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Cincinnati Bride

301 W Benson St (at Jefferson Ave.)
Cincinnati, OH 45215
(513) 761-7750
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I hadn't even planned on going into Wendy's, but they were open before the other bridal shops in the area. We walked in and had no wait with no appointment. The consultants aske...


I had a fine time picking out a dress but after that it all went downhill. First of all, they didn't call me when the dress came in. I had to call the alterations place twice and ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/13/2013

Heaven forbid if you are larger than a size 6 or 8 at have to guess what you will look like in the dress and they gouge you for needing a bit larger size like a 14 or 16. This is the second bad experience I have had at this store...first trying on dresses for my own wedding now with not being able to try on a brides maids dress for a friends wedding..I was told this is what they send us...well someone needs to tell their buyers..Seriously Wendy's get real...there are real women that are larger than a size 8 in this world quit discriminating. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/6/2013

I bought my dress this past summer from Wendy's Cincinnati Bride and worked with Ann. She has been absolutely wonderful to work with! She was extremely helpful when I was picking out my dress i.e. helping me find styles that are good for my body type. It only took me five dresses until I found the perfect one. Since then, I have been into Wendy's several times for bridesmaids dresses and the staff have been friendly and allowed me to extend my deadline for the bridesmaid dresses. As far as alterations, in my exchange with them they were very friendly and helpful. I have had a great experience so far with Wendy's, as have several of my other friends. I would definitely recommend them (Especially Ann!) to any Cincinnati Bride! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/18/2012

Horrible from start to finish. Horrible customer service, dishonest sales people , RUN! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2012

Alterations department doesn't have a clue as to what customer service is. They are horrible people. Shop anywhere else! If you ordered the wrong dress, you had better believe you are responsible. No one even apologized. What a terrible experience for a beautiful day. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/11/2012

I went with my sister-in-law to Wendy's for an alteration appointment she had scheduled days in advance. Her wedding dress was in, and we were of course very excited to see her try it on! Unfortunately, what should have been a fun, exciting experience turned out to be a complete nightmare thanks to the poor service and unfriendly staff. more

alterations told me to lose weight.... 4/20/2012

I had a fine time picking out a dress but after that it all went downhill. First of all, they didn't call me when the dress came in. I had to call the alterations place twice and never got a call back. Then I had to call the store and get them to get ahold of alterations. When I finally found out that my dress was in the dress was too small and the alterations lady was not very helpful. She acted like it was no big deal, she suggested I try the dress with no bra. It helped a lot but it was still tight, now remeber this is the alterations place and they should want my business because the dress needed altered. I told her that I was still concerned and the dress was still too tight and I couldn't breath. She asked me when the wedding was and I told her it was in 6 months. She proceeded to tell me ""well you have pleanty of time before the wedding, you could lose 5lbs and it would fit much better."" I was pissed.. first of all, I am the same size I was when I was measured for the dress. Second of all, you want my business don't tell me to lose weight, I am a size 4 and perfectly fine with my body, I shouldnt have to change my body to fit into a dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! needless to say... they lost my business... just beware of the alterations.. they are AWEFUL and I don't think too highly of the store for ordering my dress too small. more

Poor service and attitude 2/5/2012

I went to wendy's for bridesmaids dresses and was disappointed and angered by their rude sales consultant. Young with short blonde hair, she acted helpless and had a rude and unprofessional response for every question I asked. They should not let this person talk to another customer. I will never recommend this store to a bride. more

Great Customer Service 11/21/2011

I hadn't even planned on going into Wendy's, but they were open before the other bridal shops in the area. We walked in and had no wait with no appointment. The consultants asked us if they could help us find anything and explained to us that we needed to register to try anything on but were free to look around. The store was clean, organized, and peaceful, and had a great atmosphere for looking at and trying on gowns. The gowns are all out of their garment bags and there is plenty of room on the racks to actually see what each gown looks like. After explaining to the consultant what I was looking for, she pulled several gowns that fit my style and price range. The dressing rooms were clean and private. The consultants help you into and out of each dress and there are benches in front of the mirror for your friends to sit and wait. I felt like the consultants really cared about helping me find the right dress. They didn't push me to try on anything I wasn't interested in and were helpful in finding dresses that fit my style. This was the first place that I had tried on any dresses and it was a great experience. After trying on several dresses at another store, I came back to Wendy's to buy my dress, not only for the dress selection, but also because of the personal customer service. more

Worst Customer Service ever! 7/19/2011

Daughter ordered bridesmaid dress thru phone, salesperson refused to order her a dress in size 0 instead sent her a dress in a size 8.Dress is huge and their customer service dept. refuses to do anything.The workmenship on the dress looks like a 5 year old made it! Please think twice before using their crummy services. more

Worst customer service ! 7/19/2011

My daughter ordered her bridesmaid dress over the phone...the salesperson kept saying she was a size 8 but my daughter kept correcting her that she was a size 00...dress came and it looks like a 5 year old made (Jordon design) and in a size 8 ...which fits her 160 lb mother. Wendys bridal customer service dept. is No Help. Ladies order your bridesmaids dresses from J Crew... more

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6/20/2011

On an amazing afternoon I was going to meet my girls to look for dresses! We made our appointment like they suggested and got there early so we could get situated before looking. Someone came over introduced herself then walked away ? after that it was like pulling teeth to get someone (ANYONE!) to help us find anything. I should have known this was a bad sign but I went ahead and we ordered dresses from them anyway. My cousin had her CC in her hand waiting to get measured and they said they would not do it that day she would have to come back to get measured. They also quoted all of us the dress would cost $130 but then when they all went back in to get measured the price then jumped to $185 there is no consistency at that place from one person to another. From the moment I got engaged to the day I got married I only had 3 bridesmaids but they wrote on my form that I called in and said I changed it to four. This to me would be no big deal but they didn?t order the dresses till Feb when we originally picked them out in October. I was so excited to get the call that the dresses were in I went right down to pick up my cousins and see my friends who was being shipped to LA the next day. I am so glad I went in because the colors of the dresses were supposed to be bright pink and they came in royal purple?. Then they decided to argue with me that I called in and changed the color when I never called them. Finally after doing something that I swore up and down I would never do I went a little bridezilla on them and they reordered my dress and had it rushed to them. When we got the new ones in both of my in town bridesmaids went to try on their dress and they ordered it a size to SMALL and were going to try and cut the dress and redo everything on it 4 weeks before my wedding. In a fit of panic I went over to Tri County and bought my girls new dresses at David?s bridal. After lots of talk and them calling me literally every name in the book (yes they were cussing at me in the store how professional) they finally refunded 2 of my 3 bridesmaids money and we are STILL waiting on the 3rds money. I would never ever tell anyone to go to Wendy?s Cincinnati Bride avoid all the hassle and drive past!! I got married on 6/18/11 and the new David?s bridal dresses looked amazing and I couldn?t be happier!! more

Huge Disappointment 4/4/2011

When my mother and I went to find ""the dress"", we ended up going with the first one I tried on. A staff member there actually found it for us and made me feel very special. We loved THAT experience and the dress was perfect. Unfortunately, every visit after the fact (and lack of communication since) has been awful. :( The staff members ignore you after you've made your purchase. I went in to try on my dress for my bridesmaids and had to fight for help. Also, I was told I could have a decent sized swatch to take with me (not the tiny one the initially gave me). This information was false. I drove to the Reading location (as directed) only to find out that they would not supply me with one. They were extremely nasty and this hadn't been the first time, so you'd better believe I'd finally had it and got nasty back. After that, they were qucik to at least HELP ME when going in to try on my dress again. This ""helper"", mind you, was the same woman who'd found my dress, and who I had seen multiple visits since. She was never the way she had been at our initial appointment again. Their attitude after your purchase quickly changed to ""the hell with you"". Sad, but true. Furthermore, I was told my dress would arrive some time ago: No call, no contact - Whatsoever. Thank goodness I still was able to find that beautiful dress with the limited help I received... let's just hope it comes in before our wedding day. :( Explore other options... this particular time in your life should be stress free and memorable, for all of the right reasons. Judging by my experience, Wendy's Cincinnati Bride won't make that happen. more


I've been looking for my bridal gown and attendant dresses for about 3 months now. By the time I got to Wendy's in Kenwood, I was pretty discouraged. I went in with not much hope. I was pleasantly surprised. The sales staff knew exactly the dresses to pull for me to help with all the differant sizes in my party. We found the perfect bridal gown and great bridesmaid dresses. Pros: SALES STAFF KNOWLEDGABLE Cons: HARD TO FIND more

happy with the experience 6/5/2009

I had a wedding to plan in only about 3 months, a I dreaded getting started lookin for a dress. I'm not a size 6 (more like a 16) and thought I would look awful in everything. When I went to Wendy' s in Kenwood, I had an excellent experience. Their sales ladies went out of their way to make me feelbeautiful and Ioved the gown I decided on. They had lots in the price range I wanted to spend (about 7-800). Pros: great selection and great customer service! Cons: only open til 5:30 on Sat. more

Great Customer Service 5/10/2009

I was planning a small family wedding that was 6 weeks away and last minute. At Wendy's Bridal in Florence, I received the best customer service, The most beautiful wedding gown, and just a great experience. I recommend everyone go to the Wendy's Bridal in Florence. The sales rep was very helpful, I had extentuating circumstances that added to my troubles. The gown had a wonderful price tag and they mad me feel at home. Unlike their competitor, Davids Bridal. I received horrible help. The sales associate knew very little and was unable to help me in the areas that I needed help in. The only downfall of Wendy's was that they did not carry shoes. I had to go to Davids Bridal to get them, and that is a longer story and another reason why I would definatly not shop at Davids Bridal! Wendy's is wonderful and everyone should stop there, well at least the one in Florence, KY. Pros: Beautiful gowns, good customer service Cons: lack of accessories more

Save Time - Skip This Shop! 4/25/2009

I wrote something much more verbose but the website says it was too long to post. In a nutshell this is what I HATED about Cincinnati Bride: - No sales associates offer to assist- you're on your own unless you specifically request help or unless your a teenager with your mom looking for prom dresses (they must work on commission every prom shopper was greeted immediately and pressured into the first dress they tried on) -sales associates are rude- they even implied to one of my maids that they wouldn't have an appropriate size for her to try on because they only carry ""certain sizes"" and they weren't at all diplomatic about it. -they cut the designer's tags out of the dresses so you can't google the designer/ locate dresses at other boutiques. Mainly I don't enjoy the lack of attention from the sales associates. For most women their weddings are the biggest days of their lives and the lack of support and consideration for the process of locating bridesmaids dresses to fit all sizes, shapes, and budgets was disgusting. I don't know any sales rep names but stay away from the older British lady she was a total snob- and believe me -she had no reason to be so. Helpful Hint: If you find a dress you like there but don't want to buy it at this awful store: the designer name is abbreviated and embroidered on the back - with a little detective work you can figure it out and find another retailer in the area that carries it. Pros: Nothing Comes To Mind Cons: The Worst Customer Service more

Don't bother making an appointment!!! 1/13/2009

Bad weather was in the forecast, snow and ice, but my 4 bridesmaids from Columbus and I drove to Cincinatti to look at dresses. We had an appt. but made it early, we were completely ignored. Ladies that had no appt. and had not bought their gown at Wendy's like myself were getting more service then I was. After the sales associate that was suppose to be helping us realized I was getting frustrated pulling my own dress and pinning my girls in the dress did she offer a dress. The dress she offered didn't even come in the color I had chosen for my wedding. A horrible experience and dread the thought that I have to go back to get my dress. We did have luck finding a beautiful bridesmaid dress at David's Bridal with a wonderful sales associate named Chelsea! Please don't make the same mistake I did! Too many other things to stress about! more

I LOVED IT! 11/30/2008


Extra stress for brides-to-be 6/16/2008

I ordered a bridesmaids dress for a girlfriend's wedding. When I called in my professionally-taken measurements, they told me to get a size larger, then ordered a size smaller. Of course, the dress is too small. Then, when the bride called them, they had the wrong dress written down. Luckily this was caught before the dresses were actually ordered (the style, not that my dress was too small). Since then, they have taken no responsibility other than to take the dress out. In my opinion, they do not believe in customer service. They are the professionals that should know how to order the correct size based on your measurements; that is their job. Also, I was supposed to have my dress back in two weeks. That hasn't happened yet and will still probably need to pay for alterations on my own. I dread calling that place every time I have to deal with them. more

Terrible Customer Service and two wrong orders! 5/12/2008

Before you arrive at Wendy's Bridal in Kenwood, prepare yourself with some thick skin to deal with a rude staff that literally drips of condescension. I reluctantly purchased one bridesmaid dress from them because my sister fell in love with it. I then proceeded to order another dress a few weeks later from the Florence location, since I wasn't too eager to work with the Kenwood staff again, and it was a more convenient location for my bridesmaid. Well, I arrived to pick the first dress up, and it was cut from the wrong fabric. The staff was rude, (as to be expected at this point) and offered no apologies. They got a replacement dress shipped within two weeks but I was really disappointed in the ""customer service"" I received through the whole ordeal. Pros: Decent selection Cons: Condescending staff; horible customer service; no sense of urgency more
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