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Clayton, Christy L, Md - Cary Women's Ctr - 59 Reviews - 300 Ashville Ave Ste 220, Cary, NC - Gynecologist Reviews - Phone (919) 233-0488

Clayton, Christy L, Md - Cary Women's Ctr

300 Ashville Ave Ste 220
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 233-0488
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I have to say that I am a little bit shocked to read all of these comments about Dr. Clayton and her staff at Cary women center. I had been going to Dr. Clayton's office for a fe...


I loved Dr. T and Dr. F at this practice, and was saddened when Dr. Tahtawi left. I stayed at CWC b/c I really liked Dr. Flanagan, too, but she was very hard to get an appointment...

I have always like dr Clayton 11/15/2013

I have to say that I am a little bit shocked to read all of these comments about Dr. Clayton and her staff at Cary women center. I had been going to Dr. Clayton's office for a few years before she clothes and I never had any of the staff ever be rude to me and Dr. Clayton was always very warm and welcoming. While being under her care I lost a baby at five months due to the baby having trisomy 18 a rare genetic condition. Dr. Clayton was so warm and kind to me and even offered me her home personal number in case I needed to talk. About a year later I did get pregnant again and Dr. Clayton delivered my beautiful and healthy baby boy. During my delivery my babies heart rate was rising and dropping and Dr. Clayton made a decision for me to have an emergency C-section which I did successfully. I was very disappointed when I heard that she had to take a medical leave, and I hope that she will be back to work soon so that I can go back to her practice. In fact I was online looking to see if she had reopened when I found this website and I just decided that I had to make a comment. My mom also went to Dr. Clayton after a recommendation from me, and she also had a very pleasant experience. I wish her well and I pray for her that she has found good health again. more

i regret having gone there 11/19/2012

I'm glad this clinic is closed.Dr Clayton will pay for all the terrible things she did as a doctor and she will never ave peace within her.What I wonder about her is does she ave a heart?I wish her Jesus and as she continue with her medical leave may she realize that's the pain she subjected people to and I ope she will never be a doctor again she can now try a career in the millitary that is where brutarity is needed more

terrible 10/31/2012

I feel cary women center contributed a lot to my sons death more

Dr & staff 7/3/2012

I loved the dr and staff, they did lot to save my two healthy boys and refer me to unc when they could not help with my last sons birth due to an early delivery time and my medical condition, if you do not want to here the truth do not go here but if you do, go because they do not sugar coat things at all! more

For the Love of God DO NOT GO HERE!!! 1/26/2012

Our first Baby was stuck in the tube, we did not know it at the time. We had to wait almost two months to be seen at this location. The Lady who did the ultrasound was a rude, hateful lady who kept talking to my wife with a uncarring tone. She ordered my wife around worse than my Drill Sergeant in the Army. My wife could not hear her due to the fact that she has no hearing in one ear and has to wear a hearing aid in the other. When the Doctor came in, she was very calm and told us our baby was already dead. She did have good bed side manners. She told us to go to another Doctor's office to get a second doctor to give her a shot to wash out the baby. We did that, only to find out after two hours of being told our baby had died, it was still very much alive, stuck in the tube. We could hear the heart beat, very very weak, and very slow... when the Doctor did another ultrasound. My wife had to go that evening and get a operation to save her life because the baby was too big and could rupture her tube any time. In short that day was one of the worst of my life. I do not blame this office for the loss of our baby, it was not their fault and cannot be held accountable. I do however, blame this office for not seeing my wife sooner, a week or two sooner would have prevented my wife from having to go through the surgery that removed one of her tubes. They knew she was a higher risk due to her being in her mid 30's. They put profit ahead of the care for my wife. They did this to me, they will do it to you if the chance provides itself. My wife continued to go there, why I have no idea. We now have a beautiful baby girl. She called to get a release to go back to work and they never called her back. I called today and pressed the option for other doctors because they would not answer the other line. The lady was rude and mean and hateful all over again who answered the phone. I filed complaints against this establishment due to the HELL they put us through. Just a observation from a Dad who has been there. more

Incompetent Staff, Not so nice Dr. 8/11/2011

I went to Cary Women's center several years ago and saw Dr. Tatawi. I thought she was great. The next time I went, I found out that Dr. Tatawi had left and I saw Dr. Clayton. In my opinion, Dr. Clayton has no bedside manner. The staff is also incompetent. They made a mistake on my billing, which I have called them and emailed them about it for months and they have not called or emailed me back. I am now getting collection calls due to their mistake. I would not recommend Cary Women's Center to anyone. I would say, stay as far away from Cary Women's Center as possible. more

Don't go to there! 8/2/2011

Staff are rude and careless. They don't care about you at all, the only thing they care about it is your money. I don't understand how somebody who has no love to people can be a doctor. I believe that those doctors don't deserve to have their licenses. more

Go dr. flanagan!!! 7/22/2011

so i have been seeing all these negative reviews on the cary womens center but none of them seem to be based on anything that Dr. flanagan has done just her partner. I fell bad because she may be suffering or people maybe getting the wrong ideal about her for her partners doing. i have not meet the lady so i can't pass judgement but Dr. Flanagan is another story. I go to her and she is very upbeat fun loving person. She always makes me laugh when i'm in to see her. I would recomend her to my friends and family and i hope she is there to deliver my baby one day!!!! santita wilkins more

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Angry staff and doctors 6/16/2011

Can we give zero stars? I don't know WHY I have gone to this practice for so many years. Well, I finally decided it was time to find another gyno based on the hateful and shoddy treatment I received last time. Everyone I came into contact with there seemed to have a chip on their shoulder. I mean, they must REALLY hate their jobs. I've never seen a more disgruntled and angry bunch of people in a professional setting. more

Youlanda H. Jackson 5/7/2011

I have been asking for a 500.00 refund for over 2 years, Dr. Clayton and her billing manager know they collected it from me up front before my surgery in 2009. All of the sudden they have amnesia and won't return any of my calls. I am not going away until I get my money, I have spent countless hours on the phone with them and my insurance company who also admits that she owes me the money. I feel sorry for Dr. Flanagan because her Partner is doing bad things in the practice and now her name is garbage. I have asked until I am blue in the face for my money and they think I am playing. I will never give up and I will not be silenced. I plan next to go sit in the office and warn others that they are being robbed. We will see if I walk out with a check then. If that don't work, on to plan B. Dr. Clayton strikes me now as a Dr. struggling to hold on to her MD. status, her credentials are awful and she knows why. I wouldn't refer a dog there after I found out that she is all about the money. Maybe she needed my 500.00 to pay a fine or hire a lawyer. All I know is she owes me $500.00 I am only beginning to fight, and I will fight to the finish.. I will get my money one way or another, please save yourself from going anywhere near this place... Youlanda H. Jackson, knightdale NC. more

dishonest billing structure 4/21/2011

I experienced dishonest billing with this place and strongly discourage others. After spending significant amount of time on the phone with them, my hearth insurance and the billing company they use we switched to another doctor. Let me explain the dishonest billing procedure they did: for one visit they billed me for two specialist doctor visits. One for my doctor and another for the other doctor in the office who didn't even get involved (Tiffany Flanagan and Christy Clayton). The reason I asked them: because the ultrasound machine is owned by the other doctor, so the ultrasound charges are filed under other doctor's name. Because of this my insurance assumes I did 2 specialist visits so I'm stuck with the difference another specialist visit copay. Nobody admits mistake. It is the Cary Women's Center obviously, I had been to other to other OB/GYNs in the past that performed ultrasounds. I'm afraid if I continued with this place, for every visit they would continue submitting some of the charges under one doctor's name, and others under another doctor's name; costing me money and time on the phone talking to people that are not able to resolve things. more

BAD BUSINESS-1 3/28/2011

The MAA are very rude in this office. They try to fast talk you when your area sking a question. Espically Tasha she has a very bad attitude. Please if you have any concerns do not visit this office because you will have to run into this lady and she doesnt care about your needs. more

Bad Experience 2/11/2011

Very bad experience. I got my daughter to go also as she hadn't had a check up for several years. LONG wait for very little time with the dr. Dr. attitude very cold I felt like I was taking up her valuable time even though I wasted 2 hours of my valuable time waiting to be seen. My daughter had an abnormal biopsy of her cervix and it took 10 days to get the results. I don't think she would have even found out if she hadn't kept calling! Also, several days after the biopsy she discharged a piece of plastic that had apparently been left inside her from the biopsy. We will NEVER return to this practice and want to tell others to stay away too! more

Scary Place! 1/29/2011

Do not go here if you care about your health and the health of your unborn child. This place is scary! This office seems very disorganized and staff is unfriendly and uncooperative. Upon speaking to people about my bad experience here, I found out that they do not even have any licensed staff! This is a two doctor pratice with no competent staff. Their reputation is so bad that I bet they can't even hire any licensed staff. I would not even send my dog to this office! more

Very Pleased 1/3/2011

Good: I was very pleased with Dr. Flannagan when my Dr was on leave. She was very personable and very easy to speak to.. Bad: I was not pleased with the wait time but other than that i have no complaints.. Improvements: None at this time.. Other: I am amazed at the negative comments for this practice reviews and never encountered any of them except for the wait time.. more

MS Maureen 12/8/2010

Good: I like the atmosphere it is relaxed and laid back. Dr C is friendly so is the staff.. Bad: Medically i am suspicious of their expertise. I am a new patient and joined yesterday. They took my blood pressure and it was the lowest i have ever seen it. As the lady took it i knew it was wrong since i take my pressure regularly. The very next day, today i went to a different doctor for totally unrelated issues and he was thorough and detected elevated blood pressure, and other potentially significant issues after the very same physical examination. i waited over 2 hours. For me thats it.. Improvements: professionalism, staff needs to be retrained to take blood pressure and the doctors need to be more thorough. Wait times are too long.. more

Totally Love CWC 9/15/2010

Good: I love the time and attention to questions that Dr. Clayton has ALWAYS given me.. Bad: The pink Wallpaper and pink walls . . .maybe a bit much on the color. Improvements: Nothing to improve on. Great office hours. Quick appointments.. Other: I have been a patient of Dr. Clayton's for over 10 years and have nothing but the highest regard and respect for as my physician. When I was lapse in my own health care it was Dr. Clayton who personally called me to let me know that I needed to get back on track. Not a Nurse or an Office Manager . . . But my DOCTOR. This practice has gone above and beyond to ensure my health and when necessary, to help my husband and family members understand exactly what was happening each step of the way.. more

SO happy to find Dr. Tahtawi again! 5/25/2010

I loved Dr. T and Dr. F at this practice, and was saddened when Dr. Tahtawi left. I stayed at CWC b/c I really liked Dr. Flanagan, too, but she was very hard to get an appointment with. Never liked the other doctors that they had, however, adn of course, I got one for my second delivery - was SO horrified to see Dr. C walked thorugh the delivery room door! Thank you to whoever posted that Dr. Tahtawi has her own practice now - I called as soon as I read it to switch doctors! YEAHHH!! more

this place is from hell 5/20/2010

Right there with the person who said " do I have to give it even 1 star?". Seen for annual exam March 2008. Dr. Tahtawi was the best OB I've ever been to in my 40 years. I promptly hunted her down when she opened a private practice. As for the Cary Women's center itself? They billed my insurance company by the wrong code for this annual gyno exam. Thus they did not get paid because I had an annual PHYSICAL exam at my primary care doctor that same month. So they send me bills for hundreds of dollars. I call the insurance company, they tell me what happened and told me CWC must call them and resubmit the claim with correct code for a GYNECOLOGICAL exam. The most incompetent mess ensues for 2 WHOLE YEARS over a freaking exam and pap test. I call repeatedly only to be put on hold or put through to voice mail. No one ever returns my calls. finally 5 months later someone leaves me a message that she found my number, but had no idea what I was calling about??? They continued to send me bill after bill after bill for their billing code error, and refused to return my calls so I could give them the simple answer to why they were not getting paid. Today is May 19th 2010, I just received a claim paid by Blue Cross for my visit to Cary Women's Center on 3/19/2008. It took them over 2 YEARS to get their billing straight and spent 2 years harsssing me for payment, but refusing to return my calls when I tried to help them get paid. Pleas stay FAR FAR away from this place. I am an RN myself and just shocked at the level of incompetence in which this practice is run. more

DON'T GO HERE!! 5/5/2010

I needed surgery for a cyst and my appendix to be removed. Dr.Clayton put the surgery off for a month, but made me come for appointments every few days. They are very money hungry. I would call and tell them i was in so much pain, they told me to come in for an ultrasound. I had to have 3 ultrasounds in a week and 1/2. For no reason, just to tell me "yup it's still there". Each time waiting 3 hours! Then i had the surgery and i was bleeding after. I had to call the office 3 times and demand to speak to Dr.Clayton. The staff asked me if she knew if i had called. I told them i would hope so this was my 3rd call, and you guys were suppose to be giving Dr. Clayton the messages. I have had nothing but issues with this doctors office between the office staff and their attitudes toward me, the crazy waiting time, the very dirty conditions, and Dr.Clayton who is the worst doctor. Please Do Not Go Here! There are so many other doctors. I also had to call Dr.Clayton on a weekend, she told me she would be the doc on call. I was so sick. I called the whole weekend and Dr.Clayton NEVER called me back. On monday she told me she never got my calls. I am switching and should of done so a long time ago!! more
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