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Club Allure

8925 Harrison St
Sandy, UT 84070
(801) 255-2078
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I just have a question. Do they accept foregin ID outside? I dont have a license but I got my ID from back home, 23 y-o. Do they make a big deal for this? Do they check it outside...


I got dragged here for Kareoke on a week night... Its a darn good thing that it was free to get in during December! I think we got there at around 9:30... we were hungry and the ...

Do they make a big deal with IDs? 2/11/2011

I just have a question. Do they accept foregin ID outside? I dont have a license but I got my ID from back home, 23 y-o. Do they make a big deal for this? Do they check it outside the club or at the bar? thanks! more

Decent place... 8/25/2010

This is a pretty decent place... moved here recently from Dallas Ft Worth. Pretty big club, dance floor is interesting although I dont care for dancing. There were quite a few hotties there the first night I went, but also a handful of heavy hitters if ya know what I mean :P Gets pretty busy on Saturday nights from what I could tell... only been once on the weekend. Stopped by to have a few brews and watch the game last sunday, they have this sampler platter thats frickin huge!! wings and other fried goodies... highly recommended!! They have some big screens, but no HD :( more

Had a frickin Blast last Saturday at Allure!!! 6/14/2010

As a person new to Utah, I'm always looking for a new joint to visit or a new place to eat on the weekends. In my opinion Club Allure was cool. We had a few drinks at a buddy's house figuring out where we would venture to... Allure was closest so we checked it out. Was a bit of a line when we got there but it didn't take long untill we hit the first bar in sight, grabbed a drink and were off to party. The girls were hot. I was impressed. Everybody was dressed well - the girls looked sexy. Couldn't believe how big of a club it was, went over and started off with a little pool. The dance floor was rockin and the light up floor was pretty awesome so went out for a little boogie! Don't see that very often. And the patio kicked ass, hung out at the firepit for a while meeting some cool people... Pretty chill out on the patio. I was diggin it. Went in for some more dancing with a girl I met at the pit. She wanted to sing Karaoke so i did my best singing with her. Was feeling no pain so the karaoke sounded like a couple American Idol winners as far as I'm concerned! Went back outside. They closed the patio at one o'clock so me and my new friend went and got some breakfast and had a good rest of the night. The staff all seemed like they were having fun at their job. Everybody was really cool to me. Didn't have any problems with dress code but I dress nice to go out to the club. A lot of clubs make you tuck in your shirt, dress shoes, no hat's etc... If they didn't let someone in because they didn't meet dress code well go back home take a shower and put on something nice. Otherwise, go to your local dive bar. it's that simple. Yah, I would totally take a friend if they've never been. It was a great night for me! I'll definitely be back!! Probably this next Saturday as a matter of fact... Down town is fun but it's a drive. Might have to check out that party bus thing as well. Cheers and Be safe out there! Pros: Dance floor, Cool Patio, Firepits, Outside bar, Karaoke! Cons: Lighting. Don't serve out of state good-beers more

I didn't even go in and I hate the place!!! 5/28/2010

I never even made it through the door.The staff were a bunch of dicks.If you want your civil rights violated by moron bouncers go there.They would not let me in because I was wearing a black T shirt.The bouncer made an exception for his buddy in the tap tank though.Because he zipped up his jacket.They would not let me do the same.I just got the vibe that the door guy was a prick. Black T shirts are gang related???WTF?!?!?!I think I was the only guy there that wasn't in a gang.I guess that is why that pat everyone down,their dumb ass patrons would probably be shooting up the club. I would not go back if Carmen Electra was giving blow jobs at the door while the club owner tickled my ass with a feather. Pros: There is actually a bar that makes Uncle Bart's look good Cons: There is actually a bar that is worse than Uncle Bart's more

I dont really know what to say? 1/28/2010

The very first night I came to this club I thought it was never really been to a club before this. They have karaoke on the weekends, poker beginning of the week. They have a big crowd on weekends but i dont understand y? They treat most locals with disrespect, they CHARGE you for WATER, they are patting people down and RESTRICTING stupid things that dont matter. If I'm right they charge $3 or $4 for not even a stein of beer on saturdays. DONT EAT THE FOOD, you wont finish it because you will choke yourself laughing about the price and quality of the food. The magager is a joke, the owner should think more into customers, because they do matter... Pros: Poker Tournament Cons: Terrible staff, horrible treatment of LOCALS, most everyone more

Fun! 3/27/2009

I must start by saying this club is one of the nicer clubs in salt lake. Although the club is nice some of the staff, well WOW! on the same bar that you eat your food on and drink your martinies, the female staff find it amusing to get on the bar and dance. Now it's one thing for a very drunk individual to asume this posion but the staff not so much. One should hope that they are not drunk but I would bet on it. I can say the secerety was great very freindly. Over all if your wanting to have a great night out swing by and check this out maybe the cocktail waitresses will be not so drunk. Pros: Great Parking Cons: Some of the staff. more

Oil all kinds of oil 9/18/2008

Uh, this place kicks @ss because there is 1 hottie above all hotties that works there. Not going to say her name but holy hell. 3 of my buddies and me bangged the living hell out of her and blew our yogurt all over her face. The oil wrestling girls are cool :) Even hot married ones seem to be up for a pelvic rodeo sessions with you and your buddies. Pros: hotties that perform in many ways Cons: not a fan of cowboy atmosphere more

Avoid this dive 8/11/2008

This used to be a happy, fun place. Now it is dark (feeling) and the staff all have bad attitudes. The worst part? The "Security" team. Otherwise known as c0cksucker bouncers. They treat everybody like dirt and are WAY too physical when conducting their searches as you try to enter the club. Of course, this brings up another point: Why in the hell do I have to be patted down to enter this sh!t-hole? Loser establishment. Pros: Dancing in the front, live music in the back Cons: Hipp-hopper gangsta a$$holes have taken the place over. more

You Want to Die? 7/15/2008

You want to end your life? Go ahead and go to The Station AKA Club Allure, the bouncers will beat the life right out of you! Pros: You wouldn't be the first Cons: You wouldn't be the last more

We're all just bitter former employees 7/12/2008

Yeah I used to to work there too. I suppose that's why all of us are writing bad reviews. I know that I'm bitter about being fired, but I now recognize that I was disrespectful in so many ways to the management, owner and even the customers. I would apologize to those who I treated badly, you know who you are and who I am, but my fragile ego won't allow me to. To the others, you can now contact me through my space at myspace.cum/madcuzigotfired more

Needs a new owner 6/24/2008

I have frequented this bar for quit some time and the problem is the low life owner. This place used to be great before Hugh and Diane sold it. Ya the owner has money and has tried to make improvements but I think it?s far to late for any of that. He has no class and treats not only the customers with disrespect (unless its a girl he just met that he is taking next door to the hotel) He also treats his staff poorly as well. I have been in with my friends and did nothing but laugh at the poor ol' drunk man try to flirt with girls with his red neck friends. GET SOME CLASS!!!!! The service is not the best and the servers and bartenders are kinda ornery but who would be happy working at a place like that? I can name which song the DJ is going to play next because he plays the same music over and over and over again. I used to love this place but I don?t think that anything can save this place now??.well maybe a new owner but I doubt that will even do. I am just thankful that I see some familiar faces (employees and other customers) that have stuck it through the transition with the new owner. Best of luck! Pros: -very few Cons: -many more

You speak english....don't spend your Saturday night here! 4/7/2008

I love this bar so much! I hope it never goes away! The people are so diverse...I learn 5 different languages in just one night~! For only a 5 dollar entry free (when the radio says ladies are free)....I don't mind though it's cheaper then a round trip ticket to all those countries! Thank You Sandy Station for letting in so many immigrants I'm now the minority! Adios! Pros: Everyone stinks like BO....I am thankful for every bath I take! Cons: I'm wait China...nope it's gotta be Wyoming? more

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RoLlInG oN tHe FlOoR lAuGhInG mY a$$ OfF 4/2/2008

Gotta say it . . some of these reviews are funny as hell! TMNT! HA! My hottie girlfriend USED 2 work there but grew tired of the soap opera (as did I). Those WERE the Days of Our Lives LOL. As far as the reviews that talk about the "owners" go, their retarted. I know the owner & there is only 1. And it's NOT a woman (although the manager there THINKS she owns the place). He's not bad, he just has bad taste when it comes 2 his bar staff. I think his worst down fall is that he'd do ANYTHING for ANY 1 of his back-stabbing, self-righteous staff. The waitresses are SLOW, there's only 1 or 2 good ones. Generally speaking, if you can't find your waitress she's in the back room. Smoking. The bartenders are pretty quick 2 get your drink (when their not flirting) if your daring enough 2 leave ur seat unattended. It gets pretty packed in there after about 11 & the DJ is AWESOME (he really should try 2 spin some old school in2 his mix though - trust me on this 1). The dance floor is small but it's breakdance worthy. My suggestions 2 the owner: #1 - Set a standard for the people you let in2 your bar. Maybe something like the men HAVE 2 speak english & the women HAVE 2 be under 200 lbs. Don't get me wrong, u can usually, on a Saturday night, find a few random hotties (I've always fallen into that crowd) but the #'s are low. Hot guys wanna go where there's hot girls (and vice versa). Women don't like being bothered by someone they can't understand & men don't like watching fatties drop it like its hot. BTW - your management staff SHOULD fall in2 that catagory. Lead by example right? #2 - UR management should have UR best interests in mind. They should ALWAYS make U look GOOD. They should have integrity (look it up people), honor & be loyal 2 U. #3 - STOP BUYING DRINKS FOR EVERYONE - You have much more 2 offer than free alcohol. #4 - Put an end 2 the sewing circle gossip. It's getting OLD. FYI Beotches - This is MY opinion. No one elses. Shut ur face. XOXOXOXO's Pros: The DJ Cons: INS agents could retire after 1 night of working at The Station more

If you have fun at this club it's because you are one of the following... 4/2/2008

Old.... Married and cheating on your spouse....... An alcholic....... Ugly.... Fat.... Old AND gross..... illegal in the US.... shop at GenX..... or Payless.... you smoke lots and lots of grass..... you know ALL the words to "Mi Vida Loca"...... oh you're dating a bar tender, manager, or bouncer (and your probably just the flavor of the week)....... you have to jump start your car everytime you want to drive...... your not white..... you borrowed your sisters shirt and she is a size 2 and your a size 14 (Thats Dead $exy! :::::wink wink::::)....... Your a my space junkie and The Station is part of your top 8. Pros: I was the best person in the ENTIRE Club Cons: I had to drink A LOT until others looked as good as me! more

SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/2/2008


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You have now been SERVED! Doors Closed! 3/31/2008

Closed for remodeling? My A**! We will see, it doesn?t really matter how much that low life owner dumps into the skanky club it will never ever have the one thing it lacks?and that is something we call CLASS! Don?t bother wasting your time to go into that club?there really are no attractive employees. The upper management staff have such low self esteem and self confidence they have to hire anyone and everyone uglier then them. All they employees have severe problems and abuse themselves in one way or another. I pitty that place and the employees. When the ?owner? is in drinking away everyone acts like they are walking on egg shells. I know that money buys a lot of things but does it make you God? NO! The owner is more like the Devil! more

HATERS!!! 3/26/2008

First of all i just want to say WTF? Most of these review's people are saying " the waitress' are to slow, The bar is always empty, there is only fat people there" Ya'll sound like a bunch of cryin' A#* people. Get off yo lazy butts and walk up to the bar and grab a drink. Ya wonder why there are only " Fat people" there. This is my favorite bar in the whole valley, The best part about it is they search at the door. I go to the station all the time, never once have i seen them confinscate ANYTHING. Well unless your stupid enough to bring weapons or illigal items in. ( DUH!!!) I give the station 5 stars cuz its the shizzle. :) Pros: Dance floor Cons: Need bigger bathrooms more
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  • The Scene
    Long a Sandy staple, Sandy's Station has undergone a bit of a transformation recently. The too-smoky club is still decked out with bar stools, pool tables and a small dance floor, but the longstanding country-western theme has undergone some revision. Under new management, Sandy's Station is now a "Top 40 Dance and Disco Club," featuring live music, dancing, karaoke and the requisite pay-per-view sports on TV.

    The Draw
    It's private, and Sandy's Station doesn't make it easy for non-members to enter (a temporary membership will cost you $5). And while it's still a hotspot on weekend evenings, there are days and nights when it's relatively empty, which could be the reason the service is so drowsy. A few choice menu items stand out from a fairly predictable bar menu: Complement beer with a French dip or marinated chicken sandwich, both served with large helpings of fresh fries.

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