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Christian Brothers Automotive - 27 Reviews - 413 Louis Henna Blvd, Round Rock, TX - Gas Companies Reviews - Phone (512) 248-1000

Christian Brothers Automotive

413 Louis Henna Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 248-1000
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however for me the premium is off set by highly skilled mechanics, a shuttle service that gets me to and from my office, Sevice managers who know what they're talking about, alway...


Christian Brothers at Round Rock is an absolutely wonderful place to bring your car for PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE ONLY.\r \r However, it is very likely (99%) that Christian Brother...


A lot like being mugged. Christian Bros claims to be a Christianity-based company, reliant upon their morals and family values. My experiences with the company have made me see that they are like the ""band"" Creed- claiming Christian status for the sake of sales and sales alone. With their inflated prices, you would hope that the worst-case scenario would be that you walk away with a working car and a bruised wallet. It would seem that a best-case scenario is walking away with your car in worse condition than when you dropped it off. The customer service is a lot like the DMV- one will wait incredibly long periods of time with absolutely zero progress. Their favorite phrase is ""I don't know, I'll call you back."" I once waited 12 hours for an estimate on an electrical issue. I dropped my car off at 9 am. I called the technician seven times. He apparently took an eight hour lunch, and even after getting well-rested enough to work, he had no time to be bothered to look at anything. I paid something along the lines of $60 for a diagnostic inspection. That's right; they'll charge you $60 to pop your hood and poke around with a flashlight. They put the due date for my next oil change at 2 months prior to the date I got my oil changed. Apparently, they offer time travel services, which would explain the high prices. I was talked into going to Christian Bros against my better judgement. I stood in the lobby, at the counter, for half an hour. I was never addressed. Not one person in the entire business acknowledged my presence. I stared at three employees for the entire duration of my visit, and they all saw me looking and pretended to be busy. Thats right; they were in fact avoiding my business. Please, please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and avoid this place like the plague. They have an incompetent staff and zero desire to help anyone. You will end up paying triple for half the work. Taking your car here is like taking your horse to the Glue Factory for his annual checkup- the exact opposite of what you want. I can not stress this point enough. These people are incompetent liars. They hide behind a flag of christianity and think that gives them the right to overcharge and under-work. They will break more things than they can fix. They will take a very long time to do very little. They will flat-out ignore you if you come into their business. They will bleed you dry of every penny you have so they can make a quick buck at your expense. they have no scruple, morals, or otherwise. This is the Spanish Inquisition of auto repair. more

Too much expensive 10/19/2010

American common person can't bear CBA's bills. They charge minimum of $500. Please think twice, trice before choosing that automotive. more

Way over priced and not honest 10/14/2010

Took two different cars on three different occasions. Within walking distance of my house so was hoping they were good and was giving benefit of doubt. First time was OK because they worked with me to get lower price. Second visit was same thing, had to negotiate a reasonable price. Third time when I asked for shuttle service (walked home before) to work they said I worked to far away to provide shuttle. Then they ""found"" work that needed to be done outside of what I took it in for and cost was twice the quote. They kept ""finding"" things that needed to be fixed. This time, I guess since they had my car hostage and had it torn apart would not negotiate price and was extremely expensive. I had taken it in for an AC compressor issue which they gave me an outrageous quote to fix. So after huge bill, still had AC compressor issue. Took car to another shop got AC fixed for $600 less than Christan Brothers quote. The nail in the coffin was when shortly after leaving the garage I started to have issues with equipment they ""fixed"". When I took my vehicle back so they could fix the work they said they did, I was informed that the issue was not related to the work they did and it would by another $350 to fix. When I asked how it could not be related, I was informed that it was just coincidental that it occurred at this time. I WILL NEVER TAKE ANY OF MY VEHICLES TO ""CHRISTIAN"" BROTHERS AUTOMOTIVE AGAIN. more

Not for Emergency Service! You Need an Appt. 10/8/2010

Christian Brothers at Round Rock is an absolutely wonderful place to bring your car for PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE ONLY.\r \r However, it is very likely (99%) that Christian Brothers at Round Rock will not be able to provide you with service unless you have an appointment.\r \r Who makes appointments for automotive service? Only people who are coming for routine service.\r \r On at least 3 separate occasions, I NEEDED service. My brakes went out, my car wouldn't start, and my radiator was leaking. All of these situations require same-day diagnosis and/or walk-in service.\r \r My car broke down on Thursday, and I was told to bring my car in the following Tuesday!\r \r This would be great if I were married, or had 3 roommates, or had more than one vehicle... but I'm single, live alone, and have only one car.\r \r In short, Christian Brothers at Round Rock is friendly, fair, and family-focused. I recommend this business for your routine & preventive car care, but not for much else. more

automotive repair 9/16/2010

Nicest people you could ever hope to deal with. But thats where the good ends. The three times I have taken my truck there it has always been at least double the estimate. I can give you once or twice but three times come on either get better estimators or stick to at least close to what you told me. I will find another shop it may not be as friendly but I can live with that as long as their estimates are within 2 to 3 hundred dollars of the actual cost. more

Friendly but very expensive 4/22/2010

I brought my 99 Jetta there because the battery was not charging. They held on to it for six hours and could not find anything wrong. I brought it back two days later when the battery was discharged again. This time they found an alternator problem. I need the car running, so I had them do the repair. They quoted $350 for the alternator and $350 for labor. I can not find an alternator online that sells for more than $200 for this vehicle. Further, they have an online coupon for 10% off any one repair. They only applied the coupon to the labor and not the part. The only thing positive I can say is the people are extremely friendly. They happily shuttled me to and from work. On the other hand, I could probably have gotten the car repaired somewhere else and taken taxis for less. Pros: Extremely Nice Cons: very expensive, not very competent more

Horrible Customer Service and Highly Overpriced 1/15/2010

I can verify the same issues with the overcharge for basic services. I brought my SUV in for the repair of radiator hoses and valve gaskets. They returned a quote of over $2000.00 and did not even address the gasket issues which I specified as needing to be looked at as top priority. When looking at the part cost, all the parts were overcharges, the labor was ridiculous, in excess of $300 for a 30minute job. I was told they would have an estimate for me the next day, but after two phone calls and 3 days they still did not have a solid estimate for me. I called around to check prices as I could not believe they were being honest and found that the same work elsewhere was not even 1/3 the prices that Christian Brother's was charging. I confronted them with this and let them know that I had a budget constraint to work within. They in no way worked with me and instead just rushed me out of their lobby. From looking at what they were looking to replace, not only did they not listen to my instructions of what I wanted repaired, but they were trying to repair parts that did not need to be replaced as they were new and undamaged. Before anyone decides this is a company they would like to deal with I highly suggest they price check other local automotive establishments. Not only will you find better customer service across the street, but you will find companies that will work with you on the price and give you straight forward prices at a quick turnaround. Cons: marked up parts, untimely estimates, no customer service more

Overpriced and unskilled 8/22/2009

It seems to me the entire line of Christian Brother's repair shops in the Austin are are rackets. Replaced a transaxle on my car and tore the boot on the transaxle that wasn't bad and tried to charge ME for their screw up. Also replaced my electric radiator cooling fan. I was under the car the other day changing the oil and thought ""I'm going to check the mounting bolts to make sure they tightened them properly"". Found all 3 about 5 turns loose and the fan would have come off one of these days. Take your vehicle to Computer Age Automotive in Cedar Park! Pros: Can't think of one Cons: High priced, low knowledge more

Rip Off Artists 8/16/2009

Don't let the kindly name fool you. I brought my car in because the ac wasn't wotking properly. I was charged $189.54 for the diagnostic review and was told I needed 2 new hoses and a NEW COMPRESSOR for a further charge of $1512.93! I did not believe their angelic, smiling faces.\r I took my car to John & Corky's auto repair and was advised that the bottom ac hose had a leak and needed to be replaced. The grand total due to them was $390 and I received a 5% AAA discount!!!\r Bottom line, if you want your soul saved by liars, go to Christian Brothers. If you want your car properly repaired and be told the truth, drive on over to John & Corky's. Amen.....\r Cons: dishonest and overpriced more

great service, great mechanics 4/20/2009

however for me the premium is off set by highly skilled mechanics, a shuttle service that gets me to and from my office, Sevice managers who know what they're talking about, always aim to please and drive to get the job done as quickly as possible. I have never been referred elsewhere, and they have never not fixed the problem regardless of the complication. Pros: they get it done right. the remain acacountable Cons: a slight premium in prices more

Complete RIP off and then they deny it. 4/16/2009

Christian Brothers in Round Rock loosened a cable on my battery, then tried to tell me it was corroded and said it was going to cost around $6 9. I was suspicious and wanted to look at the ""corrosion"" then they changed their story to it was ""loose"" the cable itself was only about $7, but that is only half the issue it only needed tightening because they loosened it and after taking it to a trustworthy ASE shop it was tightened without an issue or so -called ""corrosion"". \r Then when confronted with the facts Keith got angry and started getting loud. Then I come in the next day to talk to the owner and then Keith tries to act like he did nothing. I could imagine if someone asked them what really happened they will play dumb. Chip tried to act like he wanted to help, but in the end it was just empty words laced with excuses. When shown facts all Chip could do was keep repeating how good his mechanics were and acted like I was just mad for nothing. These people have so many excuses its ridiculous. I guess Christian Brothers likes to try and take money from unsuspecting hard-working people by using their name with the word ""Christian"" in it and then using deceitful tactics to get people to open their purses and wallets.. From reading some other reviews it seems I am not the only one they play this game with. Businesses like this operate on the basis that people tend to NOT voice their complaints so they look at that as a green light to continue fleecing others. BEWARE! \r Pros: cant think of one Cons: Dishonesty, don't own up to their lies,unecessary work more

Hard working AC contractors 2/6/2009

The crew was great, ran into a couple of bumps - none of their own making - and worked through them staying at it until the unit was operating. The guys were nice, helpful and didn't leave a scrap of waste inside or outside the house when it was done. Very professional. more

Thorough Work Done Right First Time 12/2/2008

Their first rate quality of work and 1 year or 12000 mile warranty is hard to beat. The work will be thorough and complete versus other short cut places that look like they charge less. You won't have to go back for a repeat job otherwise there is no charge if reported within a year. The shuttle service is really good. It is personally driven by the owners, Chip and Diane (Round Rock location). They even pick you up either from your home or work so you can pick up your car when ready. Nobody, not even the dealer, does that as normally you have to rely on a friend/family to get back to the shop. If you value work done right the first time and everytime, this is the place to go. Pros: Ambience in waiting room is very clean, quiet, and comfortable. Cons: Prices appear to be high more

TRUSTWORTHY- Not Only do I Recommend CBA, I use CBA for my wife and mom 12/2/2008

As far as I am concerned, Christian Brothers Austomotive is the best place to take your car. I have used them for a new car check, and thankfully so...I also get my oil changes there as well. They have a friendly staff, a nice waiting room with very comfy couches AND everything was not covered in grease and it smelled good. \r \r I would definitely recommend Christian Brothers Automotive!! \r They have quite a few locations, but I use the one in Round Rock across from Dell. Pros: They are convenient and honest Cons: It always stinks when you have car trouble- stinks less with CBA more

Best Automotive Shop In Austin and Surrounding Areas 12/2/2008

I've never experienced an automotive shop with so much class and integrity. This is how God's people are suppose to represent!!! i have been captured and my business with Christian Brothers Automotive is bonded. Thank for your exceptional service!!! Pros: Honesty and People Skills Cons: N/A more

Trustworthy, honest, knowledgeable automotive repair shop. 11/24/2008

I have been using Christian Brothers Automotive since they opened. (Both locations: Round Rock and Cedar Park on 620). And I couldn't be happier with the service that I receive. They are friendly, courteous, treat me with respect, and are honest. They fix the problem and will recommend what might need to be done in the future. I have never had to worry about them replacing something that didn't need to be replaced. They operate on Christian principles and this means that I can trust them. I recommend them to others and everyone has been satisfied. How blessed we are to have this shop in our area. Kudos to Christian Brothers Automotive! Pros: Knowledgeable - Honest - Trustworthy more

Best and Most Honest Service Ever!!! 11/24/2008

This place is awesome!!! The guys in the front are so friendly and honest! I don't mind paying a little more for the peace of mind I have from this place!!! I usually deal with Keith and he is so great!!! Thanks, Keith, for wonderful service! I recommend you to everyone!!! Pros: Great Service, Nice facility!!! Cons: None! more

Poor Quality 9/15/2008

I'm not going to waste a lot of my time going into the details of my experience. What I will tell you is that my wife had an error message on her car. We took it here to get fixed it cost a lot of money for something that didn't seem to be that big of a deal. About a year later the same error message came on. Cons: Poor Quality, Expensive more

Prepare for disappointment 7/16/2008

Bad bad bad. Would not recommend this company to anyone. We went there with a car problem, they initially told us $700 to fix. Two days later, it broke down again. They then told us it'd be another $450 to fix, because they ""didn't notice something"" the first time. What?!?! That is unacceptable. When we complainted to management, they just said ""sorry this happens sometimes"". NOT what you want to hear where you take your vehicle to be serviced. OH OH OH and forgot the best part! Our car requires two keys, one for entry, one for ignition. Went to pick up the car, and they only had one key. They blamed me saying I only turned in ONE key. OK then how did you fix the car? They had locked the other key in the car, I had to wait around for over an hour for pop-a-lock to unlock the car! Shameful. Cons: everything more

Never go here!!!! 5/17/2008

WAY OVER PRICED!!!!!! Will charge you a cool 87 bucks to tell you irrelevant problems than what you are experiencing. Don't be fooled by niceness LADIES, do your homework call around and you will find they charge more than the dealer. They must bless or pray for the parts to charge more than the dealer. Take far too long. They better come pick you up for what they charge, and should throw in lunch! more
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Modern Round Rock auto shop offering diagnostic testing for engines, cooling systems and breaks as well as repairs and maintenance.

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  • Conveniently located on Louis Henna Blvd., (SH45), exit 250 on I35, across from Dell Computers World Headquarters. We have ASE Blue-circle certified technicans with over 100 years combined experience. We have 12- lift equipped bays and state-of-the-art tools, laser alignment, and computerized diagnostic equipment to serve all of your vehicle needs.


  • Modern Round Rock auto shop offering diagnostic testing for engines, cooling systems and breaks as well as repairs and maintenance.

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    Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm Saturday - Sunday Closed
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