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Colon, Michelle - Starz Studios Incorporated

1271 State Road 436 Ste 127
Casselberry, FL 32707
(407) 332-6322
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Colon, Michelle - Starz Studios Incorporated - Casselberry, FL
Colon, Michelle - Starz Studios Incorporated - Casselberry, FL


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We have watched our granddaughter grow up at this studio, starting out at 3 years old in recreational dance for a few years and then moving to competitive dance. Not only has she...


starz was an okay studio but i got tired of the drama to sum it all up. i;m not going to stoop down to your levels. even though i already did. i dont like to cause trouble but you...

Great Place for Kids to Dance 2/7/2010

We have watched our granddaughter grow up at this studio, starting out at 3 years old in recreational dance for a few years and then moving to competitive dance. Not only has she grown in her dance ability but she has learned how to be on stage in front of hundreds of people, how to work in a team with other dancers (no different than athletic teams), and she has learned a great deal of self-worth which is critical for all kids. On top of that, during the after school program she receives homework help, and a real family environment until Mom or Grandpa are able to pick her up. Although Starz Studio is one of the top 50 studios in the country year after year, we love it because of the way they take care of our little girl. Pros: Nurturing, skilled teachers for recreation and competition Cons: None! more

Learning so much more than dance 2/5/2010

I began reading some of the review for Starz and had to stop. Several of the comments written were not only unnecessary but were untrue as well. My daughter has been dancing at Starz for the last 6 years, both recreationally and with the Company. Not only has her experience and love for dance helped her excel in what she loves, but the lessons that Ms. Michelle and the other staff members teach my daughter follow through to her everyday life outside of the studio. While attending Starz, my daughter has learned to have confidence in who she is, determination and drive for what she would like and a greater sense of accomplishment. Although I try to teach my daughter all of these things at home, to have it reinforced by very respected and talented teachers has added to my daughters success. All of the teachers at Starz are amazing with the students and I am proud to be a customer and to have my daughter dance under the direction of such talented and wonderful people. Pros: Hard working staff, positive experience for students more

Shame Shame Shame 1/18/2010

Just Negative!!! Every comment below is correct..\r I have read these thru the years. I will say I am one of these parents now..She should realize what is left is not going to be there next year. The economy had nothing to do with her registration being at an all time low. Nor did it have very much to do with parents droping out of dance. I am sad for what I thought was a good choice has given me mixed feelings on the last few years. Pros: there is none Cons: there is none more

no technique 1/15/2010

My daughter attended Starz for 4 years. We left the studio in fall of '09 because of several observations and situations which occurred. \r \r We are at a new studio loving it, but I am so disappointed that I paid for a service which now I see was little benefit to my child. I'm seeing the dance technique is very poor for the recreational classes because my daughter is struggling with technique at her new studio. When I assure her teacher she has danced for 4 plus years, she is shocked she is unable to do some of the basic moves. This is extremely discouraging because my daughter loves to dance, but now feels defeated due to the fact that proper dance technique was not performed in recreational classes. I understand these classes are for fun, but as a parent I expect my child to learn the same techniques as those who are in Company. Why should the emphasis be strictly on those who want to compete? What about those who dance because they love to dance don't they deserve the same skills as those in Company?\r \r It's sad to see a business run with the intent to teach children to dance, but that you don't care enough to teach them properly from the beginning. Cons: did not teach proper dance technique more

Wow! in disbelief 11/17/2009

I'm not sure if i should send my daughter to Starz afterall. There's too many negative comments but there are positive ones too. I really hope that the negative ones are truthfully honest because what comes around goes around Pros: not sure Cons: not sure more

This studio offers more than just classes 10/21/2009

Our daughter is in her 2nd year of dancing here. She looks forward to going each week and it has been a possitive experience for us. Each teacher she has had handles the children in the class with professionalism and care. We watch each week and can clearly see that this is a fun experience for our daughter, therefore we continue to support her love for dance. We are especially impressed by the additional Camps, musicals, and date night opportunities that the studio offers. They were a life saver for us this past summer. I could go on, however if you really want to know what the studio is like, check it out! Pros: Fun classes and extra opportunities Cons: Have not come across any as of yet more

My daughter loves it 1/13/2009

My daughter is 2 years old and in the Tiny Starz program. We love how the instructor is really nice and professional even when the two year olds are running around instead of dancing. These other reviews are kind of creepy and almost made me look for another studio but I'm glad I overlooked them. So far so good for our family. Pros: staff is friendly, clean studio Cons: Tiny Starz program is only once a week more

hahaha! 11/12/2008

I'm sorry, I've been reading these from the beginning and have had enough. I'm a former company member of starz studios. I have to first say that the person under me COULD NOT POSSIBLY be an adult. ESTEME? OR ESTEEM? Spelling ""there"" when it is suposed to be ""THEIR."" Wow, I am half your age and can spell better than you, but I'm pretty sure you're a child. But this website ISN'T on here to be extremely critical of others, which it has unfortunately succeeded in doing. For all of the honest readers who come here to really read a review about starz studios, I would like to warn you. 95% of these reviews are referring to the COMPANY or someones experience with being in COMPANY. Very few are the articles about Starz recreational program. While I can't disagree with some of the reviews on here, I would certainly like to clear up a few rough spots. As far as myspace and facebook go, GUARENTEED if you go to websites of other older kids at different studios...THE SAME THING. Kids will be kids. I'm not saying that this makes it okay or good role models BUT this is why half of the users remain private on their accounts, so that their business doesnt leak out. I can also say with certainty that that behavior isnt brought into their teaching. I've been friends with many people from other studios who either left starz or who went with me to showtime back in the day. THEY ALL say that they have their own drama and expenditures which are high. This also comes from their parents who I've talked to. The moral of this story is that I think this website has had a negative affect, actually I KNOW it has had a negative affect. The review 2 down from me I can respect. The review one down from me I can't. CULTS? Are you serious? I admitt that people have been treated unfairly or had bad experiences but the parents on here just haven't grown up. Be a little mature about it, not oh my GOD this is the worst place ever, your child will be abused and all this stuff. That's basically it. Pros: . Cons: . more

Writer below me is one of her A** Kissers & Cult Followers WAKE UP Your childs self esteme is in dancer 11/10/2008

OK lets get something straight, there are regular people & there are Michelles cult followers.\r I feel sorry for your kids, mine suffered great self esteme loss from treatment of other kids there.\r there company is usless, they go to competition where there is no competittion to give you & your child a sense of being wonderful. when in fact your dances are terrible if put up against real dance schools in the area. Wake up Look around. another thing is all the older dancers in there if you have the chance to look at there myspace or facebook pages those girls disgust me they are all young ladies & 1 young man in particular that are suppose to be good role models HA!!!! they drink & party & the Boy's facebook is totally disgusting. & guess what people he teaches your kids. WOW !!! but hey they had the best teacher teaching them to be Loosers (AKA Michelle Colon) She is a horrible role model & nothing but a greedy worthless person. I regret ever spending the time we spent in that school.. & I feel sorry to for those other children that the mothers cant wake up from the trance Michelle has put you in....... \r This school is very bad for Children\r Pros: I found None Cons: Bad for children more

can not recommend 9/16/2008

In all honesty I can not recommend this dance studio to anyone. It is very expensive. The atmosphere is not healthy for children. My child and I are both happier at our new dance studio, which offers better instruction at a lower price and without all the drama. For your child's sake, shop around and find a studio that works for you and your child. Cons: everything more

You All Are Horrible 7/29/2008

Yes. I said it. all you negitive reviewers are horrible people! how could you say such terrible lies that give people wrong ideas about this kick a** studio! Here is my story about my friend who is a part of Starz's Company: One night she and i were AIMing and we got bored and started to google things like our names, school, and what not for entertainment. She says ""Lets look up my studio!"" So we do and this blasphemy comes up! We read through it all. ALL 43 REVIEWS. Out of the positive ones, these were the true ones. Some of these immature comments almost brought her to tears. She told me, and i quote, ""These are all lies and they make me sick to my stomache! I really hope people dont believe this sh*t. Its all just ex-parents and ex-students being rude and vengeful and generally just b*tching to the world."" And I agree. NO ONE wants to read that. She is right: This is all lies and she should know, she has been with michelle for all of her dancing career. Starz is her home and she knows it better then all of the people that lie blantantly. yes, there are a few mature negitive comments and they are the ONLY ONES that should even get a glance. i would like to thank them for acting their age. I used to dance at other studios like New Dimensions and I hated it there. I really want to try Starz but right now I need to focus on school. When I get comfortable with my studies I can promise you will find me at Starz because it is by far the BEST studio in ALL of central Florida! :D Pros: The staff is helpful and Kind! The teachers are great! The company is astounding! And the prices are the best! Cons: NOTHING: all the lies on city search more

Misunderstood Because of vengeful, Disgruntled ex-customers 7/29/2008

okay, I would like to start off by saying that I am disgusted by what I have read on this site. All of these horrible reviews were written by either the same disgruntled parents multiple times or by people that were bad for the studio and left in the middle of the year. I really wish that people who come on here get to see the true Starz, not this nightmare-ish one that these immature people have written about because in all honesty, its not true. Every studio has its rough patches and strict teachers and you have to understand that out of a lot of Central Florida studios, starz is definatly one of the best! Michelle may have times when she is mean, but it is never to a customer or for no reason. When a family or person screws her over, she has a right to be frusterated. Also, Starz has an amazing atmosphere! All the kids are so sweet and so are all of the teachers! The company kids are great when they assist classes, they inspire kids to become excellent dancers like them! They win presteigous awards and i know now that they are one of the top 25 countries in the states. The office staff is wonderful too! I know that I registered with Kristen and she was funny, kind, and a huge help! I dont know where people get all of these ""facts"" that the staff is unfriendly and helpful. When I had a question I asked Laura and she was also nice and VERY helpful! My kid asked me to take her to one of the company's competitions because she wanted to see how they preformed on stage and because her class's assistant is her idol. When I went I was so impressed! They are very well put together and won the majority of the awards!! All I can say is that Starz is a wonderful place that has this unreasonable bad reputation on this site and thats just sad. All you rude people out there that just want to take out your anger on this great studio: GROW UP! more

Absolutely right 6/16/2008

Amazing, the last writer nailed it without ever having been there. It is impossible to state your concerns with the studio director. Don't you think that if there is an issue, most parents have tried. However, if you do, #1 she will hold it against your child #2 hold it against you and then can go for months without speaking to you as the parent as a form of payback. The studio director has forgotten that we are actually the ""customers"", we pay her to do her job and we don't expect to get treated with disrespect. She has an obligation to act professional and treat her clients; each & every one of them with respect. I've seen her act rude and extremely mean to a child if she has an issue about something. She doesn't realize that kids are kids. She can't expect them to know everything and act like adults. She doesn't have kids so it's impossible for her to understand. She is the one who needs to act like the adult, however, that is far from what is happening. It's unfortunate as she is quite talented in her teaching abilities. It's the personality that needs a major overhaul, however, i'm afraid its too late for that. more

hmmm 6/13/2008

I too decided against this studio because of what's here. Good for the parent who left and said what she felt to the teacher, but a statement that other's haven't is only a superialistic assumption. I would imagine many people, especially others who have left, said something, anything either during their time there or at least upon leaving. Clearly whoever is in charge either doesn't or wouldn't care, and this is probably a big reason why people have left. As far as hiding behind this site goes...I appreciate the heads up. though sometimes over the top passionate, I can easily get a feel for the establishment from each person reciting their experience. I don't care if they use this site to get something off their chest, because in the process, they are giving me a small preview. These people are grown-ups and not all of them are going to be afraid of some dance teacher (that they are employing, lets not forget), so it is not believable that they are ALL incapable of speaking their mind. I am certain that the dance school and owner have heard some or most of these complaints before and this many unhappy people is what concerns me. There are plenty of other dance schools around for me to spend money at, and I thank the writers for educating me on what to watch closely when I choose one. It definately won't be this one. Cons: appears to be many more

you are correct 6/13/2008

To the last writer, you are correct. She does take everything out on the children. I have seen it time and time again. I do understand your point. It's scary to speak up knowing that it your child that is going to pay the price. I have seen her send numerous parents out the front door crying because of the way she spoke to them and sadly enough, I have seen even more children leave crying. It's not because she is correcting them on their dancing, but rather lashing out at them because she is upset with the parents. Her hollier than thou attitude is pathetic. The way she preaches one thing and then acts in the complete opposite way. For those of you who are close to her and will defend her wrong doings to the end, shame on you. You can be close to someone and still see them for what they are. Don't tell me for one second you can't see how she treats people. Guess what.... you will probably be next on her list. She uses everyone. Look at those she has been extremely close to in the past. She turned on them and she will turn on you. Stop defending her poor behavior, just because you weren't the one on the receiving end, yet.\r On a final note, I must say that while I felt that all of you should speak up, if you choose to stay at this studio, maybe you shouldn't. I thought that I did the right thing by telling her the truth, but I was mistaken. Even with us not being at the studio, she has still managed to treat me horribly and if I ever had any doubt in my mind about leaving, she has now made me realize that I made the correct choice. Be careful what you say if you choose to remain there. She can be very cruel.\r ps I find it hysterical that the only good comments made about this studio on this website, is that they have good bathrooms! Pros: bathrooms Cons: everything more

I like it. 6/2/2008

My 3 year old has been going to this dance school for a few months now, I am please so far. She is not able to join the other girls for the end of the year recital because she started class in Febuary, that's understandable. \r I get the feeling that all the negative feed back (or attacks, if you may)for this school and Michelle herself is of a personal nature. I have met Ms. Michelle personally, and she has been very professional. My daughter loves her dance teacher (Ms. Michelle herself) and is excited about taking the next level this coming fall. \r The cost of classes are pretty much the same as other schools in the area. \r Over all I'm pleased with the school and have yet to see any of the drama.\r Pros: Great instructors, great facilities Cons: so far none more

wouldn't go here 5/24/2008

Deciding to put my young daughter in dance, I came to this site to gather information on the options out there and what was closest to our home. After shockingly reading all of these posts, I would never in a million years consider this studio for the very obvious reasons. In my experience, where there is smoke there is fire, and this studio seems like it is on the verge of an explosion. All of you, from the positive to the negative posters have serious issues to which I would not want to be exposed, but I thank all of you for making my decision to not go there so easy. Cons: too much negativity and questionable attitudes more

Good Studio 5/24/2008

This last entry has finally done it for me.If you have your own opinion,everyone is entitled to one,and you have written it on this site, so be it .However, to ask for a mean, borderline vigliante type gang-up on anyone,smacks of such nasty intent,that I worry about your well being.To air your grievances publicly is one thing, but to attack with direct maliciousness goes beyond reason and makes me wonder how this website can allow such an attack. The dancers and famlies that have stayed at Starz have done so because they WANT to, those that have left have done so because they WANT to. It is called free will. Those that stay are happy, those that go are happy.What I can NOT understand is the need to continually attack and bash this studio after you leave.Did any of you think for one minute that you are hurting others with your vindictiveness?!The constant desire to hurt and ruin and slander needs to stop. No matter what you feel, others feel differently.You are only hurting yourselves by constantly rehashing past hurts and slights.You are becoming worse than the object of your hate, you have made me look at all of you in a way that breaks my heart. This last entry is so very wrong! Michelle brings in LA Choreographers to broaden her dancers' scopes,anyone that has danced here and experienced them will truthfully tell you that these were some of the BEST experiences of their dancing lifes.Speaking of copying choreography, please go ahead and ask all of Central Florida's Dance Teachers who they feel is the most likely to steal choreography,the answer you will receive is NOT MIchelle.Everyone knows who copies Choreography the most!Maybe you already know too!Maybe you just want to throw the blame somewhere else!I have only seen this type of hate and animosity during mankinds most horrible moments in history, it saddens me to think that it exists so strongly in Central Florida's Dance world.Please stop,think of others before you do this again! Pros: Great teachers, staff more


TIME FOR A CHANGE. \r \r Its time for people to stand up to Michelle and what she does at her studio. Students are leaving by droves at the end of the season. Anyone wonder why? Just read the posts below and you will see what Michelle is all about. She is not an asset to Orlando. People need to see her for what she really is. TIME FOR CHANGE ORLANDO. Post your comments and concerns here! Cons: TWO THUMBS DOWN. more

yvkuyvjh 5/21/2008

this website really makes me sooo mad and upset. i hate people who trash talk seriously if you have something to say just say it to their face or ADMIT your real name on here. your all scared if Michelle is so scared and lonely i guess your a hypocrit. get over yourselves ..seriously. more
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