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Club Hill Animal Clinic

3339 Broadway Blvd
Garland, TX 75043
(972) 271-4426
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Dr. Jan has been our primary care vet for 15 years. Not for dozens of pets...for us it was just one dog. A few months back, it was time to say good bye to our little girl. They ha...


i agree to this comment. dr dewitt is a great vet but a horrible employer. she can make you feel about 2 inches tall after yelling at you for someone else's mistakes. there has be...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/16/2013

Dr. DeWitt is a fantastic vet. She has cared for all of our animals for over 20 years and has never been anything but kind and professional to us and our cats. I have never once seen her try to distract us during vaccinations. I always stand and watch and I always see her administer them. I have never felt she was being anything but honest to us or trying to ""cut corners."" I'm sorry if employees are disgruntled, but she is a fantastic vet in my eyes and I will never go to anyone else as long as I have the option to go to her. I also had a cat that she stayed all night with when his heart was failing. That, above all else, proves to me that she cares. more

Great Vet? Watch more closely with vaccines! 5/23/2012

Granted all the reviews on most of the Dr's caring is true. She does seem to pull that rabbit out of the hat in making even the worst cases better. BUT... as other reviews have pointed out, (not counting disgruntled fired employees, I quit on my own), she does cut corners. The vaccination issue is a big one. If the owner is standing too close to where she gives the vaccines she'll ask them to go up and talk to the pet and then pocket the vaccine. this is done several times a day and not just older pets. Have seen it done on 1 and 2 yr old pets also. So my advice is if you're going for vaccines..STAND WHERE YOU CAN SEE EVERY MOVE! If you do as she says then quickly walk back to the other end. I think this is appaling. It's not just regular vaccines but the RABIES! Would you want to get bit by a pet and be unsure of that? Everything the others said is true. Never says good job! more

Simply the most caring facility there is!!! 5/15/2012

Dr. Jan has been our primary care vet for 15 years. Not for dozens of pets...for us it was just one dog. A few months back, it was time to say good bye to our little girl. They handled it sensitively and professionally. Our experience has always been nothing but the best. Many years ago, our dog made a break for it and was struck by a car. That she made a full recovery can only be attributed to the skill and caring of Dr. Jan and her staff. If certain employees are sour grapes, it can only be because Dr. Jan holds herself to a higher standard and expects the same from her employees. Those who can not rise to the challenge need to go work elsewhere. Yesterday, we picked up a new family member at the Garland pound and he too will be going to Dr. Jan for his care. In this day and age, there are plenty of places to go; maybe some are even cheaper...I don't know. What I do know is that our most recent addition will be going to Dr. Jan for all his care. more

A good experience 5/7/2012

My dog had a minor emergency Saturday morning. Dr Jan took immediate care of her with knowledge, compassion and when the situation called for i,t humor. more


My co-worker took cat to East Lake Vet, they did blood test & organ function, vet that is no longer there said cat was last stages of kidney failure, cat was not wanting to eat & when he did he threw up. Dr Jan, at Club Hill, said test results might be off due to stress, etc, she had us try glob of real butter in top of cats mouth, cat threw up few small fur balls and then after 3rd butter glob on day 3 threw up huge (dont know how) fur ball, has been eating, pooping, no more throw up for almost a year now. Dr, Jan used her years of experience & made this suggestion. We were going to put cat to sleep to keep it from suffering, glad we got Dr. Jan's opinion. more

Clubhill Animal Clinic is the Best, Dr. Jan is the best 3/28/2012

I have known Dr. Jan Dewitt for 23 years. There is no person I respect more. She has taken care of dozens of pets of mine for two decades. She is the only vet I know who kisses my pet on the head before administering euthanasia. We have been through it all death and everything in between. If you have a very sick one, she will sleep at the clinic with it furthering her already 80 hour work week. I see when she leaves in the morning and see when she gets home at 10 o'clock at nite. Most of us could not follow her around for a week...we would just quit. Dr. Jan has bad knees that hurt her, she still works. After that long day she took a small kitten home with her to keep it alive for the night. She has never said a cross word to me. Their clinic has given me donated medicine and pet food when I was jobless and could not pay for treatment of my pet. Their clinic staff is good not perfect. Certain personnel have been with her for many years, they are great people in their own. I have used one as a highly qualified pet sitter. She was great. Dr. Jan runs a small business, whites the checks, remodeled her building and takes care of personnel issues. Sorry to those of you who want coffee in the waiting room. They are saving lives instead. You want to arm wrestle about my opinion go ahead. My name is John W. I don't take my animals any where else. You whiners should be shamed. Instead, why don't you pick them up some sub sandwiches for lunch so they can actually take a break and eat while they are saving your pets life! more

GREAT VET! 2/27/2012

Being that this is a review regarding service.....not employment I would like to say Dr. Dewitt is the best vet in Texas by far! She has clients that travel from all over to see her just because they cannot find a vet like her. If you live anywhere near her, you would be a fool to not use her. Dr. Dewitt puts her profession first! She cares so deeply for the animals and gives it 100% for each and every one. If you have worked for her in the past, you will know she is not the best with handling dumb people who do not have any comprehension. The requirements for working with her are simple..... LISTEN, Know how to spell and don't just stand around, find something that needs to be done. Sorry you had such a bad experience, maybe you all should search for a different line of work. Dr. Dewitt has over 15,000 clients and is the busiest VET in Garland! It is not easy in that fast paced environment and apparently not for everyone. If you are looking for a brilliant vet with compassion, you've found the place! Regardless of what past employees have said on these reviews, her work far surpasses anything anyone can say negative. She is amazing! Another vet here in Garland once said ""if she can't save them, no one can."" That alone outweighs all the negative posts! Again, it's about the service she provides to your animal, not how she manages her clinic.! more

The Best Pet Care We Ever Had 8/31/2011

We have gone to Club Hill Animal Clinic way before Dr. DeWitt arrived, so that gives you perspective on longevity. Dr. DeWitt and her staff have continually given us (and our total of 6 cats over the years) the best and most caring of service. Dr. DeWitt always impressed us with her care and love of felines, as that is often an issue with other vets. She has given each and every one of our pets the best of care in the best and the worst of times. She saw all of our cats through their lives and helped them on when their time had come. She have never been anything less than caring, considerate, informative, and patient! We will recommend her now and always. more


Haha, it is hilarious how nieve people are, only look at the outside instead of whats inside. I worked for Dr. DeWitt for over a year, the whole time I worked there, she treated her staff terrible, she doesnt care because she knows that she can get away with whatever, that is that dr God mentality I guess. She does not vaccinate all of the pets that come in for vaccinations, but yet she does still charge for it. Ask yourself this, how many times have you gone into Club Hill Animal Clinic, and left asking yourself, did she give the vaccination? I dont remember seeing her give it, to which the staff replies ( which this is what dr. d tells the staff to say) ""sometimes we just get to talking and I do it so fast that the owner doesnt see me do it."" Sorry to inform you Clients, but you are being made a fool, because she really isnt giving them, plenty of her staff have seen it. BTW she does only care about the money obviously. The story about her leaving dead animals on the machine is true, she does it all the time so she can charge more for time spent. I quit on my own, so this is not a pissed fired employ i quit after finding out what a horrible person she is. She also didnt pay me my last check after quitting, what a great person she is (sarcasm). more


A friend referred me to this vet years ago, and yes despite the many people in the waiting area, I have not regretted going there one time. She is great with the animals and their owners. Tells you everything that is going on with your pet. She has taken my cat that was very sick home with her so it could get round the clock care. Ever heard of another vet doing that? She has saved another one of my cats at least 3 times (he likes to get in fights), and she has had to put down 3 of my animals that were beyond saving and each time she was very compassionate and acted like they were all HER own. Didnt even ask for payment on each occasion because she knows how upsetting it is for the owner so she just lets you leave afterwards and pay later. She definitely doesnt do what she does for the money, you can tell this lady just loves all animals. I dred the day when she retires, because I will NEVER find another one like her. As for the disgruntled employees, are any of us ever satisfied with our boss? Pros: great doctor, nice staff, Cons: alot of clients, but thats cuz Dr Jan rocks more

great vet, bad boss 4/9/2009

i agree to this comment. dr dewitt is a great vet but a horrible employer. she can make you feel about 2 inches tall after yelling at you for someone else's mistakes. there has been several incidents where she would not vaccinate older dogs. my boyfriend worked as kennel help, he would see her ""give"" their shot and charge the customer. another time a dog passed away and no one called the owner until the clinic was closing, she put the dog on a monitor to look like she was working on the animal. i working for dr dewitt for 7 months and i can see why she goes through alot of staff. Pros: great vet, best of her kind Cons: bad employer ethics more

A good vet maybe, a horrible employer!! 9/25/2008

I was employed by Dr. Jan Dewitt for 5 months. I only left becuase of a very severe dog attack that had left my face partialy paralyzed. While I was an employee, I was harrassed about my sexuality, and even publicy critized. She was abusive to me several times. There was an instance where there was a dog unable to breathe and was basicly choking on his won tongue. I was unable to help and she pushed me out of the examination room as hard as she possibly could. granted, i am a man..She has a temper that does show in front of customers. She has lost a good employee and a loyal customer. Oh, and not to mention after the severe dog attack..She refused to pay any of the medical bills..Although it happened becuase of her lack of observation. It took me almost sueing her to even get a cent from her....The truth has been told. Pros: A very good Vet, the ebst in her feild. Cons: A very abusive employer,....... more


Stop looking for a Vet for your favorite friend..........Dr. Jan Dewitt if truly the most experienced, professional and down to earth Vet I have ever met. She is extremely compassionate about her practice, and one visit and you will know your loved one is in good hands!!! Yes, they are busy most of the time, but they have never kept us waiting for long. I have had many Vets in my time...she is the first I have completely trusted with my dogs. I have Multiple Sclerosis and spend all day with elder doberman, Dudley, Hailey, a Jack Russell Terrier, her son Skeeter. We have a new addition, Lucy, a recently found Beagle. They are all part of my family. Pros: BEST VET more

AMAZING 4/11/2008

I have used Dr Dewitt for 15 years maybe a little longer. I had a min pin who to say the least was constantly into one thing or another. She was always so patient caring and loving to him. He was a difficult one. When at the age of 14 he became very ill , it was Jan whom helped me decide it was the best to not do more extensive procedures to prolong the suffering. I have to say this was one of if not the most difficult thing to have to do, for both my husband, children and I. She was there via phone and with pain releivers to help with his comfort.which helped his last days end painlessly at home with his loved ones. I cannot say enough about the compassion this woman has for our pet children. My daughter worked for her several summers when not in school as a volunteer and always loved being at the clinic. Dr. Dewitt has inspired her to persue a career in Vetrinary medicine as well. I have had several rescue animals that I have fostered and adopted out and she is the hands down best price in town. She does not gouge your wallett with little extras to pad the bill. My impression is that if not for the operating cost and her need to pay bills she would do this for nothing, SHE IS THAT CARING. I have told my husband that I will not move very far with our animals. I am positive I could never find another vet as kind as her. I am not the only one who believes so. I work in Carrollton and have many friends and coworkers who travel a good bit of distance to only see her and have repeatedly thanked me for the referrals. Thanks Dr Dewitt you make it possible to provide and afford the highest quality of care for our pet children. Pros: compassionate, caring, price, hours, availability Cons: that there are not two of her more

Awesome care 3/6/2008

I recently moved to Garland, Texas from Denton, Texas. I loved my vet in Denton, but it wasn't realistic to commute the long distance to stay with him. A friend of my referred me to Club Hill Animal Clinic. I have taken by children in to see Dr. DeWitt a few times now, and I really enjoy her treatment of pets. She speaks to them in a gentle kind voice; she explains everything to me in detail so I understand. Her bedside manner incredible. I am very grateful for finding her. I know my children are in the best of care when they are with her. Pros: Experienced vet Cons: very busy front office more


I have used Dr. Dewitt for about 4 yrs now and from the very first day I went there I was so impressed with her and the staff , I came home and all I did was sing praises of her . It was the most professional , caring ,experience I had ever had at a vets office, I could tell how much she loves and cares about all the animals. I have taken all of my Maltese puppies there, and she and all the staff just thought they were adorable, as did everyone in the lobby, When my daughter went out to play with the mother dog and got tripped and feel on her leg I knew something was very wrong and it was already 6:52 almost closing time, but I thought I would try anyway , and yes they did answer the phone and told me to come in even though they would be closing in less than 10 minutes, I was shocked other vets I have been to wouldnt have answered the phone much less told me to come on in, when I got there the staff was waiting for her and took her right on in and Dr. Dewitt seeing that she was in pain gave her some gas to put her under so she could examine her leg without her being in pain. I was so surprised and grateful because I cant stand the thought of her being in pain, and after she had her litter of pups she developed an infection , by the time I noticed that she wasnt acting like herself it was on a sunday night. so first thing on monday I took her in and Dr.Dewitt told me that her had to have emergency operation , her postponed another operation to take care of my baby because it was a very serious infection, she said she would call me soon as she was done to go home and try not to worry. She called me right when she said and let me know everything was okay. I cant say enough great things about this fabulous doctor, except JUST CANT GET BETTER THAN HER . The prices are great , once I had to write a post dated check for a couple of days and that really helped, DR.DEWitt really loves and cares for animals , not just your money. THANKS FOR BEING SO GREAT Pros: VERY loving ,caring ,thorough doctor and staff Cons: cant think of anything more

Highly recommended!!!! 9/24/2007

I used to work for Dr Dewitt, for the time I worked for her I brought my pets into her and she took exceptionally good care of them. Yes, her lobby is crowded but that is because of her success of being such a good Vet. I would recommend anybody in the Dallas area to go to her because she is caring and very professional. Her staff if exceptionally caring too. Their knowledge of animals is higher than I have seen any where. And the cost of seeing your babies are actually the best I have seen. I was very happy with the way she took care of my babies and everybody elses. she is a VERY compassionate and VERY thorough. She always gets to the source of illness and problems. If I was still in the Dallas area I would still bring my babies to her. Pros: VERY caring, very professional, awesome prices, VERY good staff. Cons: busy, but that's success more

Caring vet! 8/27/2007

Had to say goodbye to an old friend Saturday. Thirteen years is a long time. It was a hard decision,but one that had to be made. She had reached a point where walking was painful and I even think I saw confusion in her eyes. We will miss her thunderous bark and the tiny nudge when it was time to go outside. She was tolerant of guests but guarded our home as a soldier defending a post. She will truly be missed having held a valued place in our family for many years. ""Last call"" at our house will never be the same. We love you Brandy! Pros: Very caring people! Cons: NA more

We will never go any where else! 8/4/2007

We actually have our dog in boarding there right now. Our dog doesn' t like too many people but she loves the staff at Club Hill. We got her when she was a puppy and after we brought her home, our two boys put her on the top bunk of their bunk bed with them. (I know, I know). The next thing we heard was her yelping and the boys screaming for us. She had jumped off of the bed. (They told us they didn't know puppies could jump, since human babies can't really to anything they didn' t think she could either). We rushed her to Club Hill and she had a bad break in one of her legs. She had to have surgery and they were so loving and helpful. And yes, they do accept credit cards as we learned that day. We have taken her there for boarding and check ups since, however I decided to take her to another place over Memorial weekend for boarding, trying to save a few $'s. Big mistake! She came home with a million fleas. We will never go to another vet again. As for the person who lost their puppy, I am sorry about the puppy, but the reason our dog is being boarded over the weekend is because we are leaving Monday morning to go on vacation and they told me I might not want to wait until then because just like at the human dr's office, all the sick animals and emergencies from the weekend come in Monday a.m. and it is chaotic trying to see appts as well as walk ins that need to be seen. It is much better now that they have expanded though. Pros: Great vet, great staff, very caring Cons: ? more

Best Vet from here to California!!!! 4/18/2007

In my 51 years I have had many animals; horses, cats, dogs and tropical fish all of which have seen a vet at some point in time. I have lived in Berkeley Hills, California, all over the Dallas area; Dr. DeWitt and her staff are the most caring, professional, all with an excellent bed side manner! Pros: Caring/Knowledgable Staff, Reasonable Rates, New Spacious Office, Cons: Busy Office but that would be the price of success!!! more
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