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I'm a professional player who has been fortunate to have a small but great group of students. Unfortunately, the economy has hit my profession like it has everyone else. I sold ...


I ordered a flute security blanket about a year ago, and never received it. I called several times and was given the run around. They charged my credit card. I sure am glad I didn...

Went to Buy a Solexa Thumb Port and Came Home w/ Dream Flute 4/24/2011

I'm a professional player who has been fortunate to have a small but great group of students. Unfortunately, the economy has hit my profession like it has everyone else. I sold my wonderful professional flute a few years ago to pay for badly home repairs. At the time, I purchased a very surprisingly nice pre professional flute from Cincinnati Fluteworks to be able to teach and do occasional gigs with. I've done business with them for years buying flutes for my kids and always came away with some new bit of advise or flute knowledge I hadn't known before. Always a good experience. Last week, I went in to buy 2 Solexa Thumb Ports (they seem to always have low prices on good accessories). I mentioned in conversation what I had been researching in the hope that ""some day"" I could have another top of the line professional instrument. Pat North answered all my questions, brought up aspects of new flutes I really didn't know anything about - and explained them. She brought out a wonderful group of instruments that played the way that I had described my ultimate flute. Pat had me play them before telling me the models and prices. I really put them through my ""tests"" and fell in love with one that was soo much better than what I even had ""in my ear"". It didn't turn out to be the $17000. instrument I had been researching. It was many thousands less. I bought it. I took it home and have been a very happy camper ever since. The other thing that occurred to me once I got home was Pat had given up 3 hours of her time to help me. I know my trying flutes was unexpected and I know how busy she is, but she never made me feel rushed, or that she had other things to do. I really appreciated that. Many thanks for a wonderful experience. more

Exceeded Expectations 3/19/2011

I am an adult amateur playing a Prima Sankyo Silver Sonic that I've had since 1985. It had never had an overhaul, and on the advice of my flute teacher and another flutist, I took it to Pat. She was reported to really know the soul of the flute. It took her four weeks, one longer than quoted but with apologies, and she did an absolutely amazing job. I only needed to play one note to realize the amazing transformation. It plays beautifully and looks gorgeous. I could not be more thrilled with the loving work Pat did. more

I Love My New Flute & Flute Security Blanket 12/17/2010

I recently bought an older Powell Conservatory model flute, newly refurbished and overhauled from Cincinnati Fluteworks. I opened the case when it arrived and there was a beautiful silk Flute Security Blanket laying on top of it. Not only elegant, but really practical. It will keep the tarnish away from my new flute. I love it. I ordered a couple as Christmas gifts for my students and they were shipped the next day. They were'nt expensive, but look really classy. I even got in on the free shipping. Here I'm going on about the Security Blanket, but I've got to tell you about my flute. I'm an ""older"" flutist who has a few students, but I play for fun mostly. I've been window shopping for a flute for years - half heartedly. I just didn't know how to go about looking or deciding on a flute. All the choices and options kind of scared me. From my first phone call Cincinnati Fluteworks knew what questions to ask to help me figure out what kinds of things -like tone, how it feels, - that I really wanted. They didn't try to convince me to like something. I really don't know anything about mechanical things on the flutes and they helped. They sent me flutes to try that all fit what I described, and I just fell in love with one of them. They emailed when the flutes were shipped, they called to check in with me when I got the flutes, and they called back to see if I had any questions. I'm just not used to people being genuinely interested. It was great service. I've called back with questions and they were just as attentive then as before I bought it. I'm really happy and I enjoyed working with them. more

Flutes I ordered arrived earlier & better than I expected 11/22/2010

The flutes I ordered for my students to try came earlier than we expected. We were comparing them with flutes from other companies that really took a long time to arrive. We had a mini flute convention day. What a great experience for the kids. Over the many years I've dealt with Cincinnati Fluteworks, I've bought probably over 90 instruments for students. They always arrive in better adjustment, play better, and last longer because of it. Whether it is a repair coming back, or a new flute, it always has been better than I expect. I just want to publicly thank them for being so patient with me and my perfectionism. Now at least 2 more students will have instruments that play beautifully. They will serve them well for a few years anyway - they are soaring so fast, that I expect they'll be in step up instruments sooner than we know it. Thank you again! more

Daughter's teacher said repair made flute ""Better than New"" 4/27/2010

Linda, my daughter, was elated to receive her flute from having it repaired at Cincinnati Fluteworks. It was even finished before they originally said it would be. She was most pleased with the quality of the repair and the appearance of the flute. Linda is in University, so I suggested she take it to her flute professor for him to check it out for her. I phoned him and he pointed out several specific things (that I, the non-flutist-Dad) didnt understand, but made the point that the technique and materials used in the repair he usually sees only on high end Symphony type professional flutes. (Lindas flute is not a professional instrument) He also said that the tone was ""awesome"" and better than before. Ok, now Im impressed. \r \r The people there I spoke with were polite and professional, and on different occasions did several extra things for my daughter that werent charged and quite beyond - in a good way!- the realm of what Id expect from a repair shop. \r \r Pat North followed up with us a few weeks after delivering the flute and I was glad to give her a good report and a sincere Thank You! Lindas first choice of Grad Schools in flute performance chose her to attend in the Fall. I am confident that her performance is due in part to the great improvement of her flute by Cincinnati Fluteworks repair.\r Pros: Pro techniques with Materials Used on Pro flute Fast Service more

Cincinnati Fluteworks comes to our rescue Again 2/3/2010

Cincinnati Fluteworks has come to my and my students rescue again! The kids had contests this weekend and 2 of them had flutes that really should have had overhauls a year ago. Kids always seem to wait til the last minute! Pat North did a miracle in getting them to play well again – AND one was ready overnight – the other in 2 days. I know she was sick for a while a year or so ago, but her work, scheduling, new flute inventory are really back. Actually I like it better now, because I get to work with her directly when I am – or my kids are looking for a flute or headjoint. She has an unusual combination of experience and knowledge as a pro flutist and technician. I’ve used a lot of techs, but she knows and can do much more than most. She knows how to fit a flute to someone, and why it works for them. I trust her with my pro flute for repairs and for being honest and reasonable with my kids and their parents. That says a lot. \r She's always come through for us and I just wanted to write in as a THANK YOU! Pros: Went to great lengths to meet deadline & make bad flute play more

Great! 9/20/2009

I know some people have had bad experiences, but that was definitely not the case when I got my flute fixed. I had an overhaul done on it in late August: polishing, new pads, corks, cleaning, etc. She did all of this quickly and thoroughly, I only had a loner for about a week before I got mine back. My flute sounds so much better now. My pads aren't leaking anymore so I don't have to use as much air and my footjoint is no longer loose. I'd recommend her to anyone who has some issues with their flute, she's very good at what she does. Her pricing is pretty reasonable too, and she updated me on the status of my flute while it was being repaired and consulted me frequently about the modifications she was making (e.g. what kind of pads, felt or cork, etc.). So from my experience, I'd definitely recommend her and her business =] more

Never got flute security blanket 7/19/2009

I ordered a flute security blanket about a year ago, and never received it. I called several times and was given the run around. They charged my credit card. I sure am glad I didn't order a flute. This place will take your money, and you get nothing. Do not order or send anything to Cincinnati Fluteworks. Pros: Answered the phone once Cons: Poor service more

My Fluteworks Experiences Have Been Good 2/9/2009

I'm sorry that many other reviewers have had such bad experiences with Pat North and Cincinnati Fluteworks. That, however has not been my experience. I've had three experiences with the company over the last seven years, all of which have been good. I rented out an alto flute; I've purchased a Trevor James cantabile 2 step-up flute; and just recently had that flute overhauled. The overhaul was completed expediciously without incident. Between the time I dropped the flute off for repair and my scheduled pick up time, the City experienced a level 3 snow emergency which closed schools for a week and hampered many businesses for several days. Pat was able to stay on schedule despite the adverse conditions. Her knowledge is superb and her work expert. more

Fluteworks is sketchy at best 1/23/2009

Be sure to check out the numerous tax liens against Fluteworks' owner/operator Pat North on Hamilton County clerk of courts. She has a certified judgment against her in 2008 for failing to pay wages to an ex-employee. Additionally the corporate charter for Fluteworks lapsed in 2006 due to non-payment of Ohio taxes. This is not a person who is concerned about lawsuits, tax liens, or judgments rendered against her, and if you end up having to pursue her in court, get in line and good luck trying to collect! You won't be the first.\r \r Read the other users' reviews about their ""missing"" flutes and extensive delays and you'll probably want to think twice about taking your prized instrument here. Take it to a more reliable, established repair shop. more

fluteworks 1/22/2009

If you knew how much debt and liens she has against her you would understand why she is so ""dishonest"", actually her acts are criminal and she should have been charged. more


2+ yr ago I contracted with Pat North to sell my piccolo on consignment. Whenever I asked about it, it was usually ""out with someone on trial"", but no sale commitment resulted. I told Pat in May '08 I wanted the piccolo back. Pat became harder and harder to reach and was evasive about getting it back to me. On JULY 10 I finally spoke with her and she said the piccolo was still not sold but there was a person who was very interested in it, and the piccolo was ""out on trial"". I told her I wanted either a definite sale NOW, or return my piccolo immediately --- no one needs to keep ""trying a piccolo out"" for more than a few days. That's the last I heard from her. After that, she wouldn't respond to my calls, a registered letter, and emails. Her website was down. I filed a claim with my insurance. On Sept 16 my investigator said he reached Pat and it was only then that she finally admitted that she sold my piccolo ON JULY 2 (notice that's BEFORE I talked to her on July 10 -- why wasn't I told it had been sold?). Pat has never yet contacted me about this piccolo, and I have not received my payment for its sale, nearly 6 months later. This story is much more complicated than I can detail here, but the bottom line is that Pat is not truthful, she has not honored her end of the contract, she is deceiving customers, and if you have any business dealings with her - BEWARE. Avoid Cincinnati Fluteworks like the plague. Also, if a ""Jennifer Cox"" or ""William Cox"" of Cincinnati is out there, then I hope you'll contact me. Apparently you bought my piccolo (Haynes #924)? I'm trying to verify that. Pat crossed out the name of the buyer on the papers she had to fax to my insurance investigator, but we could kind of see some of the info anyway. I believe that Cincinnati Fluteworks was an excellent, reliable, top-quality business at one time (established in 1975) --- what happened? How sad for everyone involved, -- the customers AND PAT herself. Cons: Dishonest. Horrendous customer service and satisfaction. Did I say dishonest???? more

Avoid this shop! 12/1/2008

I ordered a low level professional flute for my daughter from Pat on advice of a professional flutist who lives in my area that had dealt with Pat over the years. I ordered it on Oct 1and it was billed to my credit card. I was under the impression that she had it in stock and that it would be shipped out immediately and that I would have it the following week. Two weeks went by with no flute and no contact. The answering machine at Fluteworks indicated reduced hours due to an unexpected illness. I finally got ahold of Pat after leaving several messages and was told that she had yet to receive the flute from her distributer. More time went by with more unreturned calls and I was finally told that the flute had been lost by UPS and that she would reorder it and I would have it soon. More time went by and I finally enlisted the help of the local flutist as I thought I might have more luck getting some answers since she and the owner of Fluteworks had done business before. Finally, after 5 weeks, Pat called on a Wednesday to say that the second flute had shown up . Pat had promised on two occasions that she would overnight ship it at no charge as soon as it arrived. Late Friday she had still not shipped it stating that her UPS man had not shown up but that she was going to run it to UPS personally for shipping. Several more calls were made along with email from myself and the local flutist -Pat's machine said she was away for the weekend. When I finally got ahold of her on Tuesday she had a million excuses and she STILL refused to provide any tracking numbers. She promised to overnight ship yet another flute to borrow until the others showed up. I declined as I had by now already called my credit card company and had been refunded the full amount (with nothing more than a phone call - they did not even require anything in writing as per their usual policy). We went to a local shop and bought the same flute though it cost more. I bet Pat never ordered either flute. more

My Mom Got Her Flute Back! Are You Still Missing Your Instrument? 10/1/2008

UPDATE: Jim Lafaette recovered my mother's flute for her. He is a Private Investigator at 513-508-7812 and he'll know exactly how to get your instrument back!! The cost was nothing compared to the Flute's value. Great job Jim and I encourage anyone else who is missing anything to contact Jim for help!\r \r BACKGROUND: My mother's solid silver flute is missing. She sent it to Pat North at Cincinnati Flute Works, whose strung my mother along for months with excuses. Now the phone and internet are disconnected and a sign on the shop says ""temporarily out of business"". So we hired a local private detective, Jim Lafaette, to get her flute back for a nominal fee. Please join us!! You'll need a detailed description, serial number and a police case number or a release letter. Let's band together and get these instruments back!! You can call Kelly at 978-412-5313 or call Jim directly 1-800-314-8620. more

Unethical, unprofessional merchant 9/24/2008

Pat North sold my piccolo back in January and still has not sent me any of the proceeds. She has repeatedly lied about when I would receive my money ($2480), and, does not respond to my phone calls anymore. At this point I have to assume she either stole my instrument or sold it and kept the money for herself which makes her a theif. I have since realized many others have been victimized by this unscrupulous person. Beware of doing business with Pat, she cannot be trusted and I don't believe she will ever send me the money she owes me. To be honest, I feel sorry for a such a pitiful person. more

Cincinnati Fluteworks 7/21/2008

Urgent! Anyone with problems with Cincinnati Fluteworks, call me or email me, investigative reporter Shawn Ley, Channel 12 News at 513-617-9706 or sley at wkrc Pros: need info Cons: need info more

Help!!!! Cincinnati Flute Works Pat North 7/10/2008

\r \r \r UPDATE: I am happy to say I have just received my instrument back via FedEx. After spending hours worrying whether I would ever see my Mateki flute I must tell you that Pat North has returned my instrument in excellent condition. The flute looks and plays wonderfully. I have called Pat and expressed my feelings on how long it took, she was very apologetic. Her repair skills are excellent. gzimmaro more

Update - no Zitan HJ after 3 Years!!! -Avoid like the plague 5/30/2008

11/7/2011 Pat North has done it again. She finally sent back the Zitan wood head joint to Dr. Tate late in 2010. Then she agreed to repad the Jupiter 1011 of one of my other students to make things right with him. This was also late in 2010. Ms. North has once again disappointed. There has been no visible progress on this simple task that she undertook to make things right with the client. Almost a year has gone by and the flute has not been returned. In the meantime, Pat sent me a few notes suggesting I take down my review since, according to the positive ""reviews"" on this site, she was way ahead of schedule and doing stellar work. Very interesting. 10/06/2010 Would you believe that Pat North has not returned the Zitan wood head joint to its owner after 3 years!!! (See previous review.) Dr. Tate has filed police reports, contacted the Ohio Secretary of State and filed a complaint. And also hired a private detective to get the item returned. All to no avail. Another of my students had to hire a private detective to get his instrument returned, but it was missing the HJ which has never been returned. Plus the quality of the work done on that flute was substandard. I find it simply amazing that Cincinnati Fluteworks is still in business. How can this be??? I would never recommend doing business with this vendor as she has repeatedly lied to my students and cheated them out of goods and services. Plus she has made no attempt to rectify the situation even after several years. I used to recommend Pat for many years until she proved herself unreliable. Previous Review - Avoid Like the Plaque I had used and recommended Pat North's Cincinnati Fluteworks services for 17-18 years. Over the past several years in particular I had, and my students, had purchased instruments, headjoints, and repair services from Cincinnati Fluteworks. Unfortunately, Pat now appears unable to fulfill even the most simple tasks in any sort of timely manner. For example, my undergraduate flute teacher of some years past :-), purchased a Zitan wood head joint to play with her flute and guitar duo. Since the HJ did not fit on her Powell or Williams flutes, I convinced her to get a Jupiter 711 flute to match the HJ from Pat North. A 2-3 week transaction, at best. Pat North required payment for the flute up front and had the HJ shipped to her. And get this, the flute and head joint got lost in the UPS!!! After months of excuses, and no production of a tracking number, the flute was supposedly returned to Cincinnati by UPS and then sent out by DHL. Bad move by Pat as DHL was able to ascertain that no package had been sent out to the recipient's location even without a tracking number. My former flute teacher, tired of the lies and the unprofessional treatment, was finally able to get a charge back on her credit card several months after the normal time frame. But Pat has, in effect, stolen her irreplaceable Zitan wood head joint, as she has refused to return it. A student of mine sent his Jupiter 1011 to Pat North to have work done. After over a year, he ended up hiring a private detective to pick it up from her. He got the flute back minus the D1 head joint and minus the extra C foot he had purchased. And the flute doesn't work well. Another student sent her flute to Pat a year ago for a new HJ. Pat did some pad work and sent the flute back with no new HJ. So, just in the past year or so, three of the people that I recommended deal with Pat are now out over $2000 in goods and services. I now warn people against using Cincinnati Fluteworks. more

If you have time to wait 5/10/2008

Pat really knows her flutes and gives loving and detailed care to each job she takes on. The quality of her work is superb. However, the wait to get instruments in for repair is interminable and unpredictable. Business hours are undependable and communication is poor. Promised due dates are invariably ignored. Pros: quality and knowledge of flutes Cons: undependable, difficult to track down, dirty, inconvenient location more
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