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Clive Polon, MD

900 E 30th St Ste 107
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 476-9699
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Dr. Polon is a wonderful doctor who takes the time to explain conditions and ailments. He has put my mind at ease many times over the last 4 years he will continue to be my doctor...


I had been with Dr. Polon for about 10 years, he delivered both my babies (8 years apart). On my first he told me all along i was having a girl. Sonogram after sonogram i always...

Positive and Professional 8/15/2011

I came to Dr. Polon's office 14 weeks into a very difficult pregnancy after South Austin Hospital refused to admit me. i was in so much pain I couldn't walk. Dr. Polon admitted me on the spot for medical attention and pain management. I would lose that child a few days later, which was only the beginning of a year and a half of reproductive medical problems for me. Throughout this time, Dr. Polon was warm and professional. He was available to me during off hours, quick to return calls, whether I was in need of an urgent trip to the emergency room or simply some reassurance. I eventually was able to conceive again, in part due to the guidance and advice of Dr. Polon and was admittedly an anxious patient throughout the pregnancy. Dr. Polon was very understanding and reassuring without giving me any false expectations, just relevant facts and his medical opinion on the situation. A few years before, I would never have imagined I would have a male ObGyn and a hospital birth. In time, however, I accepted these personal concessions, and I grew to deeply appreciate Dr. Polon's accessibility and his professionalism. My husband and I will always be grateful to him for delivering our daughter and especially for taking me on as a patient when I was in urgent need of medical care and others had turned me away. Thank you, Dr. Polon. more

As my OBGYN 6/5/2009

Dr. Polon is a wonderful doctor who takes the time to explain conditions and ailments. He has put my mind at ease many times over the last 4 years he will continue to be my doctor even though I have moved to Leander TX. He has been there through my babies births and through my darkest hours. I recommend him to all who are looking for an OBGYN. He isn't just a care provider but also a surgeon so should an ailment present itself he can go in and fix it not just refer you to someone else. Which was my issue with my last provider of GYN. Thanks Dr Polon! Amanda more

Suprise Oct 08 baby girl 6/5/2009

Go in to get yearly exam. Just lost 42 pounds so happy! Hubby the 2 boys and I are there with Dr. Polon he turns on the ultra sound machine "i'm thinking oh no cysts again -oh heck no cancer" He proclaims in a laughing voice there's a baby in there. Hubby and I are in utter shock. Hubby had the vasectomy Aug 07 this is May 08 wrong. 2000 to 1 odds So wrong. 15 weeks 3 days pregnant hubby is in denial. As delivery fast approached Dr. Polon was so kind and kept telling me to look at this as a blessing and that this baby was meant to be here. After 2 months of questions hubby was confirmed to be "hot". That was good for our relationship. All that thinking he did about the Fed Ex man was hurtful. Our children are 18 months apart, and 17 months apart shock to the system. This birth was even easier the riding a bike analogy comes springing to mind here. After 2 epidurals sorry not all things go as planned and 7 hours baby girl was in my arms and it was amazing. 6 hours later in recovery I was able to stand up under my own power. I took a shower and walk myself down to the nursery to roll my baby girl back to my room. First child I was in pain the entire time and in pain for 1 month after Second child I was in pain for the entire time and in pain for 2 weeks after. Baby #3 pain during the labor and delivery but after that shower I was a human and could do anything and everything. And nursing got even easier too. This is all about body memory truly. Hope this helps all soon to be mommies. Thank you again Dr Polon! So glad to call you my OB. A. Kam more

May 2007 Baby Boy 6/5/2009

Okay so this is my second birth and I am excited now. This time was really quick in comparison to the first. Body memory must not be a myth after all. I scheduled the birth this time since I didn't want to repeat my mistake from the first birth (messy water)! Sick child at 3 days disaster. Nope this time I had my appointment and 3 helpers. MIL and FIL with Hubby helping me to deliver this second bundle of joy. I know brave to have grandparents in the room but it was great. This time I had a baby with (baby butter) on him not poop! The delivery took 4 hours less time than the first. All the staff was helpful. The fact is that this time it was a beautiful experience still painful but worth it. Once you see the result how you got there doesn't matter. Thank you again Dr. Polon! A. Kam Now to get that vasectomy for my hubby. We are done. more

2005 baby boy. 6/5/2009

November 4th 2005 Dr. Polon saved my son's life and mine. Who ever said that birth is a beautiful and wonderful experience was on something far more powerful than any epidural. He delivered my 9 lb 10 oz baby boy when I believe no one else could have. My pregnancy went over due by 2 weeks since I didn't know any better and my hubby is a cook. "All things cook different" was our outlook when it came to our baby. Well, Dr Polon said we are taking the baby tomorrow and good thing too. The birth was complicated by myconium (baby poop). The placenta was not efficient at cleaning the uterus anymore. So here I am large, in labor, saline rinsed for 45 mins after the water was broken! I have never been so grossed out by my body the water was black and brackish. Lesson to be learned here go ON TIME or EARLY MOMMIES! His shoulders having been so large that it wasn't just Dr. Polon in the room but 15 other staff were in there too. Everyone was suddenly worried that I would not be able to pass my son since he was stuck. Baby boy was large he looked like the terminator all abs and bulging muscles.It was rough but worth it Dr Polon got us through it. He saved my son's life. Baby was born a little dirty and had to be cleaned up before the nose plugs could be removed. Praise to all the staff who were so good. I recommend Dr. Polon to everyone who's thinking of having a baby at St.Davids. He does a great job at calming and getting to the point gently. Now that blood pressure cuff was my only real complaint during the entire process. When I get pregnant again Dr Polon will be my doctor. Thanks so much. A. Kam more

9 lb 11 oz positive delivery experience 11/17/2008

In April 2008, Dr. Polon delivered my 9lb 11oz son. This was my 1st experience w/ this doctor as I am a patient of Dr. Love. With my 1st son (9 lb 7 oz) I had tearing but Dr. Polon managed to massage my 2nd son out & I did not need an episiotomy & there was no tearing. This was the 5th birth my husband had witnessed & he thought Dr. Polon's delivery skills in this situation were superior to those of his 4 older children all delivered by Dr. Gross. My experience is soley based on delivery, not prenatal care. more

2 kids 2 different mistakes 5/14/2008

I had been with Dr. Polon for about 10 years, he delivered both my babies (8 years apart). On my first he told me all along i was having a girl. Sonogram after sonogram i always felt different. I would ask he kept on telling me it was a girl. When my baby was finally born i ended up having a boy. Great story especially since my son was born on April fools day...I kept on going back to Dr. Polon after my son's birth, I thought simple mistake no harm done lots of pink and girl clothes but no harm. 2nd baby: born 2/2/07 he was correct on her sex BUT when she was born there were some complications, these complications could have been avoided if during the sonograms he would have checked more thoroughly but like many doctors he was in and out I even paid extra to have more sonograms just to make sure of the sex and if any complications would arise through out. My daughter had a cyst that Dr. Polon did not see. This cyst was in between her brain and skull. During birth this cyst burst and fluid leaked into the brain causing her to stop breathing 6 hours after birth. My baby had to stay in the NICU for 3 weeks! That's a life time when you have just given birth! I only thank God for pulling her through. Plus all the extra bills were no fun! I think Dr. Polon is a great person and a great doctor but, I have now decided to move on and change doctors just in case i want a 3rd child more

I had a 9.9 pound baby! 10/29/2005

At about 7 months pregnant, I had to switch docs b/c of insurance. I got Dr. Polon. Now, don't get me wrong, he can be a terribly nice fella....but I think there are some major flaws in his practices. First of all, they push you through. The appointments are quick, rushed, and very hurried. At 34 weeks, he did a sonogram. He told me I had a very large baby. After this, I was very concerned, as I am generally fairly small. He told me not to worry. I asked more than once after 38 weeks if I should be worried about the size of the baby, and was told each time, is normal size. On one of my last visits, I gained 15 pounds (water weight) within TWO days. And no one worried or thought anything of it. When the baby finally came, I had a tough and quite horrible labor. After hours and hours, I was exhausted and could push no longer. One of the nurses actually jumped on me to push the baby out. I was badly torn and he did no episiotomy. I gave birth to a beautiful BIG 9 lb 9 oz baby girl. And I was in so very much pain. When I went home a day later, I could hardly move or sit. I was given 20 pain pills, that I took as directed, and the doc refused a refill, even though I was in some pretty major pain. Yikes. Never again with this doc. Beware! more
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