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Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing and XD - 14 Reviews - 7301 South Jordan Landing, West Jordan, UT - Movie Theaters Reviews - Phone 800
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Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing and XD

7301 South Jordan Landing
West Jordan, UT 84084
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I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy watching movies at Cinemark! When I buy my tickets the people in the box office are always super friendly and ask me how I am doing. ...


I too have been to many theaters and like a good experience for my dollar. Jordan Landing is a ripp-off. The prices aren't any better than any other place, but if you want a lar...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/9/2014

We will not be going back to this theater. It was incredibly crowded (normal for Saturday afternoon) and the staff was not keeping up with what should be required maintenance and instead 5 people were standing around watching one kid scan tickets.\r After my husband slipped and fell on the tile in the bathroom, it took 20 minutes for a manager to show up. Then, the manager did not even apologize and simply said, ""Ok I will get someone to clean in there"" and walked away. \r They are incredibly lucky that my husband was not seriously injured or that a child did not fall and hit their head. Very disappointed. more

XD Review 4/4/2011

I had never been to movie in the Extreme Digital Cinema (XD Theater) Theater before. When my husband said he wanted to go see a movie in XD my first reaction was, what was that? He explained that it had better seats, more room, a bigger screen, better surround sound and digital media software instead of film. In the past I had always felt as though things like this was a waste of money. Why spend $13 on a movie that I can see in the regular theater for $11; after all a buck is a buck. When date night came up he told me that ?I Am Number Four? was going to be on the Extreme Digital, it would be at the local movie theater and he said it would be worth trying it at least once after he put it like that I couldn?t say no. Going into the theater the first thing that I noticed was the huge screen. My husband?s first reaction was, ?Can we put one of these in our house?? The colors were bright and vibrant. All the images were clear and precise. Anyone in the theater could see up to the smallest pimple on the actors face from any seat in the house. The floors were surprisingly clean. The seats where far enough back that even the ones sitting in the front didn?t have to strain their necks just to make out half the screen in front of them. For me the seats are the heart of the movie experience. There is nothing like watching a two in half hour movie with a spring hitting you in the back. The seats in this theater were magical. I felt like I was sitting in a leather lazy boy. There was more than enough leg room to set back and relax rather than worrying about hitting the back of the seat of the person sitting in front of me. As I leaned back so did the back of the seat. The arm rest where actually pretty clean and they moved up and down so I could cuddle up to my husband and also put some distance between me and the stranger sitting next to me. The last thing I needed was to jump at a scary scene a grab the wrong guy seating next to me. Speaking of jumping at a scary scene, the sound that plays with those scary scenes is another big factor. When going to a movie I don?t want to feel like I am deaf for an hour after the movie. I want to feel the eruption of the volcano. Or jump at any unexpected sound. The sound in this theater was like music to my ears. It was not too loud and it pulled me into the movie even more. The explosions in the movie were heard and felt all around me. It was exactly how I thought surround sound in a theater should be. In the end let me just say I was pleasantly surprised. Spending the extra money was well worth it. When I go to the movies again I will be more willing to shell out more money in order to get that same experience. It made me remember how delightful a movie can be and that sometimes spending a little extra money can make a big difference in the type of experience someone might have. more

The Best Theatre Ever!!! 2/6/2010

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy watching movies at Cinemark! When I buy my tickets the people in the box office are always super friendly and ask me how I am doing. But concessions is my favorite part because all of the staff is incredibly friendly and willing to help you out in a speedy manner. They suggest that I have something I dont want and I buy it anyway and they make me spend more of my money by upsaleing! they always tell me to enjoy my movie or to have a good day. The stuff is so good there that I think that they should raise their prices by 5 dollars on each item because they are low based on the quality. I love how I only get popcorn filled to the brim and have to wait in live for 3 years for my Coke's bubbles to disapear. (Dont want to waste the syrup!) But there is one concessionist named Travis that is better than all the rest. He is super cute and is very friendly with me when I get served by him. One time he used his upsaling skills so well that I ended up buying $60 worth of stuff! This kid deserves a raise! I had something wet, salty, and sweet and later vomited in the bathroom which brings me to the ushers who are also great workers. They are always skipping down the halls, whisteling tunes and greeting guests as they pass. They clean the theatres so well that I can lick the floors! I just think that all the Cinemark staff is always on the guard, ready to help guests with the most friendly of attitudes! I would recommend this theatre to everyone! Pros: Its perfect! Cons: Its almost too perfect! more

Unacceptable focus. 12/8/2008

The Cinemark 24 needs to train its employees. My wife and I watched ""Australia"" at the Cinemark, after having first seen it at the District. The Cinemark's focus was totally off. I complained to the ticket-tearer, who said that he would take care of it. A few minutes later, someone at the projector seemed to be doing something, but the picture was still totally unfocused. The bottom half-was in focus, as was the right 1/3rd. The rest of the picture was severely out of focus. Do you think that maybe it's time to service the pressure plate in the projector? Pros: Convenient location Cons: Poorly trained staff more

jordan landing most comfortable 6/7/2007

ok one thing about theaters is they all stink for one when it comes to prices people who work there are always rude and i always pack my purse with drinks and snacks cause there aint no way i am paying four dollars for a dinky box of candy! but out of all the theaters jording landing is the cleanest biggest and most comfortable seats out of any of the other theaters! so i dont care how rude the people are at ticket booth a want to be able to be comfortable when i am sitting there for two hours to watch a movie! and it does stink that people id but that is there job, no matter how old you look they are only doing what they are told by the big bosses, i have worked in food and i hate it when people yell at you and act stuck up when your only trying to do your job they way they tell you so you wont get fired!!! Pros: huge, new, nice, and ery comfortable Cons: prices one all the snack stand items are outrageous more

never again 5/28/2007

i went there and the same thing. i have gray hair retired from the military. and i was ask for my id. im not going back. this lady also said to see the manager. i tell ya these theaters better send the youngsters back to school orcollege and learn anatomy. and the concessions are a rippoff. Pros: air conditioned Cons: ask fo ids for older ppl more

Bad judgment 4/9/2007

I went to the movies the other night and waited in line for aprox. ten minutes to purchase my tickets. I have been to this theater many times and had decent experiences each time. There were younger kids working in the ticket booth and I figured they might be new so it was taking a little extra time. Finally I arrived at the ticket booth and asked for two tickets for 300. I was promptly asked for my i.d.. I thought the girl was joking, I am almost 40 years old. She stood by her request and an older lady popped up behind her and started barking at me that it was policy to i.d. everyone and if I didn't like it I could talk to the manager. I haven't been i.d. to go to a rated R movie for almost three decades. It left a real sour taste in my mouth. I had to dig my wallet out and find my i.d. while everyone behind me waited. Use some common sense. I understand the need to protect younger people from seeing certain things but give me a break. I don't look 16. For the money you shell out to see a movie and buy concessions you should be shown a little better customer service. I will think twice before going back to Jordan Landing theater. I doubt I will have to worry about getting i.d'd at any other theater in the world. more

Rip Off! 12/22/2006

I too have been to many theaters and like a good experience for my dollar. Jordan Landing is a ripp-off. The prices aren't any better than any other place, but if you want a large popcorn expect to get what other theaters sell as a small. Then expect to pay the full larg price for that dinky popcorn, and oh yeah...if you want to get a drink refill forget it. They claim they won't refill your drink because of health concerns. I think it is becuase they are too cheap! EVERY other theater in Utah will give you free drink refills. Go to other theaters to get more for your money. Pros: Nice looking theater Cons: Consessions are a huge rip off more

Wonderful theater, great food, perfect for dates and families! 11/2/2006

I am a huge movie buff and theaters are part of the experience. I have went to many if not most all of the theaters in the Salt Lake Valley. From the Gateway to Valley Fair, Jordan Commons, The District and everything in between. Pros: All the best movies! Cons: No reserved seating, over-priced concessions, too many teenagers. Sells out fast, should put the top releases in the biggest theaters. more

An excellent night 11/11/2005

I live in Tooele and have access to theaters right down the road but still prefer to drive all the way in to Jordan landing for a good movie experience. I love the stadium seating. It's to hard to watch a movie without it. Everything moves along smoothly even on saturday nights when its so busy. Its an all around excellent place to spend a night of entertainment. Pros: Lots of selection, good seating, plenty of concessions Cons: too far from my house, ?, ? more

User review by navinj 9/13/2005

Jordan Landing is an excellent place to watch a movie. There are plenty of choices of movies to see; the seating is very comfortable and there is enough room to sit down and have people walk in front of you without having to shift your legs out of the way. After the movie is over or before it begins, there are plenty of places to eat or shop at; a great place to spend an evening. more

The best theater in Utah! 7/25/2004

I have been to almost every theater in the Salt Lake Valley, and Cinemark 24 at Jordan Landing is by far the best place to see a movie. Not only do they always offer a large selection of films to choose from, but the seats are very comfortable, the screens are the perfect size, and the sound quality can't be beat. Add to that the convenience of a small cafe, three concession booths, a fun arcade, and a location near many good restaurants and shopping centers, and you have the best theater around. Pros: Comfortable, Variety, Discounted Show Times Cons: , Gets Very Busy more

Great Landing 11/15/2002

Great place to go. Good selection of movies, comfortable and very reasonable. more

#1 Theater 7/22/2002

This theater rocks!! It has stadium seating, a great variety of movies, large soft seats that rock back and forth and the arm rests move up and down, and a great atmosphere. There are plenty of restaurants and shops surrounding the theater as well. The other nice thing about it is that it isn't as crowded as other theaters. I highly recommend this theater to anyone---I won't go anywhere else! Pros: comfort, atmosphere more

First Choice 7/12/2002

I believe JL located in an excellent location, food & other shopping. Jordon Landing is one of the best theater experiences. My families first choice! Pros: Location, Seating, Selection Cons: Price more
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