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Christine Chin Spa

82 Orchard St 1 (at nr. Broome St.)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 353-0503
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Christine Chin Spa - New York, NY


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I've suffered from acne since I was 16 years old, and I have tried almost everything out there--topicals, proactiv, and even accutane. (I've actually been on accutane twice!) With...


When you pay $500 for a facial (which is supposed to last an hour and a half but lasts less than an hour), or $80 to have your eyebrows shaped, you are entitled to expect polite s...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/13/2014

TERRIBLE !! I had a really bad experience at Christine Chin's spa, I took an appointment on Febr. 4th, 2014 to do my eyebrows and to see on my first visit how is the spa for futures appointments for other services.\r \r I was excited a week before to try this place and I was looking forward to my visit and for what was to come. The employee that did my eyebrows called Connie, she was extremely rude to me from the beginning, after going to a room she did everything possible to make me feel uncomfortable, she was grumbling, making mournful sounds and she was impatient......when I was taking my jacket off, I asked her if I need to take also my boots off to be more comfortable and not to mess up the white bed and she responded: "" whatever you want, I really don't care....."" once on the bed, I told her that I would like just to clean my eyebrows and look something similar to a picture I brought, I thought that by showing her a picture it would be easier for her, she laughed and said, in a really rude way that she cannot do that not even closer.\r \r \r First time I've experienced a place where I was treated like garbage, rudeness and aggression were there !!! Disappointed after my appointment, I searched for reviews on the internet and I found out the owner's nickname, Miss Christine, is the ""Queen of mean"", by looking at her pictures she looks a very nice and friendly lady, just I really feel sorry she has employees working for her so unprofessional and mistreat costumers, she might know and should be aware what is going on with her employees once the doors are closed, I am sure she cares about her business and wants to have a great spa, she should address this matter!\r \r Result of my visit, they lost a customer, employee Connie did a terrible job, my eyebrows are very thin now, opposite of what I had before the service, she waxed them and it took less than 4 minutes when I was told by receptionist that it's a 15 minutes service. Also they changed twice my appointment to accommodate other customers. I paid cash, I asked for a receipt and employee Connie said that when it is paid by cash they do not give receipt and If I want one I need to wait, the receptionist was not there, she promptly came to the room and immediately printed it for me. I definitely won't come back !!\r I prefer to spend my money somewhere where they say thank you when I give a tip and don't have a bad-tempered....One more negative review for them........that is too bad :(((\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/13/2014


Sooner or later, they will fool you! 9/7/2011

I have been a client for 4 years, so when I had a problem with the attendant (she told me that she called me and left me a message about the appointment and I did not receive any message) and I tried to talk with the manger - the manager told the attendant she would not talk to me and I should go ahead and review the place on the internet. If you want a place that has zero consideration for the customers, this is the place to go! more

Best in Skincare!!!! 4/24/2011

I've suffered from acne since I was 16 years old, and I have tried almost everything out there--topicals, proactiv, and even accutane. (I've actually been on accutane twice!) With the use of these, my acne would improve, but my skin would always be dry, red, and peeling--I was so self conscious of my skin. And as soon as I stopped these regimens, I would always start breaking out all over again. Finally, one year ago, my sister took me to Christine Chin Spa. My sister had told Christine my years of struggling with acne, and how depressed I was getting because nothing seemed to work. Christine was absolutely amazing, and she was so sweet! My very first appointment, she told me that she was going to get my skin back to normal--better than normal, and she asked me to trust her. She was very honest and told me it was going to be painful, it would take some time, and that it was going to have to be a joint effort. She spent a good 2 and a half hours on my face extracting every single area of my face and concentrating on all my pores. It was painful, and I was red, swollen, and scaly for the next 4 days, but I kid you not, after the 4 days of recovering had passed, I saw an amazing improvement on my skin. For two months, I went to her once every 2 weeks, and my skin was glowing! I wasn't breaking out, and even if I did, it was no longer cystic acne, just very small bumps. Since I had to go back to school, I started going to her once a month and stayed on the skin regimen she gave me (her products, which are affordable than what I used to use!) and my skin has been constantly improving. Christine Chin is truly amazing. Not only does she extract and remove active acne, but she also takes the time to remove old scar tissue so that your scars fade and you do not have bumps. My skin has gotten even, and I no longer have bumpy skin! She even has the ability to take out dark freckles in one session--my dermatologist told me I would have to get laser surgery to remove my freckle, but Christine took it out in one appointment! Yes, Christine Chin is a stickler for time, but I don't think it should be a problem for people who are really committed to seeing improvement in their skin. All she asks is that you call 24 hours in advance if you can't make your appointment, and she asks you to be on time. Meeting these rules should not be difficult for anyone who is committed to seeing improvement in their skin. Her staff is also incredibly friendly. The two girls who work the front desk are always amiable and Christine Chin is actually very funny once you start speaking with her. And most importantly, I respect her so much because she really CARES about my skin. Overall, she really is the best in skincare--she's not some dermatologist who just wants to kill all your acne and doesn't care about the chemical damage it can do to your skin, and she's also not one of those luxury spa facialists who pampers your skin with layers of thick creams--she's someone who really KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS skin and is very practical in her approach to skincare. Most importantly, for those people who are struggling with acne and are considering giving Christine a try--YES, it is painful and you will look red, scaly, and swollen after a facial..but please give it 4-5 days before you cross her out. Also, it is a JOINT effort on the customer and Christine--yes, she will give you a facial and work her magic..but you also have to be responsible and help MAINTAIN your skin with the products she recommends and stay on that regimen (i.e. take off your makeup every night before going to bed). For those people who have suffered with severe acne, I really do recommend you all give her a try. She is the best! :) more

Good Facial, Bad Service 1/19/2011

When you pay $500 for a facial (which is supposed to last an hour and a half but lasts less than an hour), or $80 to have your eyebrows shaped, you are entitled to expect polite service. Royal fees, royal treatment. This was not my experience at Christine Chin's spa, where the diminutive owner felt compelled to lecture me on the value of her time, warn me about 10 times during the visit that she will charge me for follow up appointments that I miss without canceling, or if I show up late, warned me that if I ever touched my eyebrows she'd be very upset, and told me that from that point forward I had to punctually go see her instead of bothering her with excuses like oh, my child was sick or oh I had to take my dog to the vet. I have never been back--I prefer to spend my money somewhere where they say thank you. Granted, the microderm abrasion left my face looking and feeling like a baby's behind, but there are other spas that do them just as well, charge similarly, but treat you well. If you have any sense of dignity, this place is not for you. more

TERRIBLE 11/19/2010

After going completely out of the way to the LES to get to this ""famous and wonderful"" spa, I cry foul on the recommendations!!!!\r I got a facial here and my skin was completely destroyed. If I could have put a bag on my head I would have but instead I had to walk out and get home with 4 huge wounds on my chin ...and 2 days later my entire forehead looks to have broken out in a rash. If I could I would sue them! I am mortified how terrible I look 48 hours later. This was not a normal or appropriate session. These people are not professional. more


I went to to have a routine brazilian wax. The lady that did it was a terrible person. She was rude from the begining. SHE DIDNT EVEN USE GLOVES! she didnt sanitize the area, she used terrible wax. She didnt clean the wax off afterwards and it burned my skin to the point i was raw and blistered. She opened the door to the room afterwards without me being covered up or dressed for the waiting room to see!!!! She yelled at me when I told her it hurt and was inconsiderate and rude. and this horrible experience cost me 76 dollars. ans when i called 2 hours later to tell her that i was in pain and swollen, the owner, christina or christine whatever wouldn't bother speaking with me!!!!! If you have any sense at all you will never ever go to this place for any reason. I hope they go out of business! more

Christine is the best 5/28/2010

For 12 years, since I was 18, I have suffered from acne and clogged pores. No matter what I do, I will always have breakouts. I have gone to dermatologists, facials done, wasted money on this miracle product and that miracle product, proactive, you name it. Proactive did help me some, in that I am able to go out with makeup on and not hide my face in shame. However, with proactive, my face has never been free of breakouts or clear pores - proactive just helped me somewhat. \r I decided to try Christine after googling around at work. Her prices are higher than her girls, but I was desperate for some help for my face. When I arrivd, I was promptly placed in a room, an assistant washed my face, and Christine came in promptly. SHe was extremely honest about the condition of my face (I was desperate since my face was bumpy and it seemed as if all my pores were clogged...ewwww). She proceeded to clean every pore, nook and cranny in my face - spent over 2 and half hours, it was never rushed, and she goes deep into the pores - painful. After the pain (yes without extreme pain, there is no gain), poking, and prodding of my face, my face looked like a pizza. Thank god I had done it on a friday afternoon. I spent the weekend indoors and allowed my face to recover. One week later, I just cannot tell you how much my face changed (I also used the acne product she recommended religiously). My friends and family noticed right away. I went back to her a month later for another cleaning. The recovery time was much faster since she was able to get most of the gunk out the first visit. I went back a third time to one of her girls (her girls are cheaper) for just a maintenance. From December 2009 (first visit) to March 2010 (3rd visit), I hardly had any breakouts, my dark spots from acne have started to fade, and my makeup is smooth on my face. I no longer use concealer and I continued to use the acne product she recommended. I went back in May to Christine for a micro dermabrasion (first time - I saved for it) and facial (she is very expensive, but so worth it). I recommend her services to anyone who is suffering from acne and clogged pores. She is very expensive, but you will never regret a penny. \r \r Again, if you suffer from acne and clogged pores, after she is finished with you, your face will look like a pizza (I don't recommend going out after), just go home, allow the pores to breathe free for the weekend without any makeup etc, and let your face recover for a couple of days. You will not regret it, my face has been so amazing ever since I started going to her. Also, if she recommends an acne product, just buy it. She recommended Obagi to me, and that has helped me so much.\r \r Pros: Acne is gone; squeaky clean pores more

VERENA!! 2/26/2010

VERENA was working for Christine Spa and although I only went there one time I loved my experience!! I was so excited two weeks ago to have my appt. until I got a call from the Spa letting me know that she no longer works there and if I would be interested in any one else!!! I was amazed because she had told me she was there for over a year (or maybe I misheard her) anyway I totally canceled the appt because I was worried about taking anyone just out of chance... Im really upset she was very soft and did an amazing job Also if not with Christine herself..who else is good enough???!!? Pros: cleared me up Cons: wheres verena?! more

Best facialist in NYC: Verena at Christine Chin 2/24/2010

I have had facials all over New York for years and Verena is absolutely the best facialist I have ever had. She is extremely knowledgeable about skincare & skin problems, her facials are thorough and tailored to my skin needs, she is extremely pleasant and disarming and she seems to be truly dedicated to helping her clients have flawless skin. She gives good advice & has lots of skincare tips to share and never pushes too many products, although she will tell you which ones there she likes the most. The spa is in a great neighborhood, is extremely clean and is a rare, luxurious find in the LES, and the products are good, particularly the glycolic and retinol. I now live abroad and make sure I see Verena every few months when I am back in the States as I don't trust anyone else! more

Great facials 2/8/2010

I have been getting facials for atleast 5 years, not on a regular basis but just from time to time before big occasions. I was there this past Monday and at first freaked out because I was getting married this week and my skin looked red and had some scabs. After like 12 hours it started clearing up, after 2 days or so my skin looked AMAZING. I have good skin so didn't understand the deep extraction facial. But they obviously know what they're doing because my skin has never looked so good. My skin is radiant. Even my fiance said something. All the other facials I had gotten in the past did not give me these results. They focus on deep extractions so you should know that going in, I had never had such a deep cleaning before. But it is so worth it. I will be going back for facials on a regular basis. Pros: Great facials, nice, clean looking place Cons: Deep painful extractions more

best facials in new york city 11/23/2009

Love the staff here, we (my husband and I) both come here about 2-3 times a month. We also love Orchard Street this block! We love the new Pilgrim shop at 70 Orchard Street that opened in may, great designer shoes, handbags and clothing (new and vintage -- really edited designer vintage). Best facials in town, lots of Vogue editors. Pros: love it, discrete, quiet and good more

Great skin care, hard sell on the products 11/16/2009

I had a facial with Christine herself at the recommendation of my medical dermatologist, who said ""she will get your face cleaner than anyone."" Once at the salon, Christine convinced me to get microdermabrasion as well. \r \r Christine has a reputation for being no-nonsense and she is - she will tell you what kind of skin you have, what you've been doing wrong and how she can treat your skin problems. She won't sugarcoat anything, and she does name-drop her celebrity clientele. Having said that, she was honest and competent and not mean or intimidating at all. \r \r The microdermabrasion was one of the most aggressive ones I've ever had - she went over the same spots again and again and I was sure I would escape with raw, scraped skin. As a woman of color, I would be hesitant to trust another aesthetician with this level of abrasiveness, but Christine is a master (I was reassured on this by my doctor). The microdermabrasion was followed by a soothing facial but with aggressive extractions - not painful but she went after everything. I was amazed when I had only minor peeling after both procedures and my skin has looked and felt amazing since.\r \r The only negative was the hard sell on products at the end. I do love her mild toner, but her assistant and the young woman at the desk both pushed the rest of the product line (firming serum, daily serum, retinol lotion). None of the prices are outrageous for a celeb skin line but I hate coming out of a facial and having to battle with the front-desk staff about buying products.\r \r Having said that, when I called a few days later with a question about use of one product, they had a record of when I'd been in, what I'd purchased, who I'd seen and notes that Christine had taken from our session. Impressive.\r \r Pros: Professional, competent Cons: Expensive, push products more

Verena is amazing 10/29/2009

Verena is the best aesthetician I have ever had, hands down. I came to her 8 months before my wedding and asked her what I needed to do to have the best skin of my life. She suggested a six-week rotating schedule of micro + facials, facials, and back again. By the time my wedding rolled around, I was getting regular compliments on my skin tone and smoothness, and plenty of comments about how I don't look my age (and what woman doesn't love THAT?) :) \r \r Verena is kind, thorough, and dedicated to giving you the best results possible every time you see her. She will spend as much time with you as necessary to get it right: she never cuts a single corner, never makes you feel rushed, and also does a wonderful job of respecting your budget and not over-selling the spa's products and services. \r \r She has become a friend over the course of the last year, and I genuinely look forward to seeing her every time I go in.....which is saying something, given that it's true what they say about the facials here...but no pain, no gain, ladies! ;)\r more

ultimate zit zapper !!! 10/6/2009

I had heard about this spa through many professionals of my industry but was reluctant to go because I am not a big fan of ""celebrity-hot spots"" ...\r Until this past Spring - I was recommended to Verena and have been returning to her specifically on a regular basis. I have very reactive skin an many things make my skin break out (even weather change!). Verena is the most thorough facial expert I have ever encountered !!!! No joke !!! No zit stands a chance with her and... And she has the abiolity to extract really deep, yet always gently and without torturous pain ! I find that she is also very knowledgeable about skin and can articulate easily what goes on, what to do and not do ! Since I have been going to her my skin is turning around literally ! And it's not because I sleep more or travel less ! It is utterly and totally the results of her cleansing and extracting skills ! I have an appointment scheduled with her next week and I am really looking forward to it ! My skin positively glowing and happy each time and in between appointments keeps its balance in spite of my over indulgence! Go Verena ! Pros: best facialist EVER !!! more

Verena at Christine Chin Spa 8/25/2009

I periodically suffer from severe cystic acne, and for the last six years, I have visited the Christine Chin Spa for facials when my skin gets out of control. The first time I went, I saw a facialist named Sammy, and was blown away by the results. I had never experienced such rigorous cleansing. It took several consecutive facials, but it absolutely changed my skin and my life. I no longer felt like a victim of bad skin. Sammy stopped working at the spa though, and over the next couple of years I saw different facialists, but there was no one in particular that i would ask to see more than once. The extractions were good of course (it's Christine Chin Spa afterall), but as funny as it may sound, I didn't feel any personal connection. Finally, a year ago I returned to the Spa with a particularly bad case of acne. I was getting married in a couple of months, and really needed an SOS. I have to say it was the absolute best facial I have had at Christine Chin. Again, it took several facials, but Verena completely turned my complexion around. I felt like she took the time to see my extractions through to a point where they were really going to effectively heal my skin. She explained the process of how the skin heals itself, and also the reasoning for using the different types of products that Christine Chin offers. I actually had been irritated in the past by other facialists that had encouraged me to buy different things- but this time I actually took a chance and tried several items (which is not characteristic for me at all). Half a year later, I now only use Christine Chin's moisturizer, toner, and blemish gel. I am a skeptic when it comes to expensive beauty products, and use many other generic items, but absolutely will not buy anything else for my face. I highly recommend Verena if you are selecting a facialist at Christine Chin. I also recommend the Perfect Hydrating's really and truly perfect! more

Good place but can be $$$. 8/14/2009

I have been doing my eyebrows with Christine for a couple of months now and she does a great job of explaining what needs to be done to your eyebrows and how eyebrows should be. Christine is very detailed in her work and I recommend her. However, I do find that she takes off too much hair leaving my eyebrows really thin and I constantly have to fill in my brows. Christine has fixed my eyebrows and now they are both straight with an arch the only set back is that she left me with little hair and my eyebrows are now thin. I have also tried a facial here but not with Christine. Verena did my facial and she did a good job cleaning my face but I do not think that the facial was worth 120 + tax + $40 a mask that she recommend. Grand total of 166 + tip is not worth a facial here at least not with Verena. I felt that the previous place for $ 72 dollars did almost the same exact job for half the price. I would recommend Christine for eyebrows but be aware she likes to take out a lot of hair. Cons: Expensive more

Christine is the only one there who will clean ur face 100% 5/6/2009

I booked an appointment with Verena... so i can save some money, because Christine is expensive... I regret... Verena left my skin 50%clean... I had to go home and clean my pores myself... hopefully won't get any zits....:( more

An outstanding experience! 3/8/2009

I have sensitive skin, and am very careful with facials. I can honestly say that my facial with Christine was the best I have ever had. Her extractions are virtually painless, she was extremely nice and very patient in explaining options for my skin. I left with a glowing face and virtually no redness at all - it was a fantastic experience. Christine and her staff are fantastic, and I am thrilled to have found them. If you care about your skin, this is the place to go. Pros: Extremely professional, friendly, great service more

Best Brows!!! 11/3/2008

My brows have never looked better!!! Christine is a genius with wax and tweezers. \r \r What a wonderful experience! Christine began with a consultation in front of the mirror to discuss exactly what she was about to do and how she envisions my eyebrows (honing in on what areas need to be grown out and not touched). She then explained how the desired look would match my face perfectly..I felt as though i was getting a haircut!\r \r She spent much time pefecting my brows and i can honestly say they have never looked better. Definitely worth the $. My friends immediately noticed my ""new look"". I'm hooked! more
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Thorough facials and perfect brows from this celebrity-favorite are worth the splurge and wait list.


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    After more than a decade as one of the city's most popular facialists, Christine Chin opened up this spot in 2002--and the phone hasn't stopped ringing since. The upstairs holds...

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