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Coco Loco Cuban Caribbean - 18 Reviews - 2625 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA - Lunch Spot Reviews - Phone (404) 261-0198

Coco Loco Cuban Caribbean

2625 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 261-0198
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Coco Loco Cuban Caribbean - Atlanta, GA
Coco Loco Cuban Caribbean - Atlanta, GA
Coco Loco Cuban Caribbean - Atlanta, GA
Coco Loco Cuban Caribbean - Atlanta, GA
Coco Loco Cuban Caribbean - Atlanta, GA
Coco Loco Cuban Caribbean - Atlanta, GA


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The authentic vibe of Coco Loco many - Cubans and folks that just love Cuban food. Black beans are great as are the sadwiches of course! Homemade sangria usaully is the best drink...


Have been here for lunch and dinner and some dishes were good like the empanadas and calamari appetizer, but our entrees were not that good. I had the pork stew-type dish which wa...

Not at all what I was expecting 8/18/2010

A friend decided to take me out for my birthday to Coco Loco. I love Cuban food. I grew up in in Florida and there are many Cuban restaurants you can choose from. I was excited. When we entered in we were greeted by a nice woman. She didn't make eye contact with us at all and she sat us in a booth right in front of another family. No spacing at all even though there were plenty of empty booths. The table was behind us was loud so we moved to a booth in front. Not a big deal. Decor was not impressive but typical. Fake foliage resting on top of the refrigerator that held the beverages. Paintings of traditional Cuban life. After we ordered our drinks they hand us bread rolls. This is new as I'm used to pressed cuban bread but I tried it anyways. They were terrible and dry. Still wanting to enjoy my meal I order Arroz con Pollo. A dish I've had many times and one of my favorite meals. When it came out it was not an arroz con pollo I had ever seen. The rice was sticky and slightly soupy. It was a very dark orange and not the typical light orange to yellow color. It was incredibly salty. I was really hungry so I managed to eat what I could. The chicken was fine but the salt on the meal made it hard to eat. Even the fried sweet plantanos was not golden brown and soft but rather really chewy and really oily. My friend had the black bean soup. It looked like they opened of can of black beans, heated it up, and put it on her plate. It wasn't great at all. Not what she was expecting either. We had this fried mashed potato ball that my friend ate completely. She was starving and it was the only thing that tasted good. We had the flan. I was heavily disappointed. It was actually the worse flan I ever had. Its supposed to be creamy and and leave a sweet memory. Instead I played with it with my spoon as I waited to pay and leave. This may be ""Authentic Cuban Food"" but it isn't great or even good Cuban food. Save your money and go somewhere else. more

Best Cuban Food in Atlanta 11/5/2009

The authentic vibe of Coco Loco many - Cubans and folks that just love Cuban food. Black beans are great as are the sadwiches of course! Homemade sangria usaully is the best drink for those that do! Pros: Fresh Tilapia and Groupoer Cons: hard to find on Sidney Marcus near Piedmont more

Just what we have been looking for! Authentic and delish!! 6/8/2009

Having lived in South Florida, my fiance and I are always on the lookout for a good restaurant that can serve up that authentic carribbean flavor. Unfortunatly many of the real authentic home-cooked kind of places in Atlanta seem to be either very new, or more family style. i.e.--no liquor license! Coco Loco on the otherhand was exactly what we have been looking for!! A place where we could get a good flank steak or cuban pork, and also have a nice mojito. (Way better than those at Bahama Breeze!!) A place where you could bring your family OR go out on a date. Ambiance was chill--not too fancy but not too casual. Service was prompt, and prices fair. Everthing we tried was delicious, especially the conch fritters, and the shrimp. Though the cuban style steak was lick-your -plate delicious as well!! We can't wait to come back!! And to top it all off, once you are in the island mood--there is a cigar shop across the street to complete the evening in true caribbean fashion! Pros: Great menu, great drinks, good service. Cons: Can be pricey--still worth it though. more

Mediocre 1/29/2009

Have been here for lunch and dinner and some dishes were good like the empanadas and calamari appetizer, but our entrees were not that good. I had the pork stew-type dish which was recommended by the server and it was OK, I was expecting a lot more I guess. My boyfriend had a roast pork and it was not good at all, the pork was dry and it lacked flavor. Overall, it was nothing special, food lacked flavor, probably won't be having a repeat visit. more

Where else in Buckhead can you get a 28 OZ Steak for $19 ? Great art on the walls - The Grouper is Great 1/7/2009

I have been a diner at CoCo Loco since the day after they opended. I have seen this restaurants thrive through out all the trendy Tapas - joints and Latin revival - Julio the owner will most likely great you at the door - -he will seat you amongst muraled walls (created by his artist wife Anna) I discovered the Habanero Grouper a few years back --- this is not Habanero as in hot it is Habanaro as in Havanna - I am told -- the veggies come with cheese on them - the fish is sauteed in a butter caper sauce and is to die for - it reminds me of the Cafe De La Place (used to be behind Houston's on Peachtree) -- did a French version --- this is perhaps the best fish dish in Atlanta for the money! I love my little Cuban coffee - thick and sweet - who needs Red Bill! You'll find older Cuban men sitting and talking about the Bay of Pigs etc -- this is always a good sign and you will find the place spotless -- clean - and run in a most professional manner -- some nights there will be a band playing and I've even seen the owner get up and play the drums - I used to come years ago for the Conch fritters but have since moved to lighter fair -- if you knonw what I mean -- Their web site has a great video and really gives you a good idea of what to expect - One of the best things about CoCo Loco is they serve homemade Sangria in a big glass -- not a wine glass! that may be worth the trip -- Pros: Real dea lCuban food -- you can go light or you can go heavy -- Cons: Not as close to my home as I like -- more

Oldie, but not so goodie 1/5/2009

This restaurant, one of the first Cuban places in the city, has lost its original flair and appeal. Today It's uninspired, getting by serving food that much- less-savvy Atlantans diners were willing to accept 15 years ago.It needs a total and honest revamping of its menu. more

This Place Is Dirty...Very Unsanitary...and Food is not Good. 12/31/2008

My husband and I went out to eat tonight for New Year's Eve after looking on City Search here and reading what were supposed good reviews. I had the Palomilla Steak (Caution: Don't even waste your time). My steak came with white rice & lukewarm plantains that were supposed to be maduros (they were not sweet fried ripe plantains...they were dry and starchy). My husband's Chicharron chicken was past was black...burnt and had no flavor. For being Cuban, you'd think the food would have flavor. I also ordered a glass of wine and as I took a sip, I noticed that the glass was lined with lip if it had not been washed. The older couple next to us had the same problems with their wine glasses. Everything is so dimly wonder why they keep the lighting so low in there. The only thing good about this plasce was the server. He was actually friendly and took my wine back but was reluctant to take my husband's food back and not charge us for it. We will never go back to this restaurant. Pros: Good Service Cons: Unsanitary & Food Not Worth Your Time more

Yummy Cuban Food 10/30/2008

Went to Coco Loco about two weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. We had a terrible experience at Papi's Cuban Sandwiches and were wary of trying Cuban from Atlanta again. I grew up in Miami and just recently moved here, so I know what good Cuban food should taste like. The food was very flavorful and reasonably priced. I ordered the palomilla steak with white rice, black beans, and maduros (sweet plantains). The steak and rice were seasoned very well. My fiance ordered picadillo (seasoned ground beef) with moros (""dark"" rice) and yuca frita (fried yuca). His food was also very tasty. We ordered cafe con leche (coffe with milk), flan (a custard similar to creme brulee), and guava with cream cheese for dessert.--all very good. My steak was about $11 and my fiance's dish (which was the daily special) was maybe $8-$9. The service was a bit slow, but friendly. The host (an elderly Cuban gentleman) actually told me where I could purchase pastelitos (a cuban pastry with guava or cheese filling) in the area and went through the trouble of calling them to see if they were open since it was a Sunday. Please do not listen to the reviewer below who ordered vegetarian food and got ""burnt"" plantains. Maduros (sweet plantains) are supposed to be slightly blackened because they are sugared and then fried so that the sugar caramelizes and makes the outside of the plantains slightly crispy. Also ""vegetarian"" and ""cuban food"" aren't two phrases I would normally put in the same sentence together. There is meat in almost all Cuban dishes since it is not unusual for vegetables to be cooked in pork fat and rice to be cooked with meat broth. Unlike at Papi's, I also saw several Latin people eating here. Long story short: the prices were right on target for casual Cuban dining, the staff is friendly, and the food is very good. We will be going back. Pros: Yummy, authentic Cuban food! Cons: They're not next to my house :( more

Try the habanaro tilapia -- black beens and rice - scallops -- steak --- i love CoCo Loco 10/7/2008

Ok -- first of all I am writing this because I just read the obvious plant review below -- they talk about another restaurant more than CoCo Loco and if you go to that restaurant's review they are bad mouthing over there. For 20 years and 3 wifes have enjoyed my CoCo LoCo - Julio is the best nicest restaurant owner in Atlanta -- 20 years folks --- I used to go for the Conch Fritters alone - now mostly a litely breaded sauted filet of Tilapia with capers -- on the side cheese vegies -- The artwork is great - it jumps off the walls - the old Cuban men sitting around sipping their coffee lends credence to the authentic claim -- don't be fooled by another restaurant getting desperate -- this place is great -- they where Latin before anyone in Atlanta could pronounce TAPAS ----- Pros: Owner on site -- they have lite faire or the more heavy traditional - Cons: parking can be tight at lunch -- more

How can you burn Plantains and expect a customer to want to come back.... never again! 9/30/2008

Papi's off of Ponce de leon/ Myrtle st is the best choice for Cuban food in Atlanta, earlier today I tried Coco Loco for my first time in Buckhead off of Sidney Marcus just because it's close to my work place. I tell you, there's just no comparison. Papi's is the BEST for cost and quality. I bought two lunch specials and only spent $20 when I visited Papi's, however I looked at Coco-Loco?s menu and it was outrageously priced (for what you get) so much so, I had to order a vegetarian plate just to stay in the same price range as Papi's and all I ordered were the basics: black beans, rice and plantains. Did I mention that I gave my boyfriend a bite of my food from Coco-Loco, he actually thought what he was about to eat was beef, because my plantains burnt like charcoal, who wants to pay for burnt food?! He spat his food out needless to say. THERE IS NO COMPARISON! Papi's is my pick because there's a story behind their struggle to succeed so, there's a passion/love that goes into their food. It is the Best in Atlanta and I'm saying that because it's well deserved. Their food is always yummy! If/when you go for your first time, go on a Friday/Saturday and order the daily special: Beef/ chicken or Pork , black beans, rice, sweet plantains, and a salad... it's about $8 but don't forget to add a Cuban Milkshake- Mango, Guava, etc. it will send your taste buds dancing happily and fully complete the Cuban dining experience! Pros: it's close to work... i would rather have mcdonalds, at least it won't be burnt Cons: Not a good cheap eat, my food was burned... more

Not Real Good Cuban Food 11/12/2007

If you are a true Floridian, then you will know good Cuban food when you have it. I am a true Flordian and I did not enjoy my food at this restaurant at all. So, I would not recommend it to anyone who likes good Cuban food. more

Worst food we ever had 5/21/2007

My wife and I had dinner at this restaurant while visiting Atlanta based on the recommendations from this site. Having now been there, I would recommend a night of fasting over dinner here. The fact that the bulks of the dishes on the menu were Tex-Mex and not Caribbean was a red flag right off. Most of the food was so salty it was inedible. What was worse was there was a band playing so loud you could not speak to the person across the booth from you even if you yelled. Most of the guests I saw had their fingers stuck in their ears. My recommendation, go elsewhere. Pros: Easy Parking Cons: Bad food more

Favorite no more. 3/13/2007

Coco Loco used to be my favorite Cuban restaurant - not today. The very popular spicy chicken dish (this review won't let me call it by its real name because it's misconstruing it as a bad name) used to be my favorite dish there - not today. The chicken was so dry, The spices on just 1 side of the meat, and the meat didn't taste marinated at all. Even Chick-fil-A has a juicier grilled chicken breast sandwich. The sides were just weak thin potato chip strips that you see in some salad bars. The service was so disappointing, too - the waiter never smiled and never asked if we liked our food. Seriously this was so different from my previous memorable experiences. I was embarrassed because I had raved about this place with my guests. None of us plan to return anytime soon. Pros: Casual atmosphere, location Cons: Food, service more

Good Cuban Food 7/22/2006

This restaurant is one of the best cuban restaurants my husband and I have eaten at in Atlanta. That really isn't saying much since there aren't any really good ones to choose from. The ropa vieja here is very good. The bread isn't authentic but it is OK. The service is good. We eat here everyonce in awhile and usually enjoy it. I think it is worth a try if you would like to experience decent cuban cooking. By the way, my husband is cuban so I actually know what I am talking about! Pros: parking, no wait, music on weekends more

love the food! 11/18/2004

i have been going here for two years and LOVE their black beans with yellow rice and flan for dessert. it's great to take to go and eat in front of the tv. the service is wonderful and the food is always ready when i come by. also the mariquitas (fried plantains) are REALLY good. i'm moving next week and will really miss this place. Pros: inexpensive, good parking, friendly staff more

Like being in Miami! 9/15/2002

I just tried Coco Loco, and was presently surprised. I worked in Miami for a few months, and developed a real liking for Cuban food. I was pleasantly surprised to find this restaurant as authentic and good as some of the places I frequented in Miami. The black beans and rice, the plantains, the cuban bread was all good and traditional. I had the Chicken steak, which is a sauteed chicken breast and it was excellent. The restaurant isnt fancy, doesnt have alot of ambience. But its comfy, and good. And the menu was very complete, I look forward to trying one of the many seafood dishes! Pros: good food, good menu, good parking more

Authentic Cuban cuisine 5/16/2002

I've had consistently good dining experiences here. The service is always friendly and the Cuban sandwiches are fantastic. A great place to drop in for lunch. more

Good food, slow service 5/13/2002

While the Cuban sandwiches we had were all hot, spicy and tasty, the kitchen service left something to be desired. Our sandwiches came out about 15 minutes apart. As it doesn't take that long to eat a sandwich (they're big, but go down quick), the two people who got their sandwiches first were done before the other sandwich arrived. Pros: Authentic cuisine Cons: Inconsistent service more
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    This colorful cantina's Latin remixes keep the vibe upbeat and the neighborly crowd chatty through closing time. If the music and the margaritas don't give you a buzz, maybe the...

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