accounts over the phone with no technician ever coming to my place nor have I gone to pick one up at a service center. I bought it at circuit city years ago. And the simple fact is no one is even issued this model Motorola Surfboard modem I have for years anyways. They charged my mom for the lease for years and they been charging me as well. FU COMCAST, THEIR INCOMPETENT MONOPOLIZED A-HOLES. This company wants to control the free flow of the internet. I wounder who really is behind this companies actions and why their not in sued for MONOPOLIZATION . Pros: None - Cable internet is good but does not belong to Comcast Cons: Monopoly, Crooked, and Incompantent more

Rotten Monopoly 12/16/2009

I've yet to have a positive experience with Comcast and unfortunately, I've had to use them numerous times in the different places I've lived.\r Due to the fact they have the monopoly on cable services in the valley, makes it difficult to go elsewhere. Their billing/accounting is the absolute worst I've ever experienced. Anytime I've changed my service in any way, its been a billing nightmare. I am told Im getting one thing and then I'm billed an entirely other. I could see and excuse this if it happened once, but its every single time, EVERY TIME!\r I was charged almost a year for internet service and I didnt even own a computer at the time and I went the rounds with Comcast for nearly a year to get it sorted out. They are extremely incompetent. They are awful!\r Trying to get thru their automated system to actually talk to a live person to even try to get some help is another nightmare in itself.\r They're terrible and again, unfortunately have the monopoly on cable service. If I had other options/choices readily available to me, believe me I'd take them!\r The only positive thing I can say about them, is the OnDemand is pretty cool. Other than that, I have nothing positive to say as I've spent more time trying to straighten out my service and billing than EVER need be.\r SUCKCAST is what I've come to know them by! Cons: Service(s) more

Comcast Experience 12/3/2009

Interesting the only defenders of Comcast are employees! Employees say you cannot call a local number - but it is right there on the City Search web page! Who you gonna believe? Devoted employees, or your own eyes? I'm being billed $115 for my $99 special, and I, too, am unhappy. Sales people said I could use my old cable modem, but the installer said it would not work with the package I was sold. Had to rent theirs for phone. OK! Just drop that part of the package. I only use my cell anyway. Is that not a reasonable solution? It would have made me happy, and Comcast would not have needed to provide phone service or a modem. But, no. They would charge more than I agreed to pay, one way or another. The story goes on and on, but I am NOT happy. I feel I am doing business with thieves. Honest people would honor the sales agent's promise, and make sure they were properly trained next time. Since the phone company charged for DSL for over a year and were never able to make it work (40+ year old copper), It's my only choice for decent internet service. So, I pay and look for a new choice. Where is the regulation of public utilities in Utah? Pros: It works in my neighborhood Cons: I share all the complaints of others more

Comcast is a reputable, customer friendly business 8/6/2009

pay no attention to ""mercurman""'s scathing, half-thought out review. \r \r I have been an employee of comcast for years, let me tell you some inside info to shed some light on Comcast and how they do business.\r \r * comcast has NO contracts. you are allowed to change or cancel your services at ANY time. Unlike most all other cable/internet/phone companies, you are not required to sign a contract and forced to keep services or pay a price that doesnt work for you. \r \r * when your introductory promotion rolls off, your allowed to change services to lower your price or upgrade to qualify for another promotion. Sometimes even if you have a promotional price for services, you can change to a different promotion or get ""specials"" for additional add-ons (premium channels, higher speed internet) even if you already have a promotion! This obviously is subject to availability and qualifications. \r \r *comcast has a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days. Dont like it, want to change it, something comes up? if you change your mind or cancel within the first 30 days you'll get all your money back. Guaranteed. \r \r bottom line: you get to choose what you pay. Get the service that works best for you at the price that works for you. Can change it at any time. You are the customer, and you get to decide what services you want at the price that works for you. you are never locked into anything you dont want. \r \r Mercurman wrote a poor, thoughtless and unintelligent review. Of course, Comcast isnt for everyone. But obviously we tried to make it right by offering him an additional promotion after his first rolled off to make up for the difference in price. He also wasnt forced to keep the service at 24.99, he could have gotten all his money back by returning the modem back. In my honest opinion as an employee, what he describes doesnt match up at all to our actual company policies. Firstly, there is no direct number for any of our local office's. Only employees can directly contact local offices. Secondly, we cannot add on his promotion until he actually picks up the modem in person at the office. What it sounds like is he went into the office AFTER the promotion expired and was no longer available. If we told him we couldnt do the 19.99 promotion, its because we really cant. If the promo was still available, a supervisor could very easily add on the correct price. We record all calls that are made. We very regularly pull past calls to verify the promotion offered is applied to the account every time a customer calls in with something different on their bill. Obviously, if we promised it and its available, were going to fix it. Plain and simple. \r more

Comcast is horrible 12/22/2008

Horrible exp. with them. They draw you in with an intro price and then it double without notice. When I got my first bill after my intro period, I was shocked. We had basic channels and no premium movie channels and our bill was 90.00- I called and informed them that I could go to any satallite company for around 35.00 for the same thing and they had nothing to offer to me. \r Bye Bye Comcast. more

Comcast-Never again!! 1/20/2008

I saw an ad for Comcast high speed internet for $19.95 for six months. I called and signed up for it, and I asked if I could pick up the self-install kit locally instead of waiting for it to ship. I was told thta I could, and I was given the local address of where I could pick it up.\r \r Not fully trusting Comcast, I also called the local office directly and asked them if I could pick up the kit that day and still get the offer. I was told that I could, and once again I was told where to go to get the kit.\r \r I went to the local office and while I was picking up my modem and the kit I asked them TWICE to verify on their system that I was signed up for $19.95 for SIX months, and TWICE he verified in their system that I was.\r \r When I got my fist bill it showed $24.95 for FOUR months!! I called Comcast and explianed the story above. They flatly refused to do ANYTHING! I was told that their system showed $24.95 for four months and that was that.\r \r I am canceling my ""replacement"" offer today (two months early), and they have lost a customer for LIFE!!\r \r I hope that the extra $5 a month for two months was worth losing a customer for life for, but obviously for them it is!\r \r \r more

great service 7/16/2007

Comcast has awsome service. I of course have a biased opinion being an employee and all. We have a great deal of local support and also support our community. Pros: fastest viable internet in the valley Cons: occasionall outages more


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