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Coeur Inc

132 S 17th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 972-0373
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Coeur Inc - Philadelphia, PA
Coeur Inc - Philadelphia, PA


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Ok here is the skinny,? Mona is an exceptional woman providing the best service and lingerie period!? We?ve all been there wrong size, wrong product, and uncomfortable. Don?t ...


I've never had a bra fitting, and none of my bras have ever fit me very well. I'm very small framed, and recently I've started getting larger busted, so wearing ill-fitting bras ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/10/2012

Whole new world! I used to buy bras from the Gap or Nordstroms right off the rack and on sale. Shopping at Couer changed my view on bras and lingerie. In the past, I visited other high-end lingerie shops and scoffed at their measurements for me, which differed from what I thought and felt was the right size. I never bought anything from those stores, because I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to hear what they had to say about my size and I wasn't ready to pay what they were asking. I think to shop at one of these stores, you have to be ready and have an open mind - which only happened to me after the birth of my second child. more

Bra???.beautiful! 4/21/2012

Ok here is the skinny,? Mona is an exceptional woman providing the best service and lingerie period!? We?ve all been there wrong size, wrong product, and uncomfortable. Don?t be put off by a ?personal touch? remember you are asking Mona for help much like you would a personal trainer, gynecologist, or esthetician. You need to fix a part of your body that is hurting or feels unattractive. At 60 years old Mona finally taught me how to wear the right size bra correctly by learning how to position my breasts inside the cups. I can?t imagine how I missed this lesson but I will finally enjoy feeling and seeing myself (and my husband gives a shout out to Mona as well) in my clothes in a more attractive way. I came home and my clothes fit better and no pulling or gaps in my button down shirts. Mona, thank you very much and you have me as a customer for life! more

What an awesome adventure 4/10/2012

I knew that it was time for me to have my correct measurements when my bras started sagging on the sides and I was very uncomfortable in them. My experience with Mona was wonderful. She examined me back to front and immediately knew what size bra I should be wearing. To my surprise, I had been sporting the wrong size bra for years. I was introduced to my correct size and I left out of Coeur with a different attitude and feeling wonderful. I gave Mona a big hug and now waiting to hear back from her when my next order arrives. Oh and by the way, I left my old, too big bra with Mona and walked out with my newly fitting bra and loving it!!!!! Don't walk to Coeur but run, you won't regret it......... more

Not an ""uplifting"" experience 1/31/2012

I've never had a bra fitting, and none of my bras have ever fit me very well. I'm very small framed, and recently I've started getting larger busted, so wearing ill-fitting bras has been more uncomfortable. After doing my own measuring, I found out I am a 30B/30C. I went to Coeur hoping that I could have this measurement confirmed, and wanting an opportunity to try on bras in these sizes. I called the shop several times over the course of a few days, but nobody ever answered. The message stated that they were open Monday through Saturday, but did not specify hours. I tried visiting after work one day (at about 515pm) and they were closed. I tried calling again, and ended up leaving a message. Mona called back, and we arranged a time for her to stay a bit later so I could come by the shop. Once I undressed, she wanted to look at my back for my band size, and agreed that I'm quite small, then I turned around for her to evaluate cup size, and she said ""OH! you're TEENY TINY!"" I was mortified. But I felt intimidated by her mannerisms and didn't say anything. She proceeded to stuff me into bras that were too small for me (because she didn't carry the sizes I wanted to try) and convince me that when I'm larger during my time of the month, I just need to wear an ""older bra that's stretched out"" and that I really should just wear a 32B or 32A. I left the store very frustrated, and what I thought would be a ""fun"" shopping trip turned into me feeling pretty bad about my body. I know they're not big, you don't have to be insulting. That frustration spurred me on to visit another specialty store, and although it was out of my way, they had posted hours so I knew someone would be there, and I was able to get my size (which IS 30B/30C depending on the brand, so Mona can put that in her pipe and smoke it). more


For the 3 1/2 years since my son was born, I have struggled to find a bra that fits me properly. All day every day I was pulling my bra straps back up, stuffing my boobs back into the cups, or pulling them up from where they had slid under the underwire. I was miserably uncomfortable and had completely stopped wearing any clothes that showed my chest. I read reviews of Coeur online and decided to give it a try. My friend, Lorraine, and I went on a Friday evening. When we got there the store had just closed, but Mona opened up for us and proceeded to fit us for over an hour until she found bras that fit each of us perfectly! I cannot express my gratitude to Mona enough! I left with 2 bras (each $75) and have one more on order. In the weeks since visiting Coeur, I've noticed every day how my quality of life has changed! I am finally comfortable again. I've been able to buy some shirts that fit me and my friends have commented on how perky my boobs look! Mona is the best and I'll be going to Coeur for more bras soon! more

Mona Rocks! 9/20/2011

I was out shopping one day and I over heard two women speaking about this store. I was just a few blocks away so I decided to check it out. more

Wow!!! 3/4/2011

Mona Lisa!! What an amazing visit I had! I was a bit surprised about how she KNEW exactly what I needed. I came downtown in hopes of finding the right bra that can hold my girls. I searched online for a close location and Coeur came up on the list. The reviews were great I decided to pop down today. Mona greeted me very friendly yet I myself a bit uncomfortable since I was unsure actually how this would work. After sizing me up, she handed me a bra two cup sizes up/four inches down across my chest. I was completely taken back, until I tried on my new bra. The best coverage I ever had! Without even explaining my current problems, she told me what they were! Ladies, if you have never been, please go down there. You will not regret it. Yes I paid a pretty penny -- but value outweighs cost any day! more

Mona is a genius! 7/24/2010

On my birthday my cousin stated it looked like my breasts got bigger and I chose to ignore her, even though I was starting to have problems with the bottom of my boobs popping out of the bra and spillage in the front of my bra. I googled some places to be professionally fitted but NOT Victoria's Secret, most of their employees her young and don't have a clue as how to properly measure women's breasts. I found Coeur Inc. and read the mostly positive reviews so I figured I would visit one day. After work last Thursday, I located the store and wasn't sure what Mona looked like. A woman asked could she help me and I advised her I was there to be properly fitted and possibly make a purchase. She got right to it, she didn't make me feel uncomfortable and put me in the right size all under 10 minutes. I was shocked I was wearing the wrong size cup for quite some time. She gave great advice for knowing what to look for, and how to tell if the bra fits you properly. The prices were about $15-20 more than VS bras, but the fabrics, and brands were more high end. After talking with her some more she informed me she was in fact Mona. After purchasing one bra, I called my mother and suggested her and my 16-year-old sister be professionally fitted. Today I traveled back downtown in search of a strapless bra and/or body shaper to wear under my dress for a wedding tomorrow. After finding one bra but not the bra I intended, I ended up visiting Mona's store again. Once again superb service, and attentiveness was given to me. I thanked her again, and advised her I would be coming to her store more often, when I wasn't pinching pennies because of the level of customer service she exhibited to me. Pros: Variety of lingere, shapewear and items to compliment purcha Cons: A little too pricy more


This store really welcomed me to being a real woman. Pros: SUPERPRO, ELEGANCE, AUTHENTIC, FRIENDLY, VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE more

Disappointed 6/16/2010

I stopped by Coeur today to check out the place, because I have an uncommon bra size and I heard nothing but good things! I also am going to visit my boyfriend this weekend. He lives in another city and I wanted to buy something (probably two things) special. I approached the store the same time as another woman, and we rang the bell to be let in. The other shopper grabbed the attention of the woman behind the counter before I did, so I waited. She (the woman behind the counter) told me that I could look around, and so I started browsing. I complimented her shop, and asked if she carried a certain brand of bra that I like. She said thank you, and then confirmed that they do carry Fantasie bras. Great! I was excited! She asked me what I was looking for, and I said I was looking for some nighties to wear. Maybe I should have been more specific and said, ""I'm visiting my boyfriend in Atlanta this weekend and I need something hot."" But I didn't, because I'm shy. So, I looked around her store for a while while she helped the other customer. She appeared to be very helpful to the other woman. She was saying helpful things to the other customer. I am assuming she was the owner, but I don't know. Either way, she knew her stuff! While she was helping this other woman, I tried on a few pieces of expensive and beautiful nightwear. One of them I actually liked very much, and was planning on purchasing. As my visit went on further she continued to give me only slight attention here and there, but then the vibe started to get awkward. I began to feel unwelcome, though I'm not sure what I did to receive short answers/be ignored by and the occasional odd look from the woman who was bra-knowledgeable. (The same woman who was behind the counter when I came in.) I found a really sexy outfit hanging on the rack, and it was the only one in the store that looked like it was geared more towards fetish clothing. That was exactly what I was looking for! The woman told me that it was on sale! And I was shocked and said, ""Oh really? Can't you get rid of it? I love it!"" Because it was the only one on the floor and it didn't look like the rest of the vanilla-wear. Then she said, ""No, we actually have a separate room with toys and other garments like that."" I thought this was great news, and I was hoping that she would show me, so I waited. At this point, another employee had showed up, who informed me that the woman in charge would show me the ""special room."" I went up to the front of the store for a second, for what reason I can't remember. Maybe it was getting too crowded in that back room. Anyway, I heard the two women who worked there speaking in low voices, and when I came back, the woman in charge showed me the same item again, acting as if that was all she had. It was so weird! I felt like I was being shunned. So there I was, standing in this store, ready to drop some serious money on some nice lingerie, and possibly become a loyal forever customer, and the woman acted like I wasn't worth even speaking to! At this point, I told them to have a good day, grabbed my bags, and left. I'm a nice person. I'm pretty like-able. I've worked in retail and other parts of the service industry, so I know what it's like to be behind a counter all day and be treated horribly by rude people. I cannot remember the last time I was treated like this in a store (I actually don't think I have... I'm 27...) I usually don't write reviews about places unless it's on my blog or facebook, but I just could not let this weird story go untold. I was very upset when I left her shop because of how I was treated. I keep going over in my head whether I might have sounded rude, or if there was something that I did to make her not like me. Maybe I was too ... quiet? Meh, I'll never know. I do know that I'll never be going there again. Which is sad because I really need some new fancy undergarments! I settled for Macy's today... Pros: Selection, Location, Brands, Knowledgeable staff Cons: Awkward/Inconsiderate staff, Rudeness? more

Best of old and new worlds 4/21/2010

On a visit to the east coast, I was on the lookout for an old-fashioned lingerie store. You know--the kind that has been around for decades and is staffed with old ladies who grab you inappropriately and fit you with a bra before you know it. Luckily, I found COEUR and Mona. She is young, fashion-forward, but as skilled as any old hand. She fit me precisely--and even had a sample T-shirt for me to try on and judge the effects of her handiwork. Mona and COEUR combine old-fashioned quality and personal service with the latest technology and fashion sense. Like others, I ended up buying more than I intended, but this was a one-of-a-kind place! Pros: Hip and happening with personal service more

Bras that Finally Fit! 4/18/2010

I went into Coeur with my 16 year old daughter after searching unsuccessfully for bras that fit. Mona took one look at her, knew exactly the size, and was wonderful with her. The bras, although much more expensive than I ever spent before, were well worth it because my daughter felt and looked great. Next time, it's my turn!! Pros: Personal attention; good selection; perfect fitting more

Wonderful little lingerie shop! 7/28/2009

I went out looking for bridal lingerie. I had been to several shops in NYC before I stumbled upon Coeur. Upon entering Mona asked me what I was looking for and immediately pulled out at least 5 suggestions for me. I loved them so much I ended up buying more that want I originally came for. I even told my fiance that if he ever wanted to buy me something special to go to Coeur! Pros: Great customer serivce, very nice selection more

Great Bra Shopping Experience 7/23/2009

Today, I went to Coeur for the first time. I had a wonderful shopping experience with Mona. She knew EXACTLY what I needed in a bra. The bras are expensive-ish, BUT the investment is SOOOOO worth it, Ladies. I will definately be headed back in the near future. I stongly suggest you do the same! Pros: Mona knows her stuff! more

The bra VIP! 1/20/2009

When I first went to Coeur, I have to admit that I was a little nervous due to some of the other reviews that were posted about the shop. Let me tell you, I will never again go anywhere else for bras! Mona is the bra professional! Pros: Mona - the expert more

THE place to go to find a bra that really, truly fits 8/6/2008

I've been professionally fitted twice before, but I just wasn't sure I was wearing the right size bra. Mona at Coeur took one look at me and put me in a completely different size. The difference was amazing--the entire upper half of my body looked taller and leaner and I stood up straighter. I can't believe that two different ""professionals"" put me in the same wrong size, and Mona got it right in a heartbeat. She takes a lot of care with her customers-- there were two other people in this tiny store when I got there and one of them needed special attention. This is not a place to go if you want to run in, grab something, and run out. And it isnt inexpensive. But it is worth every dime. This woman knows her business. Pros: Extremely expert service Cons: Expensive, can be time consuming more

Went today! 8/6/2008

I went today...finally after reading the Phila Inq. article a few weeks back...what a surprise! A little nervous after reading the reviews but Mona was very gracious, extremely helpful and knew my size by looking at me, I was amazed at the difference of a bra fitting properly and found out I've been wearing the wrong size, (thanks to a V.S. mall lady)! I WILL go back and shop at Coeur again!! They had everything I wanted in my size & in stock, again surprizing for a small store but it was a great experience. OK I'm going on and on about a bra store but after buying sooo many that didn't fit right or weren't comfortable it does matter! The materials and finishings far surpassed the mall stores best brands anyday! Pros: Mona knew her stuff! Cons: Wish the store was closer to me! more

Best Bra Shop in Philly 3/21/2008

I was hesitant to go because I HATE my chest and knew I wasn't properly fitted. The owner was gracious, hospitable, and knew her stuff. She didn't take a single measurement and had me two great- fitting bras within 5 minutes of my entering. Pros: great service, nice selection, intimate more

Coeur - good selection and very knowledgeable but maybe not the friendliest 3/6/2008

I heard about this store online. I was interested in having a bra fitting since my current bras weren't really supporting me and I suspected I might not be able to find my cup size in mainstream lingerie stores. So I went with my friend. We walked up the steps and were buzzed into the store. When we got inside, I must admit, the people in the store initially treated us like we were criminals. The woman said ""can I help you with something?"" in a really rude way. I said that I wanted a bra fitting. The response was like I had said nothing at all. The woman was already with a customer and seemed to not care at all that I had entered the store. My friend and I awkwardly stood in the tiny store while this woman conducted her business as if we weren't there. In my mind I was thinking, this is ridiculous and I can't believe this and that I was going to tell the woman that she had lost my business and then storm off. But for some reason I decided to wait. I decided to see if the tiny store even had bras. Then the owner said to me that it would be just a minute which calmed me down. When the other customer left, she said to follow her into the back. She asked me my current bra size and then without even measuring me, grabbed a few bras for me to try one. I must admit that she was extremely good at knowing how to fix my bra troubles. She helped me determine how to wear a bra correctly and after trying on a few bras thats fit me great (38GG) I decided to buy one. She was also very helpful on how to care for my bras and when to get a new bra. So the experience overall went well so I am glad that I waited around instead of storming off. I think that the owner is actually nice if you can just get over her initial rudeness-- but I can understand why some people might not be able to do that. I would recommend this place to people who need extended cup sizes (DDD+) since you can get regular sizes in other stores and it might be cheaper. Pros: owner is very knowledgeable, good selection of cup sizes, unique, excellent quality of bras Cons: somewhat hostile environment, small store, maybe a little bit more expensive (but better quality) more

Warm and welcoming 1/24/2008

Apparently other people haven't had that great of an experience with Coeur's sales help. I, on the other hand, had a nice shopping experience with them. The owner, Mona, greeted me outside her shop letting me know that a Spanx trunk show was happening later that day. Just in time, too! I went in and tried on a pair of Spanx. They checked in on me to see if I needed anything. I ordered the size I needed and the Spanx rep was knowledgeable and helpful. I even bought some 'hollywood fashion tape' on my way out. To top it off, they gave me a special gift for coming: a great pair of trouser socks. Pros: a great little lingerie shop, large selection Cons: small inside more
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  • Although you'll find all sorts of pieces of lingerie, this small boutique specializes in custom-made bras and corsets.

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