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City Of Angels Veterinary - 8 Reviews - 9599 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (310) 558-6111

City Of Angels Veterinary

9599 Jefferson Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 558-6111
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City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA
City Of Angels Veterinary - Culver City, CA


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I am in absolute disagreement with the other 2 reviews. When our beloved dog Nikki was diagnosed with lymphoma we were devastated and very frightened. Our long time, trusted vet...


Our 10 year old dog got diagnosed with Lymphoma.Our long term vet referred us to City of Angels.We did not get good consistent acre. Also, there was no communication between the v...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/3/2014

If you don't mind dropping a ton of cash on your animal this is the best care you can get in Los Angeles. Sadly after a lot of money and surgeries our little cat wasn't able to be saved, but they tried hard. Good parking. The place is always clean. Nice staff. more

Bad care 12/7/2011

Our 10 year old dog got diagnosed with Lymphoma.Our long term vet referred us to City of Angels.We did not get good consistent acre. Also, there was no communication between the vet and us after an appointment. We would call several times and not get any response. We resorted to having our vet call..and sometimes we got a call back. Each vet(yes there was multiple vets ) gave us different thoughts/advice.The estimate was way off. We spent the 6 months estimate in 6 weeks and our dog died in pain in 2 months. Our vet, after reviewing our case, will never refer to them again.Bad care, no communication and I am not sure about their ethics.. more

City of Demons -- Find another Option! 9/8/2011

If the experience wasn't so 'hellish' their very name is almost laugh-out-loud funny. This place is more like a City of Demons rather than Angels. My fifteen year old cat was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcomas that came back after a rather expensive surgery so my vet referred me to this place. Since there is no cure, while there, I explained that I was primarily concerned about keeping her comfortable due to her age to which I was told ""cats can live up to 26!"" I was taken aback by this and said I'd never heard of such. That should have been my first clue. This place was a nightmare. My 'free' consultation ended up costing $2000. They gave my cat experimental dog medication not yet tested at all on cats. They changed the treatment plan on my third visit even though we agreed to try one chemo drug for six weeks before moving on/adding another. They tried to charge me twice for one service by 'mistake' -- which would have cost me an extra $1000 had I not put a stop-payment on my check. (I ended up paying for my initial visit with a credit card after writing a check and failed to get the check back. Good thing I put a stop payment on it! They claimed it was an error -- even though it was two weeks later). Finally, after I deigned to complain and told them I was not coming back, they had their Human Resources Administrator/Practice Manager person ""Ethel"" give me a call. She was not happy about my decision and became loud, irate and argumentative. I got off the phone in the midst of her tirade. We had just lost our other cat a few weeks before after a long battle with diabetes, so I was not in the mood to get screamed at by some crazy woman on the phone about a place where I had just spent nearly $5000. Later, she had an even more volatile conversation with my roommate. We felt like we were dealing with greedy con artists instead of pet care professionals and my cats condition rapidly worsened. This place takes advantage of people who are trying their best to provide care for pets dealing with cancer. Our pets lives are too important to trust in the care of this facility. I've since spoken to a number of people who have had similar experiences here. Had I done my own research first, I never would have chosen this place. Fortunately, I am now with a much better vet and my cat seems to be doing OK. more

Avoid them! They are rude and Greedy! 12/13/2010

They charge you lots of money, but they don't provide great patient/customer care. Rude staff, cavalier doctors, and they make you or your pet wait for hours. I took my dog to see a specialist for a biopsy, which was suggested by a vet. He suggested to leave my dog to have him seen by the internist for examination. I left him at 9:00, I didn't get to pick him up till after 7:00 pm. Needless to say, my dog passed away, and they took their time, and milked me dry. The night before, they told me my dog was doing well. The following day, he had taken a turn for the worst. The on-call doctor didn't call me in the early morning hour. Instead, I received my grim call at 9:00 am. I was about 5-6 minutes away from the hospital. I drove like the wind & honked at slow drivers. Last call was to say that my dog had passed. My poor baby died amongst strangers - w/o his mom. I wanted to hold him, comfort him & say goodbye, as I had played this in my head ever since his sickness began. But I didn’t get to hold him, & tell him that I love him forever. Instead, I saw his motionless body. They are cruel, insensitive and unprofessional! more


I went to their urgent care with my cat that was in distress. My vet told me that she felt the cat may not make it through the night but that I should go here to see if they could help. The ONLY straight answer I could get was that it would be $3,000 for the night and they couldn't promise anything. When I told the doctor that I wanted to make an informed decision and that if my beloved cat was going to pass, that I wanted it to be at home and not in the cold hospital. I asked to see my cat - which they would not let me do!!! She then had the audacity to tell me ""I have spent an hour discussing this with you and I am busy and I am an advocate for your cat, not you!"" She (APRIL ROGERS DVM) said that I didn't have my cat's best interest in mind. A couple hundred dollars later I took my cat home for her last night. There is no way that she would have lived their either and it would have been more traumatized...and sit there and discuss this with the rude/no knowledge APRIL ROGERS DVM, they charged me and they did NOTHING!! NEVER USE THEIR URGENT CARE...\r \r (with that being said - their specialty eye clinic has AMAZING Doctors) Cons: TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST more

Find another vet to take your pet to 2/10/2010

My sister rescued a stray kitten (about 4-6 weeks old) from the middle of a busy street. She couldn't take care of it so I took him in. I had him for about a week when I noticed on the 7th day he started vomiting and was becoming very weak, so I took him into City of Angels which was about 2 blocks from my house. After several hours of ""tests"" and starting him on an IV for dehydration, they told me they found a foreign body in his stomach and that it would cost $2500.00 for surgery, which I was willing to pay so I gave them the go ahead. Several more hours go by, and they tell me he died and it was panleukopenia. After I did my own research, I found that this is pretty common among strays that haven't been vaccinated yet, something they were well aware of, and a disease he had all the signs and symptoms of when he was first admitted. My question is: if I could find this information out from the internet, why didn't trained professionals figure it out earlier? Seems textbook to me. Could it be they wanted to get as much money out of the situation as they could? Probably. I just wish he didn't suffer for so long. I would never refer anyone to this place. Cons: Questionable credentials, Rude front office staff more

Compassionate care for your four legged family member 9/9/2009

I am in absolute disagreement with the other 2 reviews. When our beloved dog Nikki was diagnosed with lymphoma we were devastated and very frightened. Our long time, trusted vet referred us to City of Angles and we could not have been happier. The staff is caring, compassionate, helpful and attentive. The costs were outlined for us in the very beginning and we have not had any unnecessary additional costs whatsoever. I have called several times throughout her treatment and my calls have been promptly and helpfully returned. Our Nikki is very timid and frightens easily and the staff and her doctor are wonderful with her and very understanding. I am sorry the other 2 reviewers did not have good experiences during an obviously difficult time but I do have to point out that veterinary oncology care is very expensive regardless of the facility. Would without hesitation recommend this facility to anyone. more

do not take your pet there!!! 7/24/2009

I must share my harrowing experience regarding my dog recent treatment at Veterinary Cancer Group of LA (Culver City) Diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC), After sedation, he was injected with an excessive amount of Mitoxantrone, which, in turn, wrecked his immune system and red/white cell count. This exposure caused an entire week’s worth of traumatic/catastrophic events. A review of his medical records first indicated he received 8 mg of chemo medication, later, another record indicated he was injected with 5 mg of Mitroxantrone, and finally, when released, his final record indicated an injected amount of 3.5 mg. I strongly suspect his intake was 5 mg, much more than his body could handle. During the process of treatment, he was shifted back and forth between the group’s Veterinary Cancer Center and the adjacent Critical Care Center. At times, there appeared to be disconnects between vet technicians knowing his exact status. This uncertainty, coupled with mounting charges, added to my week’s worth of frustration. Overcharging of daily vet services seems to be the order of the day at the Veterinary Cancer Group of LA. This concern is also addressed by a previous input provided by another pet owner (see input dated XX/XX/XX by (Screen name). I made several calls to the group throughout the week to check on my dog’s status. I can’t say in total my calls were returned in a timely manner. In summary, as the saying goes “hindsight is 20/20”. Had I been able to decide on his treatment center again, the Veterinary Cancer Group of LA would have DEFINITELY not been first choice. Once you drop your pet and credit card number off at the reception desk, be prepared for both a rocky and emotional experience, plus a daily billing invoice that will blast your mind!!!!!!!!!!!! Cons: horrific experience more


This place markets itself as the caring vets who understand the stress of animals going through cancer and many other diseases. The unfortunately truth is the absolutely do not care about the welfare of the animal, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY. I took my cat there who was diagnosed with cancer. The staff were very charming and nice UNTIL they got my credit card on file. Once my card was on file and they were authorized to charge it, the staff became unbelievably rude, would not even acknowledge me when I would show up for appts. I would sit there for at least 20 mins before even being acknowledged. My oncologist did not return phone calls in urgent situations with my cat's treatment and disease. The last straw was when they misdiagnosed an infection. They told me the cancer was back and we needed to start all over wtih radiation and chemotherapy. Not only would this cost me another $8,000 to $10,000, the stress that this would cause my cat would be unbearable for her. I chose to seek a second opinion and the cancer was NOT BACK. It was only an infected tooth. We had the tooth removed and my cat is fine. Had I stayed with City of Angels Cancer vets, I would be in debt another $8,000 - $10,000 and my poor cat would have been forced to go through radiation and chemotherapy again for NO REASON other than they wanted to make more money off of me without even considering what they were putting my cat through.\r I am not the first person they have done this to. It's very sad b/c they take your money when you are vulnerable as a pet owner who loves your animal, they have no real concern for the welfare of the animal or what the pet owner is going through while their animal is sick. \r THE VETS AT THIS CLINIC ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY, NOTHING ELSE!\r AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS! Cons: Rude office staff, uncaring vets who misdiagnose the animals to take more of the owners money. more
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