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Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - 42 Reviews - 4205 Evergreen Ln, Annandale, VA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (703) 256-8414
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Columbia Pike Animal Hospital

4205 Evergreen Ln
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 256-8414
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Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - Annandale, VA
Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - Annandale, VA
Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - Annandale, VA
Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - Annandale, VA
Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - Annandale, VA
Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - Annandale, VA
Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - Annandale, VA
Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - Annandale, VA
Columbia Pike Animal Hospital - Annandale, VA


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I had to go to CPAH on an emergency basis and everyone there including the front desk staff was wonderful. The technician staff came rushing out when they found out an emergency ...


I have a old diabetic cat that got treated here and my experience with most of the doctors were amazing. But front desk staffs sometimes don't know what their doing. I went to get...

Don't Go 8/22/2014

Deal with these guys at your pet's peril. I called the pharmacy three times on Monday trying to get a refill for my dog's medicine. It is now Friday and I have never heard from them. When medicine was ordered earlier three different people called to tell me it was ready. When we arrived we waited for an hour.\r \r The pharmacy is disorganized and incompetent. more

Money is almighty at this place 5/25/2012

Money, money, money -- that is the mantra of this place. I, unfortunately, took my sweet dog there too long. At one time she had an operation and Dr. Reed Hall refused to give her a hood, even though I asked several times, and when I took her home she opened her wound and bleed all over the place. He also kept giving her expensive tests which were unnecessary. I would advise to stay away from there. The craziness at the front desk, and the dirty conditions, should be a hint. There is too much to write that is negative about this place. more

Dont board your pet here. 3/8/2012

I worked in the kennel. I would not recommend boarding your animal there. Many workers would not clean poop in the cages... But would wait until some one more responsible noticed (this could be several hours to a day or 2... I'm serious.) The kennels were supposed to be sanitized after a dog or cat left so that a new animal may use them but the large kennels are often not sanitized when a dog leaves. Dont leave any blankets or toys with your animal if you want to get it back.. it will most likely get lost. Many workers in the kennel are young and irresponsible. Not all... but I would never EVER board my animal there. \r THE DOCTORS ARE GREAT... the kennel is bad. more

Emergency Room Jitters 7/21/2011

I had to go to CPAH on an emergency basis and everyone there including the front desk staff was wonderful. The technician staff came rushing out when they found out an emergency was in the hospital and took my baby back immediately. The doctor came out a few minutes later to find out what had happended. I explained what I knew and the doctor assured me that they would do everything they could. I was a nervous wreck, but the staff made me feel more at ease knowing that my baby was getting the best possible care. Needless to say, my baby is doing much better now and she's back to herself! Kudos to the staff & doctors at CPAH. more

Great Animal Hospital 3/30/2011

I've been going to Columbia Pike for over 7 years now. The doctors are phenomenal and you can tell they really enjoy what they do. I have seen pretty much everyone at the practice, but have settled in one two main doctors who know my dog and all her quirks. The front desk crew and vet techs are phenomenal -- I can't say anything bad about them. When I walk in with my dog they always say a big hello and come over to say hi. \r \r I also want to note that, as someone who works in the non-profit industry, I don't have alot of funds -- Columbia Pike has very reasonable rates and everyone's very forthcoming about procedures -- how much they cost, is it absolutely necessary, etc. - which makes a HUGE difference in the big picture of things. more

Dr 3/30/2011

brought our beagle dog Belle, there, after being run over. She sadly died. Brought my girls there the next day. One kind lady at the front was great. Got Belle all "pretty looking" for my girls to give their good-byes to. Was very satisfied. Then....\r I has requested Belle be cremated ,very emotional. \r 2 mo. Later they call me: what do you want done with your dog?\r 3 mo later, same call!!!!\r so poor BELLE was not laid to rest untill 4 months later!!!\r UNBELIEVABLE!!! more

I love Columbia Pike and Town & Country Animal Hospitals 3/22/2011

Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and Town and Country are the best animal hospitals in town! We take all my dogs there for everything from check-ups, dental cleanings, surgery to remove whole nuts from their small intestines (twice no less on the same dog), torn ACL surgery, kidney problems, shots and eventual doggie heaven appointments. Oh and I forgot an eye attack from a cat (yes, the same Yorkie that eats nuts). Dr. Coiotta saved his eye. That was a miracle. I have had nothing but outstanding service and care from all of the vets, techs and front desk staff. the vets call me for follow ups and information concerning my dogs. I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else! I love both Dr. Hall (son and father) and Dr. Flynn, Coiotta (mispelled I'm sure) and the many other vets I've seen over the last 12 years. Their prices are also very reasonable and the care is tremendous. more

great doctors but not front desk staffs 12/28/2010

I have a old diabetic cat that got treated here and my experience with most of the doctors were amazing. But front desk staffs sometimes don't know what their doing. I went to get a refill of syrenges and one of the front desk gave me a wrong size. I opened the box and checked the size of it and told them it was a lot bigger than the prior ones but they were certeinly sure that was the correct size. I went back next day to speak to a doctor bc it was definately a lot bigger than the previous one and the doctor told me that front desk gave me a bigger size. If I gave my cat a double dosage of insulin with that size of syrenges that they were so sure of, something could have happened to my cat. At the end, I returned it and got my money back and they didn't even apologize for wasting my time and risking danger of my cat...Anyhow my overall experience with the doctors were pretty amazing but not so much with the front desk staffs.. more

Customer for over 25 yrs! 12/16/2010

I can't believe some of you people out here! Columbia Pike has been my family's vet for over 25 yrs! They are awesome! You cannot find more dedicated and genuine concern for animals as they are. On the occasions I have had to leave our sick cat there over the weekends? The doctors came in after closed ofc hours and Sundays just to check on them. You are so very wrong about them, really you are. Show me a vet that comes in like that? The almighty dollar is not their concern. I really do hope you pick these caring people. Yes, the staff is a bit slow, but all are hand picked to make sure they love animals. And after all, is that not what we want for our pets? The kind of people that love them the way you do? I encourage you to pick both Columbia Pike and Town & Country to be your choice of vets to take care of your pets. I promise, they will care for them very well. more

Abysmal customer service 8/30/2010

Abysmal customer service, if that matters to you. Avoid like the plague. And, don't neglect to note, when choosing a vet, that Columbia Pike is affiliated with the nearby Town and Country Animal Hospital. \r \r I arrived around 12:40 pm, they charged my card for the dog I was boarding there at 12:50 pm and... despite the fact that no one else was waiting there with me except my daughter, the staff promptly forgot I was there, and didn't bring me my pet until 1:30, despite the short 5 minute turnaround it took the lady that came in a few moments after me. And not a single apology until I noted that I hadn't received an explanation or apology.\r \r After charging my card upwards of $300, they simply forgot to retrieve my pet. As I paced about 20 minutes later and kept catching the eye of the lady that charged me, one of the 4-5 staff manning the front desk walked up and asked if I needed help, and what my name and the name of my pet was.\r \r When I pointed out--politely--that they had just ch more

Overall great doctors, not so great back office 7/7/2010

The doctors are great! I have two dogs and have seen two different doctors and have nothing, but positive things to report. They are thoughtful, thorough, and kind. They seemed to really enjoy what they do. We had both dogs get their teeth cleaned there and the results were amazing.\r The only negative thing about this practice is the back office. I've gotten other people's bills mailed to me and reminder for services weeks after I've had them done. They certainly need some help there. I am giving them 4 stars because of the terrible back office. I do really like the doctors though! more

dog owner 4/12/2010

Prices are quite reasonable and I've been consistently pleased with both kennel and veterinary services. more

Robin 4/9/2010

Caution! We are very disappointed in Col. Pike Animal Hospital. This place seems to care more about the almighty buck than taking care of animals. We called CPAH for an appointment to give our 11 year old therapy dog two booster shots. We specifically asked if there would be a wellness exam fee involved since we needed only the vaccination updates. We had the paperwork from our regular vet to show that the previous shots were given and that our dog had recently had a thorough exam, rabies shots, etc. We were assured that we would only be charged for the actual booster shots and nothing else. When we arrived at the CPAH we were told that we would have to also pay for a full wellness exam. They said it was their "policy". We assured them that we had been told otherwise and just needed to get the booster shots. They refused and said that the person who had made our appointment was not there. We asked to talk to the manager. After a several minute wait the "manager on duty" came out more

I love it here!!!!! 2/28/2010

I have taken my one and only dog to this facility (my husband and I are an infertile couple, so our dog means EVERYTHING to us) and I can never get enough of their incredible service. Yes, they are often short staff, your business would be too if you barely paid your staff, but, i do believe they do the best they possibly can. The front desk staff goes above and beyond to make sure that the clents are taken care of, no matter how difficult they may be. I've been at the front desk, when i myself wanted to smack down a client or two. Many of them (the clients) are RUDE AND UNRESONABLE, and I thank god I dont have the receptionists job to do because i would get fired on the first day. Pets cost money, so if you have to groan and moan over every charge, then dont get a pet!!!! I am sick of being stuck inline behind some ridiculous person who insist on disputing his bill, when he himself SIGNED OFF AND APPROVED on these services a few days(or hours) before the bill is presented. Other (dif more

Beware 1/9/2010

We went there for ten years. However, our cat recently became very sick. CPAH vets could not figure out the problem despite having performed many very expensive diagnostic tests. At the end, we were told they needed to perform even more expensive tests to MAYBE know what was wrong with our cat. We went to another smaller vet (in less of a factory setting) who carefully examined our cat and diagnosed our cat's problem without any expensive tests. Basically, we do NOT recommend CPAH vets. Don't use them for more than routine service. We're VERY DISSATISFIED. more

Columbia Pike Animal Hospital is WONDERFUL! 10/8/2009

I just love the doctors at this vet! Dr. Amy Poole & Dr. Candice Flynn are wonderful and friendly. They never ever rush me and always spend time answering all my questions. They both are great about calling me back if I have questions at home. My dog gets so excited when he sees both of them. The prices at Columbia Pike are much more reasonable that other vets. They match any price you find online for medication. I highly recommend this vet! more

Great Help for Daisy Cat! 4/22/2009

Our cat Daisy was crying when you picked her up so we took her to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital. Dr. Collada was very nice and checked her out fully, determining that she was okay inside and probably had a bruise. She got some anti-inflammatory medication and in one day we noticed a big improvement in her.\r \r Dr. Collada also followed up twice with phone calls to check up on Daisy. Very nice treatment! more

Fabulous Vet 4/2/2009

I have been taking my diabetic cat to Columbia Pike animal hospital for about 5 years now, and they provide excellent care!! My current doctor, Dr Collada, follows my pet's care very closely and calls to check in on how he is doing every time we change the insulin regimen. They provide safe quality service at a reasonable price, and even have a price match guarantee for medications. Everyone on staff is very proficient and professional, I even use one of the vet tech's, Danilo as my petsitter when I go away on vacation. I've never been disappointed and would highly recommend this vet to anyone! more

Top Notch experience today! 9/15/2008

We just adopted a beagle two days ago through a local rescue and I opted to choose Columbia Pike Animal Hospital thanks to recommendations of friends and proximity to our home. I made the noontime appointment early this morning and then searched the Web and found this page -- and was seriously second-guessing my decision. Well, I am so glad we choose this veterinary practice! The front desk staff was very nice -- I had made copies of all the paperwork I received from the rescue and they were very appreciative to have it all done. I had a few forms to fill out and they were patient as I juggled squirming dog and clipboard. :-) Dr. Reed Hall was absolutely great as were the vet technicians. We had a very small wait due to an emergency appt., and the staff let me know that there would be a slight delay. Truly, this was a great initial experience and a certain surprise to me based on the reviews that I have read on this page. more

I love the Columbia Pike Animal Hospital!!!! 8/29/2008

Many years ago I selected The Columbia Pike Animals Hospital for the care of our first pet, a German Shepherd named, Baron. Dr. Davis Hall was so wonderful to him and us when Baron was diagnosed with cancer. Ultimately, the disease took his life as we all knew it would; but, with the caring compassion of Dr. Hall, his disease process and final days were virtually pain free. Following Baron's death, we had a series of Goldens who also knew the loving care of Dr. Hall and his associates. After our children were grown we went through several years with no pets. That all changed yesterday when we adopted an eight week old Puggle. Today, I called my 'old faithful' vets and was given an appointment for this afternoon for a 'new puppy' checkup. After accepting the appointment time I went to the computer to see if they had a web page. Having found this review page, I was shocked at some of the frightening reviews. I kept the appointment; but, was prepared to walk out if I saw any of the proble more
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  • At Columbia Pike Animal Hospital, we understand how truly special the bond is between pets and their families. Our clients want only the best veterinary care for their pets, and that is what our veterinarians and staff have provided local families for over 40 years.

    Our family-owned animal hospital combines the personalized service, convenience, and individualized care of a small pet clinic with the advanced technology, veterinary services, and highly-trained veterinarians and staff typical of larger facilities.

    Whether your cat or dog is in need of wellness services?such as pet vaccinations, pet dental care, and pet nutrition counseling?or advanced veterinary surgical or emergency services, rest assured that we are equipped to provide the quality care he or she needs.

    Selected by Washingtonian Magazine as "Best Veterinarian" for two consecutive years.

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