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Cincinnati Canine Companion

420 Wards Corner Rd
Loveland, OH 45140
(513) 576-6239
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My dog went from scared of his own shadow to strutting his stuff after a couple sessions with Mary Jo and Vince. They have both been helpful and knowledgeable in helping us throu...


My dog is reactive and has a hard time around other dogs. That's why I'm trying to expose him to a variety of training facilities and continually trying both positive and negativ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/10/2014

I learned the hard way why they don't accept refunds. I'm only been to 2 classes and it has been a complete waste of my time. I'm not only disappointed with the trainer and the class, but i'm also disappointed with the facility itself. To enter the facility and get to your training location you have to walk down a narrow overly crowded walkway where the dogs have no choice, but to interact because they are forced into a tight space with several other dogs. Don't even attempt to come here if you have a reactive dog. Our class was in the back of the facility. There are 2 areas where training classes take place. There are no actual dividers between the spaces and there are classes going on in each area at the same time so it's extremely loud and hard to hear the training instructor. The facility is located in a shopping center so there is no close area to take your dog to use the potty before, during or after class. Because of this, during our class several dogs peed on the floor and one pooped. The class was then disrupted so that someone could bring the pet owner products to clean up after the dog. There was carpet in the facility which is disgusting considering dogs are peeing and pooping on the floors regularly!!!! Your dog will later be laying on those disgusting peed on floors to practice down stays. After the owner cleaned up after their pet, then the other dogs were distracted by the smell of pee and poop on the carpet. It wasn't until the middle of the class that the staff decided to take attendance so while trying to listen to the trainer and participate in the training exercises I was interrupted multiple times to get my pets name. The trainer strictly stands in the middle of the room talking. He doesn't adequately explain exercises or demonstrate them before expecting people to do them with their dog. I've witnessed other owners struggle with certain exercises and rather than go over and guide the owner and help them to ensure they are doing the exercise properly he continues to stand in the middle of the room and just tells the owner to force the dog to do the exercise. I have luckily been to other training classes in the past and have a grasp on several of the exercises. I feel sorry for any of the other pet owners who are attending a class for the first time. If I didn't have past training experience this class would be even less useful. I paid $140 to take a class to have a trainer help me and teach me how to properly train my dog, not to have a trainer stand in the middle of the class and not even participate in the training!!! Also, the trainer was abrasive and I witnessed him berate multiple other pet owners in the class. I signed up for this class because I'm currently pregnant and I wanted to have my dog well trained by the time the baby comes. I will now just to have to do my best to train her at home. My dog was bored out of her mind and was attempted to take a nap. I have done training were her often at home prior to this class and she is very eager to please and has always enjoyed training. Save your money for a worthwhile training place! more

Scared to Confident! 3/23/2012

My dog went from scared of his own shadow to strutting his stuff after a couple sessions with Mary Jo and Vince. They have both been helpful and knowledgeable in helping us through the rough spots. Now we are out collecting blue ribbons in obedience and my little guy doesn't know a stranger. If you want a well trained pet or a winning obedience or agility dog, this is the place to go. more

Simply the Best! 9/14/2011

When I adopted my dog, she was just a scared little rescue who would literally duck out of the way and pee herself every time someone walked into the house. She was terrified of everything and attached to me at the hip. I initially didn't care how obedient she was because she was so loving and unaggressive that I didn't think that strict obedience to my every command was such a big deal. I did, however, want to properly train her as a way to boost her confidence. We attended a few classes at another facility before a family friend recommended Cincinnati Canine. *I will never stop going there.* The first two levels of obedience were classes with Mary Jo and the third was with Vince. I personally preferred the classes with Mary Jo, but both are fine trainers and I would gladly take a class from either of them. They train every kind of dog, from Pomeranians to Great Danes and from family pets to show dogs. Every person in every class I have taken so far has gone on to take other classes here. That's a LOT of satisfied customers! My dog has graduated from the obedience series and will be moving on to rally and agility classes. These classes have strengthened the bond between my dog and me because they have taught ME how to effectively communicate with her. She usually knows what I want her to do before I even have a chance to tell her or sign her to do it. I no longer worry about her chasing a chipmunk or something into the street and getting hit by a car because she would never run anywhere unless I told her that she was ""free"" to leave my heel. I don't need to hold her leash when we go for walks and she is complemented by strangers on her behavior, temperament and obedience literally every time we are out in public, be it for a walk or a trip to the pet store. (I should add that she's a big, bouncy, high-energy breed and very playful by nature so having good manners did not come easily to her, haha.) My family and friends have told me that they just can't believe the difference that these classes have made in my formerly terrified little rescue boxer. Bottom line: I cannot say enough good things about Cincinnati Canine. They have allowed me to really, truly enjoy my dog which I didn't even realize wouldn't happen until she was fully trained. My fiance and I will be getting a new rescued addition to our family next year after we are married and I cannot wait to start the training process all over again. It is fun for me and my dog! Highly recommended!! more

Two dogs went through CCC and they were WONDERFUL!!!!! 1/7/2011

I have had dogs all my life and never knew to fully enjoy them as family members until I went to CCC. Mary Jo was brilliant in training the people(and then we trained the dogs). I actually thought she had ""hired"" someone to bring a barking dog into the class because within 10 mintues she had the dog understanding ""No Bark"" I was mesmerized. \r \r My Boxer & Shepherd have both been there. They get excited just getting out of the car. I love their enthusiasm. At CCC I learned that it's usually not the dog that has the issues, it's usually the communication between the dog and owner. once that barrier was breached it was amazing what I was able to teach my dogs. Still to this day we practice the positive reinforcement, but we also incorporate the natural needs of a dog.... to have a leader in the pack as well as the respect of others. \r \r I think Nature Lady's dog may have been confused by the change in training going from positive to negative training. While it's stable to use BOTH simultaneously I dont htink a dog will be secure whe he doesnt know if today is the day he gets a treat ot eh day he gets put outdside . \r Consistensy is the key. and CCC does a remarkable job of getting this message to teh People who attend their classes. \r \r God Bless CCC\r \r \r \r \r more

Learn how to control your dog the right way. 8/27/2008

I trained my dog here for over two years both with Mary Jo and Vince. They taught me how to handle my dog properly. My dog is a handful--willful, strong, stubborn, and as a rescue, she had a past that affected her behavior. CCCC helped me learn how to control her. I learned how to behave like the ""alpha"" dog I needed to be. After we went through obedience classes there, we went to agility classes and we both got a great workout. I can't say enough good things about CCCC and how they helped me and my dog. My dog was a rescue and we bonded through attending training class. All I had to say was ""Let's go to dog school"" and she was standing by the door with her tail wagging. She loved it. I will never adopt a dog and not take her for training--it really enhances your relationship with your dog.\r \r The first reviewer on here clearly did not learn lesson #1: it's not about your dog, it's about you. If your dog misbehaves it's because YOU let him/her. If your dog is ""reactive"" it's because you do nothing to stop that behavior, or worse yet, you are encouraging that behavior. It doesn't matter how close or far apart the dogs are in the facility, if you don't learn how to handle your dog you're going to have problems regardless of how close other dogs are. Vince can seem gruff, but he really just cares about making you the best handler you can be. Toughen up and listen to what he's saying. Pros: Knowledgeable instructors. Cons: None. more

The best overall dog training that works...... for your money! 6/17/2008

I cannot speak for NatureLady here above. I can only speak of what I have personally experienced training at the Cincinnati Canine Companion Centers for over 10 years now! I think NatureLady, at best from her experience, lasted one class? I too have trained at several other facilities before I found C.C.C.C. What I got at C.C.C.C. (and I still train all of my four dogs there too) was excellent instructions that helped me to understand how my dog thinks and behaves. Basically, domestic dogs are descendants from wolves. Creatures who have a pecking order or a structured society of their functioning pack mentality. There is a leader, then there are followers within each pack. Supplied with this knowledge, I no longer saw my dog as a human, a child, or anything other than a dog that either will follow my commands or it will command me and others by its very nature. NatureLady seems to not understand that basic principle? You either lead your dog or you will follow and accept your dogs bad behavior! It sounds to me that this is probably why she has had to go to different dog training centers. Only to find out that ""SHE"" may be her dog's problem! I was taught that there really are NO BAD DOGS, only bad dog handlers who accept their dogs unacceptable behavior as the norm. I have been in classes where dog handlers really did not know their right foot from their left. I too have personally trained dogs off and on for my friends. I can tell you personally when a human being will not listen to your instructions, it does become rather frustrating. If the human cannot understand what is needed to train the dog, then where does that leave the dog? If I gave instructions to people in how to train their dogs and they did not respond in an appropriate manner, I might lose it too! You must first learn how to take instructions before you can every teach or train. I have had nothing but the ""BEST"" instructions from all of the trainers at C.C.C.C. I highly recommend this facility! Pros: The Best dog training instructions I have every experienced! Cons: I have no complaints! more

Trainer can't control his anger 2/1/2008

My dog is reactive and has a hard time around other dogs. That's why I'm trying to expose him to a variety of training facilities and continually trying both positive and negative reinforcement with him. This facility is small and the dogs are very close together. This is not a safe situation for a reactive dog, and my dog lunged at other dogs several times. When I told Vince, the instructor, before the first class started that this was too tight of a space for my reactive dog, and that I'd like to drop the class, he berated me in a loud voice in front of the whole class, yelling ""you need to train your dog!"" Which is exactly what I was trying to do (preferably without any other dogs getting bit). His gestures were dismissive and he was blustery and critical with every question I tried to respond to. He knew nothing about me and my dog and could have simply said ""you are using good judgement by removing your dog from an unsafe environment -- let's talk one-on-one at a later date to see if I can help."" Instead, he reacted emotionally and harshly to a situation he wasn't prepared for (ironically, he reacted exactly like my dog). How can you respect a trainer who expects you to control your dog's emotions when the trainer can't control his? Anyway, yelling at your clients is unprofessional, rude, and unproductive. I do NOT recommend this trainer. At the end, YOU might just be peeing on the floor in fear. more
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