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Cloverdale Kitchen - 14 Reviews - 2251 Cloverdale Ave, Winston Salem, NC - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (336) 725-4701

Cloverdale Kitchen

2251 Cloverdale Ave
Winston Salem, NC 27103
(336) 725-4701
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I've been going to Cloverdale Kitchen for more than 20 years and have always been pleased with my decision to eat there. I especially love the breakfast foods at CK - in particul...


Wanda will expect a tip from female customers she is rude to. She will tell female customers she is busy with other customers.And not want to spend much time with her. And alot ...

Best Pancakes in Winston Salem 2/22/2011

I've been going to Cloverdale Kitchen for more than 20 years and have always been pleased with my decision to eat there. I especially love the breakfast foods at CK - in particular the pancakes. I'm a former ""fatty"" so I don't eat there as much as I once did, but I still love it. more

not a ncie waitress 2/2/2009

Wanda will expect a tip from female customers she is rude to. She will tell female customers she is busy with other customers.And not want to spend much time with her. And alot of customers will aviod sitting at her table. And think she has noticed it. She walks away from customers in the middle of waiting onthem. Or will serve male customers there meal and bill before female customers. And the female customers are a customer before them. more

not good service 1/22/2009

a waitress that works on only weekends.she is a middle-aged blonde female. Not nice to tables with females.she is continually rude to them.And only nice to tables with males and friends of hers.she spends more time with tables with them.Instead with tables with females.I have seen female customers get out of tables booth.To ask the waitress to come back to tables for service. The waitress will put food on the tables of females and run away fast.And the more the female patrons ask her to do . The more irratated she gets with them.She not like to wait on tables with females only.She has a full-time job during the week. more

not nice management 1/17/2009

some waitresses go to the cashier look at their tickets.they are looking to see if somebody left a tip.if a tip was not left.she make an unpleasant face.and complain about the customers not leave tip.the other problem i have seen. the management and cashier are slow to wait on people.they gossip with friends or with each other.and i see customers that stare at them to get waited on. the management/cashier rush to get rid of the person. to go back to person to gossip. more

not nice cashier 1/17/2009

i saw a female cashier wanted to pay.the one female cashier left to gossip with a waitress.the female cashier yelled at the cashier to get waited on. the cashier came back. and not apologize for the rudeness.not leave a tip for waitress i saw.who would with a rude cashier.that female cashier only nice to male customers. more

not a holiday treat 1/16/2009

i went to the restaurant around the holidays.the restaurant usually had holiday sweets for a day.the only problem there were not much treats on the tables. and the waitresses i noticed would take alot offf the table,sweets.and give it to one customer.hard to get the cookies ect. off the plates on the table.and slow,restaurant management,to fill it up.only three times a day.the customers would not get many treats.the waitresses would take alot off the table and give it to a select few customers.they were probably looking for big tips from some customers. more

cashier not nice 1/13/2009

there is a cashier that is only nice to males and children when waiting on people.she is not nice to female customers.i read the last review.he not read the past reviews on this website carefully.i saw the white middle-aged female cashier.that also waits on tables sometimes.she told a customer she was forced to take this job.not have much of a choice.she not in a good mood.she has blonde hair,white more

Rude? Huh? What you say? 1/4/2009

Well judging by the ""reviews"" frankly it looks like someone had their nickers in a bunch. If you'd like anyone to take you seriously perhaps writing something that uses whole sentences and punctuation would be a good start. Pros: Good food at a good price. Cons: none. more

rude management 12/28/2008

the managers rude.i saw one customer ask the recipe for a dessert.he,dino said not know in a rude way. then the wife of the other brother owner was asked the same question.she said not know in a rude way. to the same customers.noticed the waitresses are nicer around holiday times.they are given gifts from customers and hopes of getting some from customers.they go back to rudeness after the holidays. waitress with long blonde hair saw a spill on table on floor and table from a male customer.she did not do anything until i saw a customer say something about it. she was talking to male c0-workers.some waitresses get angry at customers that not give them gifts. they not talk to them.not friendly. Pros: not any Cons: alot more

not go back 11/30/2008

rude melissa.she only nice to table to tables with male and children.the white young female waitress,long blonde hair.she yelled at female customers.i saw one female customer ask for more napkins.she only gave one.then ran away and not come back.she rush to get rid of her. the female customer had to ask her to come back.she gave her one napkin. the female had to ask her for more napkins. she gave her two more.the female had to ask her for more.melissa yelled at her want more.then threw some napkins at her.then walked away and not come back.melissa had a habit of yelling at alot of customers.carol w. a white older female,redish hair. she got angry at female tables. she would pour coffee. it spilt on napkins.she would not take the dirty dishes and napkins away.from female tables,customers.the rude waitress.she was only nice tables with males and children.carol w. rude waitress.she got angry at alot of customers ,just like melissa waitress. the two waitresses would look for tips from customers.they were rude to them and expected tips from people.they would give customers rude looks if they did not get a tip. Pros: not any Cons: not any more

rude hostess 10/12/2008

the hostesses are rude to female tables only.nice to male and children groups. two white older females.they not volunteer to bring silverware and coffee to the new female guests tables.females have to ask for menu.,silverware and drink and napkins.the hostesses will walk away from female tables guests. and not come back while female customer is talking to the hostess. i have seen the hostesses talk back rude to the female guests.and also yell at the female guests. the female hostesses will talk to male customers and will not volunteer to seat and serve female guests. the female guests will seat them selves. and the hostesses not like it. also the waitresses are rude. if a female customer not tip a waitress. and the waitress will refuse to wait on customer the next time. one female,short black hair obese,white.she used to be a cashier.she is a rude waitress.she will refuse to give the paying customer rolls. she only nice to tables with male and children. Pros: food most of time Cons: the food not good sometimes,rude management,waitresses and hostess more

awful 10/11/2008

not go back.the cashiers,management,waitress rude. management sees employees rude.not do anything.the cashiers are rude,females.white and blonde hair.they are nice to male customers only.rude to female customers continually.wait on two females at one time.the cashier during the weekday,blonde hair.she will give male customers free deserts,not to females.give males a big dessert,females small dessert.she will walk away from female wait on males in the middle. talk rude to females.the female blonde on weekend .she rude to female rude and walk away from female customers to gossip. and rush to get rid of females. the waitresses tend to be nice to only male and children customers. at female customers they walk away in the middle. and not come back without explination. they talk rude to females. they try to start fights.make females wait 20 minutes to get wait on.while talk to the male customers. they tell female customers they want to wait on males only. they not volunteer to bring the food,check, and drink.female customers have to get up from the table to remind the waitresses they are a get waited on. and remind them to get food,check and drink.waitresses give the meal to female tables.then leave and go to male tables. i hear female waitresscomplain no tips from customers. Pros: only food Cons: bad employees more

Sorry hospitality from the Manager 9/21/2006

I think it is a shame people have to take advantage of other people. We were eating lunch today and our waitress left to go home and we wanted a refill drink to go, so we ask the manager who was cashier for the refill and he charged us for the drink again just because we did not get it at the table. Well I know we want be eating there for a long while. more

Where the Locals Eat 7/6/2005

You will see a lot of the same people when you eat here. This is where the locals go. 24 hr breakfast and every item is wonderful. It's a diner type atmosphere, so you're sure to find something you will love. Pros: Casual, Hometown Atmosphere, Good Parking more
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