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Clow Roofing & Siding Co

434 N Tillamook St
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 281-1238
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Had trouble with a local roofer and needed someone to get me out of a real jam. Jeff drove 35 miles right after we got off the phone to give me a bid. Jimmy and the rest of the Cl...


I just had my siding done by Clow and although the final product looks great, it was a long, drawn out pain getting it done. First, we received out bid and called to accept it on...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/20/2017

I recently had Clow Roofing and Siding put siding on one side of my townhouse and they really did a nice job. They were fast, neat and cleaned up when they were done. I have used Clow in the past on two different houses that needed new roofs and I was pleased with them then as now.\r Julie Martin more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/1/2017

We have a 17 yr. old builder installed roof but have used Clow 3 times over those years for repairs from wind damage (we live on a very windy ridge top!). This January ('17) we had east winds so severe and violent that they ripped out a section of our ridge venting system, leaving a gaping hole in the peak of our roof! Fortunately, it wasn't during a rainstorm but heavy rain was forecast within 48 hours. Clow rose to the occasion and got us fixed up before the rain came! All of our experiences with Clow have been very satisfactory: their estimators are knowledgeable and professional and their repair crewmen fast and skilled. When we do need a new roof, we won't call anyone but Clow! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/1/2017

I used CLOW Roofing to reroof the south side of my house in 2003. After a remodel in 2016 and with the terrible winter of 2016-17, we developed a leak. The remodeler told us was due to an 37 year old siding deterioration condition. We had Clow Roofing & Siding come out to determine the exact cause and repair it. When the snow returned, the leaked came back. Turns out the repair was needed where the remodel happened. Both visits by the repair person was very professional. Everyone was VERY responsive to my calls. No wonder they have roofs on more home than any other in Portland. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/19/2016

Great work....on time every day,cleaned up totally.Excellent warranty on work done.Highly recommend this group. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/15/2016

Clow replaced the roof on my garage. They kept in contact with me when there was an unexpected delay and the work was done quickly and efficiently. My property was clean and neat when the roofer left the site and the roof looks terrific! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/15/2016

We called Clow in mid January during the heavy rains when our roof started to leak. To our amazement they were out the same day! They check the roof & in the attic to see the extent of the problem & make temporary fixes. They told us they would be back to do the repair work as soon as possible. We figured due to the demand caused by the heavy rains it would be some time. We were pleased when they called on the first ""dry"" and were able to come & fix the problem. They came with all the supplies they needed and were done in a short time. They we were pleasant and answered all our questions. We have dealt with Clow before at another property & they were also great. This is the finest & most trustworthy roofing firm in the Portland metro area. We recommend them to all our neighbors & friends.\r \r John & christine Ellis \r Portland more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/12/2015

Have had Clow do our work for many years. The house has been in my family for 56 years. I wouldn't think of calling any other firm. They are kind, reasonable, do very good work and when they say they will be here...they are! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/11/2015

I have been familiar with Clow Roofing since I heard their radio commercials on the radio in the late 40s and early 50s. When it came time to replace my roof 20 some years ago, they were my first thought. I did look at other companies, but Clow was the best. They don't attempt to ""over sell"" with something that is not needed. Recently they cleaned the moss off my roof and applied moss killer and preventive. I may need a new roof one of these days and it will be Clow that I call.\r \r DDS more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/23/2015

Clow Roofing understood the cause of our problem after three contractors said it 'looked fine'. Thank you Clow for looking beyond the obvious. It turns out the PGE line from the street was too tight, causing pulling on the mast, and leaking into a wall, and mold. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/19/2014

I had a great experience with Clow Roofing and Siding. Denny returned my call right away, and was able to come out and investigate the leak in the roof. Scheduling was easy, and Justin came out promptly and fixed the original leak -- plus a new one -- efficiently. Everyone was very easy to work with, helpful, and professional. They explained the problems clearly, and fixed them quickly. I would definitely recommend Clow Roofing. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2013

Consider hiring another company. My home is a small 1924 Craftsman syle bungalow in close-in NE Portland. The old roof was torn off and replaced by Clow. \r \r The poor communication, poor decision-making skills, and lack of honesty pale in comparison to the poor quality of work of this roofing crew and company. It is unfortunate that Clow was used for this job because I am a friend of the owner's son and would much rather speak highly of them; however, it will be costly and time-consuming to make all of the necessary repairs following their damage, so it is simply impossible for me to write a good review. The following is some of the damage that occurred: \r \r -The crew arrived several days after they indicated they would, unannounced that morning. Communication was poor throughout the several days they were on site (July 31 - June 10 including 13 hours on one Saturday June 1st.)\r -All of the tongue and groove wood was removed from my eaves without evidence of it all being rotten.\r -Tongue and groove decorative wood was replaced with $9 a sheet plywood that was replaced haphazardly with poor cuts, random sized pieces, daylight shining between some boards, and at least one place with roofing felt coming through.\r -The ceiling of my attic room was stepped through in one location and punched through in another leaving holes roughly 4 and 6 sq ft big - the Crew Lead informed me these fell in on their own, no fault of theirs and that hopefully I would not be charged by the company for the repairs.\r -A 7 ft tall ornamental maple was crushed under the tear off debris - it was duct taped back together. \r -The knob and tube power was overloaded throwing a breaker on the first day, this was not communicated so no one was asked to return home to flip the breaker back on; instead the refrigerator was out for approximately 8 hours. Following two days of abuse to the electrical system, it was stated that the crew would use a generator from that point forward; they did not keep their word.\r -All of the shingles for the entire roof were stacked onto an 8 ft x 8 ft flat dormer causing structural damage and a cave in of the interior further damaging the dry wall in the upstairs attic room. This has also impacted an electrical line (knob and tube) and the roof above the dormer is now concave and will therefore collect water.\r -The exhaust fan venting moisture from the bathroom which formerly vented through the roof was re-routed to vent into the crawl space. \r -Gutters were cut and downspouts crumpled.\r -The new vents along the roof line were installed crookedly.\r -Decorative Craftsman style exterior touches to my home have been damaged and are falling away from the structure.\r -When the Foreman inspected the quality of work by the Crew Lead, he observed many items that would require removal and replacement - a representative of Clow informed me that some of the shingles were the wrong color (which was no fault of mine so I would not be required to pay for that.) However, it was evident that a valley had been placed improperly. The valley was removed and replaced among other repairs completed following their inpection of their own work. Unfortunately, the valleys are still not properly aligned despite removing and replacing one of them. Luckily, the Foreman did re-route the bathroom exhaust fan to go through the roof while he was assisting in the other repairs. \r -There has been no communication from Clow since the remainder of their tools were removed from the site one week ago.\r \r At this point, it is time to meet with carpenters, electricians, dry wall finishers, painters, gardeners and more to make attempts at repairing the damages - time and expenses that were not budgeted for this project. I would have much preferred a better experience, especially from a company with whom I am acquainted with a family member and that was recommended by friends who used them in the past.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/13/2012

Clow Roofing is a wonderful Company to do business with. I had my roof demossed,gutter's cleaned and 6 Roof vents installed on my 100 year old house. They even repaired some damage to an existing gutter that was leaking.and the price was exceptional. Highly recommend more

Had trouble with a local roofer and 3/2/2012

Had trouble with a local roofer and needed someone to get me out of a real jam. Jeff drove 35 miles right after we got off the phone to give me a bid. Jimmy and the rest of the Clow crew did a great job in short order. Don't hire the ""B"" team like I used to do. Hire the first string the first time. Call Clow! more

They have a minimum charge that is 1/7/2012

They have a minimum charge that is quite high if all you need is a small roof repair (over 300 dollars). I had a small leak, which they came out and ""fixed"". In fact it still leaked but they have a 1 year guarantee right so this should be no problem. Yeah right. After a month of emptying a bucket under the leak they finally came out to fix it a second time. By this point the rains had stopped so I thought it was fixed, but it wasn't. I had to call 3 times to get them to come out again and begged them to let me be there so I could see what they did and make sure it was going to fix the problem. They came when I was not home, at least they said they did, but it still leaks. So a few more calls later and they claim that they have no record of the 3rd visit (like I said I don't think the guy even came out) and that because it was now 13 months after the original repair the guarantee was done and they could only come back for another 300+ dollars. So I got another contractor to come out, he reported that their work was very substandard, they had not put any new felt paper down, did not in his opinion replace enough shingles to cover the problem area, and had improperly flashed the vent. The second contractors work appears to have fixed the leak on the first try. Do not use these guys. more

Clow Roofing and Siding 8/30/2011

I was in the process of selling my home in Portland, so I could retire. I dealt with Clow Roofing on my roof, because I had them put my vinyl siding on several years before and was completely happy with the results. Again I could not have asked more from them on my roof. The sales people and the workers were very pleasant to deal with. The work was done in a timely manor and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone that was looking for a roof or any other work that Clow could do on their house. more

Absolute WORST ROOFER EVER! 3/2/2009

Were hired to repair LEAKS in roof, NEVER REPAIRED, When called back have pointed to other work, NO WHERE NEAR LEAK, as Source, when all they did was SMEAR a bit of Tar on sides and LEFT IT LEAKING!\r One Truck and NON-ENGLISH Speaking employees, NEVER DID ONE SINGLE BIT OF REPAIR WORK TO ORIGINAL LEAKS!\r Have VIDEO OF ORIGINAL LEAK, [SUPPOSEDLY REPAIRED], STILL POURING IN LIKE AN OPEN FAUCET!\r Save your money and hire the Mexicans on the corners if you want their Quality, \r Other wise your roof is TOAST! WORST ROOFERS ON THE PLANET!\r Now they want EVEN MORE MONEY TO FIX WHAT THEY NEVER REPAIRED! ABSOLUTE JOKE! Pros: They show up eventually Cons: ABSOLUTE RIP-OFFS! more

Nutcases! 11/9/2008

I called to have someone come out and inspect/fix a leak in the roof they installed and had a warranty on. No problem getting someone out there, but the old guy they sent out was looking for someone to listen to his rants and raves about our "godless" society more than find a leak in the roof. He came out twice and talked so long without pause the first time that the sun went down and he didn't have enough light to look for the leak. So he came over again and before he could steal any more hours from my life, I got out of his nonstop diatribe and escaped to the neighbor's house. I've never had such an inappropriate rant from someone working for me. He told me about him intimidating people with his doberman and sawed off shotgun, his belief that we'll see the "second coming" of christ during his lifetime (which is probably not far from over), how the removal of prayer in school was the beginning of our society's demise, and the list goes on.. If you like Rush Limbaugh, you'll love more

The WORST 8/17/2007

I called to get an estimate for gutters and the guy would not quote a price for how they charge - not even a price structure (meaning materials/ labor) you know they have an equation! He just kept saying $350 is their minimum. I then asked what he thought it would cost to do just the back of a house that is 30 ft long. He chuckled and said $350. I then asked how much it would be to do the whole house and he answered 'more than 350.'. OK FINE. Be rude, but now other people know you are one too. Cons: everything more

Overall good experience beginning to end 6/15/2006

After recommendation from my parents that had a roof put on by Clow a couple of years back I contacted Clow to have a roof put on our garage. Communication was quick to set up an appointment and get some one out for an estimate. Other contractors that I attempted bids from on the same job never even returned calls. The estimate was faxed out to me the same day and I was put on schedule. The bid was along the same priceline as others I received. The only wait was for the weather for the particular type of roof we had installed. Installation was quick and we had no issues. Overall it was quick and painless with a nice looking roof as the result. PROS: nice quality work, good communication, average price bids CONS: none more

Don't hire companies that subcontract!! 7/16/2005

I just had my siding done by Clow and although the final product looks great, it was a long, drawn out pain getting it done. First, we received out bid and called to accept it only to have the woman on the phone inform us that she had no paper work for our quote. Then, after signing the contract and waiting two weeks to hear from someone, we finally called them. Once our contractor did finally get back to us, we set a date, only to have to change it and wait a few more days. We were told they'd be out on "monday or Tuesday" but it was finally Wednesday. The subcontractors didn't speak English (except the forman) and seemed confussed like no one told them what work was to be done. Several days later, my husband noticed a big hole INSIDE the garage where one of the workmen pulled too hard on some wires and yanked the entire electrical box into our wall. At first, he tried to act like he didn't do it!! We eventually found out they had shorted out our entire sprinkler system. It h more
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  • For over 80 years, the team at Clow Roofing & Siding Co has been serving the Portland, OR area by providing superior roofing and siding services. A sturdy roof and siding system helps to shield your home, your most valuable investment, from the elements.

    We pride ourselves on using the highest quality of products in each of our projects, and our team of experienced professionals will work hard to ensure they deliver the results you deserve. We work with residential and commercial clients, and guarantee our workmanship. Manufacturer warranties are also available.

    Some of the services we can provide include:

    • Roofing

    • Siding

    • Gutters

    • Windows

    • Insulation

    • Skylights

    We also provide emergency repair services. Trust the team at Clow Roofing & Siding to ensure that your home can withstand anything that Mother Nature can throw at it.

    Call Clow Roofing & Siding Co today to schedule your estimate.

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