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Coal Hill Steakhouse - 38 Reviews - 1212 Grandview Ave, Pittsburgh, PA - Steak Houses Reviews - Phone (412) 431-1400

Coal Hill Steakhouse

1212 Grandview Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15211
(412) 431-1400
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A colleague and I wanted to go someplace nice after a rough day. We made the right choice. The service and food were impeccable. The Martini's were enormous! The view was brea...


Never tought I would do this! Not one to complain! Their Service is the WORST! 5 of us went for a friends B-day, sat down quick, after that down hill! No one came to the table ...

It Rocked! 4/24/2012

A colleague and I wanted to go someplace nice after a rough day. We made the right choice. The service and food were impeccable. The Martini's were enormous! The view was breathtaking. I asked the server for suggestions and chose the Parmesan encrusted cod - great choice. Plan to return soon. more

Bait and Switch 12/20/2011

My party of 6 left after only one round of drinks because you had to tear the bartenders and the wait staff away from socializing with their friends sitting at the bar . They obviuosly didn't mind that they serve Vodka tonics with flat tonic and no lime. We didn't bother ordering food at that point. We took the Incline back down to the Grand Concourse. more

Overpriced bad food 12/14/2010

I'm not sure what restaurant the other reviewers ate at, but EVERY time I've been to this place I hope it's going to be better but it's just not. The food is bad, the restaurant is filthy and kind of icky at times, and you will pay out of the nose. Have a drink and enjoy the view, but do yourself a favor and dine elsewhere. more

overpriced bar food 12/14/2010

Epicurion211 Provided by Partner
Way way overpriced for the quality of the food. Go for drinks, enjoy the view but eat somewhere else. more

Great all around evening 4/30/2009

The outdoor decks made this such a great experience. There is no better way to enjoy the nice weather and great view of Pittsburgh. The food was greta. I got the espresso rubbed filet and think it is the most mouth watering, delicious dinner I have ever had. It is my new favorite dish. Kudos to the chef :). The server was nice and attentive but not over powering. I hate that. It was a greta evening. I encourage people to go and sit outside (bring a light jacket though). Pros: View, decks, food Cons: nothing more

Good experience 12/2/2008

Loved the food! Loved our waitress! Loved the view! Only complaint was we had a bit of a wait when we arrived and there is no lobby to sit down in. Hostess arranged a round of drinks on the house though to get us through the wait. Overall, one of our favorite places and recommend to friends and family to go and get a steak. The steaks are the best! Pros: Food, View, Service Cons: Had a wait more

Setting the record straight! 7/23/2008

I was enjoying a very pleasant evening at The Coal Hill Steakhouse until it was disturbed abruptly by a table next to us. I could not help but to over hear another table in the dining room discussing their displeasure with their steak. The server was called over and I saw her take the steak away. During what I assumed to be the process of the kitchen preparing another steak for this disturbed person, I overheard the unpleasant (to say the least) disposition of these people. They were out for a free meal and it was obvious. The nerve of some people! It is embarrassing and extremely annoying that individuals who are obviously miserable to begin with even go out to eat with the sole purpose of disturbing and taking advantage of nice establishments. When the new steak was returned (very promptly I may add) this lady had the nerve to eat the entire thing and further complain that it was overcooked. I personally witnessed an entire waitstaff and management team be distracted from all others in order to please this woman and she was not having it, so she proceeded to the kitchen to distract the cooks as well. Seriously lady, STAY HOME! That was our first time at this restaurant and we went on the wonderful reviews and recommendations from good friends. Our service was relaxed and detail oriented. Our steaks were beyond amazing and the view was equally impressive. Only complaint is that this belligerent woman's tirade was tolerated to long. I would not ever own a restaurant for the fear of being forced to interact with people like this. Please do yourselves a favor and go try this place out and while you are there apologize for people like this! I hate writing these reviews online. I believe that 99% of them are biased in some shape or form, but I couldn't help but to over hear the intention to post a review about there ""experience"" online. Keep up the good work Coal Hill see you again soon! Pros: Great food, staff and of course view. Cons: n/a more

Who taught Peter Clark how to prepare a steak? 7/22/2008

My family and I ate at the Coal Hill Steakhouse for the first time last night and had a terrible experience. I ordered the 8oz Filet, medium rare (every place I have ordered ""medium-rare,"" the steak is mostly pink and juicy). My steak came out mostly brown. I was nice about it and just asked for a much more rare steak. It came back again, even more well-done. Who taught this chef, Peter Clark, to prepare a steak? So, we asked to talk to management to let them know that we were never informed that medium rare at this restaurant is more like medium-well to well-done. Peter is the manager as well, and he told our server, ""If they want to talk to me, tell them to come down and talk through the kitchen window."" Great management skills Peter! I went down and calmly explained that both steaks were incorrectly prepared. He did not even look at me..looked down at the floor the entire time...and kept repeating, ""That steak was medium rare! The menu explains it. You should have known."" First of all, the way a steak is prepared does not fluctuate that much from restaurant to restaurant. And what a COWARD?! You are the manager of an expensive restaurant, LOOK at your customers! To top it off, the menu does not explain that he cooks medium rare steaks more like well done. Peter INSISTED that he was correct right to the customers face! When I showed him that it was not on the menu, he simply said, ""It used to be."" How would that help me, my first time there?! I would assume the manager would know this! All in all, TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Food is not that great for what you pay. Miserable servers. The head cook and manager all-in-one, Peter Clark, does NOT know how to prepare a steak...and he needs to learn management skills before anyone puts him in charge of their restaurant. Moral of the story...At Coal Hill Steakhouse, the customer is NEVER right and you eat what you get...a well-done, burnt steak! Pros: Excellent view! Cons: Terrible management by Peter Clark...COWARD! Peter, also the cook, does not know how to prepare a steak as ordered. more

All Around Nice Evening 5/20/2008

I don't usually do this but we had such nice evening here. Everything from the moment we walked in was pleasant. They really seem to value customer service. The Chef came out and talked to our table and shared some stories. Our sevrer was unintrusive but good. The dinner was suberb... I reccommend the esprsesso rubbed filet with vidalia onions and mashed potatoes. I get the same thing everytime and it never disappoints me. Pros: food, view, service more

Best steak ever!! 11/25/2007

I recently had dinner here with family friends and I have to say everything was so good! We were greeted quickly and with a smile which is so refreshing these days. The menu is took me forever to pick out what I wanted because everything sounded so good. I ended up going with the filet and crab cakes which I might add were cooked perfectly (another pet peeve of mine). The steak sauce was the perfect touch. I told the chef when he visited our table (something he does a lot of from what I heard) that he should bottle it. It is so delicious!!! The prices were normal for a steakhouse, especially one on Mt. Washington. Our server was water glass never went empty (the best sign of a great server to me). Overall I strongly recommend going there and taking friends :). Pros: Food, service, view, ambience Cons: nothing more

We loved it! 11/18/2007

Best crabcake in the burgh! We enjoyed the lobster bisque also. The portions are huge and the prices are fair. The view of the city is best seen at night. I would definitely suggest going up at night time. My husband really appreciated the New York Srip with the sauce they serve it with. I would suggest this to any body but escpecially anyone trying to impress out of town guests. The service was good but parking can be a small issue. Worth checking out! Pros: View and food Cons: hard to get a reservation more

Refreshing change 11/17/2007

Recently my boyfriend and i tried out this restaurant and were impressed. The food was beautiful and very tasty. The steak sauce is delicious and definitely signature. The service is very friendly and you get the feeling that the whole staff is really trying to make you comfortable. I love the casual atmosphere of the place and can't wait to go back. The prices are a little higher than we usually like, but it is easily made up for with quantity and quality. Pros: Portion size, drinks, view Cons: none found more

Who is the Post-Gazette hiring!!?? 11/17/2007

I recently read a review in the Post-Gazette by some Millman person about The Coal Hill Steakhouse. The review was horribly written and from my experience was completely unfounded. I took friends up to this establishment for Light-up Night and was totally charmed by the whole experience. At our table we ordered the Crab Cakes, Prime Rib, Lamb Chops and the Filet Mignon. I could not coax a complaint from anyone at the table. The food was perfectly cooked and each sauce served complimented each respective dish. The service was attentive as well as knowledgable. There was a couple getting engaged in the dining room and everyone congratulated them. It was so cozy and friendly. The view is unbeatable of course. The only part of the review that I could agree with is that the dining room is attractive but needs a few minor updates. I really can not understand why the rude and poorly written review was even published. Outstanding place!!!! Pros: Food, service and view Cons: parking more

best crabcakes in Pgh- awesome view- perfect date night 10/25/2007

My husband and I went to Coalhill Steakhouse on a Friday night and had a delicious, relaxing evening. Our window seat had a beautiful view of the city. Dinners include 2 choices of sides which I was impressed with since other Steakhouses have sides as a la carte. My hubby ordered Filet which I would rate at the same level as Ruth Chris. The chief's steak sauce was very good. I had the crab cakes which I believe are the best I have had in Pgh. Bold statement I know but the lump crab meat and little filler was the perfect combination. As a side note, I especially loved the homemade corn bread that was served before the meal.\r \r I was very surprised reading some of the other reviews that stated problems with the service. Our waitress was extremely attentive and very personable and from what I remember, the wait staff was frequently checking on the tables around us.\r \r We had a great date that night and we were full and relaxed when we left. \r Pros: Steak/Crabcakes, good wine list, view of city more

Food has gotten better. Service still stinks. 8/14/2007

The Coal Hill Steakhouse has improved the food over the old Grandview Saloon, although the prices have gone up. The bacon bleu burger was awesome. Jalepeno crab dip was great too. The sausage kraut hoagie was so so. The service still stinks. Same bad service you got at the Grandview Saloon. Waitstaff can best be described as aloof and put out on doing their job. If you don't like restaurant work maybe you should find another profession! View from the deck is unbeatable. If you can deal with the poor service the food and view are worth a look. Pros: Improved food. Cons: Same horrible service. more


We recently went to Coal Hill Steakhouse and it was awful from the moment we went in! The very first thing we heard walking in, was the Chef yelling at the severs in a very distasteful manner. So we decided to go down and eat at the bar, what a mistake that was! The two bartenders didn?t pay one bit of attention to us. We sat waited as they tried to decide what color mint lifesaver tasted the best. NO JOKE! So as one of the bartenders begins to talk to (what I assume to be a ?regular? the other finally gave us a menu. We ordered are drinks and received them a good 15 to 20 minutes later, after we had to ask for them, (because the two bartenders couldn?t decide on which bag of candy to open next, instead of making are drinks) The one bartender just rolled her eyes and walked to the corner of the bar to again (talk to someone she most likely knew). So by this time we are very hungry and annoyed but don?t want to leave because we don?t want to wait anyway else, so we ordered. After realizing they were out of most every appetizer which neither of the bartenders realized, I decided a $15 dollar steak wrap should be amazing right? $15!? Unbelievably unimpressed!!!! I have had better wraps at bars in South Side for a quarter of the price! And my husband never even got his food because by the time they brought mine out they realized they never put his order in! SO if you?re looking to go some place with a great view that overlooks the city I would stop in, but don?t eat or drink unless you have TON of time and don?t mind Waiting while your bartenders ignore you! I would never go back!!!!!!!!!!!!\r \r p.s. There were only 3 other people sitting at the bar! Pros: The View! Cons: Food and Staff more

Worst service in the city 5/30/2007

So my girlfriend and I are in from out of town and have an extra night to have a romantic dinner. We asked around about where would be a good place near the mountain, we decided on the Grandview. We walked in, and had to just sit down since we could not find anyone to seat us. After about 5-10 Minutes a waiter came up and gave us menus and then left. Another guy came up and asked if we wanted a few drinks, that took about 20 minutes to get. We then had to request some water as well, 10 minutes after that (total of about 40 minutes so far) he dropped off the water and bread. The bread was good. I then got a second glass of wine, he brought the wrong kind of wine, I order Riesling and he brought Chardonnay. The waiter also brought out our calamari- cold and nasty - we did not eat any of it. I ordered the Soft Shell Crab sandwich, which he replied we are out of the soft-shell crab- but wait it is on the menu as the chef special..... so he asks the kitchen. He comes back to tell me that they have the special- and if I wanted to order that I could and they could make my sandwich, for $33 since that was the price of the special. REALLY?? a $33 dollar sandwich? get real. \r Then he pours more water into my glass, which had a large insect in it. So I approached the manager who did nothing but take the wrong wine off the menu and the calamari. If I was the manager I would have been livid that they told a customer they could order the $33 special and have it made into a sandwich. This place is a joke- do not waste your time or money here. Now after this, from what I understand is the owner tells people that only out of towners eat here, so service and quality does not matter. If service and quality don't matter I wonder how clean the place is??? I would not recommend this place to anyone....and if you think you will have a better experience I dare you to waste 2 hours and a fair amount of money. I bet we would have had better service and food at Red Lobster or the Sizzler. Cons: everything more


My husband and I came up for our 25th wedding anniversary and wow were we impressed! They really rolled out the red carpet for us. The crabcakes were AMAZING!!!!! If a special visit to our table from the chef wasn't enough, his complimentary white chocolate creme brulee sealed the deal for us! Our server was so wonderful and kind and helped my husband set up a wonderful, wonderful surprise for me. The entire staff went above and beyond. As I sit here and type this i get absolute goose bumps remembering the night. What a spectacular memory! Oh yeah and by the way the view is breathtaking! Thanks to all and we will be back.....SOON! more


Best food on the mountain. Really nice inside too. Not sure what the review below is talking about....if you want to go and get bar food I would try Damons or Applebee's, not a steakhouse on Mt. Washington. The bar is nice and it has a deck but this place is more of a restaurant, not a bar. I didn't expect to see a big menu of bar food. Menu had a wide variety of steaks, seafood and lamb. Everyone was really nice to us and the chef came out and talked to our table which was a nice treat since we had family in. It was pretty busy when we went in there but we were seated relatively promptly. Our server was very polite and timely. Steaks are fesh cut our server told us and mine was cooked perfectly. I have no complaints and my dad who never says anything about anything raved about the place. Will be back soon! Pros: Food, View, Service Cons: nothing more

Place Is Awful since Menu/Bar Changed! Don't Waste Your Time! 4/4/2007

As you will notice from most of the reviews below they are positive. That is because most of them were while the place was still called the Grandview Saloon, not Coal Hill at Grandview...\r \r Use to be if you wanted a nice, moderately expensive dinner you could go upstairs (probably still can, not my bag though). If you wanted a cheaper sandwich/salad menu, more of a nice bar food atmosphere you could go downstairs and get great service and food for cheap. Since the new chefs (if they are new, I dont know) changed the menu where now it is the most expensive bar food in pittsburgh, and its moderate food, hi-tops serves better bar food for half the price. And the service is awful. Last time I was there, they said there was a big party upstairs so we had to wait 20 minutes to order, 2 guys walk in about 10 minutes after us, she totally forgets about us and then lets the guys order that walked in 10 minutes after us so then we had to order second and of course our food came out about 15 minutes later than theirs. We arrived there at 8 and got our food at 9:30 if that tells you what the service is like and has been the last 3 out of 4 times i was there. I keep going back to show people that have never been there. But it ends up being a bad experience the majority of the time. Pick Isabellas, Le mont, or I would highly suggest Monterey Bay, you arent going to spend that much more money at those places than you would at Coal Hill. Places is awful since they switched it up (why mess with a good thing??????) Pros: View from the bar deck. Cons: Food is moderate at best now, bar food is too expensive, service is lackluster more
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    The casual restaurant serves American meals and offers two dining levels, two outdoor decks and a full bar. Lunch is served before 5pm and guests can dine at the bar and chose...

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